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full front of between forty and fifty men, especially in double-quick time; and this was performed very handsomely by all the companies in the regiment.

After the review, the commissioned officers and the color-bearer and guard were ordered to the front and centre, and the regimental colors were brought forward. Hon. Edward Everett then stepped forward and addressed Col. Webster, in a very feliciious manner, concluding with the following words :

“And now, sir, on behalf of the friends of the regiment, on behalf of this favoring and sympathetic multitude, I bid you, with your officers and men, God-speed! The best wishes of those whom you leave behind will bear you company. The memories of Lexington, and Concord, and Bunker Hill, will hover round your march. The example of the Massachusetts troops who have preceded you will kindle your emula. tion. "Let the fair banner which I now confide to you be seen in the front of the battle. When it returns, in God's good time, with the regiment, it may come back torn and faded, but it will not, it shall not, return disgraced. Dusi and blood may stain it; the iron hail of battle may mar its beautiful blazonry; it may hang in honorable latters from its staff, but loyalty and patriotism shall cling to the last shred, -treachery shall blast it NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!"

Col. Websier, on receiving the standard, made a speech in reply, which elicited much applause. The color.guard advancing, he i ommitted the standard to their charge, and then, turning to his regiment, proposed three cheers to the friends of the Twelfth, which the gallant soldiers gave in true military style.

The standard is very beautiful, being made of a rich white silk, having a heavy gold band, and edged with blue. On one side the shield of the Union and the coat of arms of the State rest upon one another, to represent the mutual support each derives from the other. In a scroll is the Websterian moito - "Not a stripe erased or polluted, not a single star obscured." The motto - E Pluribus Unum - connects the insignia of the State and Union. The palm-leaf of victory, and the oak of sturdy strength, complete this side of the banner. On the opposite side is the simple inscription

“ The Webster Regiment, April 21, 1861." A halo of light, above the inscription, is set off by a war-cloud at the bottom. An oak and laurel wreath runs nearly round the painting, connecting the first and last words of the motto. The staff is of lance-wood, and the handle is elegantly wrought, with the letter W carved in it. At the top of the staff a gilt eagle prrches. Lower down depends a magnificent fold of satin, bordered with gold, and having an elegant fringe of the same material; this adds an element of gorgeousness to the banner. The painting was by Savory the well-known artist.

After the presentation exercises, the regiment proceeded to partake of an excellent collation, which had been spread under the trees on Beacon Sireet mall. About six o'clock the line was re-formed, and a dress parade was gone through with, after which the regiment starred to return to Fort Warren, under escort of the Second Battalion. In State Street it halted for a short time, and when it resumed its march the band struck up a lively air, and the men took the route step, carrying their arms at will and singing, after the manner of the French soldiers. The Twelfth embarked for the fort, about eight o'clock, and the battalion returned to their armors.

No accident occurred in connection with this visit. The embarkation was conducted with the greatest skill and dispatch, and such was the discipline in the regiment that no soldier was left behind. Whatever may have been the opinion of the public in respect to the regiment, certainiy, from this time, all acknowledged that no other regiment exceeded it in discipline and drill, and in the quality of the material of which it was composed.

On the afternoon of the 23d of July, 1861, the Webster Regiment left Fort Warren for the seat of war. The demonstrations of respect and affection which the regiment received on its passage through the city were of the most enthusiastic character. All along the route, long before ine appearance of the volunteers, the streets, sidewalks, doors, and windows were crowded with persons anxious to give a parting cheer, or a hearty “God bless you," to the men who were on their way to the natinpal capital.

