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10th, at day-I reak, the latter marshal march- of Villarcayo; and at Reynosa is surrounded ed at the head of the division of Mouton, to by the marshal duke of Dalmatia. Impor. reconnoitre the enemy. On reaching Gamo- tant events must take place in that quarter. na), he was received with the discharge of - General Milhaut, with his division of cathirty pieces of artillery. This was the sig- valry, has entered Palencia, and has sent off nal for advancing at the pas de charge ; detachments towards the outlets of Reynosa, the infantry of the division of Mouton at- in pursuit of the park of artillery of the ar. tacked them, supported by the artillery. my of Gallicia.—The young students of SaTlie Walloons and Spanish guards were de. lamanca, who thought to accomplish the confeated at the first outset. The duke of quest of France, the fanatical peasants, who Istria, at the head of his cavalry, attacked already dreamed of plundering Bayonne and them in flank. The enemy were complete Bourdeaux, and imagined themselves led on ly roured; 3000 of them being leti dead on by all the saints, being misled by the trea. the field. We took twelve pair of colours, clierous monks, are dispossessed of their twenty-five pieces of canuon, and 3000 pri- foolish fancies. Their despair and disoiay soners, The remainder were completely are at their height. They deplore the misdispersed. Our troops entered the city of fortunes of which they are become the prey, Burgos intermixed with the enemy, and the the lies which they have been made to be. cmairy pursued them in all directions.-- lieve, and the struggle, witbout an object, This army of Estremadura, which had come in which they are involved.—The whole from Mladrid by forced marches, whose tirst plain of Castille is already overspread by our enterprise was the assassination of their un- cavalry. The zeal and ardour of our troops fortunate general count Torres, and which enable them to perform journies of fourteen was completely equipped with English arms, or fifteen miles a day. Our piquets are on besides being in ihe pay of England, is no the Duero. The whole coast of St. Andero longer in existence. The colonel of the and Bilboa completely swept of the enemy. Walloon guards, and a considerable number -The unfortunate city of Burgos, a prey to of the superior officers, are prisoners. Our all the miseries of a íown taken by storm, loss was very inconsiderable, consisting only trembles with dismay. Priests, monks, inof 12 or 15 killed, and at most 50 woun. habitants, fied upon the first news of the ded; only one captain was killed by a cali- battle; terified lest the soldiers of the army non ball. This affair, which we owe to the of Estremadura should attempt to defend excellent dispositions of the duke of Dalmatia, themselves in the houses, which resolution and the intrepidity with which the duke of they probably made known beforehand; Istria led on the cavalry, does the greatest first plundered by these, and afterwards by honour to the division of Mouton; though our soldiers, who entered the houses, in or. it is well known that this division consists of der to drive out their enemies, and found corps whose name alone has for a long time there no inbabitants. Such men as M. Von been a title of honour.- The castle of Bur- Steine, who from want of troops of the line, gos has been occupied, and was found in which our eagles could not oppose, form to good condition; it contained considerable themselves the exalted idea of raising the quantities of four, wine, and grain.-On people in a mass, have become witnesses the 11th the emperor reviewed the division of the misfortunes which they have brought of gen. Bonnet, and immediately detached upon themselves, and of the small obstacles it towards the entrance of the passes of St.

which such auxiliaries can oppose to regular Andero.—The position of the army, this troops.-At Burgos and in its neighbourbood, day, is as follows. The marshal duke of wool to the value of thirty millions has been Belluna is in close pursuit of the remains of found, which bis majesty has caused to be the army of Gallicia, who are flying in the sequestrated. All of it that belongs to the direction of Villarcayo and Reynosa, towards monks, and to those persons that have forn)which points the duke of Dalmatia is also ed a part of the insurrection, shall be declar. marching. They can have no other resourse ed forfeited, and shall be first set apart for than that of dispersing in the mountains,

the indemnification of the Frencb, for the will ihe loss of artillery, baggage, and losses which they have sustained; for in the every thing that constitutes an army. city of Madrid, Frenchmen, who had been Third Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, settled there even for forty years, have been duled Burgos, Nov. 13.

robbed of every thing, and the Spaniards The army of Gallicia, which fled from who were true to their king have been deBilboa, is pursued by the marshal duke of clared'emigrants. The property of Azanza, Belluno, in the direction of Espinosa ; by a most virtuous and intelligent minisier; of the marshal duke of Dantzic, in the direction Masseredo, a most experienced seaman; of

