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Teachers' Daily Register - Designed to record, even to a minute, the attendance of

pupils. It is easily understood and easily kept. There are two sizes, made of firm, heavy linen paper, put up in strong half cloth and muslin binding. 1st size, $2. 2d size, $4.

School Tablet - Designed for marking the tardiness or irregularity of teachers and

pupils, and used in connection with the Daily Register. $1. Class Book -- Designed for marking the character of each pupil's recitations, and also his

deportment. 75 cents. School Ledger - This sustains the same relation to the Register and Class Book that a

merchant's Ledger does to his Day Book and Journal. It contains a summary of the pupil's marking in each study, his punctuality and deportment, and his average standing.

In fact, it is the crowning Book of the series, and makes the system complete. $3. Report Card - Designed to report monthly to parents and patrons the average and relative

standing of the pupils. $2 per 100. Special Report Card-- Designed to inform the parents, in special cases, of the tardiness

and absence of pupils, and number of recitations lost thereby. $1 per 100. Teachers' Schedules --- The best ever published. They are put up in packages of three

quires each, strongly sealed in heavy wrappers, expressly for the trade. Merchants should not fail to send for our Schedules. They are arranged according to the late law and under the supervisiun of the State Department, and are sold lower than those of any other

House in the State. $1,50 per quire. School District Record -- For Clerk of the Board, containing ten different forms, with

printed headings. $5. Directors' Order Book-Neatly bound in half cloth. Filing and receipt on the back

of cach order. $1 per book of 100 orders. School District Bond for use of Directors. $1 per quire. School District Blanks -- Consisting of Election Notices, Poll Books, Tally Lists, Certi

ficates of Election, Tax Certificates, Census Reports and Teachers' Contracts. 1 set

enough for one year--30 cents. 1 package-4 sets -- $1. Township Treasurers' Books - 3 volumes, Journal and Record, Cash Book, Ledger

and Loan Book. Bound in half sheep, spring back, and in half Russia, spring back. 1st

size, $15. 2d size, $20. Township Treasurers' Note Book-Ruling and printed receipt on the back of each

note, for endorsements. $1 per book of 100 orders. Township Treasurers' Receipt Book. $1 per book of 100 orders.

Township School Blanks Consisting of Election Noticos, Poll Books, Tally Lists,

Certificates of Election, Census Reports, Treasurers' Bonds, Township Plats. 1 set

enough for one year --35 cents. 1 package — 3 sets -- $1. School Mortgages. $1 per quire. Record of Teachers Examined-For the use of County Superintendents. New

edition, with printed headings. Bound in half sheep. $3. County Superintendents' Certificates to Teachers - Two grades, on first

quality paper. $2 per 100. First grade extra large size, heautifully lithographed, $10

per, 100.

Teachers' Institute Certificates. $1 per 100.
County Superintendents' Note Book. $1 per book of 100 notes.
County Superintendents' Receipt Book - For the receipt of money paid to Town-

ship Treasurers. Bound in half cloth. $1.50 per book of 200 Receipts.
Form Required in the Formation of Union Districts. $1 per quire.




SPRINGFIELD, Nov. 231861. MESSRS. ADAMS & BLACKMER: It gives me great pleasure to apprise you of the good opinions expressed by the Commissioners in their reports to this office respecting the usefulness and value of your Register and other Blanks.

You are doing a good work, for which I thank you. The report from these counties supplied with your Blanks are invariably the most complete and accurate.

With much esteem, yours very truly,

N. BATEMAN, Supt. Public Inst.

SPRINGFIELD, ILL., Sept. 12, 1863. }
I am glad to recommend to school officers and teachers throughout the State, the sets of
Blank Books and Forms published by Messrs. Adams & Blackmer, of Rockford, and which
seem to be admirably adapted to the uses for which they are designed.

These Books and Forms are precisely what is needed to remedy the nameless evils resulting from the general mismanagement of our school interests, and hence I am induced not only to pen for them a formal recommendation, but to insist upon their introduction (or other's adapted to the purpose) into every School District in the State.

