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ness, 569.


TENNESSEE, ram, fights and surrenders, 652-3. VICKSBURG, Miss., bombarded, 57; first siege of TERRILL, GEN., routed and killed at Perryville, 219. raised, 57–8; again bombarded, 101, attempt to cut TERRY, GEN. ALFRED H., menaces James Island,

canal across peninsula opposite, 101-2; siege of, again

abandoned, 102; operations against, 236; Sherman 475; assaults Fort Wagner, 481 ; assaults and takes

again threatens, 289; Sherman fails to take, 291; Com. Fort Fisher, 713; helps capture Wilmington, 715.

Porter passes the batteries, 301; grand assault on, 311; TEW, COL., 2d N. C., killed at Antietam, 210. failure of the assault on, 313; besieged by Grant, and TEXAS, surrender of regulars in, 17; 18; ordi

surrendered, 310-16. nance of Secession, 17; Gens. Banks and Þana in VINCENT, COL., killed at Gettysburg, 388. Western, 341; collapse of Rebellion in, 757.

VIRGINIA, Pope's operations in, 172; Banks and THAYER, GEN. JOHN M., at Fort Hindman, 293.

McDowell assigned to Pope, 172; fight at Wytheville

and Lewisburg, 403,
THOBURN, COL. JO., killed at Cedar Creek, 615.
THOMAS, COL., Ga., killed at Fort Sanders, 432.
THOMAS, GEN. GEO. H., at Mill Spring, 42-3; at

w Cedar Mountain, 177; at Stone River, 273-5; at Chickamauga, 421; retires unassailed, 423; ordered to hold | WACHUSETT, Capt. Collins, captures the Florida Chattanooga, 434; at Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga in Bahia harbor, 645-6. Valley, and Mission Ridge, 434-446; his official report; WADSWORTH, GEN. JAMES S., Military Governor 442; in the Atlanta campaign, 626; in Tennessee, 640; assumes chief command in Tennessee, 677; defeats

of Washington, 108; on strength of Rebel army at Hood at Nashville, 685-6; results of his campaign, 689.

Manassas in Jan., 1862, 112; strength of his force for

defense of Washington, 130; at Gettysburg, 377; in THOMAS, GEN. (Rebel), at second Bull Run, 189. council at Williamsport, 392; killed in the WilderTHOMPSON, COL., killed at Hartsville, 447. THOMPSON, COL. N. C., killed at Centerville, 396. WAINWRIGHT, COL., wounded at South MounTHOROUGHFARE GAP, operations in, 182.

tain, 198. TIDBALL, GEN., at Gaines's Mill, 156.

WAINWRIGHT, CAPT., killed at Galveston, 324. TILDEN, MAJ., 38th N. Y., killed at Chantilly, 188. WAITE, COL. C. A., captured at San Antonio, 18. TILE, GEN., wounded at Centerville, 396.

WALKER, GEN. W. H. T., at Antietam, 207; de

feated at Jackson, 306; at Chickamanga, 415; fights TILGHMAN, GEN. LLOYD, at Fort Henry, 45;

Brannąn at Pocotaligo, 463; retreats up Red river besurrenders, 47; killed at Champion Hills, 309.

fore Gen. A. J. Smith, 537; killed at Decatur, Ga., 633. TODD, GEO., operates as a guerrilla, 447.

WALKER, CAPT. (Navy), up the Yazoo river, 318. TOOMBS, GEN. ROBERT, wounded at Antietam, WALLACE, GEN. LEW., 49; at Pittsburg Landing,

59–71; defeated at the Monocacy, 603. TOPPING, LT.-COL., 71st Indiana, killed, 315. WALLACE, GEN. W. H. L., 59; 63; killed at TOWER, GEN., in the battle of Gainesville, 187. Pittsburg Landing, 64. TRIBUNE OFFICE, OF NEW YORK, assailed by WALTHALL, GEN., at Chickamauga, 417. draft rioters, 504.

WAR AND ITS CAUSES, Franklin Pierce on, 497. TRIMBLE, BRIG.-GEN. J. R., at Malvern Hill, 166; WARD, GEN. HOBART, at Chancellorsville, 360; takes Manassas Junction, 180; at second Bull Run, 189;

at Manassas Gap fight, 393. wounded at Gettysburg, 389.

