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by his people, his angels, and himself. submission with exultation, cxclaims: Nothing appeared to have any value “The Lord be glorified, his will alone detached from God, made independ- be done.” It is worth all it will cost ent of him, pursued without direct to reach that hight. It is above reference to him. His will seemed the region of clouds and storms; so infinitely right, that I wanted these are at the base of the mounevery thing to bend to it, to exalt tain, while “ eternal sunshine settles and honor it; every thing, both in on its head.” He who habitually myself and others. I desired him dwells here has uninterrupted peace to do with me, for time and for eter. and gladness. I do not affirm this nity, in connection with my voyage from experience, but from the necesand travels and in all the affairs sity of the case. How can that soul of daily life, just what he would be disturbed and agitated and unhapprefer; what would be most to him, py who sees in all the incidents of rather than to me. And so I asked its life the directing and controlling for all most dear to me, that they hand of God, and who appreciates might honor God, as being better, the wisdom and the goodness that worth more, measured by eternal guide that hand; that both wants righteousness, than their own personi- God to govern and actually recogal happiness and welfare. And then nizes his rule? He must dwell in my heart swelled with gratitude and peace. joy, till my eyes overflowed with “And now, my dear people, let tears, as I thought that God asks no this be our common desire and effort, sacrifice from us to honor him, that to reach the attainment indicated ; let our interests are not injured that his us make all of God that he is in him. may be promoted, but he has blend- self; let ús come down from an overed the two in absolute and perfect estimate of ourselves. Creatures harmony, so that what is best for of yesterday, what do we know unus is most glorious to him ! O less God enlighten our darkness, and matchless love! wisdom vast convey to us knowledge ! How can and immeasurable! What heart can we, in our blindness, assume to take be so cold and ungenerous as not to the direction of the Infinite, to tell appreciate them sufficiently, to make him what he may do and what he the will of God before all things else, must not ; to pronounce upon his in his estimation and life? Very fre- works and ways as though we comquently have the beautiful lines of prehended the least of them; to affix Faber been in my mind and on my conditions to our obedience and sublips :

mission to his most holy will? Away

with all this, and be ours the spirit * Ill that God blesses is our good, And upblest good is ill;

of the ancient prophet, 'Though he And all is right that seems most wrong,

slay me, yet will I trust in him ;'

be ours the prayer of our divine “I speak of these things, beloved, Redeemer: 'Thy will be done.' because I know you will rejoice to “Applicable to all, this exhortation hear of them, and because I want is, especially in point, to all who are you to share them with me. I want in affliction, and some among you you, too, to rise above and out of may be weeping bitter tears, of which self, to ascend into that clearer and I know not, though it is my daily purer atmosphere where God is seen prayer that God will shelter you all to be, at once," the only great, the under his outspread wings during only good," until the soul, blending my absence. The actual trials of

If it be his sweet will.'

life are of divine appointment. Our Fulton-Street Prayer-Meeting. heavenly Father determines the peculiar conditions of the probationary The fifth anniversary of this worldexistence of each one of us. Not

a renowned

prayer-meeting was observ. disappointment distresses us; not one ed on Tuesday, September 23d, by a sorrow makes the heart heavy and large and attentive audience, in the sad, but it comes from him. It is Dutch Church. The Rev. Dr. Verpart of his great plan concerning us milye presided, and gave interesting from the very beginning. No acci. direction to the religious services. dents mar the fulfillment of this plan. Numerous clergymen of the city, of No contingent, uncontrollable influ- different denominations, were presences arise in life to disarrange it. ent.

“Brethren, sisters, shall we not, The services were begun at twelve one and all, accept it as prepared for o'clock by Dr. Vermilye, who read us? If it makes ours, in any respects, the 46th Psalm. He added : “On a hard lot, and comparatively this this fifth anniversary of the opening may be the case, it

may conduct to of the Fulton-street prayer-meeting, a brighter and more glorious reward it is fitting that we should make in the endless future. If it dimin. some special and heartfelt recogniishes our joys here, it may highten tion of thanks for the institution them hereafter. If it makes poverty which has been of such signal usefuland sickness and unkindness, from ness during the period of its existfalse friends and cruel enemies, to fill ence. What blessings have come up our days and nights with sighing down during this five years upon inand tears, it may conduct us to hights dividual souls and upon the Church, of blessedness in the bright world to to bless our country with the exhibiwhich we go we had otherwise never tions of God's grace! What thankreached. Let us, then, accept the fulness should fill our hearts, that Father's will concerning us.

