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S. 8.


51 Geo. 3. c.99.

P. 11. l. 17.-It is a provision of the 21 Jac. 1. c. 3 21 Jac. 1. c. 3. Eng. that all commissions, grants, licenses, charters, and s. 1. Eng. patents, to give license or toleration to do any thing The king's paagainst any law, or to agree or compound with any others tents, &ic. dis

Liensing with for any penalty or forfeiture limited by any statute, or of laws,or granting the grant or promise of the benefit of any penalty, &c. for ledures bien


judgment, that shall be due by any statute, before judgment thereupon had, shall be void. But by s. 8. this act shall not extend to any warrant or privy seal made or directed by the king to any justices having power to hear and determine offences against any penal statute, to compound for the forfeiture of any penal statute depending in suit before them, after plea pleaded by the defendant.

P. 29. 1. 36.--The 51 Geo. 3. c. 99. E. & W. recites, inter alia, that no person is allowed by law to vote for E. & W. electing any member of parliament in respect of any an- Purchasers of nuity, fee-farm rent, or rent charge, without the same

land-lax need

not be registered being first duly registered; and declares and enacts, that in order to entitle any person to vote at an election for a 'member of parliament, in respect of land tax purchased according to the provisions of the 42 Geo. 3. c. 116. it shall not be necessary to have the same, or any memorial of the contract or certificate of the purchase thereof, so registered. P. 31. 1. 23. and P. 32. 1. 5 & 6. and 10 & 11. and

51 Geo.3.c.77. 12 & 13.-The 51 Geo. 3. c. 77. I. recites the 45 s. 2. I. Geo. 3. c. 59. s. 1. I. and, for obviating certain doubts Term of 12

months in 45 in respect to its construction, declares and enacts (s. 2.) Geo.3.c.59 s.1. that the term of 12 months, for which a freehold under means 12 calenthe yearly value of £20. not arising from a rentcharge, is thereby required to be registered, shall be deemed to mean 12 calendar months. And by s. 1. every oath or affirmation which shall have been made before the pas- Outh, ofc. in sing of this act, or which shall be made after the passing 45 Gru 3.c.59,

s. I. I. required of this act, for the purpose of registering such freehold, to be taken by

freeholders una shall be good and valid, if the party making such oath, der £ 20. at vo&c. shall have stated, or shall state therein, that his free- gistering, ex

plained hold arises, either " by virtue of a deed,” or “by virtue

“ of a lease,” or “ by virtue of an instrument produced by



dar months.


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19 Geo. 2.c. 28.

him," or “ by virtue of a deed, lease, or instrument produced by him," whether all, or any, or either of the said terins, “ deed, lease, or instrument,” are used in such oath or affirmation; and every such oath, &c. shall be valid, in which either the whole yearly rent, or the yearly rent per acre, or such yearly rent per acre with the number of the acres, shall be stated; and whether the amount of receiver's fees and duties is or is not included in the specified amount of such rent, or whether the sums have been or shall be set forth in figures, or in words at length ; and every such oath, &c. shall be good, in which the actual occupation of such freehold shall be stated to be either “ by residing thereon,” or “by tilling," or “ by grazing,” or “ by tilling or grazing," or

by both tilling and grazing,” or by all, or any, or either of the said means, whether stated copulatively or disjunctively:

P. 42. last line. The 19 Geo. 2. c. 28. Eng. provides, s. 13. Eng.

(s. 13.) that this act (except such clauses as are made Proviso as to for allowing cheque books, or for notice of the time and burgage tenure,

place of election, and proceeding to election thereupon) shall not extend to'any city or town being a county of itself, or to any person, where the right of voting for any member of such city, &c. is in respect of burgage tenure; or where the right of voting in respect of a freehold does not require the same to be of the yearly value of 40s.

P. 61.1.26.--The 33 Geo. 3. c. 41. Ir. provides (s. 6.)

that no greater number of commissioners shall be made Number of com

for the execution of any office, than have been employed missioners not in the execution of such office, at some time before the

first day of the present parliament. 51 Geo.3.c. 77. P. 89. I. 21.- The 51 Geo. 3. c. 77. I. enacts (s. 3.)

that any papist or person professing the Roman-catholic Qualificatiom religion, who before the passing of this act shall have oaths of cathoties, where to be taken and subscribed, or who after the passing of this

act shall take and subscribe, at any time previous to bis. offering to poll at any election, the oaths and declaration contained in the 13 & 14 Geo. 3. c. 35. Ir. and 33 Geo. 3. c. 21. Ir, in one of the Four Courts in Dublin,

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33 Geo.3, c.41. S. 6. Ir.

to be increased.

s. 3. I.


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S. 4.


2 or more jusa

oa'hs, to catholics.

or at any assize, or at a general sessions of the peace, or at any adjournment thereof, or at any adjournment of an adjournment thereof, to be holden for any county, city, or town, wherein such papist, &c. doth or shall inhabit or dwell, in open court, or at any election in manner herein provided, shall be entitled to vote at such election, as if he had taken and subscribed such oath, &c. in manner and at the time required by the 37 Geo.3. c. 47. And this act provides (s. 4.) that when a poll shall be demanded at any election of a member to serve