I will only add, that school officers are authorized by the law to appropriate from the school fund, a sufficient amount to purchase whatever books and blanks may be necessary for their use.

JOHN P, BROOKS, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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At a Convention of County School Commissioners, held at Bloomington, October 1st, 1863, the following resolution was unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the series of School Records published by Adams & Blackmer, of Rockford, be officially recommended to teachers and school officers throughout this State, and that thé State Superintendent be respectfully requested to call the attention of School Directors, Township Trustees and Treasurers, and all other school officers and teachers, to their great importance, and to adopt such measures as he may deem proper with his official duties for their adoption by all the schools throughout the State.

A similar resolution was unanimously passed at the late meeting of County Commissioners: held at Springfield, January 3d, 1865.


Teachers' General Register - Report of attendance of pupils and branches taught,

filed with Township Secretary. $2 per quire. School District Record - For District Secretary ; containing nine different forms, with

printed headings, as follows: A Record of the Proceedings of District Township School Meetings; A Register of Sub-Directors, and Term of Office; A Record of the Meetings of the Board of Directors; A Register of Orders on District Township Treasurer; A Record of Rules and Regulations for Government of Schools; a Register of Teachers employed in the District Township; a Summary of Teachers' Report of Attendance; A Record of Annual Report of Township Secretary to County Superintendent; and Plats of Sub-Districts in District Township. $6.50.

age. $5.

Order Book--Filing and receipt on the back of each order. $1 per book of 100 orders. . District Township Blanks --Consisting of Election Notices, Certificates of Election,

Bonds for Treasurer and Secretary, Per Centum Tax Certificates, Tax Certificate to Board of Supervisors, Drafts on County Treasurer, Township Plats.' 1 set-enough for one

year — 50 ceuts. 1 package - 4 sets --- $2. School Treasurers' Books - Embracing an account with School House Fund, with

Teachers' Fund, with Contingent Fund, and Register of Orders drawn on Treasurer. $5.50. School Census Register-- Of persons between five and twenty-one years of Sub-District Record-For use of Sub-Director; containing seven different forms, with

printed headings, as follows: A Record of the Proceedings of School Meetings; A Register of the Election of Directors, and Term of Office; A Register of Heads of families, and Persons between five and twenty-one years of age; A Record of Rules for the Government of Schools; A Record of Teachers' Contracts; A Register of Teachers employed; and A

Summary of the Teachers' Report of Attendance. $3.
Sub-District Blanks

Containing Election Notices, Certificates of Election, Tax Certificates, Poll Books, Tally Lists, Contracts with Teachers, and Sub-Directors' Reports. 1

set- enough for one year — 30 cents. 1 package - 4 seis - $1. Independent District Blanks -- For Independent Districts. $1.57. $1.67. $1.77. $1.90. Commissioner's Certificates to Teachers. $1 per 100.

Among the many recommendations from the Teachers and School Officers of Iowa we have inly room for the following:


After a careful and thorough examination, and a partial acquaintance with their use, I take occasion, most heartily and cordially, to recommend to School Directors and others interested, the School Register, Class Books and School Ledgers, as well as all the other School Blanks published by Adams, Blackmer, & Lyon.

In my judgment, an average of 40 per cent would be gained by their general introduction into our schools, and from 10 to 20 per cent with the best of our teachees. And I would call special attention to the advantage of their monthly report cards as a most important part of te system.

A thorougb and efficient system is what we want; and I know of no greater help towards that end than these books.

The Blank Books and papers for the use of school officers, also, will well pay for the investment necessary to secure them, by securing uniformity, and marking out the duties of such officers, thereby securing correctness and punctuality, which we all know to be important under our law, to make sure of its benefits.

GEORGE ORDWAY, County Supt. Black Hawic Co., Iowa.