O'Farril, the best soldier in Spain, has been the conqueror of France.” In this ridiculous exposed to public sale. The property of gasconade the countrymen of Don Quixota Campo Alanje, respectable for his virtues, may be recognized. --Worse troops cannot his rank, and his fortune, the proprietor of be found, whether employed on the moun60,000 Merinos, and of three millions of in- tains or in the plains. Clownishly ignorant, come, has been the prey of these infuriated toolishly obstinate, cruel towards the weak, men.—Another measure determined upon mean and cowardly towards the strong. by the emperor, is the confiscation of all the Such is the speciacle they exhibit to us. goods of English manufacture, and of all The monks and the inquisition have bethe colonial produce which has been disload- wildered this nation. -Ten thousand light ed in Spain since the period of the insurrec- cavalry and dragoons, with 24 pieces of tion. The merchants of London have thus cannon, marched on the 11th, to fall upon done very well in sending their goods to Lis- the rear of the English division, which was bon, to Oporto, and to the Spanish ports. said to be at Valladolid. These brave troops The more they shall send, the greater will be advanced 34 miles in two days, but our the contributions which they will pay us.-expectations were frustrated. We hare The city of Palencia, governed by a worthy entered Palencia and Valladolid, and have bishop, has received our troops with affection. pushed on six miles further-still none of That city suffers none of the miseries of war. the English, but prospects and assurances An honest bishop, who, animated by Chris. of finding them.- In the meantime, it tian charity, fulfils the precepts of the gospel, appears certain, that a division of their and from whose lips nothing but honey dis- troops have been disembarked at Corunna, tills, is the greatest blessing which Heaven and that another division entered Badajos confers upon man. An intemperate, odious, in the beginning of this nionth. The day and infuriated bishop who preaches up no. on which we shall meet then), will be a thing but rebellion, uproar, disorder, and festival for the French army. May their war, is a curse whom God in his anger gives blood dye that Continent which they have 10 mankind, to mislead them in the very desolated by their intrigues, their monopoly, source of morality itself.—There is a great and their horrible selfishness. Would they number of monks contined in the prisons of were, instead of 20,000, 80 or 100,000 Burgos. The peasants throw stones at them. strong, then would the English mothers "Wretches!” said they to them: “It is learn what are the miseries of war, and the " you who have plunged us into this abyss English government would no longer con" of miseries. Perhaps we shall never again tinue to sport with the blood and the lives .." bebold our unfortunate wives, our dear of the jeople of the Continent! The greais " children. Wretches! a just God will pu. est faisehoods, the basest creats, are practical “nish you in Hell for all the miseries which by English nachiarelism, to mislezu the

you have caused to our families, and our nation, but the great body of the people is native country."

good: Biscay, Navarre, Old Castile, and Fourth Bulletin of the French Army of even the greatest part of Arragon, are ani

Spain, dated Burgos, Nove 15. mated by an excellent spirit. The nation in Yesterday his majesty reviewed the divi- general views with profound sorrow the sion of Marchand, filled up the vacancies abyss into which it bas been er dezvoured 10 with the most deserving officers, and dis. plunge it, and will therefore corse the Cue tributed rewards to the soldiers who had of so many erils. —Florida Blanca, who was distinguished themselves. His majesty is at ibe head of the insurgents, is there extremely well satisfied with those troops who was minister under Charles the lord: who have cheerfully marched, without he has always been the sworn eneing of balting, from the Banks of the Vistula.-- France, and a zealnus partizan of Engiacd. The duke of Elchingen has marched from It is to be hoped that in his last days be wil Burgos. This morning his majesty reviewed acknowledge ihe errcrs of his political ife. bis guards on the plains of Burgos. His He is an old man, to, to ne bindest majesty afterwards inspected the division of attachment io Lngland, insilo Nivist uiDessolies, and made appointmerts to all the bounded religious superstition. His cute vacancies in that division, Important events dents and trends itë famaties and step d are at band; all the troops are in motion. monks – Tranquility is restore it in Purges Nothing can be done io war without follow- and its environs. 'I he tirst momeni of tory ing a well concerted plan. Among the has been succeeded by contienre. Tie prisoners there were some who had engraved peasants have reiurned to their vitages and o their buttons a fallen eagie, priced by resumed their labours --His majesiy the wo arrows, with she inscriptioc" To emperor is with his giard at Burgos.

