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apon any engagement, contract, or agreement, that such person to whom, to whose use, or on whose behalf such gift, &c. shall be made, shall by himself, or by any other person at his solicitation, request, or command, procure or endeavour to procure the return of any person to serve in parliament for any county, stewartry, city, town, borough, cinque port, or place, be shall, for every such gift, &c. forfeit £1000. to be recovered in such manner as is hereinafter provided with respect to the sum of £500.; and crery person so returned, and so having given or promised toʻgive, or knowing of and consenting to such gifts, &c. upon any such engagement, &c. shall be incapacitated to serve in that parliament for such county, &c. as if he had never been returned; and

any person who shall receive, by himself or any person in trust for, or to the use, or on behalf of him, any money, gift, or reward, or any such promise, upon any such engagement, &c. shall forfeit to his majesty, the value and amount of such money, &c. above the sum of £500.; which £500. he shall forfeit to any person who shall sue for the same, to be recovered, with full costs of suit, by actiou of debt, &c. in any court of record at Westminster, if the offence be committed in England and Wales; and in any court of record in Dublin, if committed in Ireland; and if the offence be committed in Scotland, then to be recovered with full costs of suit, by summary action or complaint before the court of session, or prosécution before the court of justiciary there. Provided (s. 2.) that nothing in this act shall extend to any money

paid or agreed to be paid to or by any person, for any Proviso.

legal expense, bona fide, incurred at or concerning any election. And by s. 3. if any person shall, by himself,

or by any other person, for or on his behalf, give or proPenalty on pero sons giving, 8c. cure to be given, or promise to give, &c. any office, any office, &*c.

place, or employment, to any person, upon any express cure a return to contract or agreement that such person, to whom, or to partiainen

whose use, or on whose behalf, such gift or promise shall be made, shall, by himself, or by any other person at his request, or command, procure or' endeavour to procure the return of any person to serve in parliament for any


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in order to pro

&c. upon any

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county, &c. such person so returned, and so have given or procured to be given, or so having promised to give, &c. or knowing of and consenting to such gift,

such express contract or agreement, shall be incapacitated to serve in that parliament for that county, &c. as if he had never been returned, &c.; and Penally for ac

cepting such any person who shall receive by himself, or by any other office, &c. upon

& person in trust for, or to the use or on behalf of such person, any such office, &c. upon such express contract, &c, shall forfeit such office, &c. and be incapacitated for holding the same, and shall forfeit £500. which sliall be recovered as is herein-before enacted ; and any person holding any office under his majesty, who shall give such office, &c. upon any such express contract, &c. that the person to whom or for whose use such office, &c. shall have been given, shall so procure, or endeavour to procure the return of any person to serve in parliament, sball forfeit £1000. to be recovered as hereinbefore provided. By s. 4. no person shall be liable to any forfeiture or penalty by this act imposed, unless some prosecution or suit for the offence committed, shall Limita:ion of

actions, &'c. für be actually and legally commenced against such person, penalties. within 2 years after such offence, and unless he shall be actually and legally arrested, sumnioned, or otherwise served with any original, cr other writ or process, within the same space of time, so as such arrest, &c. shall not be prevented by such person absconding or withdrawing out of the jurisdiction of the court out of which such original or other writ or process shall have issued; and in case of such prosecution,&c. the same shall be carried on without wilful delay; and all statutes of jcofailes and amendments shall extend to all proceedings in any such prosecution, &c.

P. 93. I, 24.-The 43 Geo. 3. c. 74. G. B. provides, 43 Geo.3.c.74. that the oath or affirmation prescribed by the 2 Geo. 2.

Bribery oath c. 24. (against bribery) shall, notwithstanding the 42 xhen und www Geo. 3. c. 62. be taken in manner prescribed by the 2 taken. Geo. 2. c. 24. P. 99. 1.7.-The 25 Geo. 3. c. 84. Eng. provides 25 Gev.3.c.8i.

$. 6. Eng. (s. 6.) that upon every election of any member to serve

G. B.

O Ann. c. 20.

cer not to be

yeurs succes

Relurning offic

in parliament for any county, &c. within England, &c. cer may admi- it shall be lawful for the returning officer, if he see nister oath upon scrutiny. cause, during the continuance of any scrutiny, to admi

nister an oath to any person consenting to take the same, touching the right of any persou baving voted at such election, or touching any other matter material towards carrying on such scrutiny.

P. 100. I, 18.--The 9 Ann. c. 20. Eng. recites (s. 8.) s. S. Eng. that in divers counties, boroughs, lowos corporate, and Returning of cinque ports, where the mayor, bailift, ur other oflicer,

to whom it belongs to preside at the election, and make elected for 2

return of any members to serve in parliament, ouglit to sively.

be annually elected, the same person hath been reelected into such office for several years successively, which hath been found inconvenient; and therefore enacts, that no person who shall be in such annual office for one whole year, shall be capable to be closen into the same office for the year immediately ensuing ; and where any such annual officer is to continue for a year, and until some other person shall be chosen and

sworn into such office, if any such officer shall voluntaPenalty for ola

rily and unlawfully obstruct and prerent the choosing structing the election of a suc- another person to succeed into such office at the time office. appointed for making another choice, [*he] shall forfeit * not printed. £100 for every such offence, to be recovered with costs

of suit, by such person as will' sue for the same in any court of record before mentioned, t by action of debt, &c. one moiety to the crown, and the otlier to bim that will sue for the same.

