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CHAPTER VI-Douglas and Lincoln-1858....


Lincoln's Challenge of Douglas for a Joint Debate, 49. Douglas

Reply, 49. Lincoln's Rejoinder, 51. Debate at Freeport, 53.

CHAPTER VII-State Government-1859....


Twenty-first General Assembly, 94. Closing words of Governor

Bissell's Message on National Affairs, 97.

CHAPTER VIII-State Campaign of 1860.


Four State Tickets, 99. Four Electoral Tickets, 103. Aggregate Vote

for State Officers, 101. Aggregate Vote for Congressmen, by Dis-

tricts, 102. Aggregate Vote for Electors, 103. How Lovejoy Con-

quered Prejudice, 105. An Attempt to Kidnap Richard Yates, 106.

How Lovejoy Helped the :Democrats, 108. Yates and the Ken-

tucky Colonel, 109. "It Made Our Very Hair Frizzle," 109.

CHAPTER IX-State Government-1861.


Twenty-second General Assembly, 110. Yates' Message, 113.

Special Session, -117. Yates' Message, 118.

CHAPTER X-Secession-Prosecution of the War.....


Speech of Lyman Trumbull, 122. Speech of John A. McClernand,

126. Speech of Owen Lovejoy, 127. Speech of John F. Farns-

worth, 129. Speech of Isaac N. Arnold, 130.

CHAPTER XI-Before the Conflict..


Lincoln's Departure for Washington, 132. Farewell Words at

Springfield, 133. Speech at Cincinnati, 133. Inaugural Message,

134. Resignation of Southern Senators and Representatives, 136.

Vulgar Cartoon of Lincoln by Harper's Weekly, 135.

CHAPTER XII-Stephen A. Douglas..


Douglas' Prophecy, 136. Avows His Determination to Stand by

President Lincoln, 137. His Patriotic Address at Springfield, 138.

Speech at Chicago, 139. Death at Chicago, 141. Monument to

His Memory, 142.

CHAPTER XIII-Constitutional Convention of 1862..


Assumed Powers not Delegated, 143. Rejection of the Constitu-

tion, 144. Adoption of Article Relating to Negroes and Mulat-

toes, 144.

CHAPTER XIV-State Campaign of 1862


CHAPTER XV-State Government-1863.


Stirring Message of Governor Yates, 150. Peace Resolutions, 151,

Counter Resolutions, 155. Vote on the Minority and Majority Re-

ports, 158. Senator Funk, 159. Prorogation, 161. Decision of

Supreme Court, 162.

CHAPTER XVI-State Campaign of 1864.....


CHAPTER XVII - State Government-1865..


Twenty-fourth General Assembly, 167.

CHAPTER XVIII-Illinois and the War..


Number of Soldiers Furnished by Counties, 172. Allen C. Fuller,



CHAPTER XIX-John A. Logan...


A Slander Refuted, 174. Declination to Bocome a Candidate for

Congressman-at-Large in 1862, 176. Patriotic Address to his

Command in 1863, 177. When McPherson Fell, 178. Sherman's

Official Account of Logan's Gallantry, 178.

CHAPTER XX-Abraham Lincoln.......


An account of his early manhood as written by himself, 181.

Speech at Philadelphia, 183. First Inaugural, 184. Speech at

Gettysburg. 186. Kentucky Letter, 187. Second Inaugural, 189.

Last Speech, 190. Assassination, 195. How Lincoln came to

Challenge Douglas, 195. Never lan Abolitionist, 196. I have

never kept liquor in my house and will not begin now," 197. A

One-Idea Court, 197.

CHAPTER XXI-State Campaign of 1866....


CHAPTER XXII-State Government-1867.


Twenty-fifth General Assembly, 201.

CHAPTER XXIII-State Campaign of 1868.


CHAPTER XXIV-State Government–1869.


Twenty-sixth General Assembly, 208.

CHAPTER XXV-Constitutional Convention of 1863–70..


CHAPTER XXVI-State Campaign of 1870...


CHAPTER XXVII-Fidelity of State Officers....


Canal Scrip Fraud, 218. Letter of ex-Gov. on the Com-

mittee of Investigation, 218. Mortgage of his Property to Secure

the Payment of $250,000, 219. Macallister & Stebbins Bonds Fraud,

220. Gov. Bissell's Emphatic Denial of any Knowledge of the

Fraud, 220.

CHAPTER XXVIII-State Government-1871..


Twenty-seventh General Assembly, 221.

CHAPTER XXIX-State Campaign-1872..


Formation of the Liberal Republican Party, 226. Great Defection

in the Republican Party, 227. Yates' Cabinet Deserts the Re-

publican Party, 228. Yates Stands by the “Silent Soldier," 2:28.

Lippincott True to the Republican Party, 228. Dissolution of the

New Party, 229. No Democratic Tickets. 230. State Campaign,

230. Aggregate Vote for State Officers, Members of Congress and

Presidential Electors, 231.

CHAPTER XXX-State Government–1873.


Twenty-eighth General Assembly, 235. Closing Words of Gov.

Palmer's Message, 239.

CHAPTER XXXI-State Campaign of 1874.


CHAPTER XXXII-State Government-1875....


Twenty-ninth General Assembly, 245.

CHAPTER XXXIII-A Vision of War....


Speech of Robert G. Ingersoll, 249.


CHAPTER XXXIV-State Campaign of 1876...


CHAPTER XXXV--State Government-1877.


Thirtieth General Assembly, 257.

CHAPTER XXXVI-State Campaign of 1878...




