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An act explanitory of an act for Collecting and paying rates, read and Concurred.

This Council having heard a Resolution of Assembly requiring his Excellency the Governor to Issue a Charter of the Township of Sheffield to Noah Smith Esq. & associates, and insert therein such names as the said Noah Smith shall Exhibit to be Entered, & as there is a dispute respecting the names which may be by him offered to be so inserted, & in which the parties whose names were heretofore given in, and who it appears had money actually paid into the State for their respective rights or shares, have had no opportunity to be heard—And as it further appears to the Council, injury may arise as well to the State as to the said parties if said Charter should Issue without the Insertion of their names, and no material damage can insue from a Temporary delay in Issuing the Same-It is the opinion and advice of this Council that the Seal of this State be not affixed to any Charter for said Township of Sheffield unless the names presented by the said Noah Smith Esqr shall agree with the names contained in a Receipt given by said Smith and Lodged in the office of the Secy of this Council as a part of the proprietors of said Sheffield, until the next Session of the General Assembly, that the parties may have an opportunity to be heard before the Assembly respecting the same.

A DEBENTURE OF COUNCIL at their Session Holden at Rutland commencing the 11th of October, and ending the 8th of November iuclusive.

His honor Lt Govt Olcott £23 8 4, Honble. Timothy Brownson 7 12 8, John Fassett 12 2 0, Thomas Porter 10 12 4, Samuel Safford 12 3 0, John Strong 11 3 0, Ebenezer Walbridge 9 7 0, Luke Knoulton 8 16 4, Jonathan Arnold 14 3 0, Ebenezer Marvin 10 12 4, Paul Brigham 11 16 4, Joseph Fay Secy. 15 1 0, Jonathan Bell Sherriff 8 14 0–£156 1 4. STATE OF VERMONT Treasurer's office Rutland December 1792. This may certify that Samuel Avery has this day paid into the Treasury the whole of the Granting fees for Eleven thousand and forty acres of Land Granted to him October 1789, and agreeable to a Resolution of Assembly dated October 25th. 1792, being two hundred and sixty four pounds, nineteen shillings and two pence, at Twenty four pounds pr Each Thousand acres, the same being otherwise receipted. £264 19 2. SAMUEL MATTOCKS Treasurer. The foregoing certificate is a true Copy of the Original on file, ordered by the Governor to be recorded.

Attest, JOSEPH FAY Secy.

I the Subscriber Treasurer of the State of Vermont do certify and declare to all whom it doth or may concern, that I have on the day of the date hereof Recd. from the Honble. John Jay Esq and John Cozine Esquire by the hand of Josiah Armes Esq. the Sum of Two hundred & sixty one pounds Lawful Money which with Twenty four pounds like L. Money heretofore paid by General John Strong is in full of the Granting fees ordered by the Legislature of Vermont to be paid into the Treasury upon fifteen Thousand acres of Land part of a Tract of Land heretofore called Carthage [Jay.] in pursuence of and agreeable to a Resolution of the Assembly of Vermont, bearing date the 7th day of November last-for which money I gave a rect & duplicate of this date. Given under my hand this 28th day of Decr. 1792.

True Copy Examd.

Attest, JOSEPH FAY Secy.

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JONAS GALUSHA, born in Norwich, Conn., Feb. 11, 1753, came to Shaftsbury in 1775. He was captain of a militia company from 1777 to 1780. In 1777 there were two companies in the town, one of which seems to have taken part in the battle of Hubbardton, where Amos Huntington, its captain, was captured by the British. Captain Galusha was thereupon assigned to the command of both companies, and he led them in the battle of Bennington. He represented Shaftsbury in the Legislature of 1800; was Councillor from Oct. 1793 until Oct. 1799, and also from Oct. 1801 until Oct. 1806; Sheriff of Bennington county from 1781 to 1787; Judge of the County Court from 1795 until 1798, and again from 1801 until 1807; Judge of the Supreme Court in 1807 and 1808;

'John White of Georgia was declared to be elected in place of Mr. Bayley, but on the 14th of October errors in the canvass were discovered, the correction of which elected Mr. Bayley, and the seat was assigned to him.

