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history, that the affectionate regard in which his memory is held might almost seem to be traditional. A journal of his travels in the Netherlands, a few letters to his friend Pirkheimer and others, are the principal materials employed by the German novelist Schefer, in the wellknown romance,* of which we cordially welcome a new edition.

The brilliant scenes of Albert Dürer's public life, — the gorgeous festivities of the painters at Antwerp in his honor, his splendid reception at the court of Margaret of Parma, his presence at imperial banquets, — all these gay pictures of Flemish luxury form a striking contrast to the sad colors of his domestic experience.

The characters of the husband and wife are drawn by Schefer with that rare insight into the hidden springs of action and thought in which the German novelists certainly excel. Agnes, though wanting in a fine appreciation of an artist's needs, is not a woman of coarse or low nature, and the failure of the husband and wife to reach any mutual understanding is therefore only the more sad. The ministry of little Agnes to the unhappy parents, and her death, are touchingly described. Throughout the narrative there is a large allowance for errors, wise, philosophic, forgiving spirit, which makes this little story one of valuable counsel, warning, and comfort in the delicate relations of domestic life, as well as an interesting and graphic sketch of artist life in the sixteenth century.

A FEATURE of marked interest and value, deserving special mention, is in the last published volume of Appleton's new Cyclopædia, - the paper, or series of papers, on the United States : first, à condensed summary of the Geography, Natural History, Productions, Political Condition, Military Resources, and Civil History of the Republic (all in one vast paragraph), filling seventy-one pages and a half; next, a series of Statistical Tables filling thirty-three pages, embodying, in a manner admirably compact and clear, the most important facts of the national census; and lastly, a sketch of American literature, occupying seventeen pages and a half, which would appear, on a cursory inspection, to include the name of every fellow-citizen whose ambition has led him so far as to write a pamphlet or make a speech. These one hundred and twenty-two pages are equal in amount of matter to a goodsized duodecimo; and very few books indeed, of similar bulk, contain so much evidence of labor diligently and usefully bestowed.

The remainder of the volume is marked by the qualities which we have been glad to recognize from time to time. It is the last but one in the contemplated series.

* The Artist's Married Life; being that of Albert Dürer. Translated from the German by Mrs. J. R. STODART. Revised Edition, with Memoir. New York : James Miler.



pp. 171.

The Patience of Hope. By the Author of "A Present Heaven.” With an Introduction by Jobn®G. Whittier. Boston : Ticknor and Fields. 16mo.

A Study of the Scriptures. Being Part II. of the Howard Sunday School Question Book. By S. H. Winkley. Boston: Walker, Wise, & Co. 18mo.

pp. 68.


The Wife's Stratagem; a Story for Fireside and Wayside. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo.

Like and Unlike. A Novel, by A. S. Roe. New York : Carleton. 12mo.

pp. 336.

pp. 501.

The Morgans. By Elizabeth Stoddard. New York: Carleton.


pp. 259.


The Origin and History of the English Language and of the Early Literature it embodies. By George P. Marsh. New York: Charles Scribner. 8 vo. pp. 574.

The New American Cyclopædia : a Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge. Edited by George Ripley and Charles A. Dana. Vol. XV. Spiritualism Uzziah. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 858.

The Slave Power, its Character, Career, and Probable Designs; being an attempt to explain the real Issues involved in the American Contest. By J. E. Cairnes, Professor in Queen's College, Galway. New York: Carleton. 8vo. pp. 171.

The Parish Will Case in the Court of Appeals. The Statement of Facts and the Opinion of the Court. 8vo. pp. 166.

The Tax-Payer's Manual, containing the Acts of Congress imposing Direct and Excise Duties. With References and Index. pp. 129.

Martin Van Buren, Lawyer, Statesman, and Man. By William Allen Butler. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 24mo. pp. 47.

The Stars and Stripes in Rebeldom. A Series of Papers written by Federal Prisoners (Privates) in Richmond, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, and Salisbury, N. C. With an Appendix. Boston: T. 0. H. P. Burnham. 18mo.

The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 32mo. (Blue and Gold.)

Eyes and Ears. By Henry Ward Beecher. Boston : Ticknor and Fields. 12mo. (Pleasant table-talk and small-talk of an able man.)

Country Living and Country Thinking. By Gail Hamilton. Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 18mo. pp. 461.

The Sylphids' School, and other Pieces in Verse. By Lewis C. Pray. Boston: John Wilson & Co. 18mo. pp. 291. (Printed, not published.)

pp. 137.






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jans, 96 – 133 — compromise of 1850, 97 293 — Sybel's Revolution Period, 457

nature of the controversy, 98 - de- Burckhardt on Renaissance, 460. Sci-
cline of slave power, 100 – occupation ence of Language. Müller's Lectures,
of the south, 102, 121 – how the war af-

140 -

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12 — interpretation of Scripture allego-

power, 245 -

character of the rebellion,
rists, 14 – literalists, 17.

246 -

- military code, 249 — legal attitude
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of the government, 250 — ratified by the
Müller, Science of Language, 140.

people, 253 — change of position, 255 —
Pembroke, Earl of (Shakespeare's Son employment of negroes, 256 — arming
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them, 257 — justice to them, 258 — vacil-
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blacks, 261 — nature of the contest, de-
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mocracy and feudalism, 264 — emancipa-
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tion, 267 - Present Policy and the Future
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of the South, 435 – 454 — the summer
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mation, 437 - effect of the war on the
Shakespeare and Friendship, 209 - 226. South, 443 — education, 448 — industry,
Slavery as affected by the War, 104, 244, 449 - the tariff and free trade, 451.

256 - 260.

temper of

The present number of the Christian Examiner contains four additional
pages. But, in consequence of the unexpected length of several Articles, the
larger part of the Review of Current Literature has been omitted.

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