He is the Projector of the Illinois Central Railroad, 266. His Won-

derful Prediction Regarding the Growth and Magnitude of Rail-

ways in the United States, 269.

CHAPTER XXXVIII-State Government-1879.


Thirty-first General Assembly, 270.

CHAPTER XXXIX-State Campaign of 1880.


CHAPTER XL-Ulysses S. Grant......


How he first entered the Army in the War for the Union, 281.

His Correspondence with Lee, 284. An Insult to the President

and the Nation, 287.

CHAPTER XLI-State Government-1881.


Thirty-second General Assembly, 290.

CHAPTER XLII-O. H. Browning.....


Unpublished Corrospondence between Browning and Lincoln.

295. Browning's personal friendship for Lincoln, and his abso-

lute Loyalty to his Government, 299.

CHAPTER XLIII-State Campaign of 1882.....


CHAPTER XLIV-Official Vote for President 1880.........


Electoral vote of each State in 1884. 306. Vote of Illinois for

President and State Officers in 1880, 307. Vote for Congressmen

in 1882, 309. Vote for Senators in 1880 in counties which have not

since elected Senators, but which elect Senators in 1884, 313.

CHAPTER XLV-State Government-1883.,..


Thirty-third General Assembly, 316. Gov. Cullom's Message, 321.

Gov. Hamilton's Veto Message of "House Bill No. 504," 323. Gov.

Hamilton on Mob Law, 325.

CHAPTER XLVI-John Dement.......


CHAPTER XLVII-About Colored People.........


Gov. Coles fined $2,000 under the Black Laws, 329. Why Black

Laws were enacted, 330. Black Laws approved, 333. Vote of the

State in 1862 on article prohibiting colored emigration, 334.

Vote of soldiers on prohibition of colored emigration, 334. What

Connecticut did, 335. What Massachusetts did, 337. What the

Nation did, 338. Transition from Slavery to Freedom, 339. Whip-

ped and ordered from the State, 342. A case of kidnapping, 343.

Tribulations of free negroes, 344. A free colored boy's expe-

rience, 346. Last attempt to return a fugitive slave, 347. Trials

of contrabands, 347. Mobbed on account of his vote, 350. First

colored school, 350. Blood hounds, 351. Colored jurors, 351.

Adoption of amendments, 351. First colored vote cast in Cairo, 352.




Mrs. Juliet C. Raum, 353. Mrs. Catherine Wilson, 354. Mrs. Mary

Todd Lincoln, 355. Mrs. Mary S. Logan, 357. Women Lawyers,

358. Women School Officers, 359. Women Notaries Public, 359.

How long will it be before they can vote? 360.

CHAPTER XLIX-I!linois National Guard....


CHAPTER L-Green B. Raum....


CHAPTER LI-Whisky Frauds


CHAPTER LII-Bureau of Labor Statistics.....


CHAPTER LIII-Governors of Illinois. .....


CHAPTER LIV-Illinois in Congress...


Delegates in Congress from 1811-1818, 377. Representatives from

1818-1885, 377. Senators from 1818-1889, 387.

CHAPTER LV-State Funds ......


Disbursement of State Funds December 1, 1839, to October 1, 1882,

397. Legislative-Executive-Judicial-Debt for Public Works,

Educational-Internal improvement Debt-Miscellaneous-Total

-State Debt-Its Payment, 397.

CHAPTER LVI-Speech of Robert G. Ingersoll, Nominating Blaine... 398-400

CHAPTER LVII-Illinois and the National Government....... ..... 400-403

Positions held in the National Government-Commissioner of the

Land Office-Clerk of the Lower House of Congress-Presidency

-Marshal of the District of Columbia-Associate Justice of the

Supreme Court-Secretary of the Interior-Assistant Attorney-

General-Secretary of War-Commander of the Armies-Lieuten-

ant-General and General-Secretary of State-Assistant Post-

master-General-Solicitor of the Treasury-Commissioner of In-

ternal Revenue-Assistant Secretary of the Treasury-Assistant

Secretary of the Interior-Vice-Presidency-Public Printer.

CHAPTER LVIII--Speech of Roscoe Conkling, Nominating Grant... 403-407

CHAPTER LIX-Our State Banks........


What the People lost when they went into liquidation, 408.

CHAPTER LX-Patrons of Husbandry....


CHAPTER LXI-Temperance Legislation.....


A Petitition Signed by Eighty Thousand Voters and One Hundred

Thousand Women, 411. Miss Frances Willard Addresses the Illi-

nois General Assembly, 411. Passage of the High License Bill 412.

CHAPTER LXII-Incidents and Anecdotes....


Owen Lovejoy Egged in Bloomington, 413. “Will the Sheriff call

Mr. Pffrimmer," 414. Wentworth and Browning, 414,"Till he was

Conscripted,” 415. U. F. Linder and the "Little Doctor," 415. “Celes-

tial Meridian of 36° 30',” 417. "Not according to Jefferson, but

the Gentleman from Jefferson,” 417. "I thought I would let you

make a Water-Dog of him," 418. How Col. Reuben Loomis was

Killed, 419. How Pinkney H. Walker became a Justice of the Su-
preme Court, 420. An exciting political episode, 421. "He knew
him before the Flood," 421. "There is no use of this Investiga-
tion," 422. "I was born a barefooted boy," 422. "Tom Needles and
John Bunn Know to D-n Much to Play Governor," 423. "Wonder-
ful Moral Reformation, " 424. "Tell Old Hilliard to Come and See
Me, Devilish Quick," 424. "If they will let me out with as good
character as I had, 425.

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