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gentleman is universally considered in of France or Britain at this day. It is the air escape, the room is shortly filled that neighbourhood as the first person pleasing indeed to think that at the moment with an air unfit for respiration. Persons who noticed the effects of the Vaccine when the gigantic republics of the new experience a sense of suffocation by breathVirus. Many years past a Medical Club world are starting into existence, the inven- ing it freely. The stoppage of the aperwas established at Thornbury, where gen- tive genius of man is creating new moral tures, or the combustion of this air, renders tlemen of that profession met each oth- and mechanical powers to cement and bind the atmosphere of the room salubrious. er, and communicated any fact or obser- their vast and distant members together, On filling the stove with this air, and revation that had occurred in the course and to give the human race the benefits of kindling it, it is so mixed with atmospheric of their practice. At one of these meetings a more extended and perfect civilization. air, as to cause a slight explosion, sufficient Mr Fewster mentioned to the members

to force open the doors of the stove, and present, that the hands of those persons ECONOMICAL APPLICATION OF NATURAL CAR- stove and apertures, there collects a beau

then burns steadily. On the sides of the that were employed in milking the cows, in that great dairy neighbourhood, contract

tiful oily lamp-black.

The Ontario Freeman (N. Y.) gives a ed a complaint from the animal, appearing

This natural curiosity, thus improved and in the form of pustules, and that persons so curious account of the application of this managed by art, excites the attention of affected were not liable to the contagion of gas, as spontaneously produced, to the usual people, and the number of visitants is so Small Pox. Mr Jenner of Berkely, a broth- purposes of fuel, in the house of Mr Allen great as to interrupt

the ordinary domestic er Æsculapius, being struck with the rela- Loomis of Middlesex.

concerns of the family. Therefore, for

“On a declivity west of a hill, about self-protection, they have commenced tavtion, requested Mr Fewster to investigate this curious fact more narrowly by a course three miles east of the east margin of the ern-keeping. The novelty of warming and of experiments; this Mr Fewster declined Canandaigua Lake, and 12 miles distant from lighting this house, and the mode of cooking on account of professional occupations, but this village, for several years past, places practiced, induce the learned and the unpressed Mr Jenner to do so. Fortunately on the farm bave been noticed from whence learned, idle and curious, beaux and belles for mankind, the advice was not neglected"; emanated an exhalation, which, on the ap- to visit this place of resort

. Perhaps not and from the skill and perseverance of this plication of a lighted torch, suddenly took more than one twentieth part of the air gentleman (afterwards Dr Jenner) the fire, and continued to burn for some length capable of being collected and applied to blessings of the Vaccine Virus were distri- of time. These spots, marked by a want use, is concentrated by this rude apparatus.” buted through the earth.”

vegetation, and a blackness on the surface
of the earth, are comprised within an area
of four acres.

Between this site and the
IRON RAIL ROADS AND THE STEAM COACH. lake, there are some other places of a simi- The French Institute have subjected to

When the steam coach is brought fully lar appearance. When this land was first a careful examination, the various circuminto use, practice will teach us many things cleared, about 30 years ago, it resembled a stances connected with the explosion of respecting it, of which theory leaves us ig- quagmire, and since its improvement and steam boilers, and an ordinance of the king, norant. With the facilities for rapid motion exposure to the sun, the earth has become founded most probably upon the conclusions which it will afford, however, we think we are more compact. The surface is a light of the Academy, decrees : 1st. That no not too sanguine, in expecting to see the pres- mould, and under that rests a bluish clay, to high pressure engine shall be established ent extreme rate of travelling doubled. It the depth of seven or eight inches. without a license. 2d. That every propriis impossible to anticipate the effects of such In one of these places, whence inflam-etor shall declare before the proper authoran extraordinary facility of communication mable air issues, the proprietors have sunk ity, the degree of pressure with which his when generally introduced. The Ameri- a well of the depth of about eight feet. The machine is intended habitually to act. 3d. cans with their characteristic ardor for im- air constantly rises through water at the That no high pressure engine shall be provements, are now collecting information bottom of it, and has been confined at top erected without having its strength previabout rail-ways and locomotive machines in by planks and earth. In the centre of these ously determined by the hydraulic press; England; and to them these inventions will planks has been fitted a section of a hollow that every boiler shall be able to sustain five prove of inestimable value. Some persons tree, to the height of three or four feet, and times the force under which it is to act; doubt, for instance, whether it is possible secured in such a manner as to form a pent that the intended pressure shall be stamped to kee" ist a territory as theirs under stock. From this pent stock the air has upon it; and that no boiler shall be erected one go

thent. But it is forgotten, that been conducted in pump logs, of one and a until it receive this stamp. 4th. That two extent of territory is a bar to political un- half inch calibre, to the house, distant safety valves shall be adapted to each boiljon, only as it renders communication slow twenty-seven rods.

er, so large that either of them can disenand difficult; and with the rapid and easy By the side of the house is raised anoth- gage the steam with sufficient rapidity, one means of intercourse which the rail-way er pent stock, and into its side at the height of them to be at the disposal of the fireman, affords, New York, New Orleans, and Co- of about six feet, is inserted the muzzle of and the other covered with a grating, locklumbia river, though distant respectively a gun barrel. This gun barrel conveys the ed, and the key kept by the proprietor. 5th. from 2 to 3000 miles, will be politically and gas two or three feet into his kitchen, and That iwo round plates shall be inclosed in morally nearer to one another than London through the proper aperture in the side of the boiler, one of which to be at least equal and Edinburgh were a century ago. Free the barrel there issues a stream of air, when in diameter to the safety valve, and to be governments in ancient times were neces- burning, to produce a flame of fourteen composed of a mixture of metals which will sarily small, because they depended on un- inches in height. On removing the wood-melt or soften at a temperature of 10° cenion of sentiment in the mass of the people; en breech pin, the flame issues from the tigrade, above that of the boiler; the other and one citizen would not then know the end thereof, and rises about four feet before of double the diameter, inserted near the opinion of another at thirty miles' distance. the combustion is complete. The logs are locked valve, and of such a composition as But the post, the press, and the stage coach continued under the house, and from them to soften at 20° centigrade, above the heat have made it easier to unite twenty mil another gon barrel of three-fourth inch of the boiler. These plugs to be stamped lions of men in a common cause, in our days, calibre, conducts it into a culinary stove with the degree at which they are fusible. than it was to unite the fiftieth part of the through its bottom plate. On lighting this number in the days of Philip of Macedon. current of air, diffused by a tin, perforated And with the means of communication we in the shape of an inverted cullender bot

CAMBRIDGE: ire likely soon to possess, we think the one tom, sufficient heat is created to warm a hundred and fifty millions who will inhabit stove for the purposes of baking and cook.

PRINTED AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS, North America next century, will be more ing. completely one people, than the inhabitants On extinguishing the flame, and letting HILLIARD AND METCALF.


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