Returning offiin parliament for any county, &c. in Ireland, the re- cer to nominate turning officer shall, at the request of any candidate at rices to adminéssuch election, under his hand, immediately after such ter outros cincin request, and before he shall proceed further in taking the poll, retain and appoint 2 or more justices of peace (as the case may require) to administer the oaths and declarations required by said acts, in some convenient part of the court or place where such election shall be carrying on, so as not to interrupt the poll; and the clerk of the peace, or a deputy by him appointed by writing under his hand, shall attend such persons during the administration of such oaths, &c. and shall give to Certificate to be every person so taking and subscribing such oaths, &c. given of taking

such ouths, sc a certificate thereof, in manner required by said acts; and the persons to be appointed as aforesaid, shall administer such oaths, &c. to every person desirous of taking and subscribing the same ; and every person so appointed shall, immediately after such appointment, and before he shall take upon him to act, take the following oath: “I do swear, that I will faithfully and Outh to be takes

impartially administer the oaths and declarations now by perspins so amor

pointed by re. “ required to be taken, and subscribed by papists or surning officer,

persons professing the Roman-catholic religion, by an " “ act passed in the 13th year of his present majesty's “ reign, intitled, “ an act to enable his majesty's sub“ jects, of whatever persuasion, to testify their alle

giance to him;" and also another act passed in the 33d 6 year of his present majesty's reign, intitled, “an act “ for the relief of his majesty's popish or Roman-catholic t6 subjects in Ireland.” And every clerk of the peace,




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Oath of clerk of or his deputy so appointed as aforesaid, shall, at the the peace, or lhis same time, take the following oath : “1.- do swear, deputy.

“ that I will, on being thereunto requested, fairly and “ truly give, to every person who shall now take and sub“ scribe the oaths and declarations required by law to “ be taken by persons professing the Roman-catholic “ religion, in order to entitle them to vote at any elec“ tion, before the commissioners appointed by the re“ turning officer for that purpose, à certificate thereof “ as required by law; and that I will not give any such “ certificate to any person before he shall have taken and “ subscribed such oaths and declarations as shall be

mentioned in such certificate, before me, and in my

presence :" Which oath (to be taken by the persons so appointed) the returning officer shall administer. And this act (s. 5.) recites the clause of the 33 Geo. 3.

c. 21. Ir. which requires the names of such persons who Rolls containing numes, &c. of shall take and subscribe the said oaths and déclarations, have taken the with their titles and additions, to be entered upon rolls paths, &c. to be to be appointed by the respective courts; and enacts,

& rolls ofice.

that the officer of the court where such oaths, &c. shall have been taken and subscribed, shall, on or before the 1st January, 1812, transmit to the office of the rolls, all such rolls as shall not have been duly transmitted before the passing of this act; and such officer shall also, within 14 days after 1st January in every subsequent year, transmit to the office of the rolls, all rolls containing the names, titles, and additions of all persons who shall have taken and subscribed such oaths, &c. which shall remain in the office of such court previous to 1 January

in each year. By s. 6. sucii oicer shall, previous to his Descrintion of transmitting such rolls to the rolls office, justly and truly que sons zelo hace enter in a book, in alphabetical order, the names, resitaken the oaths, &c. to be enter- dence, and additions of all persons ivhose names shall ed, before trans me="vel, in a book be entered in such rolls, and such book shall be open to a pohovetically the inspection of any person, on paying a fee of 25. 6d.;

and in case any person who shall have taken and subscribed, or who shall hereafter take and subscribe such paths and declarations in such court, shall be desirous of obtaining à certificate thereof, and shall demand the same from such officer, and if upon reference to such


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s. 8.

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book, it shall appear that the name, with the residence
of such person, is contained therein, and that such per-
son sball verify on oath, that he actually did at any for- Certificate of

mer time take and subscribe such oaths, &c. then such taking the oaths,
officer shall, on demand, give to such person a certifi- tained.
cate thereof, in manner required by said act. By: s. 7. if
the vote of any person to whom such certificate shall be
giyen, shall be refused on account of the invalidity of Objections to the
any such certificate, as not beivg in the forın required by caie

, how ub-
law, it shall be lawful for such person to demand from
the clerk of the peace, his depuy or other proper other,
a new, and sufficient certificate in the form required by
law, on paying to such officer a fee of 1s.; and such
person shall be permitted to poll (if in all other respects
duly qualified) upon producing such new certificate,
By s. 8. every such officer of court who shall neglect or
omit to transmit, in manner and within the time required
as aforesaid, the said rolls to the rolls office, or who shall Duty of oficers

in these respects
refuse or neglect to make such alphabetical lists, or who enforced.
shall omit from such alphabetical list, the name of any per-
son entered on such roils and entitled to such certificate,
or who shall insert in such alphabetical lists the name of
any person not so entered and entitled, or who shall re-
fuse or neglect to give any certificate herein required to
be given, shall forfeit £100. to be recovered by bill,
plaint, or information, in any court of record in Dublin.

P. 91. 1. 26.-The 49 Geo. 3. c. 118. U. K. recites, 49Geo.3.c. 118.
that the giving or procuring to be given, or promising
to give or to procure to be given, any sum of money, Penally on per-

sons entering
gift, or reward, or any office, place, employment, or into any engage-
gratuity, in order to procure the return of any member ment, 8c for
to serve in parliament, if not given to or for the use of procure,
some person having a right, or claiming to have a right, member of para

to act as a returning officer, or to vote at such election,
is not bribery within the meaning of the 2 Geo. 2. c. 24.
Eng. but such gifts or promises are contrary to the an-
cient usage, right, and freedom of elections; and there-
fore, declares and enacts, that if any person shall, either
by himself or any person on his behalf, give or cause to
be given, directly or indirectly, or promise or agree to
give any sum of money, gift, or reward, to any person


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s. 1. U. K.

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