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EVERY Bookkeeper appreciates the

matchless writing and erasing quality of Brown's—but only the bookkeeper who has grown old with his books realizes its greatest merit, its lasting quality.

Brown's Linen Ledger Paper never discolors with age—never weakens or frays from continued usage.

Brown's gives permanent preservation to important records. Its use for record books and ledgers is specined by state, county and city governments, banks, insurance companies, and other big interests.

We are also makers of All Linen and
Soad Papers of the Better Grades.

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FROM 1496 B.C. to 1861 A.D. there were 3,130 years

of wars, as against 227 years of peace. These wars

have cost six billions, eight hundred and sixty millions of human lives—four times the present population of the whole world today.

And people are asking, “Where is God?”

God is right where He was in the beginning, but evidently civilization has lost its points of compass.

It cost this country four billion dollars to put on our Civil War; and this amount is but one-third of the total expense, if you figure the loss of property and production.

We know the eternal wickedness of war. We know that this is the resurrection of a greater religion; that this is the last crucifixion in Christianity, the last rites of the classes. To us it is the soughing sound of the lone pine at the grave of a dead monarchy.

The people of this country have no right to think in terms of nations. It is our dyty, our interest, to tảink in terms of the future.

To try to establish a personal peace nitunal, a personal Hague, will not help humanity at the moment.

This war struck at the very heart of international morality, international law, when it invaded Begium. It has inflicted, on an innocent, much smaller state, a punishment heretofore unknown in warfare; and for this terrible offense the Kaiser must pay.

To try to stop this war at this moment would prove but a cessation of hostilities. The only solid foundation

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