If it God has given so many and such drives us from our homes, in search signal answers to prayer. It seems of health across a stormy ocean, to to have been raised up as an instru. become, for a season, strangers in mentality to show the power of praya strange land; or if it bereaves us er, and to hasten the time when the of those who are bone of our bone, Spirit of God shall be poured out and flesh of our flesh;' or if it mul- upon all the earth. tiplies around us the cares and ills “The sustaining of the Church, and and hardships of life, let us look up the sustaining of the government to to our Father, on his throne of grace be a blessing to this and all lands, and wisdom, of love and power, depends on the people of God and and smiling through our tears, put a the power of prayer in prevailing at cheerful courage on,' to bear sorrow his throne. It devolves upon us to with fortitude, and to endure hard- look to him, that he may bless us, ness as good soldiers, and to obey and continue to grant us his presence, with diligence and alacrity, cheered until the glorious light of the millenand strengthened and sustained by nial morning shall beam upon the the promise, that in due season,

if world.” faint not, we shall reach a glorious fter singing a hymn, “ Blest be clime, where all tears are wiped away the tie,” etc., Dr. Asa D. Smith from all eyes forever; ' where the said: “It is the glory of our blessed wicked cease from troubling, and the religion that it suits all the condi. weary are at rest.'

tions of our complicated being. We


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We are

live in the future and in the past; ing to see the result of the invitation and it is well for us, as Christians to prayer. Six gentlemen came toand as individuals, that we can look gether, and the burden of their prayback and review the experiences, the er was: “Thy kingdom come. On that mercies, and the privileges of the day a small coal was placed upon past, as well as anticipate the pro- the altar, and it has kindled and mises of the future. So it is well blazed, and shines brighter and brightthat we can look back to-day on the er, till its influence is felt around the anniversary of the Fulton-street pray- world. • Behold how great a mater-meeting, and review the history ter a little fire kindleth.' Who and rejoice over the blessings that would have thought on that day, have fowed from this sacred foun- that thousands would come together tain.

tocelebrate the fifth anniversary of "The power of prayer has been the Fulton-street prayer-meeting? wonderfully illustrated by the Ful. And then, sir, when we look at the ton-street prayer-meeting. I believe results from this small beginning, we this meeting has had the effect to exclaimn : 'It is the Lord's doings; it commend this great and genuine is marvelous in our eyes.' power of the Church of God. It is not to look only at the results in prayer that energizes the preacher, our churches and families, but we moves all obstacles out of the way, may draw aside the vail, and look at and enables us to rejoice over all our the company around the throne, and foes.

see them to-day, as they sing the " This meeting illustrates the value praises of the Redeemer. We may of specific prayer. I think that we are truly feel that God has set his seal apt to make our prayers too general, to this instrumentality. We want specific prayer. We are reminded of this by the Apostle :

"Prayer was appointed to convey

The blessings God desigos to give.'” In every thing give thanks.' It is good to be here to-day, to see these Rev. Dr. Hutton addressed the crowded seats and this large assem- throne of grace, and the Rev. Dr. bly, as a witness of the power of Cookman, of the Methodist Church, prayer in drawing us together ; but arose and said, that perhaps he could there are unseen witnesses who are not offer any thing more approprinot with us here to-day- souls that ate to the occasion than to menhave been saved, in answer to the tion one or two facts illustrating the prayers of this meeting, who are influence of the Fulton-street prayernow walking in spotless robes in meeting. Several years ago, he the New Jerusalem, and singing the was pastor of a church in Philadelpraises of redeeming love around phia, and while there, a young man the throne."

who had enjoyed the Fulton-street Rev. Dr. Rodgers, of New-Jersey, meetings resolved to establish a simisaid: “When I look at this meeting lar meeting in that city. The speakto-day, I look back to the twenty-third er passed by the door of the lectureof September, five years ago, when room on several occasions, and looked five or six gathered for prayer, and I in, when he ought to have gone in, am reminded of the exclamation of and saw three or four assembled in the sacred writer : ‘How great a mat. prayer. Though few, God heard and ter a little fire kindleth!' In a little answered their prayers. The numroom, in the upper part of the adjoin- bers increased, and it was removed to ing building, sat one anxiously wait- Jayne's Hall; and before the work

closed, that spacious room, capable ble; those in which we disagree are of holding four thousand person, was found in catechisms, creeds, and lit. crowded. When he saw such results urgies. The points in which we from such a small beginning, he asked agree are fundamentals ; those in himself what might not be expected which we disagree are non-essenand hoped for from the continued and tials." persevering prayer of the Fulton- Mr. Cookman closed with an apt street meeting. He believed that illustration of the alabaster box of when the great crisis of the coun- ointment, which, being broken into try is passed, and our war ended, pieces, sent its odor not only over here will be such a revival of the house, but through all ages, and the spirit of prayer, and we may today, and will to the end of time. look for the answer to our prayers, So the Church, in different fragments, that not only four thousand, but mil. may send up to the throne the odor lions will be brought in, and the and offering of a sanctified and unitSpirit will breathe upon the slain, ed service. that they may live.