The regiment came from Fort Warren and landed at Commercial Wharf, about halfpast six o'clock, P. M. The men wore their white havelocks, which, contrasted with their tanned faces and dark blue coats, gave them a very peculiar appearance. Their knapsacks and gray blankets were packed tidily, and strapped on their backs. They were armed with the Enfield rifles.' The Second Battalion of Infantry, Major Newton, accompanied by Gilmore's Band, received them at the wharf, and, after the usual military slutes, they marched through Commercial and up State Street, where an immense crowd had been waiting for several hours. The greatest enthusiasm prevailed, and the police found considerable difficulty in clearing the streets sufficiently to allow the soldiers to pass four abreast. From State Street they marched in double-quick time through Court, Tremont, Boylston, Washington, Beach, and South Streets to the Old Colony Depot. The train was in waiting, and the regiment, after taking leave of the escort, embarked as speedily as possible.

The doors and windows of the station-house were besieged by the crowd of friends, and notwithstanding the vigilance of the police, the place was soon filled. The disaster which occurred to the Union army on the previous Sunday was in the recollections of many wives, mothers, and sisters, and made the parting scenes very sad. Soon after eight o'clock, the signal was given, and the long train of twenty one pissen. ger cars moved slowly out of the city, drawn by two powerful engines. The baggage train, consisting of eight cars, followed, with the camp equipage, borses, baggage wagons, ammunition, &c. The men were supplied with ten rounds of ammunition each, and fifty thousand rounds besides went in the baggage train.

The departure of the Twelfth will long be remembered in the community which witnessed its birth, growth, and education. The relation which the regiment maintains to the city, and the reputation which it had achieved, secured to these troops an ovation second to that of none who have gone before them. Previous to leaving the fortress the regiment was reviewed by Brig.-General Andrews, the commander of the garrison, and then the Fourteenth Regiment, Col. Greene, escorted it to the landing. Passing the school ship Massachusetts, a salute was fired, the boys manned the yards and cheered the soldiers, and as the boats arrived at Commercial' Wharf, salutes were fired from the Pembroke and Cambridge.

The march of this regiment through the city was a grand ovation. State Street was packed with people, who cheered vociferously as the regiment passed up: At other points the people congregated in masses, and shouted God speed to ihe departing soldiers. The entire route swarmed with spectators, who, from window and balcony, dvorway and sidewalk, waved adieus to the brave men.

The regiment was provided with twenty baggage wagons, five ambulances, two hospi. tal wagons, one powder wagon, and ninety-six horses. The latter had been picketed on the old batile-ground of Lexington about a weck, and had been trained by the teainsters. Not a nan was sick or left behind; and all were in a condition to meet the enemy, at a moment's warning. So eager were the brave soldiers of this regiment to serve their country in this dreadful emergency, that they actually signed three sets of papers,

Throughout the whole route to Fall River the approach of the train bearing this noted regiment to its destination was greeted with the greatest applause. All along the way, during the night, crowds of enthusiastic persons were in waiting, enlivening the scene with fireworks, bonfires, and other illuzninations, and hailing the approach of the train, which bore the regiment, with cheer upon cheer.

On arriving in New York City, at about one o'clock, in the steamer Bay State, and landing at the foot of Eleventh Street, East River, the regiment marched to fourteenth Street, where the soldiers formed into line and listened to an address of welcome from the Rev. Dr. Adams, which was r plied to by Col. Webster. A large number of the sons of Massachusetts residing in New York, and an immense number of excur. sionists, from the New England States, then in the city, accompanied by the famous New York Seventh Regiment Band, had previously proceeded to Fourteenth Street, at twelve o'clock, to act as an escort, and were in waiting. The regiment then, preceded by the escort, marched through Fourteenth Street to Broadway, and down Broadway to the Park Barracks, where it was provided with dinner, which had been amply arranged by Mr. Frank E. Howe, military agent for Massachusetts. On their way, che soluiers, who took the route step, amused themselves by singing camp songs. The dense throng of spectators, which was stationed all along the route, cheered the troops most enthusiastically. The officers of the regiment partook of a generous repast at the Astor House, by invitation the “sons," and speeches of a patriotic character were made by Col. Webster, Rev. Dr. Adams, Frank E, Howe, Capt. Shurtleff, and Capt. Hichborn. At seven o'clock, the regiment left the Park Barracks and proceeded to Pier No. 2, where the soldiers embarked in the Kill Von Kull for Elizabeth port, New Jersey, to take the cars for Washington, via Harrisburg, followed by prolonged cheers of old men and young stalwart youths and blushing girls, until the last bayonet of the last man disappeared on board the boat, and the boat itself was beyond the reach of voices.

