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Professors Alvord of the University of Minnesota, Becker of Cornell, Coupland and Egerton of Oxford, Merk and McIlwain of Harvard, and Van Tyne of Michigan have given the editor valuable suggestions which he gratefully acknowledges.

The documents are reproduced from the manuscript, or, in the case of those already printed, from the best available edition, without change in spelling. Conformity to modern use of capitals and italics has, however, been attempted. Authors' foot-notes are indicated by asterisks or daggers; the editor's, by numbers.

The Introduction is not a history of the Revolution, but a guide to the documents. Somewhat fuller treatment than this principle would permit has been given to the Western problem, which has received scant notice in the books that undergraduates are likely to read. Of such books the following are recommended:

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Carl Becker's The Beginnings of the American People (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1915) is a sound and brilliant essay on the colonial and revolutionary period. His Eve of the Revolution, in the Chronicles of America' (Yale University Press and Humphrey Milford, 1921, 267 pp.) is slightly more restricted in scope. H. E. Egerton's Causes and Character of the American Revolution (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1923, 207 pp.) is the best compendium; by an English scholar who has a thorough knowledge of similar issues in the later British Empire.

E. Channing's History of the United States, vol. iii, 1761–89 (Macmillan, 1912, 585 pp.), is the best single volume covering the whole of the Revolutionary period, by the greatest living authority on American history.

C. H. Van Tyne's Causes of the War of Independence (Houghton, Mifflin, and Constable, 1922, 499 pp.) presents the results of important research during the last decade.

Sir G. O. Trevelyan's American Revolution, 6 vols. (Longmans, 1917), is the final issue of a work first published in many parts and titles. Covering the period 1766-82 in great detail, its literary quality is pre-eminent.


I July 1923.


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Additional Instructions to the Colonial Governors, 1774
The Massachusetts Government Act, 20 May 1774
From the Quebec Act, 22 June 1774

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Virginia Bill of Rights, 12 June 1776

Constitution of Virginia, 29 June 1776

Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776


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