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Onion.- The Moral Veneration of the Union Peculiarly a Seniment of the South. What the South had done for the Union.-Senator Hamraond's Speech.-TI:. States not Schools of Provincialism and Estrangement.—The Development of America, a North and South, not Hostile States.-Peculiar Ideas of Yankee Civile aation.-Ideas Nursed in Free Schools."-Yankee Materialism.-How it has Developed in the War.-Yankee Falsehoods and Yankee Cruelties.-His Commercial Politics.-- Price of his Liberties.-Ideas of the Confederates in the War.-How the Washington Routine was introduced.--The Richmond Government, Weak and Negative.-No Political Novelty in the Confederacy.-The Future of Confederato Ideas.- Intellectual Barrenness of the War.-Materia of the Confederate Army. -The Birth of Great Ideas.-The Old Political Idolators. The Recompense of Buffering....

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condition of tne Confederacy in the early summer of 1864.-The expectations and

hopes of the South.-GRANT'S “ON TO RIOAMOND."-Ulysses S. Grant and his command.-His services and character.-TAE BATTLES OF THE WILDERNESS.--A heroio stand.- Heth's and Wilcox's divisions.-A. critical conjuncture.-Grant's whole army on the threshold of ruin.--Grant's change of front and General Lee's new line.-The Northern newspapers go into ecstasies.-THE BATTLES OF SPOTTSY LVANIA COURTHOUSE.- A crisis.-A thrilling scene.—“General Lee to the rear !!! Six days of battle.-Grant's obstinacy.-Sheridan's expedition. A fight at Yellow Tavern.-Death of General “ Jeb” Stuart.-Butler's movement up the James.Beanregard drives him to Bermuda Hundred.-" The Buzzard and the Falcon.!! THE ENEMY'S OPERATIONS IN WESTERN VIRGINIA.-The combination there.-Threo movements. --Sigel's defeat at Newmarket.—MoCausland checks Crook at Dublin Depot. —Morgan defeats Averill at Wytheville.-Grant moves down the Valley of tho Rappahannock.- Engagements near Hanover Junction. Grant crosses the Pamunkey.—He is within a few miles of Richmond.—The true theory of his movements, defeat, not victory.--His immense losses.-Lee's admirable movemento and positive successes.- Nonsense of the newspapers....

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Grant essays the passage of the Chickahominy.-BATTLE OF COLD HARBOR.-A bril

liant and extraordinary victory for the Confederates.-Grant's stock of expedients. -He decides to move to the south side of the James.-OPERATIONS IN WESTERN VIRGINIA.-Shocking improvidence of the Richmond authorities.-Hunter captures Staunton,--Death of General Jones.-Grant's new combination.-Hunter's part.-Sheridan's part.- Tax BATTLES OF PETERSBURG.-Butler attempts to steal a march upon “the Cockade City."-Engagements of the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June.-Port Walthal Junction.-Defeat of Sheridan at Trevillian Station.-Defeat of Hunter near Lynchburg.-Morgan draws Burbridge into Kentucky.-Two affairs on the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad.—THE GREAT MINE EXPLOSION.-A scene of infernal horror.-Yankee comments on Grant's failures.--Great depression in the North.-Mr. Chase's declarations.--General Lee's sense of success. -His singular behavior.–TAE SINKING OF THE PRIVATEER ALABAMA.- A Yan kee trick of concealed armor.—The privateer service of the Confederates.-In. teresting statistics .....