On arriving at Lebanon in Pennsylvania, the regiment met with the greatest kind. ness; persons of every class, sex, and age striving, without recompense, to do most for the Massachusetts boys. With a few stoppages, the regiment arrived in Baltimore about noon on Friday, where an unexpected reception awaited them: for the people there vied with each other in their hospitalities. "At midnight, Col. Webster and his command proceeded to Harper's Ferry, where they arrived in the forenoon of Saturday, July 27th, and pitched tents on the Maryland side of the Potomac, about a mile from the Ferry, calling their encampment Camp Banks. After tarrying here awhile, the regiment, which had been placed in Abercrombie's Brigade, in the division commanded by Gen. Banks, proceeded to Hyattstown, Maryland, thence in a fortnight to Darnes. town, where it remained until it removed to Cantonment Hicks, about four miles to the east of Frederick City, in Maryland, arriving there on Thursday the 5th of December, 1861. At this place the regiment remained in camp until the 27th of February, 1862, when it marched into Virginia for more active service.

Too much gratitude cannot be given to Messrs. Dehon, Eaton, Butler, Hallett, and Bradford of the general committee, who assumed the whole pecuniary responsibility attending the raising of the regiment; to these is truly owing ihe admirable condition in which the regiment left the Old Bay State.

Although the Webster Regiment has not been, as yrt, engaged in any battle with the rebels, it has, nevertheless, performed valuable service for the country by guarding the Upper Potomac, and assisting in preventing the enemy from crossing the river into Maryland, which would be attended with the most serious consequences. The suppression of rebellion in western Maryland has been effected by ihe position of the division of the army under Major General Banks, of which the command under Col. Webster forms a part. When inis regiment is called into a more aggressive duty, it will, undoubtedly, like the others from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, achieve for itself a reputation inferior to none of the others.


Field and Staff, 12th Reg.

......Marshfield. Lieut.-Col...

.TIMOTHY M. BRYAN, JR.... Newton. Major

.ELISHA M. BURBANK ...... Woburn. Adjutant .... .... THOMAS P. HAVILAND.

...... Newton, *Quartermaster.

... DAVID WOOD.......... ..Boston. Chapliin.....

..EDWARD L. CLARK ..Andover, Surgeon.......

...JEDEDIAH H. BAXTER.. . Boston, Assistint Surgeon ... ..J. MCLEAN HAYWARD...... Boston. CHARLES G. RUSSELL

..... Boston. Sergeant Major.......

Promoted 2d lieut. Company D.

GERALD FITZGERALD ..... Boston, Quirtermaster Sergeant....LORING W. MUZZEY .Boston. Commissary Sergeant...

......CHAS. W. THOMPSON Boston. Hospital Steward..........C. C. HUTCHINS

Maine. Band Master....

WM. J. MARTLAND ........North Bridgewater.

MUSICIANS. Bates Geo. A., North Bridgewater Emmons John B. North Bridge-Perkins Samuel C., orth BridgeBean James S., Natick water

water Capen Charles M., Randolph

Glover Amasa S. North Bridgewater Thayer Minnt, Randolph Carver Nathaniel, Plymouth

Kennedy Joseph W., Cambridge- Sturtevant Geo. E., North BridgeCalmum John, North Bridgewater port

(water Dunhain Isaac A., North Bridge- Packard Lucius H., North Bridge- Beaumont Louis W. Cambridge

Packard Thaddeus M., No. Bridge- Atkinson Richard P., Chelsea De Argonne Fernando, New York water

(water Du Bois William, Boston City

Packard Henry C., North Bridge- White Robert S., Weymouth




Company A, Boston. - 12th Reg.