General Milhaud is marching with his divi- the regiments of artillery, and of the troops sion upon Paleucia. General Lasalle has which the trailor Ronjana bad carried away taken possession of Lermia.-Thus, in an from the north. This army had the preinstant, have the armies of Gallicia beer sumption to attempt cutting off our commudefeated, dispersed, and partly annihilated, nication with Biscay. Fof ten days it was notwithstanding that all the corps of our driven from post to post; at last, on the army have not yet come up. Three fourths Joth of November, it arrived at Espinosa, of the cavalry, and almost one half of the where, in order to save its artillery, maga. infantry, remain behind.--The army of the zines, &c. it forined in order of battle, as insurgents exhibited the most singular con- it believed, in a situation noi to be forced. trast. In the pockets of the officers who At three o'clock in the afternoon, marshal were killed were found lists of companies, Belluno arrived in front of the enemy: having some of them the name of Company general Paethod was ordered to carry a small of Brutus, and some of them Company of battery occupied by the troops of the traitor the People. There were companies of Romana. This position was excelent, and students, and others that had the names of defended by their best troops, but general saints. Such were the military bands that l'acthod, with his corps, fell upon these composed the insurgent army of the peasants. troops, who had abused our confidence, Anarchy and confusion, these were what and broken their oaths. In an instant they England sowed in Spain. What will she were broken, and precipitated down the reap from them? The hatred of this brave pre ipices.

pre ipices. The princess's regiment was people, when they are once enlightened, destroyed. The enemy made several attacks, and under a good government; for the rest, in all of which they were defeated. During the extravagance of the leaders of the in- the night both armies remained in their surgents is every where notorious.-Among positions. —Whilst this was taking place

, the standards that have fallen into our hands the duke of Dalmatia marched towards are some bearing a representation of the Reynosa, the only retreat of the evemy. lion of Spain tearing in pieces the imperial At breal: of day the enemy were attacked, eagle. And who are they that have indul- both on the right and left, by the dukes of ged in such emblems? The worst troops Dantzic and Belluno, while general Maison that are in Europe. -The cavalry of the advanced against his centre; the enemy army of Estremadura could not eren fled, throwing away bis arms and colours

, much as face us. The instant the joih and abandoning his artillery. The duke of regiment of chasseurs came in sight of them, Dantzic rock at Reynosa their artilky, they were put to the rout, and were no magazines, and baggage, and made some longer to be seen. -The emperor reviewed

prisoners. Thus the enemy have been turnel the corps of the duke of Dalmatia previous not only in Reynosa, but at Palencia ; 0 to its marching from Burgos in pursuit of pieces of cannon have been taken, 20,000 the rear of ihe army of Gullicia. His men killed or prisoners ; two Spanish genemajesty has made various promotions, dis- rals killed. All the succours in arnis, &c. tributed rewards, and is extremely well

sent by the English, have fallen into or satisfied with the conduct of these troops. hands. Blake saved himself by taking to He has expressed his satisfaction to the con- the Asturian mountains. Romana, with querors of Medina, Rio Seco, and Burgos, a few thousanci men, is marching towards the marshal duke of Istria, and generals St. Andero. Our loss is trilling in these Merle and Monton.

combats, not exceeding 80 killed, and 300 Fifth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, wounded. --We have not lost any officer of dated Burgos, Nov. 16.

distinction. The fate of the army of Estremadura has Sixth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, been decided on the plaius of Burgos. The

dated Burgos, Nov. 18. Gallician army, beaten in the battles of Of the 40,000 men who composed the Durango, Guenes, and Valmaseda, has been

army of Gallicia, part has been killed and dispersed in the battle of Espinosa. This taken, and the rest is dispersed. The rearmy was composed of the ancient Spanish mains arrive daily at our posts. The gener: troops which were in Portugal and Gallicia, of division Debeile has taken 500 prisoners and wbich quitted Porto towards the end of in the environs of Vasconcelles. - Col. TasJune, the militia of Gallicia, Asturias, and cher, who commands the ist regiment of Old Casiile, of 5000 Spanish prisoners, | chasseurs, attacked the escort of the Spanish which the English hid clothed and armed at Gen. Acevedo ; the troops who composed their expence, and disembarked at St. An- the escort having made some resistance, dero, of the volunteers of Galicia, &c. of they were all put to the sword. --General