and Governor from 1809 until 1813, and from 1815 until 1820. He was an elector of President and Vice President in 1808, 1820, and 1824; one of the Council of Censors in 1792; and a member of the Constitutional Conventions of 1814 and 1822, and President of both. His services in civil offices covered forty years. "He possessed a mild, benevolent, and philosophic turn of mind, and a comprehensive understanding. He was not a dealer in many words, gave his reasons with openness and candor, and always made them plain to the meanest capacity. Like Cincinnatus, he delighted to retire from the toils of war and labors of state, to return again to the comforts of society and follow his plough.”—Vt. Hist. Magazine, Vol. 1, p. 234. Like many of his day in Vermont, among them several excellent and notable men, he was both farmer and innkeeper. Gov. Galusha, though not a member of any church, was, “in the estimation of those competent to judge, a true Christian. He maintained family worship in all its forms, was known to observe private devotions, was an habitual attendant upon public worship and at social meetings, and frequently took an active part in the latter. In his daily life he was also such as a Christian should be, modest, amiable, upright, faithful to every obligation. When nearly seventy-nine years of age, he attended a protracted meeting at Manchester, and took an active part in its exercises; as the result of which he was aroused to a sense of the duty of making a public profession of religion, and announced his intention to do so, but was prevented from accomplishing his purpose by a stroke of paralysis, which he experienced soon after, and from which he never recovered. * * * By his first wife, Mary, [daughter of Gov. Thomas Chittenden,] he had five sons and four daughters. His children were well trained, and all of them who survived childhood became professors of religion; one of them, Elon, an eminent minister in the Baptist denomination."-Memoirs of Jonas Galusha, by Rev. Pliny H. White. In publishing the death of Gov. Galusha, which occurred on the 24th of Sept. 1834, the Vermont Watchman and State Gazette characterized him as "a decided and unwavering republican, an honest man, and a veteran of the revolution."

GIDEON OLIN was born in Rhode Island in 1743, removed to Shaftsbury in 1776, and very soon took a prominent part in public affairs. He was a delegate to the Convention at Windsor June 4 1777; Commissioner of Sequestration Feb. 21 1778; Major of the second regiment May 28 1778, in which office he engaged in active service on several occasions during the revolutionary war; representative in the General Assembly in 1778, March and October sessions, and from 1780 until 1793, when he took his seat in the Council; Speaker of the House from 1788 to 1793, and again a member in 1799; Councillor from 1793 until 1798; Judge of Bennington County Court from 1781 until 1798, again from 1800 until 1802, and Chief Judge from 1807 until 1811 -in all twenty-three years as judge; delegate in the Constitutional Conventions of 1791 and 1793, and Mem

ber of Congress from 1803 to 1807. "Gideon Olin was one of the firmest supporters of the State, and in the hours of political darkness not a star of lesser magnitude; possessed great natural talents, an intuitive knowledge of mankind, was nobly free in his opinions, and decided in his conduct. He died at Shaftsbury in January 1823."—Vt. Hist. Magazine, Vol. 1, p. 234. For an example of Judge Olin's firmness and decision, see Vol. III, p. 378. The Olin brothers, Gideon and John, of Shaftsbury, have been conspicuous in their descendants, among whom are Hon. John H. Olin of Shaftsbury; Lieut. Gov. and M. C. Henry Olin of Leicester; Rev. Dr. Stephen Olin, President of Randolph (Georgia) Macon College, and the Wesleyan University at Middletown, Conn. &c., and Hon. Abraham B. Olin, member of the 35th, 36th, and 37th Congress.




At a meeting of the Governor & Council for the purpose of Electing officers of Government for the Year ensuing holden at Windsor aforesaid this 10th day of October A. D. 1793. Present His Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esq. Governor-His honor Peter Olcott Esq. L Gov. and the following Members of the Honble. Council vizt. John Fassett Jacob Bayley Thomas Porter Samuel Safford John Strong Ebenezer Walbridge Jonathan Hunt Luke Knoulton Ebenezer Marvin Paul Brigham. Joseph Fay Secy. Wm. Sweetser Sheriff.

Resolved that a Committee of Seven be appointed to join a Committee from the House, to receive, sort & count the votes of the freemen for Governor, Lt Governor, Treasurer and twelve Counsillors, & make report of the persons who shall appear to be duly Elected-Members chosen Messrs. Safford, Brigham, Marvin, Strong, Porter, Fassett and Hunt.

Adjourned to 2 oClock P. M.

Met according to adjournment & adjourned until 9 °Clock Tomorrow.

FRIDAY 11th. October 1793. Met according to adjournment. Present His Excellency Governor Chittenden, His honor Lt Governor Olcott, and the following Members of the Honble. Council vizt. John Fassett Thomas Porter Samuel Safford John Strong Ebenezer Walbridge Luke Knoulton Jonathan Hunt Ebenezer Marvin Paul Brigham. Joseph Fay Secy. William Sweetser Sheriff.

The Committee appointed to join a Committee from the House to receive, sort and count the votes of the freemen for Governor, Lt Governor, twelve Counsillors & Treasurer for the year ensuing have declared the following persons to be duly Elected vizt His Excellency Thomas Chittenden Esq Governor, Peter Olcott Esq. Lt Governor, Samuel Mattocks Esq Treasurer-and the Honble. Samuel Safford Paul Brigham Jonathan Hunt Ebenezer Marvin John Strong John Fassett Luke Knoulton Ebenezer Walbridge Jonas Galusha Gideon Olin Thomas Porter & John White Counsillors."


1 See post, pp. 46, 47.

"The canvass of votes for Governor, as printed in the Vermont Gazette of Oct. 18 1793, gave the following results by counties:

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Noah Smith.




















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