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the warmest proteftations of gratitude, Sir Robert now refolved to put him to the teft. Accordingly he fent for him a few days before he intended bringing his bill into the Houfe, and told him he had a favour to requeft. The Prelate replied, "He need only afk to obtain any thing in his power to grant." Sir Robert then defired that he would clofely confine himself to his palace on fuch a day, and give him leave to affign what reason he thought proper for fuch proceeding.

The Archbishop promised to observe his patron's injunction faithfully: and this profound politician, on the day of his confinement, caufed a report to be spread that his Grace of Canterbury was fuddenly taken ill, and even lay at the point of death. He then introduced his bill; and as every one of the lawn fleeve gentry, from their expectation of preferment, wifhed to please him, the bill paffed without difficulty.



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