WARING, COL. GEO. E., defeats Marmaduke at TRUMBULL, Hon. LYMAN, on freeing the slaves

Batesville, 447; at Guntown, Miss., 621. of Rebels, 263.

WARNER, GEN., fights at Henderson's Hill, La., TUCKER, CAPT., raids from Charleston, 465.

WARREN, GEN. FITZ HENRY; rëenforces Banks TUNSTALL'S STATION, scene of operations, 159.

on Red river, 550. TURNER'S GAP, Franklin drives Cobb from, 196. WARREN, GEN. GEORGE S., at Gaines's Mill

, 156; TUSCUMBIA, Ala., captured by Mitchel, 285.

Malvern Hill, 165; Autietam, 208; Chancellorsville, TUTTLE, GEN., at Vicksburg, 311.

Centerville, 395; commands the 5th corps, 564;

at "the Wilderness," 567 to 571; charges at SpottsylTWIGGS, GEN., treason of, 17; dismissal of, from

vania, 572; at Cold Harbor, 580 to 582; destroys WelConfederate service, 85.

don Railroad, 726; defeats Pegrain at Dabney's mill, TYLER, GEN. (Rebel), killed at Fort Tyler, 720.

726; fights on Rowanty creek, 730; in fight at Five TYNDALE'S BRIGADE, at Wauhatchie, 436.

Forks, 731-2; relieved by Sheridan, 133. WARRENTON JUNCTION, operations at, 181; 395.

WARRENTON SPRINGS, Va., operations at, 182. U.

WASHBURNE, GEN. C. C., 34; at Helena, 35; at

Vicksburg, 314; defeated near Opelousas, 340; on UNDERWOOD, COL., 33d Mass., wounded at Wau- Rebel conspiracy, 557. hatchie, 435.

WASHINGTON CITY, force left for defense of, UNION NATIONAL CONVENTION IN 1864, 658.

130-1; McDowell's corps retained for defense of, 131

Gen. Banks in command at, 194; Early menaces and UNIONISTS rëorganize Arkansas, 555.

is repulsed from, 605.

WASHINGTON, CAPT., killed at Vicksburg, 310. V.

WASHINGTON, N. C., Foster repels Hill at, 483.

WAUHATCHIE, Gen. Geary victorious at, 435. VALLANDIGHAM, Hon. O. L., arrested by Burn-WAYNESBORO', VA., Sheridan routs Early at, 727.

side, 489; public sensation and resolves, 490 to 501; defeated for Governor of Ohio, 509-510; his conversa

WAYNESBORO', GA., Kilpatrick at, 691; 692. tion with Ould, 666.

WEAD, GEN. F. F., killed at Cold Harbor, 582. VALVERDE, New Mexico, battle of, 22–3. WEBB, BRIG.-GEN., wounded at Gettysburg, 388. VANCE, COL. J. W., 96th Ohio, killed at Sabine WEBB, COL., killed at Sabine Cross-roads, 540. Cross-roads, 540.

WEBSTER, COL. J. D., at Pittsburg Landing, 65. VAN CLEVE, GEN., killed at Stone River, 277.

WEBSTER, COL. D. FLETCHER, of Mass., killed at VAN DORN, GEN. EARL, in Texas, 18; commands

Gainesville, 189. trans-Mississippi Department, 27; baffled by Sigel, 27; WEED, GEN. S. H., killed at Gettysburg, 388. at Pea Ridge, 23-42; attacks Corinth and is defeated, | WEEHAWKEN, iron-clad, Capt. John Rogers, cap225-9; his losses, 231; captures Holly Springs, 287. tures the Atlanta, 472-3.



WEITZEL, GEN. GODFREY, with Gen. Butler's ex- WINTHROP, GEN. FRED., killed at Five Forks, 734.

pedition, 83, 91, 97; sent to Lafourche, 104-5; declines WISE, GEN. HENRY A., at Roanoke Island, 74. to assault Wilmington, 711; enters Richmond, 737.

WISE, CAPT. O. J., killed at do., 76. WESSELLS, GEN., wounded at Fair Oaks, 148.

WOLFE, LT.-COL., killed at Richmond, Ky., 215. WEST POINT, Va., fight at, 126–7.

