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CHAPTER XIX-John A. Logan....

A Slander Refuted, 174. Declination to Become a Candidate for

Congressman-at-Large in 1862, 176. Patriotic Address to his

Command in 1863. 177. When McPherson Fell, 178. Sherman's

Official Account of Logan's Gallantry, 178.

CHAPTER XX-Abraham Lincoln.......

An account of his early manhood as written by himself, 181.

Speech at Philadelphia. 183. First Inaugural, 184. Speech at

Gettysburg, 186. Kentucky Letter, 187. Second Inaugural, 189.

Last Speech, 190. Assassination, 195. How Lincoln came to

Challenge Douglas, 195. Never lan Abolitionist, 196. "I have

never kept liquor in my house and will not begin now," 197. A

One-Idea Court, 197.

CHAPTER XXI-State Campaign of 1866.....

CHAPTER XXII-State Government-1867..

Twenty-fifth General Assembly, 201.

CHAPTER XXIII-State Campaign of 1868.

CHAPTER XXIV-State Government-1869..

Twenty-sixth General Assembly, 208.

CHAPTER XXV-Constitutional Convention of 1869–70..

CHAPTER XXVI-State Campaign of 1870....

CHAPTER XXVII-Fidelity of State Officers....

Canal Scrip Fraud, 218. Letter of ex-Gov. Matteson to the Com-

mittee of Investigation, 218. Mortgage of his Property to Secure

the Payment of $250,000, 219. Macallister & Stebbins Bonds Fraud,

220. Gov. Bissell's Emphatic Denial of any Knowledge of the

Fraud, 220.

CHAPTER XXVIII-State Government-1871.

Twenty-seventh General Assembly, 221.

CHAPTER XXIX-State Campaign-1872.

Formation of the Liberal Republican Party, 226. Great Defection

in the Republican Party, 227. Yates' Cabinet Deserts the Re-

publican Party, 228. Yates Stands by the "Silent Soldier," 228.

Lippincott True to the Republican Party, 228. Dissolution of the

New Party, 229. No Democratic Tickets, 230. State Campaign,

230. Aggregate Vote for State Officers, Members of Congress and

Presidential Electors, 231.

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[blocks in formation]

Killed, 419. How Pinkney H. Walker became a Justice of the Su-
preme Court, 420. An exciting political episode, 421. "He knew
him before the Flood," 421. "There is no use of this Investiga-
tion," 422. "I was born a barefooted boy," 422. "Tom Needles and
John Bunn Know to D-n Much to Play Governor," 423. "Wonder-
ful Moral Reformation, " 424. "Tell Old Hilliard to Come and See
Me, Devilish Quick," 424. "If they will let me out with as good
character as I had, 425.

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