Captain, RICHARD H. KIMBALL, Boston.
1st Lieut., WILLIAM G. WHITE, Boston ; 2d Lieut., GEO. W. ORNE, Boston.

Davies John, Boston

McKenzie John H., Columbia, Me. Dunn Samuel C., Boston

Dugan James, Boston, deserted McCabe James, Boston
Tibbetts Harrison, Rouding
Evanie James, Boston

McGuire Joseph, South Boston Kidder Edward J., Boston

Eldridge Oliver N., Cambridgeport M Carthy Thos. F., South Boston Corporais.

Earls i hos., Boston, discharged Murdock George, South Boston Dow Sylvanus J., Canann, N. H. Fargo Henry C., Chelsea

Mulcahy Patrick, West Newton Murray Thomas Bosion Frye Charles, Lowell

Norwood James W., Roxbury Young Sumner B., Reading Furnice Joho, Weymouth

O'Donnell Michael, Boston Stone George W., Roxbury

Ferguson Wm. Burlington, N. J. O'Brien James, East Stoughton Jeff ey John, Reading Gardiner Thomas, Lynn

Paliner John D., Hampton, N. H. Tinkilum Cornelius G., Middle- Gerritson Henri C., Reading Peavey Joseph Bangor, x. Y. borough, promoted to sergeant Gerry Jonas, Reading

Parker Edmond B., Reading
Hir Bernard, Boston

Richardson Charles, Reading Birkenholz II., South Natick, pro- Ilyile Daniel F., Reading

Roberts Samuel, Boston
moted to drum m..jor of reg't Hamilton Hugh, South Boston Reed Washington, Wellfieet
McCrillis Joel P., Lowell
Hamilton Robert, Biston

Rowley Bernard, Lynn, discharged

Hall Charles B., South Boston Rowley Thomus, Luweil
Cole Clark R., Dayton, Me.
Hayes Patrick, South Boston

Ritchie James, Woburn
Hinds Patrick, South Boston

Sanborn Wm. H., Boston
Aiken Samuel R., Boston

Hutchins Corydon C., Winthrop, Safford Wm. II. Hl., Boston Annable Charles T., Boston


Sprague Samuel, Jr., Melrose Barton Anson B., Sidney, Me., pro- Jenkins James H., Boston

Swift Frank, Roxbury moted to corporal Kimball Wm. L., Boston

Seavey Wm. H., Biddeford, Me. Burke Dennis A., Boston Kiniball George, Boston

Shaw James, West Cambridge Burknages Frederic, Boston

Kelleher Patrick, No. Bridgewater Smith John, South Weymouth Brown John, Boston Kummer llenry W., leading

Sullivan Thos., South Boston Brown George, Providence, R.I. Knowles Lucien B., New Portland, Tobin John, Lynn Bohen Michael, Kandolph

Me., promoted to corporal

Thompson Eben P., Reading
Burkitt Alex., South Boston
Kernon Juntes, Woburn

Townley John J., Andover
Cahill John, South Boston
Kiley Dennis, Randolph

Todd Joseph D., Rowiey
Cate Charles W., South Boston Lane John, Manchester, N. H. Voges Wm., South Boston
Cole William H., Providence, R.I. Littlefield James A., Cambridge Walker George, South Boston
Colby Joseph, Salisbury
Manar Matthew, Boston

Walsh John, Lynn Callaghan Cornelius, Lyon

Mitchell Albert, East Somerville, Whitman Geo. A., South Natick Cooper Joseph, Boston

promoted to sergeant

Whitney Edmond 8., Sherborn Darrow John N., Boston

Morton Andrew B., Middleboro' Wells Frederick H., Charlestow Dekonde Martinus J., Reading Moore Robert P.. Reading, pro- Webendorfer Alfred, Boston Dyer Nathan H., Dayton, Me.

moted to corporal

Young Sumner B., So. Reading Dyer Charles F., Dayton, Me. McGown William, New York

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Company B, Boston.- 12th Reg.


