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Macarius the Monk... The Songs that are not Sung. Organization of Labor: its Aggressive Phases, R. J. Hinton.. *Organization of Labor (F. Le Play; Gouverneur Emerson, trans.). .30 626 *Orient, L' (Théophile Gautier), T. S. Perry.

*Oriental and Linguistic Studies, Second Series (W. D. Whitney), T. S. Perry.

*Oriental Religions and their Relations to Universal Religion, China (Samuel Johnson), S. Longfellow.

*Oriental Religions and their Rela

tion to Universal Religion,
Persia (Samuel Johnson), O.
B. Frothingham....

Originality, D. A. Wasson.

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Original Memorials of Mrs. Piozzi, C. E. Norton.

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*Origine du Langage, De l' (Ernest Renan).

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Oppenheim, Isabelle

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A House of Dreams on a Wooded Hill *Opposing Candidates and their Characteristics, The, F. B. San

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Origins of Folk-Lore, The, J. Fiske.27 145

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*Ornithology and Oölogy of New

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Order for a Picture, An, A. Cary...9 684 *Ordnance and Armor, A Treatise

on (Holley), T. W. Higgin

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England (Samuels), T. W. Higginson.....

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