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That's a fact. I don't tell it as news [laughter], but simto refresh your memories.


Recollect when I speak of the Democratic party I mean the men who did these things. I am sorry to see men, good and true and loyal, who are with the Democrats still, and who are trying to make them respectable. My voice has no word against those men, do whatever they do, who faced shot and shell for the Union. I do not stigmatize them. I do not allude to true and loyal Democrats, but to those Democrats who are Democrats from mere cussedness. [Laughter.] How came it to this? Is a man to be ashamed for having fought the Democratic party with shot and shell? Will the time ever come when these scars worn by Gov. Connor shall be a disgrace to him? Shall the time come when we shall not mention the struggles of our boys and defend their scars? It never can come! But I say if the Democratic party gets the power, the Union soldier will have to hide his scars. If Tilden is elected President, he will be the tool and instrument of the Southern Democracy.

"Who made the times hard? Who made it necessary for the United States to borrow money? The Democratic party, North and South. And now they say we ought to have whipped them for less. Hard times! You will see what hard times mean if you get the Democratic party into power. And we are already in the light of the dawn of a revived business. Why? Because the Republican party is bent on seeing a gold dollar and in resuming specie payment at the appointed time. The Republican party, I say, will pay the debt and protect all men. The Democratic party can find no flaw in the record of Mr. Hayes. He will carry out the doctrines of the Republican party. If Tilden is elected he will be controlled by the Democratic party. Which party will you trust? I tell you, gentlemen, you must stand by the Republican party. What was Mr. Tilden doing when Mr. Hayes was fighting for his country? Mr. Tilden was resolving the war was a failure.

We've got down to hard pan.

"I am glad that we have a party on whose brow is the eternal sunrise; that we have a party of freedom, pledged to the progress and elevation of the human race, and pledged to stand by the divine rights of man.'

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