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Sherman's camĮ sign in. Georgia. How parallel with that in Virginia. The tasks of Grant and Sherman compared.-Numerical inferiority of General Johnston's forces. His proposition to the Richmond authorities.-Pragmatism of President Davis and his secretary.-Engagement in Resaca Valley.-General Johnston's designs. Why he retreated.-His disappointment of a battle at Cassville.-EN(@AGEMENT AT NEW HOPE CHURCH.-True theory of the retrograde movement of Johnston.-BATTLE OF KENÉSAW MOUNTAIN.-Sherman's confession.Sherman master of the Chattahoochee.Johnston falls back to Atlanta. The vexed "question of Johnston's retreat.-What it surrendered.—What it secured.-Its strategic advantages.-The enemy's movements in Virginia and Georgia both in check.— Disappointment of the enemy. Statistics of Yankee recruiting. Another Confederate success.-Defeat of Sturgis.-"The Avengers of Fort Pillow.”—Barbarities of the enemy's summer campaign.-Augmentation of Yankee ferocity.-Its effect on the Confederates.-Offensive operation of the Confederates.-Three projects of invasion.-EARLY'S INVASION OF MARYLAND, &c.—Sigel's retreat.—BATTLE OF MONOCACY BRIDGE.-Early loses the great opportunity of 1864.-Results of his expedition.-Engagement at Kernstown.-MORGAN'S INVASION OF KENTUOKY.-His failure.-PRICE'S INVASION OF MISSOURI.-Pilot Knob.-General Ew ing's retreat.-Price retires.....

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Great revulsion in the public mind of the North in the summer of 1864.-A gener outcry for peace.-Spirit of Yankee newspapers.-The Niagara Falls "Commision."-The Jacques-Gilmore Affair.-Sorry figure of the Confederacy in ther negotiations. The question of peace negotiations in the Confederacy.-True method of peace.-Manifesto of the Confederate Congress.-Position of President Davis-His letter to Governor Vance, of North Carolina.-The CHICAGO CONVENTION, etc.-Speeches, etc.-The real programme of the Democratic party.- Why it broke down.-No virtue in public opinion in the North.-The true peace men of the North. Their Convention at Cincinnati,A reaffirmation of Jeffersonian Democracy.-A masterpiece of statesmanship.-The Presidential campaign of 1864.-The RIVAL ADMINISTRATIONS AT RICHMOND AND WASHINGTON.-A COMPARATIVE VIEW OF NORTHERN DESPOTISM.-The conscription and impressment laws of the Confederacy. The offerings of Southern patriotism.-The Yankee record in the matter of slavery." Military necessity."-The Yankee record in the matter of divil liberty.-An outrage upon history.... PAGE 859


The business of blockade-running.-Its risks.-Interesting statistics.-Value of the port of Mobile.-NAVAL FIGHT AND CAPTURE OF THE FORTS IN MOBILE BAY.—A frightful disparity of force.-Heroic fight of the ram Tennessee.-Absurd boasts of the Yankees.-Surrender of Fort Gaines.-Fall of Fort Morgan.-THE GEORGIA CAMPAIGN.-Its importance.-Johnston's situation at Atlanta.-His removal by President Davis.-A fatal error.-Lieutenant-General Hood.-THE BATTLES OF ATLANTA-THE FALL OF "THE GATE CITY."-Reckless and desperate fighting


Yankee raid on the Macon road.-Hood's "magnificent advance."-Bɔrıbard-
ment of Atlanta.-Hood's fatal mistake. Sherman's new movement.-He 64
the Confederates in two." The Yankees in Atlanta.-Sherman's cruelties.-His
depopulation of Atlanta.-Enormity of the order.—Sherman as a pacificator...
Governor Brown's letter.Position of Vice-President Stephens. Effects of the
fall of Atlanta.--President Davis' Macon speech. Its swollen tone.--CAPTURE OF
THE CONFEDERATE PRIVÁTEER FLORIDA-Its cowardice and outrage.-Yankee idea
timation of the exploit.-The North Carolina Sounds.—THE ST. ALBang Raid.—-
Stories of the savage vengeance of the Confederates.-How much truth there was in
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The Richmond lines.-THE FALL OF FORT HARRISON, ETO.-The attempt to retake it. -Why it failed.-ENGAGEMENT ON THE CHARLES CITY ROAD.-Death of General