Rev. Dr.Rufus Clark, of Brooklyn, Mr. Cookman mentioned the case alluding to the history and results of one of his brothers who, he was as- of the Fulton-street prayer-meeting, sured, had been brought to a know- said: “ Eternity alone can reveal ledge of Christ, in answer to the what has been accomplished by this prayers of the meeting in Philadel- prayer-meeting. I have been askphia, where he had made a personal ing myself: What are the princirequest on his behalf. He gave it ples that make up the power of this as a proof of the power of prayer, meeting ?' And the first principle, and the willingness of God to hear. I think, is in the spirit of unity.

“Some time since, two gentlemen We meet as the followers of Christ, met in a car in the city of Boston, in and in this gathering of different a train going to an inland town. In names, we see the dawning of the conversation, it appeared that they millennial light, when differences will were going to the same place, and be little accounted of. Another prinfurther, they found that they were of ciple is the earnestness with which the same name, and were both going prayer is offered daily for the differto see an elder brother whom they ent objects brought before the meethad not seen for many years. An ing. Another principle is faith explanation followed, in which it ap- confident, trusting faith in the fullpeared that they were brothers, who ness of God's promises, and in the had long been separated, and were presentation of the cases daily on the same errand to the home of brought before the assembly." their brother. So, while sitting here, Dr. Clark urged the importance I have felt that we had one destina- of prayer for the nation, for the tion, My name is Alfred Cookman. widow and the orphan, for the hero I am a Methodist. But I have a on the battle-field, and for our rulers. higher name. It is that of Christ. He read a letter from an officer of ian.' Here I meet you, bearing the the army, written to his wife on the same name, and all in the same train evening preceding the battle in which -brothers and sisters-going home he fell for his country, in which he to heaven, to rest in the presence of seemed to have had a full premoniGod.

tion that his end was near. Bidding “I thank God that the points in her farewell, and commending her which we agree are found in the Bi- and his two young boys to God, he

sent this last message to her hands. battle, “A peerage or a grave in The letter was peculiarly beautiful, Westminster Abbey !” and this and awakened the deepest emotions might be taken as the motto of bis in the audience, many of whom life, and not of his only, but of thouurged its publication.

sands more. The hymn, “All hail the power of But what is the aristocracy of Jesus' name,"

was sung, and then wealth or rank to the aristocracy of Dr. Butler, of New-York, spoke of faith? What is the record of a the four great periods when the Spirit name in the peerage of England, to had been poured out, commencing the record of a name in the Book of with the day of Pentecost, and re- Life? What is the favor of a king ferred to the great persecutions and or president to the covenant love of commotions that followed these re- the King of kings? What is the vivals.

boast of noble descent to the assurRev. J. H. Morrison, of the Lodi. ance of the humblest believer who ana Mission, Punjaub, India, ap. is warranted to say, “My Father, pealed for a deeper interest in behalf God”? What are the privileges of of foreign missions, both for its own rank and titles to those which per. sake and the reflex influence upon tain to such as are made “kings and the churches at home, in deepening priests unto God” ? How the mere à spirit of prayer and piety in the external splendor of all worldly hearts of the professed followers of greatness pales amid the twilight of Cbrist.

calamity, or the shadows of the dark After another hymn had been valley! and yet it is then that the sung, and prayer offered by Rev. believer's hope shines forth with a Dr. Krebbs, the assembly was dis peculiar radiance, and the mists of missed by singing the Doxology, and earth disperse to reveal the triumph. the Benediction, by Dr. Vermilye, ant glory of One that shall shine as Thus another year of the prayer- the stars forever and ever. meeting blessings have gone on rec- The story of mere worldly greatord in the history of this blessed ness, whatever it be, serves only to meeting, to be preserved forever in point a moral. Like the meteor of the annals of eternity. Would that the night, it gleams for a moment, Fulton-street prayer-meetings were and then vanishes away. Its memestablished in all our large cities, to ory and its fame soon die out in bless our land and the world. doubtful traditions, unread biogra

phies, and crumbling epitaphs. But

the course of him whom God shall For The Prayer-Meeting. own as the peer of angels, is like the The Highest Honor.

rising light that shineth more and

more unto the perfect day. To him It has been accounted a high object belong the blessings of adoption, the of ambition to win a name and place covenant of grace, the great and among the great and titled of this precious promises of the divine world. A coronet, a patent of no- word -- not the patent of earthly bility, an admission to the aristoc- nobility, but the charter of salvation. racy of a nation, has kindled the zeal His treasure is in heaven, and his and enterprise of tens of thousands. record is on high. The great naval hero of England, Yet this is the birthright of the Lord Nelson, is said to have ex- redeemed. It is bestowed by an claimed, on the eve of a memorable infinitely gracious Sovereign on all

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