Captain, GEORGE W. MURCH, Portland, Me. 1st Lieut., FREDERIC R. SHATTUCK, Boston; 2d Lieut., CHARLES T. PACKARD, North


Mann Richard J., Needharn, pro- Snow Albert C., Augusta, Mo. Russell John Il., Boston moted to sergeant

French Geo. H., Nashua, N. A. Blake Joseph E.. Natick

Hall John, Lowell
Baker Thos. G.Boston
Frost Lorenzo, Ashland

Daley J., detached
Smith Granville H., Framingham

Webster Chas. C., Boston, promot- Savage Miner W., Dorchester Horn John H., Boston

ed to sergeant

Anable James H., Boston, detached
Angell George R., Boston
Babcock Isaac R , Ashland
Blasdell Lorenzo C., Nashua, N.H.
Baldwin Juseph H., Boston
Bartiett Chas. A., Hubbardston
Bledden Thomas G., South Read-

ing, deserted
Brown John W., Boston
Cobb Richd. T., Chesterfield, N.H.
Cushing Thos. G., No. Weymouth
Campbell Patrick, Cambridgeport
Cole Stephen T., Hubbardston
Cavanagh John G., Paiadelphia,

Carter Charles L., Boston
Chandler David, Chatham, N. II.
Cocaran Jos., Bellows Falls, Vt.
Chuse John A., Lynn
Collins Jas., Great Falls, N. H.
Cotter Edward A., Randolph
Cronan Daniel, Boston
Daley James, Brookline
Dobson Win. w., Richmond, Vt.
Donovan Pat ick, Bridgewater
Davidson Herbert, Boston
Daley James, Boston
Duran Alonzo G., East Raymond,

Donovan Daniel, Boston, promoted

to corporul
Desmond Bartholomew, Boston

Dolloff Geo. O., Great Falls, N. H.
Edminster Lemuel A., So. Malden
Farley Hugh, Holliston
Farley Patrick, Holliston
Fernald Robert, Boston, promoted

to corporal
Fitzgerald Gerald, Cambridge, pro-

moted to sergent major
Foster Ansel J., Shelburne Falls
Hemming Michael, Cambridge
French John A., Boston, detached
Gleuson Eugene, Boston, detached
Goodwin Sewell, Great Falls, N.H.
Gove Wm. W., Portsmouth, N. H.
Grimson Theodore L , Salem
Gorman James, Boston
Haley Alonzo, Boston
Hockley Edward J., Portland, Me.
Humphrey Wm. H., Chelsea
Hill George N., Boston

James W., Boston
Isaac Alexander, Tremont, Me.
Jones Alden M., South Reading,

promoted to corporul
Keefe John A., Boston
Kelley Andrew, Natick
Lathrop liran J., So. Weymouth
Lawson Wm., Cambridgeport
Lewis George, Canton
Little Milo G., Boston
Murray Robert, Brookline
Merrill James D., Boston
Melvin Augustus, N. H., detached

Magourin Edward C., Littleton, de

Mellen Eustace, Lebanon, Me., dis-

Newton Isaac, Hubbardston
Prescott Asaph D., Medway
Parker Arthur L., Ayhland
Panzara Thomas, Cambridgeport
Pierce Henry J., Cambridgeport,
promoted to corporal
Pierce George W. Cambridgeport
Park Chas. O., Malden, discharged
Porter Geo. W., Great Falls, N. H.
Purdy William H., Boston
Ryerson John R., Boston
Rogers Nathan A., Scituate
Regun Bartholoinew F., Cambridge
Raymond Joseph S, Boston
Rogers Henry N., Boston
Rogers John T., Eliot, Me.
Sumpson Geo. W., Boston
Soesman Thomas C., Boston
Stiles John, Boston
Sell Jas. T., Cuinbridgeport, de-

