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The compiler has taken several pieces which have long been familiar to all persons acquainted with English literature, and which may to some extent be pronounced hackneyed; such as Collins's "Ode to the Passions" and Gray's "Elegy." But the permanent popularity of such pieces is due to their intrinsic merit, and it seemed to the compiler that they ought not to be displaced to make room for productions which, it is true, are now commended by the gloss of novelty, but will not be likely to wear so well as those on which time has set its lasting seal of approval. Several pieces will also be found here which were first made generally known in Pierpont's "American First Class Book," an admirable work, which, in many respects, has never been surpassed by any of the many similar compilations which have since appeared. In retaining these the compiler has been guided not only by his own judgment but by the express wishes of several teachers who were desirous that selections should be retained which have so long borne the sharp test of daily use.

In the preparation of the work the compiler has been aided by the judgment and experience of many practical teachers, espeeially several masters of grammar schools in this city, whose services and interest are gratefully remembered. And at every step he has had the valuable assistance of his publisher and friend, Dr. T. M. BREWER, to whose taste and judgment no small portion of whatever merit the work may be found to possess is to be ascribed.

The introductory portion, on reading and the training of the vocal organs, has been prepared expressly for this work by Prof. MARK BAILEY, of Yale College, a gentleman of large experience in the teaching of elocution; and it is confidently believed that teachers will find it of great practical service, and that it will add much to the value of the work.

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75. The Introduction of Christianity into Europe.

8!, The Roman Empire a Preparation for Christianity.

82. Wanders of Astronomy.....

84. The Ucs of the Ocean

115. True Greatness

139. The World of Beauty around us................
148. Address at Gettysburg............


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24. The Prairies

30. The Death of Chatham.

33. The Falls of Niagara

35. The Voyage..

39. Dialogue from Ivanhoe..

45. Character of Washington.

54 The Battle of Bunker Hill.

61. Washington at Mount Vernon
86. John Hampden


Greenwood. 139

... Follen. 184
.Cumming. 200
...Sumner. 205
.Alison. 216
.Ide. 227
Wayland. 243

O. M. Mitchell. 245
..Swain. 250
•Channing. 339

Horace Mann. 402
..Abraham Lincoln. 425

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93. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots....

96. Webster's Greatest Parliamentary Effort..

105. John Quincy Adams....


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8. The Slave Trade


12. Obligations of America to England

29. Speech on the American War..

31. Character of Chatham..........

47. Imaginary Speech in Opposition to the Declaration of Independence,

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119. Old Ironsides....

122. Song of the Greeks...

126. Apostrophe to the Ocean.

128. Extract from Rienzi

129. The Passions...........................


9. Hohenlinden
10 The Husker's Song..
17. The Fall of Poland

28. Napoleon's Return

32. The Pilgrim Fathers.
36. Slavery

37. Charge of the Light Brigade..

38. Union and Liberty..



51. Spanish War Song

52. Hallowed Ground

55. Warren's Address before the Battle of Bunker Hill.

66. Address to the Sun

80. The Launching of the Ship..

89. Greece in 1809

97. The Widow of Glencoe...

104. Lines on the Entry of the Austrians into Naples...

114. The Battle Hymn of the Berlin Landsturm

118. Hymn before Sunrise, in the Valley of Chamouni,

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