GRAND ATTEMPT ON RICHMOND.-A shameful failure.-The "electoral necessity" at Washington.-THE CAMPAIGN IN THE VALLEY OF VIRGINIA.-Early's mission in the Valley-How a part of the combination to protect Richmond. Sheridan's command. His strategy.-BATTLE NEAR WINCHESTER.--A critical moment.-The enemy's centre broken.--He recovers.-Misconduct of the Confederate cavalry.Early retreats to Fisher's Hill,-THE BATTLE OF FISHER'S HILL.-A most unexpected reverse to the Confederates.-Misgivings and alarm in Richmond.--The capture of Staunton. Sheridan's devastations of the Valley." Barn-burning."An affair of Rosser's cavalry." Thel Savior of the Valley."-BATTLE OF Cedar CREEK, Two-thirds of Sheridan's army completely routed.-Early's awkward pause. Plunder of the Yankee camp. The enemy regains the day.-Shameful rout of the Confederates.-The Valley campaign virtually ended.-SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA. Breckinridge's campaign.-The Yankees capture the salt-works at Saltville.-Destruction of the works.... PAGE 394



Wr. Lincoln's extraordinary triumph.-Reassembling of the Richmond Congress.President Davis' review of the situation.-A memorable boast.-New demands of the Confederate conscription.—Military resources of the North and South com pared.-Plethoric wealth of the North." Twenty against one."-Two advantages the South had in the war.-Its conditions of success.-The value of endurance on the part of the South.-THE HOOD-SHERMAN CAMPAIGN.--Speeches at headquarters. -Hood commences his march.-Capture of Dalton.-Sherman follows as far as Gaylesville.-He turns back.-Georgia and South Carolina "at his mercy."-An extraordinary campaign.→ Hood and Sherman marching away from each otherHood crosses into Tennessee.-The Yankee retreat to Franklin.-THE BATTLE OF FRANKLIN.-Great loss in Confederate officers.-The enemy retreats to Nashville.BATTLE OF NASHVILLE.—The giving way of Bates' division.-A shameful stampede. Hood's losses.--The whole scheme of Confederate defence west of the Alleghanies broken down.-The errors of Hood's campaign...'................ ... PAGE 412

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Sherman's march from the mountains to the sea.-Yankee boasts.-Easy rature : Sherman's enterprise.—“ Graud” mistake of the Confederates.-The burning o Atlanta. Five thousand houses in ruins.-Sherman's route to Milledgeville.Second stage of the march to Millen.-Last stage of the march.-Wheeler's cavalry THE FALL OF SAVANNAH.-Capture of Fort McAllister.-Probable surprise of Hardee. The Confederates evacuate Savannah.—Sherman's Christmas-gift to Mr. Lincoln. The true value of Sherman's exploit.-His own estimation of it.-Despondency in the South.-Depletion of the Confederate armies.—THE EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS, etc.-Bad faith of the Yankees.-Their misrepresentations.-The question of recaptured slaves.-A Yankee calculation.-The Washington Government responsible for the sufferings of Yankee prisoners.-How capital was made out of their sufferings. A game with “sick” prisoners.—How "rebel barbarities" were manufactured.-Noble conduct of General Grant.-Its commentary on the Washington cabinet.-His "victory" over that body.... ΡΔΟΣ 426


The blockade at Wilmington.-How ineffective.-FIRST EXPEDITION AGAINST FORT FISHER.-Butler's powder-ship.-The two days' bombardment.-Landing of Butler's troops.-Butler decides not to attack. His sudden departure.-He 18 removed from command.-SECOND EXPEDITION AGAINST FORT FISHER.-FALL OF WILMINGTON.-Landing of Terry's command.-Movements of General Hoke.—The assault on the fort.-A feu d'enfer.-Desperate fighting.-The Confederates overpowered.-Surrender of Fort Fisher.-Evacuation of Fort Anderson.-Yankee occupation of Wilmington.-How a part of General Sherman's campaign in the Carolinas.-SHERMAN'S SIXTY DAYS IN THE Carolinas.—Direction of his march. Crossing the Savannah River.-Mismanagement of the Confederate troops.—Sherman at Branchville.-THE FALL OF CHARLESTON.-Hardee joins Beauregard.'Conflagration in Charleston.-Explosion at the railroad depot.-A scarred city.Charleston as seen through Yankee eyes.-CAPTURE and burning of Columbia.— Wild and savage scenes of pillage.-The city on fire.-Four thousand citizens homeless. Sherman's march northward.-His organization of "bummers."— The column of smoke.-The Yankees at Winnsboro'. More of the enemy's atrocities. Sherman's feint upon Charlotte. His occupation of Fayetteville.-Hampton attacks Kilpatrick.-Sherman's appointment of a rendezvous with Schofield. -Hardee's fight near Averysboro'.-What he did with half a corps of Confederates.-THE Battle of BentonvILLE.-Success of the Confederates.-No decisive results. Sherman's move towards Goldsboro'.-Schofield's movement.-Sherman's success. His congratulatory order.-A military conference at City Point, Virginia. PAGE 487


