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İNACT for the benefit of Margaret Pailon.

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.

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vacant land.

Sec. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That, it sball and may be lawful for Margaret Patton, to locate with the surveyor of Bourbon county, a tract of vacant land she May enter, surnow resides on, containing about twenty-one acres; to grant certain which she shall cause to be surveyed on or before first day of January next; and upon her producing the plat and certificate of survey to the register, she shall be entitled to a grant for the saine, as in other cases.

Provideil, That nothing herein contained, shall give the said Margaret Patton any priority or advantage over any grant or survey previously executed, under any of the laws of Virginia, or this commonwealth.



AN ACT to amend the law authorizing the appropri

ation of the Lands acquired by the trealy of Tellico.

APPROVED, January 31, 1815.

Sec. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of

! the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the several stuinems postpoinstalments of the debt due the commonwealth for ved the sale of her vacant lands within the Tellico purchase, which become due, and payable on the first day of January, in the year's one thousand eight hundred and twelve, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, and one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, shall be postponeil, as respects the time of payment of such instalments; and shall be due and payable paynent. on the first day of December in the years one thousand eight bundred and fifteen, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, one thousand eight


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hundred and seventeen, and one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, respectively. Provided, nevertheless, That interest on the said several instalments, shall be computed. as if this law had never passed,

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted. That upon failure to Land forfeited make payment of the several instalments, or any of to the common them, as they become due and payable, the land on

which the same is clue and payable, shall not be offered for sale as heretofore; but shall, for any such failure, be considered and held as forfeited to the

commonwealth : but shall be redeemable, on the stay be redeemed owner of such forfeited claim, or any other on

his behalf, paying into the public treasury all arrear

ages due for principal, as well as interest, on such redemption.

forfeited claim, at the time of such redemption, with seven per cent. damages on the amount thereof.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That any person Interest to be claiming lands within the limits of the said purCortuincendiulons chase, under the various laws authorizing the ap

propriation of the vacant lands therein, who shall, within ten months from the passage of this act, pay into the public treasury the whole of the purchase monry due the government for any claim acquired as aforesaid, shall be entitled to, and receive a dis. count of all the interest due thereon.

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AN ACT for the purpose of regulating Flour Inspec


APPROVED, January 31, 1815.

SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That all laws and parts of laws, requiring that flour manufactured for exportation shall be inspected, shall be, and the same are hereby repealed. Providel, however, that the provisions of this law shall not have effect, whenever the purchaser of the flour shall requiro its inspection.


AN ACT for the relief of Nicholas Mason.

APPROVED, January 31, 1815.

WHEREAS, it is represented to this General Assembly, That Nicholas Mason was drafted to serve as a private, according to the laws of this

Preomlik state and the requisition of the general government, for six months; and the said Mason procured John Earlí, to enter and enrol himself as a substitute for him, and the said Earle did, thereafter, enlist in the regular service of the United States, and serve twelve months ; whereby, the said Mason, according to the laws of the said United States, was entitled to a credit for a tour of duty; yet, as there is no mode by which the said tour of duty can be certified, and the said Mason cannot, by reason of said defect, procure a credit for the same , for remedy whereof,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. That the said Nich

tours of duty ale olas Mason, be, and he is hereby entitled to a credit fowed. of six tours of duty, and no more, for thirty days each.

Credit of six


2N ICT to establish a town in the county of Wash

ington, and to authorise the county court to add more land to the town of Bowling-Green.

APPROVED, January 31, 1815.


WHEREAS it is represented, that if a town was established on the head of Hardin's creek, on the lands of William Purdie, Robert H. Fogle, David Graham, George Mercer, Richard Foreste and Benedict Spalding, junr. who have consented thereto, it would operate to public utility.

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of

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The town of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That thirty-three Lebanon estab and three-fourth acres of land, claimed by the said Fished.

William Purdie, Robert H. Fogle, David Graham,
George Mercer, Richard Foreste, and Benedict
Spalding, jr. lying on the head of Hardin's creek,
in Washington county, and on the main road lead-
ing from Danville and Harrodsburg to Nashyille,
Beginning at the Presbyterian stand near the Har-
din's creek meeting house ; thence south forty-five

; thence
degrees, west fourteen poles to a C
south forty-eight degrees, east sixty poles ; thence
north forty-five degrees, east ninety poles to a stake
--thence north forty-eight degrees, west sixty poles
thence south forty-five degrees, west seventy-six

poles to the beginning, to be vested in David Clark, Trustees ap. Edward M. Elder, David Graham, Clement Parpointed.

sons, Robert H. Fögle, Stephen Purdie, Benedict
Spalding, jr. and James M.Elroy, gentlemen, trus-
tees, and established a town by the name of Le-

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That said trustees,

or a majority of them, shall proceed to lay off said Duty of the

town into convenient lots and streets ; and sell the
lots from time to time as they may judge proper, up-
on reasonable credit, giving as public notice of the
time and place of such sale, as they may conceive
the nature of the case may require ; taking bond
with security, for the payment of the purchase mo-
ney : which bond shall be assigned to the original
proprietors of the land on which each lot or lots may
be so sold : and each proprietor shall enter into bond

with sufficient security, to be approved by the coun-
Preprietors to
entet into bond. ty court of Washington county, for the reimbursing

each purchaser of any lot or lots on his land in said
town, if any prior or better claim should by due
course of law obtain said land, which bonds, so gi-
ven, shall be filed in the office of the clerk of said
county court.

SEC. 3. Be it further encted, That said trustees

shall execute deeds of conveyance for the lots to the deeds and bye- purchasers ; make such rules and orders for the re.

gular building of houses thereon, as to them inay
seem best ; and to settle and determine disputes
about the bounds of said lots, saving and reserving


Trustees to make

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County count

to all and every person or persons, bodies politic and corporate, any right and title, either at law or ir equity, in and unto the land aforesaid, as if this act had not been made : and every purchaser that shall not have completed the building a house agreeable to the plan of said trustees, on his lot or lots, within one year from the date of bis purchase of it or them, shall forfeit each and every lot so not built upon.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful for the county court of Warren, upon the application of the operarement to add heirs of George Moore, dec’d, by their guardian and ling Green, Robert Moore, made in writing filed in said court, to add to the town of Bowling Green, any number of acres of land, belonging to the said Robert Moore and the said heirs, not exceeding ten : which when added to, and made a part of said town, shall be vested in the trustees thereof and their successors, who shall 'lay off the saine in convenient lots, streets and alleys, and proceed to sell the same, under the same rules and regulations, and for the saine purpose, as the laws now in force and operating on said trustees and town, require. Provided, however, that notice of said application shall be given and published in some authorised newspaper four weeks previous to such application to the court.

SEC. 5. And be it firther enacted, That one of the justices of the peace allowed to the county of Washington, be appointed and shall reside in the town hereby established, or within one mile thereof.


AN ACT to alter the Terms of certain Circuit and

County Courts.

APPROVED, January 31, 1815.

Sec. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of

Oharcounts the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That hereafter tho

changed. courts of the county of Ohio, shall cominence on the first Mondays in the months of March, June and

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