WOLFORD, GEN. FRANK T., opposes Morgan, 404; WEST VIRGINIA, operations in, 108; 140; 598.

pursues Pegram to Somerset, 427; repels Scott's cavWHARTON, GEN., raids in Middle Tenn., 433. alry, 428; is routed at Philaclelphia, Tenn., 431. WHEELER, GEN., wounded at Lavergne, 271; | Wood, GEN. T. J., wounded at Stone River, 276; his attack a failure, 272; 280, 283; raids in East Ten

at Chickamauga, 415; at Mission Ridge, 442; at Nashnessee, 433; at Chickamauga, 415.

ville, 684-6. WHITAKER, GEN., at Chickamauga, 422.

WOOD, MAJ., brings off four guns from MaryWHITE OAK SWAMP, battle of, 160–1; bridge

land Heights, 200. rëtaken, 170. WHITE, GEN. JULIUS, at Martinsburg and Har-WOOD, COL. JAS., 136th N. Ý., at Wauhatchie, 436.

WOOD, BRIG.-GEN. (Rebel), wounded, 221. per's Ferry, 199.

WOODWARD, JUDGE GEO. W., on the conscripWHITE, CAPT., at Vicksburg, 312.

tion act, 488; beaten as candidate for Governor of WHITING, GEN., at Malvern Hill, 165.

Pennsylvania, 509. WICKLIFFE, Hon. C. A., enlightened by Gen. WOOL, GEN. JOHN E., at Fortress Monroe, 127; Hunter, 515.

occupies Norfolk and Portsmouth, 127; detached from WILCOX, GEN. C. M. (Rebel), at Glendale, 163; McClellan's command, 132; his order in relation to at Hopewell Gap, 183.

colored contrabands, 240. WILD, GEN., in North Carolina, 535.

WORDEN, LT. JOHN L., fights the Merrimac, in WILDER, Col. J. T., surrenders to Bragg at the Monitor, and is wounded, 118. Munfordsville, 216.

WRIGHT, GEN. H. G., assaults Secessionville, 461; WILDERNESS, battle of the, 567 to 570.

at the Wilderness, 508-71; at Cold Harbor, 580-2; at WILLARD, COL., killed at Gettysburg, 388.

Petersburg, 734. WILLIAMS GEN. THOMAS, in first attack on WRIGHT, GEN. (Rebel), at Malvern Hill, 165;

Vicksburg, 57-8; at Forts Jackson and St. Philip, 97; wounded at Antietam, 210. again at Vicksburg, 101; in command at Baton Rouge, WYMAN, COL. J. B., killed near Vicksburg, 290. 102; death of, 103; issues orders to drive from camps and garrisons colored fugitives, 246.

WYTHEVILLE, Va., fight at, 403; Gillem takes 200 WILLIAMS, GEN. A. S., with Sherman in his men and 8 guns at, 688.

great march, 689 to 695. WILLIAMS, COL., Ill., killed at Stone River, 281. WILLIAMS, CAPT., at siege of Corinth, 227.

Y. WILLIAMSBURG, VA., battle of, 122-6.

YAZOO CITY, fighting at, 309-310; 318. WILLICH, GEN., captured at Stone River, 274.

Yazoo BLUFFs, Sherman demonstrates on, 289. WILMINGTON, N. C.

, defenses of, 710; Butler and | YEADON, RICHARD, offers $10,000 reward for Weitzel decline to assault, 711; Schofield captures,

Gen. Butler, 106. 715.

YELLOW. BAYOU, La., fight of A. J. Smith, with WILSON, Hon. HENRY, of Mass., on the return

Polignac, 551. of fugitive slaves, 251; bill to provide for educating col

YORK RIVER RAILROAD, burned by Rebels, 159. ored children, 266. WILSON, GEN. JAMES H., raids through central YORKTOWN, Va., siege of, 120–22; evacuation of Alabama, 717; capture of Selma and Montgomery,

by Magruder, 122; embarkation of troops at, 171. 719-720. WINCHESTER, VA., Jackson defeated at, 135; Gen. Ewell takes, 371.

Z. WINSLOW, CAPT. JOHN, of the Kearsarge, engages the Alabama, and sinks her, 646-47.

ZOLLICOFFER, GEN., killed at Mill Spring, 42—3.


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