Bonneit, with h's division, fell in with are no longer protected by the laws of nathe head of a camn of fugitives, con- 1100s, which you have violated. You ought sisting of 2,000 men; they were partly to be put to the sword. The emperor contaken and partly destroyed. --The mashal descends to pardon you a second time.” For duke of Istria, ho cu.mands the casalry the rest, the regiments of Zamora and of the army, entered Aranda on ibe Princessa have suffered most severely. Very 10th at nowi ons advanced parties of horse few of them were left with their colours. go on the left as far as Soria aud Madrid, Eighth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, and on the right to Leca and Kamora.-The

dated Burgos, Nov. 22. enemy evacuated Aranda wiib the uimaat The Duke of Dalmatia is following his precipitation, leaving bebind them fuur successes with the utmost activity. A conpieces of cannon. A considerable magazine voy of artillery, ammunition, and English of biscuit, 40,000 quintais of grain, and a muskets was taken in the port of Cunillar, large quantity of clothing, were found in the very moment the ships were on the thai toun.-át Reynosa namerous English | point of getting under weigh.-Gen. Surrat, etfects were found, and a considerable 'quan- at the head of his brigade, continues vigotity of provisios of every description Tvely to pursue the enemy. He has passed The inhabitants of Montana, and of the Jioniuna, and entered Asturia. The light whole plain of Castile, which extends to companies of the 36th regiment have seized, Portugal, act of the province of Lein, in the port of Santillana, an English condelest and curse the auths of this war, roy, laden with sugar, curfee, cotton, and and earnestly din2.d peace and repose : other colonial commodities. The number of 20,00 baies of wool, worth from 15 to 20 Englisia vessels, richly laden, which have millions, which were seized in Burgos, been taken on this coast, amounts, already, have been sent to Bayonne.

to twenty-five. The 71h corps of the army Seventh Bulletin of the French Army of of Spain, commanded by Gen. Gouvion Si.

Spain, dated Burgos, Nov. 20. Cyr, has also begun preparations. On the By tbe 10.h the van of the Marshal Gh of November, the place of Rosas was Duke of Dalmatia entered St. Andero, invested by Generals Revile and Peno, and and found there a large quantity of the heights of St. Pedro were carried by the Hour, ammunition, and British goods.- Italians. A large number of Miquelets and Toe bishop of St. Andero, animated English occupied the port of Siva; they ther with the spirit of the devil than were attacked by General Fontana, at the that of the gospel, is always marching bead of three battalions of light infantry, with a culass by bis side ; be bas ta. and dashed into the sea, with the loss of kea shelter on board the Eugish friten 24 pounders, four of which were Ezgates. The earairy of Gen Lasaile has pusb. gish, wbich they had not time to embark. ed its advanced posts as far as Soroe Sierra. On ibe sih, the garrison of Rosas made a The regiments of Zamora, and of the Prin- sortie in three columns, protected by the cessa, which formed part of Romana's disi-i gons of tbe fog. sh ships. " General Siaresion, are almost entirely andihiated. Some i che li killed 600 of them, and repulsed the Spanish omicers, of the regimerits of Zamora ! rest. It is supposed, that the hea - Darters and Priacessa, wbo were in the north, and I wil be removed from Bargos in the course who escaped from Zamora, were made pri of the night. soner. “ You took an oath of allegiance Mirth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, to the king," said some ce to them. They

azted Aranda, Nr. 25. acknowledged they did. "I share violated The citary stelen seears to have been your oath. “ We main obedience as fcrows:-05 the ietwas the army of to ou general." Tou formed a part of Galica, oce mey of which was comthe French army, and you recompensei the i posed of troops of de koe, and of all t.e kindest treatnest by the most inta nous i rescurces of Galica, Astara, scd Lea. treachery." They aga o repied: “ That In the centre was the IT a Extremadrra, they were under i he orders gi ttei: General, which the Engisa ars had p:oct.ised to and that they bad on.y obeyed bin." “Yog support, and which was composed of all the might have been disarmed," it was observed, resources of Estrenada, ac3 the neighand perhaps that reasure ought to have bouring provincs — Toe 2 mr of Andalas.a, been acoples. But relance was paced c-a Valeuta, Sex Cassie, aj ATagoa. Sater your oaits. It is more to the giry of the to amiant to 80,000 zen, occupied, ca tbe eropers to have to fgbt you, than to have, 21h Vrember, Ca.abs-2, Tudela, and be beea indoces to a sep wb ch might hare borders of Ataca. T. s air sorrortsd beso sessored for 2016 Listust. Svo er autot we eneos, et sa copii