The date of distrust in the Southern mind.—Observation of General Lee.—A poculiar moral condition of the Confederacy.-Want of confidence in President Davis' administration.-Impatience of the prolongation of the war.-Davis' unpopularity. -Weak attempts in Congress at a counter-revolution.-General Lee made com. »' mander-in chief.—The title a nominal one.—The Virginia delegation and the Pres›ident.-Mr. Seddon's resignation.-President Davis' defiance to Congress.—Th

Davis-Johnston imbroglio. Seator Wigfall's speeches.--Johnston's restoration. -President Davis' opinion of homoeopathy.-Sullen and indifferent disposition o the Southern people.-How they might have accomplished their independence. Review of the military situation.--Analysis of the peace feeling in the North.How it was likely to be developed by a long war.-The Union not the enemy's sine qua non-Two contingencies that limited the war.-The worthless title of Yankee invasion.-"Cob-web" occupation of the Confederacy.-Note: an address in the Richmond newspapers.-The two fatal facts in the condition of the Confederacy.-THE FORTRESS MONROE COMMISSION.-How it was brought about.--The Yankee ultimatum.--Official narrative of the Confederate commissioners.-A new attempt to rally the spirit of the South. The meeting at the African church in Richmond. -President Davis' boasts.-His noble allusion to history.-How the cause of the Confederacy was in danger.-PROPOSITION TO ARM THE SLAVES OF THE South.Indicative of a desperate condition of the public mind.-General Lee's opinion. The slaveholding interest.-Its selfishness and insolence.-A weak conclusion of the matter.-"Catching at straws" in the Confederate Congress.-Character of this body PAGE 455


The last address and appeal of the Confederate Congress.--The war in a geographical point of view.-THE CONFEDERATE CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT Davis.-THE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS.—A sharp recrimination.-- A committee of the Senate reply to President Davis.—Maladministration in the War Department.-Two-thirds of the Confederate Army absentees.-Lee loses nearly half his army by desertions.-The other half threatened with starvation.-Ample supply of food in the country.The fault in the Commissary Department.-Commissary Northrop a "pepper-dootor" as the favorite of Davis.—Analysis of President Davis' character for firmness. -How Northrop starved Richmond.-HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE COMMI99ABIAT.-Secret testimony in Congress.-President Davis' refusal to trade cotton for meat.-Persistent delusion about "king cotton."--Venality of the enemy.-Davis takes no advantage of it.--Record of the rations in Lee's army.-Startling statistics.-Attempts to get meat from Europe.-General Lee's army without meat.-His telegram to President Davis.-The necessities of the Commissary Department summed up in secret session of Congress.-But little done to meet them.-How the cause of the Confederacy would have failed without a catastrophe of arms.-The military narrative resumed.-MILITARY EVENTS IN VIRGINIA IN THE WINTER OF 1864-5.-SHERIDAN'S RAID.-Thirteen counties traversed.-Amount of destruction accomplished by the enemy.-THE RICHMOND LINEs, Hatcher's RUN.-Extension of Grant's line.-BATTLE OF HARES ILL.-Gallantry of Gordon's command.-Vigor and brilliancy of the fighting of the Confederates.-No decisive results.. PAGE 474


THE BATTLES AROUND PETERSBURG.-The movement of Sheridan's cavalry.-The Five Forks.-General Lee's counter-movement.-Repulse of Sheridan.-Re-enforced by Grant. The Confederates flanked at the Five Forks.-The situation in front o Petersburg.-Lee's lines broken in three places.-Capture of Fort Mahone by the onemy.-General Lee loses his entire line of defence, and the Southside Railroad. -THE EVACUATION OF RICHMOND,-Great surprise in the Confederate capital.-The news in the churches.-Dr. Hoge's address,-Consternation and uproar in the

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