Extract from a letter of J. W. Brainard, Principal of Winnesheik Normal Institute, Decorah Iowa:

In answer to your inquiry, I would say that I have never seen anything, nor have I ever heard any means suggested for awakening a public spirit in school against tardiness, to be compared for an instant with your Tablet. The working of that article is magnificent, and saves me a world of labor and effort.

The set of Record Books, too, is no less a powerful machine. I secure a punctuality and scholarship thereby which I could not by any other known means, and the power of these appliances reaches every scholar, save those whom nothing but severity and rigor can reach


School District Record - For use of Directors; containing 13 different forms, with Order Book - With filing and receipt on the back of each order. $1 per book of 100

printed headings, as follows: Directions for the use of the several Blanks in this Book ; Record of the Proceedings of District School Meetings; Register of District School Officers and their Acceptance; Register of the Doings of the District School Board; Printed Rules and Regulations; Rules and Regulations adopted by the District School Board; Contracts between District Board and Teacher; Register of Teachers in the District; Expenses incurred by the Director, Catalogue of Books in the District Library; Census Record ; Summary of the Attendance of Pupils; and Financial Report of the District Board. $6.



School District Blanks -- Embracing Election Notices, Teachers' Contracts, Warrants

on Town Treasurer, Reports to Supervisors, and Assessors' Bonds. 1 set - enough for one

year -- 30 cents. 1 package 4 sets -- $1. Rate Bill and Warrant --- $2 per quire. School District Assessors' Book - Containing an account with Teachers' Fund, with

District Library Fund, with Incidental Expense Fund, and with Building Fuud. $5. District Librarians' Book-Containing an account with Persons Drawing

Catalogue of Books, Statement of Fines and Losses. 8.25. Township Treasurers' Book, Township Clerk's Book, Road Commis

sioners' Book - $10 each. School Inspectors' Book – Containing a Record of Proceedings of Board, Record of

Examination of Teachers, and Maps for laying out Districts. $5. Township Clerk's Orders on Treasurer and Highway Commissioners'

Orders on Treasurer Bound in half cloth, with filing and receipt on the back

of each order. $1 per 100 orders. Notices of Examination of Teachers, Bonds of Chairman of Board of

Inspectors, Maps for laying out Districts $1 per quire. Teacher's Certificates Three grades; two years, one year, and six months. $2 per 100. Poll Books · And Tally Lists for General Elections and Annual Township Elections. 70

cents each, including Tally Lists. Highway Commissioners' Assessment List -- For Road Districts. 25 cents.

We also publish all kinds of Michigan Legal Blanks -- Warranty Deeeds, Mortgages, Quit Claim Deeds, Land Contracts, Chattel Mortgages, &c., &c.




Lansing, December 23, 1863. I most cordially recommend to School Officers and Teachers the Blank Books for District Records, Teachers' Registers and other blanks prepared by Messrs. Adams & Blackmer for the State of Michigan, and I earnestly advise the District Boards to supply themselves without delay with a set of these books from any moneys in their hands that may be used for this purpose. As these books are such as the District Officers are required by law to have and to keep, the District Boards have full power to make the purchase.

I know of no measure that will do so much to introduce order and regularity into the proceedings of Districts and District Boards, and aid to prevent misunderstandings, losses and litigations as the use of these excellent and instructive blanks.

School Officers and Teachers will find them of invaluable service in making plain and easy a most perplexing and difficult part of their duties; and districts will be delighted with the admirable order and system which these books will introduce into the chaos of their affairs,

By all my love for the good of our schools, I most heartily wish for their universal adoption as the best means of promoting uniformity and regularity in the school work of the State.

J. M. GRÉGORY, Supt. of Public Instruction.

These Books and Blanks are made of the very best material, and are all arranged according to the latest School Laws of the several States. No pains has been spared to make them

The best System of School Records and Blanks ever Published. We shall be glad to see all Book Merchants and friends of education at our office, Lombard Block, whenever they shall visit Chicago. Teachers and School Officers are especially invited to make our office their headquarters when in our city.

ADAMS, BLACKMER, & LYON. PO Box 708, Chicago, Ill.






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