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Texas, annexation of, opposed by J. Q. Ad-

ams, 48; supported by Stephen A. Doug-

las, 51.
Thompson, Chief Justice James, of Penn-

sylvania, 83.
John R., of New Jersey, a strong

Unionist, 42.
Toombs, Robert, of Georgia, the stormy pet-

rel of debate, 58.
Traveling forty years ago, 162.

UNCONSCIOUS courage, anecdote of, 290.
Union, a former Washington journal, 107.
Utility, the Age of, 352.


VAN BUREN, JOHN, a dinner-table despot, 70.


Smith, William Prescott, of Baltimore, 538;

character and accomplishments of, 359.
Social Reminiscences of Washington, 273.
Soulé, Pierre, on the Compromise Meas-

ures, 9; character of, 57.
South, brilliant rhetoric of the, 57.
Southern Congressmen, 57; institutions, 17;

slaveholders, grotesque manners and hab-

its of, 194.

Speaker, election of, 32, 375; speeches at,

376 et seq.; high compliment to J. W. For-

ney, 381.

Martin, had few realfriends, 146.
Victoria, Queen, Sully's portrait of, 97.


Stanton, Edwin M., 76; his position and ac-

tion as War Minister, 185; letter
to Gen. Grant on the taking of
Richmond, 186 ; his friendship
for D. E. Sickles, 425 ; on his

death-bed, 426.

Fred. P., Secretary of Kansas, 119.
Steam-traveling, 162.
Stebbins, Colonel, of New York, 69.
Stetson, Charles, of the Astor House, 68.
Stevens, Thaddeus, anecdotes of, 37; his

relations with George Wolf, 281; attacked
the Masonic order and joined the Know-

Nothings, 386.
Still, Peter, story of, 210.

William, his Under-ground Railroad

record, 204.
Stockton, Commodore, his wager with James

Buchanan, 74.
Stormy Session, a, 109; two months' delay

over election of Speaker, 110; Nathaniel P.

Banks chosen by a majority of three, 111.
Story, Mr. Justice, and Annie Royall, 115.
Sullivan, John T., of Washington, general

hospitality of, 64.
John T. S., college-mate of Charles

Sumner, 71.
Sully, Thomas, the artist, 97.
Sumner, Charles, refinement of his tastes,

83 ; in peril at Baltimore, 158; his opinion

of Pennsylvania, 346.
Sumter, firing upon, opens the Civil War, 158.
Superior City stock, speculation in, 19.
Swain, William M., anecdote of, 365.
Swift, John, Ex-Mayor of Philadelphia, 9.

Walker, ROBERT J., anti-slavery Governor

of Kansas, 32; at the Baltimore Conven-
tion, 118; his career, 119; sent to Europe
by President Lincoln, 121; writes in the

London Times, 121.
Walsh, Mike, of New York, 113.
Ward, Sam, of Washington, a courteous au-

tocrat of the dinner-table, 394.
Washington, George, at the Mills House,

Washington, 8o; at table,

Presidential tour
through the South, 257; his
traveling carriage, 257; his
daily life in Philadelphia,
261 ; how he opened Con-
gress, 262; domestic habits
of, 262; at the Philadelphia
theatre, 270; letter to Mat-
thew Carey, 390; his char-

acter by Jefferson, 391.
Mrs., in Philadelphia, 261 ;

her person and dress, 263 ;
her disinclination for grand

entertainments, 304.
Thirty years ago, 231; its ad-

vance into a great city, 233 ;
Freedmen's Savings Bank
in, 234; municipal govern-
ment of, 348; a newspaper

sepulchre, 382.
Washington Sunday Morning Chronicle,


Taine, HENRI A., on biography, 411.
Terry, David S., kills Senator Broderick in

a duel, 28.

Washington Union, organ of President

Pierce, 110.
Webster, Daniel, Tariff speeches of, 10; on

the Presidential nomination, 11; change
of politics, 54; defeated by Winfield Scott,
80; appreciation of humor, 83; death, 183 ;

his retort to Signor Blitz, 417.
Weed, Thurlow, 69.
Westward Ho! 357.
Wharton, George M., an “Old-line Whig,"

Wikoff, Henry, his devotion to Louis Napo-

leon, 366; visits the prisoner of Ham, 369.
Wilkes, Captain, of the San Jacinto, cap-

tures Mason and Slidell at sea, 156.

Wilkins, Judge William, of Pennsylvania,

87; character of, 88; his mental trial of

Jefferson Davis, 89.
Wilson, Henry, of Massachusetts, 341; his

character and talents, 342.
William J., Cashier of Freedman's

Savings Bank in Washington,

Wise, Henry A., opposes Know-Nothing-

ism, 135; his public lise, 144; Governor

of Virginia, 145.
Wits in Congress, 83.
Wright, Frances (Madame Frances d' Arus-

mont), her socialistic theories, 115.
Silas, a great logician, 83.


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