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*Novels, Four: Saracinesca; The Story of a New York House; The Yoke of the Thorah; Behind the Blue Ridge, H. E. Scudder *Novels, Recent: Probation; Hope Mills; Irene the Missionary; Young Mrs. Jardine; Figs and Thistles; Angèle's Fortune; Old Friends and New, H. E. Scudder *Novels, Recent American: As it may Happen; The Virginians in Texas; The Bohemian ; Tritons; Philomène's Marriages; Cousin Polly's Gold Mine; Captain Nelson; Stories from an Old Dutch Town; Signing the Contract and What

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.45 678

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it Cost; An International Episode, H. W. Preston......43 751 *Novels, Recent: The Secret of

the Andes; The Puritan and the Quaker; Falconberg; The First Violin; Airy Fairy Lilian; Kathleen Mavourneen, Theo, Pretty Polly Pemberton; Markof, the Russian Violinist; The Colonel's Opera Cloak, H. W. Preston *Novels, Some Recent: Zachariah

the Congressman; Her Lady-
ship; How She Won Him; The
Heart of It; A Doubting
Heart; Mademoiselle de Mer-
sac; Hal, the Story of a Clod-
hopper; A Wayward Woman;
Rodman the Keeper; Captain
Fracasse; Confidence, 7. S.
*Novels, Some Recent: A Romance

of the Nineteenth Century; A
Gentleman of Leisure; Baby
Rue; Friends: a Duet; A
Nihilist Princess; Synnöve
Solbakken, L. Henry and an-

*Novels, Two American: The Wind
of Destiny; The Late Mrs.
Null, H. E. Scudder....

.44 361

.46 121

*(Oblomoff) Scènes de la Vie Russe (Goutcharoff, Piotre Artamoff, trans.; Charles Deulin, ed.), T'. S. Perry..

O'Brien, Fitz-James

The Diamond Lens. The Wondersmith

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Odd Adventure with Junius Brutus

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G. P. Lathrop ..

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Ode read at the Concord Centennial,

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*Novels by Women, Recent: In the Clouds; East Angels; Princess; A Step Aside, H. E. Scudder

Novels of George Eliot, The, H.

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F. Apthorp.

.29 509

*Office and Duty of a Christian Pastor, The (Stephen H. Tyng)...34 240 Officer's Journal, Leaves from an, T. W. Iligginson.... *Official Journalism and other Journalism, A. G. Sedgwick...29 383 Off Shore, C. Thaxter. *Off the Skelligs (Jean Ingelow)..31 358 Of One who is Deaf, E. M. Thomas.60 835 Ogre of Ha Ha Bay, The, A. French.56 505 Ohio, The Pioneers of, R. King....62 559 *Ohio in the War (Whitelaw Reid), W. D. Howells....

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.25 752

Old Fort Chartres, E. G. Mason..49 618 *Old Friends and New (S. O.

Jewett), H. E. Scudder. .45 685 Old Friend with a New Face, An,

E. L. Linton...
Old Garden and other Verses, The

(Margaret Deland), G. E.

Old Homestead, The, W. D. Howells..

Old House, The, A. Cary. *Old Kensington (Miss Thackeray), G. P. Lathrop

.30 316

59 414

.14 521, 740

Old Grave, The.

.39 194

15 65

Old Hickory, Two Years with, Thos. H. Clay...

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.15 213

.32 371

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*Old Landmarks of Boston (S. A. Drake).

Old Man's Idyl, An, R. Realf..
Old Masters in the Louvre, and

Modern Art, The, E. Benson. .21 111 *Old Mexico and her Lost Provinces (William Henry Bishop), G.

E. Woodberry. .

.6 376

.60 355

.52 833

Old Mirror, The, E. Fawcett.

39 142

.35 15

Old New England Divine, An, K.

Old Burying-Ground, The, J. G. Whittier

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*Old New England Traits (George

Lunt), W. D. Howells..

*Old New York from the Battery to Bloomingdale (Etchings by Eliza Greatorex), W. P. P. Longfellow.

Old Papers, H. H. Brownell.

Old Philadelphia Library, The, J.

M. Reade, Jr..

Old Poet and his Wife, The, H. P. Spofford.

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.37 532

*Oldport Days (Thomas Wentworth Higginson), C. P. Cranch.....33 108 Oldport in Winter, T. W. Higgin

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*Old England (Hoppin).

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Old English Guilds and Trade Unions, J. H. A. Bone.

The, G. C. Eggleston.

.36 603

..39 278

Old Road, An, B. Torrey

.60 692

Old English Home, An, E. L. Linton..

.32 47

Old Salem Shops, H. L. Bates.....54 309 Old Sexton, The, A. L. Carlton....33 429

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