Smith Wm. II., Boston
Tuttle Joseph P. S., Chelsea
Watts Geo. II., Boston
Whalen John B., Ashland
Wentworth leo. c. s., Lebanon,

Weldon Jas., Portland

[blocks in formation]


Captain, DANIEL G. HANDY, Boston. 1st Lieut. EDWARD T. PEARCE, Chelsea ; 2d Lieut., HARLAN P. BENNETT, Boston.


Cram 8. H., Haverhill, discharged Newell Geo. H., Lynn
Robinson Wm., Charlestown
Conry James. Boston

O'Connell Win., New York
Eldridge Chas. 11., Cumbridgeport Carr John W., Boston, detached O'Toole Patrick, Randolph
Rossiter E. B., Boston

from regiment

Perry James E., Wenham
Gifford W. H., Boston
Davis Jaines, Somerville

Pine John, Boston
Hall J. E., Landaff, N. H.
Deere Elias H., Weymouth

Preston Michael, East Braintree
Dupee Albert E., Chelsea

Parrott Charles A., Lynn
Ham John C., Rochester, N. H. Dudley Chas., Wayland

Richardson S. B., Boston
Hazeltine Moses, Somerville
Dennin James, Charlestown

Rand Wm. L., Nahant
Coolidge F. E., Weymouth
Emerson Chas. N., Boston

Randolph Jos. J., Wellfleet,
Barber I. W., Milford

Ford Daniel W., Charlestown Robbins Alfred J., Nishua, N. H. Coll P. II., Boston

Gilespie Robert, Chelsea, promoted Ryan James F., Natick Tyler A. G., Boston, deserted

to corporal

Roach Richard, Lyon
Babbington Wm., Boston
Hazletine Nathl., Somerville

Roberts Joseph W., Boston
Hoppin Warren J., Sterling

Sinith John C., Boston
Hubbard Orin C., Lowell
Hand Patrick, Randolph

Scott Richard il., Boston
Dane Joseph E., Boston
Hadley Albert H., Lynn

Spear Erum ..., Urunge
Jenky John B., Marlboro

Simons Timothy, Lowell
Allen James, Salein, promoted to Kurby Eli, Burlington, Vt.

Skidmore Geo. F., Lynn, detached corporal Ketchum Wm. W., Boston

from the regijnent Baker John H., Boston

Kern Felix, Randolph (regiment Torry Benj. F, Weymouth Burke Thomas S., Cambridgeport King Peter, Boston, detached froin Thayer Ephrain F So. Braintree Bradshaw Adam, Boston

Leatherman Benj, R., Roxbury Thayer Saml. A., Milton Brackett Darius G, Danville, N.H. Lyon Branch, Boston

Thayer Win. F., Quincy Bradford Chas. H., Boston

Lewis James E., Plainfield, N. H. Thayer Emery D., Wrentham Belcher Wm. C., Manstield, de- Leonard James F., Roxbury

Thorndike Jeremiah F., Boston tached from regiment Lyons Lawrence. Boston

Tirrell Geo. Y., Boston
Cumıninus Edward D., Salem Mann Chas., Nutick

Tanner Wm. H., Boston
Collins Maurice W., Boston
Manning Michael, Quincy

Turner Thomas, Roxbury Carville John W., Portland, Me. Morrison Geo. H., East Boston Thompson Lewis, Charlestown Clough Orren, 1.isbon, N. H. Murphy Dennis, Haverhill

Whitmarsh John Q., Weymouth
Cook Amos H., Roxbury
Morrill Wm. F., Salisbury

White Jeremiah C., Boston
Center Wm. B., Gloucester
McCaslin E., Caluis, Me.