P. 103. 1. 10. The 31 Geo. 2. c. 14. s. 4. Eng should

have been here referred to. 436e0.3.c.106 P.145.1. 12. By the 48 G20. 3. c. 106. U. K. where

any bill shall be introduced into parliament, for the conContinuing acts tinuance of any act which would expire in such sessions, from what I me to lude <tject.

and such act shall have expired before the bill for continuing the same shall have received the royal assent, such continuing act shall have effect from the date of the expiration of the act intended to be continued, as if

Cessor in his

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+ The courts mentioned in this act (s. 1.) are the courts of queen's bench, the courts of sessions of counties palatine, and of grand sessions in Wales,

such continuing act had actually passed before the expiration of such act, except it shall be otherwise provided in such continuing act : Provided that nothing herein shall affect any person with any punishment, penalty, or forfeiture, by reason of any thing done or omitted to be done by any person contrary to the provisions of the act so continued, between the expiration of the same, and the date at which the act continuing the same shall receive the royal assent. P. 164. l. 18.— The 35 Hen. 8. c. 3. Eng. is to be 35 Hen.8. c. 3.

Eng. also here stated, which enacted, that his majesty's stile should be in Latin : “ Henricus octavus, dei gratia, Anze King's title of

defender of the glia, Francie, et Hibernie rex, fidei defensor, et, in

faith, &c. es. terru, ecclesiæ Anglicane et Hibernice supremum caput;" tablished. and in the English tongue : “ Henry the eighth, by the gráce of God king of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, and of the church of England and also of Ireland, in earth the supreme head;" and that the said stile shall be united and annexed for ever to the imperial crown of the realm of England. P. 170. 1. 20.--The 40 Geo. 3. c. 46. Ir. amends the

40 Geo.3. c.40. 2 Geo. 1. c. 15. Ir. by providing that 4 or more of the Ir.

Board of first trustees or commissioners of first fruits shall be a quo- fruits. rum.

P. 171.1. 21.- The 46 Geo. 3. c. 60. I. also provides, 46 Geo.3.c.60. for the better regulation and management of the chari- l.

Archbishop table bequest of Archbishop Boulter for augmenting the Poullersle.

quest further res maintenance of poor clergy in this kingdom.

gulaled. P. 173. last line.--The 49 Geo.3.c. 103. I. is an act to amend the 48 Geo. 3. c. 65. for making provisions for the 19Geo. 3. c.108

1. building and rebuilding of churches, chapels, and glebe

Churches, C. houses in Ireland. P. 175. 1. 22.--The 39 & 40 Geo. 3. c. 88. Eng. con

392 40 Gen, 3. tains several provisions empowering the king and queen 7.83. Eng. to alienate such estates, real and personal, as shall not Private estate

of king, &c. have come to them in right of the crown.

alienable. P. 191. 1. 22.-The 51 Geo, 3, c. 79. E. is an act to amend the 48 Geo. 3. c. 96. for the better care and E. maintenance of lunatics, being paupers or criminals, in Lunatics. England,

P. 191.

51 Geo. 1. c.79,

B 2

Land tar.

P. 191.1. 37.-The 50 Geo. 3. c. 58. G. B. is the last statute which amends the several acts for the redemption

and sale of the land tax. Malt duly. P. 192. 1.9.-The 51 Geo. 3. c. 2. G. B. continues the

annual malt duty to 24 June, 1812. Prisage and

P. 194, I. 4.- The 50 Geo. 3. c. 101. I. is an act for butieage.

confirming an agreement for the purchase of prisage and butlerage of wines in Ireland, entered into by the commissioners of his majesty's treasury in Ireland, and the earl of Ormonde and his trustees, in pursuance of the 46 Geo. 3. c. 94. I. And the 51 Geo. 3. c. 51 I. is an act for abolishing the duties of prisage and butlerage of

wines in Ireland. Lighi houses. P. 195. 1. 6.---The 50 Geo. 3. C. 95. I. is an act to

enable the corporation for preserving and improving the port of Dublin, to erect, repair, and maintain lighthouses round the coasts of Ireland, and to raise a fund for defraying the charge thereof.

P. 195. 1. 29.--The 49 Geo. 3. c. 98. G. B. recites the 43 Geo. 3. c. 68. G. B. and repeals the several duties of customs chargeable in Great Britain, and grants other duties in lieu thereof. And by the 51 Geo. 3.

c. 86. I. certain new and additional duties are granted. Ercise on to- P. 196. l. 16.—The 51 Geo. 3. c. 56. I. has granted bacco.

additional duties of excise on tobacco manufactured in

Ireland. Postage duties.

P. 197. 1. 3.-By the 50 Geo. 3. c. 74. I. additional duties are granted upon letters and packets sent by the post within Ireland.

P. 197.1. 14.-New and additional stamp duties in Stamp duties.

Ireland have been granted by the 49 Geo. 3. c. 73. I. and 50 Geo. 3. c. 76. I. and certain stamp duties are repealed by the 51 Geo. 3. c. 70. G. B. and 51 Geo. 3. C. 60. I.

P. 197. 1. 18.-The 50 Geo. 3. c. 41. I. repeals the Duties on hawcers und jedlers. 9 & 10 W. 3. c. 27. Eng. and all other acts relative to

the duties of hawkers and pedlers, and places the duties herein mentioned under the management of the commissioners of hackney coaches.

P. 198.

Sons consoTidsled.

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