of the troops who formed the camp of St. 30,000 men, while the dukes of Elchingen Roch, and of the whole force of Andalu- and Belluno are already posted on its sear. sia, Valentia, Carthagena, and Madrid. It is The remaining 60,000 effective men may against this arıny the French troops are now amount to 40,000 under arms, 30,000 of maneuvring: the rest having been dispers- whom are in Catalonia, and 10,000 at Maded and destroyed in the battles of Espinosaandrid, at Valencia, and in other garrison towns, Burgos.--The head-quarters were removed or in motion.-Before he proceeded a step on the 22d from Burgos to Leroja, and on beyond the Duero, the emperor resolved to the 23d from Lerma to Aranda. - The Duke annibilate the armies of the centre and left, of Elchingen marched on the 22d to Soria ; and to inflict a similar fate on that of general the town was disarmed, and a committee of Castanos on the right:- This plan once exewell disposed persons appointed for the ad- cuted, the march to Madrid will be but a ministration of the province. The duke is now promenade. This grand design must, before in Medina Celi, and his light troops scour the present moment, have been accomplishthe road from Saragossa to Madrid.- On the ed. With respect to the corps of Catalonia, 22d the Dukes of Montebello and Corne- which is composed, in a great measure, of the gliano formed a junction near the bridge of troops of Valencia, Murcia, and Grenada, Lodosa - On the 24th the Duke of Bel. these provinces being threatened, will withluno removed his head-quarters to Vente draw their troops, that is, if the state of the Gomez. Almost all the roads of commu- communications will permit. At any rate, nication between Madrid and the northern the 7th corps, after the conclusion of the provinces are intercepted by our troops, siege of Rosas, will give a good account of whose light parties bave picked up a great them.-At Barcelona, general Duhesine, number of couriers and mails.-The utmost with 15,000 men, and supplies for six confusion seems to prevail in Madrid, and months, answers for that important place. the whole nation anxiously desires the resto- We have said nothing of the English forces. ration of that tranquillity and peace, of It seems that one division is in Gallicia, and which Spain has been deprived by the that another made its appearance at Badajoz, puerile arrogance and criminal cunning of a about the end of last month. If the few jutriguers.--It appears difficult for any English have any cavalry, we must have perarmy which forms the right of the enemy, ceived it; for our light troops have almost and is now on the banks of the Ebro, to reaclied the frontiers of Portugal. If they fall back on Madrid, and the south of have infantry, they probably have no intesSpain. - The events which are now prepa- tion to employ it in behalf of their allies; ring will probably decide the fate of this for it is now thirty days since the campaign other moiety of the Spanish army. ---For was opened ; three large armies have been these three days we have had damp and destroyed; an immense quantity of artillery hazy weather. This season is more hurtful is taken ; the provinces of Castile, La Monto the natives of the country than to men tano, Arragon, Soria, &c. are conquered ; accustomed to the climate of the vorth.- in a word, the fate of Spain and Portogal is Gen. Goueson St. Cyr continues vigorously decided, and nothing is heard of any moveto push on the siege of Rosas.

ment of the English troops.-At the same Tenth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, time, one-half of the French army is not

dated Aranda de Duero, Nov. 26. yet arrived. Part of the 41b corps of the It appears that the Spanish forces amount army, the whole of the 5th and 8th corps, to 180,000 effective men.--80,000 effective six regiments of light cavalry, many commen, making 60,000 men under arms, who panies of artillery and sappers, and a great composed the armies of Gallicia and Estrea number of men belonging to the regiments madura, and were commanded by Blake, La which are in Spain, bave not yet passed the Romana, and Galuzzo, have been dispersed Bidassoa.-In truth, and without doing inand put hors de comtal - The army of An- | justice to the bravery of our soldiers, it may dalusia, Valencia, New Castile, and Arra- be asserted that there cannot be worse troups gon, commanded by Castanos, Penas, and than the Spanish. Like the Arabs, they can Palafox, and which likewise appeared to Jurk behind houses, but they have no disciamount to 80,000 men, that is, to 60,000 pline, no knowledge of maneuvres, and it under armıs, will, in a few days, meet its is impossible for them to make any resistance fate. The marshal duke of Montebelio has in a field of battle. received orders 10 aliack it, in front, with

(Te le continued)

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