WestAndrew, Lynu, detached from
Clayton Simeon S., Hampstead McLaughlin Michael, Calais, Me. the regiment
Clayton Wm. H., Hampstead,N.H. Nash Aaron P., Weymouth

Whitney Chas. W., Natick Chesinore Wm. S., Holliston Neville James, Charlestown

Whittier Charles, Haverhill

Company D (Latin School Guard) Boston. – 12th Reg.


Banks's Division Jan. 26 to Feb. 24, 1862.

1st Lieut., JOSEPH 0. WILLIAMS, Winchester. 2d Lieut.,

GEO. B. DRAKE, Boston, commissioned in 6th Inf 'try, U.S. A., Aug. 26, 1861.
Chas. G. Russell, promoted froin sergt.-major, Sept. 6, 1801.


dhe icians.

Barrett Daniel, Bngton
Brown James, Topsfield
Bartlett Charles S., Boston

Brendan James, Boston
Batchelier Cornelius, Lynn

Thayer James M., 'W. Randolph Bean Charles E., Bratford Phillips John Miles, Topstield


Burns Charle. E., Salem
Frost Edwin M., Boston
Jenness Austin T., Boston

Burns George W., Salein


Cartrett Benjamin F., Bronkline Larkin Thomas, E. Boston, dis- Allen James, Cambridgeport Clark Anson B., Tewksbury, pro charged

Averill Ephraimn., Topsfield, pro- moted to sergeant Brighan Charles E., Boston

moted to corporal

Curtis Lucius C., Leeds, Me, Peinsun Edward S., Boston

Angus Edward D., Saxonville, de- Campbell David, Dorchester Lavin Juhi, Roxbury


Collins John S., Buston
Chipman Andrew A, Salem
Bowman John J., Boston

Carmudy Charles, Topsfield
Tupper Edward E.,

Woburn Bowman Jeremiah A., Boston Casey Patrick J., Boston

Casperson John, Salem
Donovan John J., South Boston,

promoted to corporal
Dunlop James, Topstield
Dorr James B., Boston
Dyer Lewis R., Lawrence
Dwyer Jeremiah, Lynn
Emerson William F., Wolf boro',

N. 11.
Flynn James, Lawrence
Flynn James, 2d, Kingston
Frye Duniel M., Salem
Fruean James L., So. Boston
Ferguson Erwin H., E. Boston
Goodwin Sannuel D., Weymouth
Grant Rufus II., Charlestown, dead
Grant Thomas, Weymouth
Greene Joseph D., Chicopee
Gardner William A., Boston
Gould John H., Topsfield
Geary Patrick, Boston
Haskell Charles, Salem
Holden John, Malden
Harvey John B., Boston
Intrum Samuel, Boston
Kelley James, Boston
Le is James, Boston

Means Jas. H., Sedgwick, Me., dead
Madan John J., Stoughton
Moody Daniel W., Woburn
Mahoney Putrick J., Boston
Mullins John, Randolph
Marlow John M., Boston
McKinley Charles, Boston
M Laughlin Robert B., E. Bogton
Moore George J., E. Boston, de-

Merrow Thomas R. S., Acton, Me.
McCarthey Cornelius F., Boston
McKenna Timothy, Boston
O'Leary Jeremiah, Boston
O'Brien John, Kingston
O'Donnell John, So. Boston
O'Connor Patrick J., Boston
Park Thomas E., No. Chelsea
Parker Robert, Milford, promoted

to corporal
Potter Francis B., Salem
Pierce John A., Bedford
Plannet Adam, Woburn
Packard Frederick C., No. Bridge-

water, transferred from Co. F
Pierce Sidney C., So. Boston
Pike Charles G., Boston, deserted

