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El Llanero.

In the Pines.

Maya, the Princess, R. Terry.
May Campaign in Virginia, The, C.
C. Coffin.

*May Carols (Aubrey de Vere).
*May-Day and other Pieces (Ralph
Waldo Emerson), W. D. How-
May Days. Extracts from the Jour-
nal of H. D. Thoreau...
Maydenvalley, Spinsterland, A. S.

May-Flowers, L. C. Moulten..
May grown a-Cold, W. Morris.
*(Mayo, A. D.) Symbols of the
Capital; or, Civilization in

May-Pole of Merrymount, The, C.

F. Adams, Jr....

*Mehlig, Anna, W. F. Apthorp....31 249 *Mélanges de Mythologie et de

Linguistique (Michel Bréal)..43 272

*Mélanges et Lettres de X. Dou

dan, T. S. Perry..

Mélanie, W. L. Brigham.

*Mélodies Populaires de Grèce et
d'Orient (L.-A. Bourgault-
Ducoudray), W. F. Apthorp. .46 410

.20 376 | *(Melville, Herman) Battle-Pieces
and Aspects of the War, W.
D. Howells.

Member from Foxden, The, J. P.

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*Memoirs of a Good-for-Nothing
(Eichendorff; C. G. Leland,

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.39 557, 686

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*Memoirs of Service Afloat during

the War between the States
(Raphael Semmes), W. D.
*Memoirs of the Second Empire,

.23 515

Some: Conversations with Distinguished Persons during the Second Empire, from 1860 to 1863; Prosper Merimée; Lettres à M. Panizzi; Memorials of Charlotte Williams-Wynn; Souvenirs of Madame C. Jaubert; A Salon in the Last Days of the Empire, H. W. Preston. *Mémoires, Two American: Years of Experience; Souvenirs of my Time, H. E. Scudder......60 126 Memorable Murder, A, C. Thax


Memoriæ Positum, R. G. S., 1863,
J. R. Lowell.

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Medea of Euripides, The, W. C.


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*Médecins et Médecine (Littré), J. Fiske.

Memorial Tribute, A: read at the

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meeting held at Music Hall,
February 8, 1876, in memory
of Dr. Samuel G. Howe, O.
W. Holmes..

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tures on (Richard Chenevix Trench)

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Medieval Naturalist, A, J. H. A.

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