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Page 1.-1. Canada: 1819 to 59. ByIon. A. T. Galt. Lond., 1860. 29. Chnada' and her Resources : an Essay. By Alexander FO?!! Morris., Montreal, 1855. :: Nova Britannia. By Alex: 'Mortis..! piontivai1858. ng 4. Reports on Colonial Possessions, August,

5 Notes made in the United States and in Canada. By

and in Canada. "By

-102 Hugh Seymour Tremenhecre. London, 1852.

eisen in Canada und durch

die Staaten von New but York und Pennsylvanien. Von J. G. Kohl. Stutt

gart und Augsburg, 1856. ollutThe Conquest of Canada: By the author of Tocho12 .

' laga.' In two volumes. London, 1849,

Huwal. .0
.?'g. The Canadian Settler's Guide. London, 180 ,
9. Salmon Fishing in Canada. Edited by Sir James

Alexander. London, 1860.
10, Arctic Searching Expedition. By Sir John Richard-

son, C.B., F.R.Š. London, 1851.
11. Report on the Hudson's Bay Company. 1857.
12. Papers relating to the Exploration of the Country
between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement.

i June, 1859. 1:13. Papers relative to the Exploration by Captain Palliber, il? Tür &c.! June, 1859, and 1860.-1;? 14. Narrative of Canadian Exploring Expeditions, &c.,!!!!

By Henry. Youle Hind. London, 1860. Von
15. Construction of the Great Victoria Bridge in Canada.
By James Hodges. : Folio. London, 1860

1 II. The Sleeping Bard; or, Visions of the World, Death,

and Hell. By Elis Wyn. Translated from the

Cambrian British by George Boitow. London, 1860 98 III.—1. The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History, By

Jolifi Lothrop Motley. London, 1858.
2. History of the United Netherlands : from tho Death

of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort: with a
full view of the English-Dutch Struggle against
Spain ; and of the Origin and Destruction of the
Spanish Armada. By John Lothrop Motley.
London, 1860

64 IV.-1. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain

and of the Museum of Practical Geology. The Iron-
ores of Great Britain, Parts I., II. 1856-1858.

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