Reynolds John, Boston
Rollins Andrew J., Greensboro',

Rathburn Charles M., Medford
Ruy mond Thoina, Boston, tranh

ferred from Co. K
Sturtevant Henry B., Stoneham,

Somes Charles E., Edgecomb, Me.
Sweeney Joel L., Topshield
Seymour Robert J., Boston
Sugura Cornelius J., Boston
Thompson James F., Watertown
Turner Warren C., Randolph
Treadwell Marcus M., Ipswich
Thompson Weston, Lynn
Willey Charles, Golfstown, N. IL
Wilton Florence, So. Boston
Warren Louis, So. Boston
Wyatt Charles B., Boston
Woodbury Moses n., Swampscott
Whittemore William F., Tewko

Warner Dexter L., Boston
Welsh Philip: So. Berwick, Me.
Warren William, Boston

Company E (Emerson Guards), Boston. - 12th Reg.

Captain, EDWARD C. SALTMARSH, Boston.

1st Lieut., GEORGE H. DAVIS, Boston. 2d Lieut.,

SAM'L APPLETON, Boston, promoted to 1st lieut. Company F, Dec. 19, 1861.
Erastus L. CLARK, Lynn, promoted from sergeant, Dec. 19, 1861.

Clark J. L.jr., Natick

Linsey George, Lexington
Edgerley C. E. B., Newmarket, Curley C. E., Medway

Lafayette A., Newport
N. 11.
Davis A. M., Haverhill

Lilley Richard, deserted
Sadler J. M., So. Boston

Dunbar Warren, Weymouth Maguire J., No. Beverly
Hirdy C.D.
Dewis M.O., Worcester

McFarland W. H., Cambridge Allen C. J., Halifax, transferred to Downing J., Haverhill

McMahon E., died
Maryland cavalry
Davis F., Haverhill

Merrell George L., Haverhill
Duffee J., Boston

Miller L. L., Medway
Grover H. L., Brighton
Driscoll P., Walpole

Morse H. P., Bradford
Wiley H. W. Holliston
Evans II. B., Haverhill

Noyes W. 11., Haverhill
Ayer B. F., Buckstone
Elsworth D. W., llaverhill

Ord way W. L., Lowell
Welirum Charles C., E. Cambridge, Edwards W. A., Bedford

Oliver E. H., Natick promoted to 1st sergeant Fiske D. G., Boston

Perry A. H., Newbury port Pernette N. J., Boston, promoted French S. L., Nutick

Phillips G. L., Quincy
to sergeant
Fitzsimmone J, H., Lowell

Perrin A. T., Marlboro
Gardner George E., Hingham
Fitz C. H., Manchester

Peters J., Lexington
Swarman Frederic, Medway
Fletcher G. E., Sherborn

Peters A., Lexington
Rice C. II., Boston
Fiske C.H., Lexington

Putter C. H., Lexingtor:
Lovewell 11. A.
Gibbs B. S., Weyinouth

Place J. H., Ilaverhill
Cary C.E.
Gragg J., Bedford

Parker C., Roxbury
GaleJ. B., Kingston

Rice S. H., Georgetown
Packard H. R., Easton
Grani J. S., Ilaverhill

Riva C. E., llamillon
Raymond J. B., Natick
Hathaway F.. Lynn

Spencer S., Roxbury
Hickey R., Weymouth

Sherburn George, Boston
Thompson J. B., Boston
Hogari James, Randolph

Shepard G. L., New York
Hunt William, Weymouth

Spaiford A., Boxtord
Andrews A., Boxford
Harvey S., Natick

siurgis J. II., Boston
Arnold S. P., Haverhill
Hoyt W.C., Haverhill

Tower P. C., So. Braintree
Briggs A. J., Boston
Judson I, P., Ilaverhill

Thayer N. A, Randolph
Bingham C. 0., Weymouth
Kneeland F. H., Lexington

Thorne B. F.
Bedell J. W., Haverhill
Kneeland A. H., Sweden

Thayer W. G., Randolph
Blackburn J., Haverhill
Kemble E., Bradford

Twichell William A., Boston
Beinis H., Maribor,
Kidder C H., Haverhill

Vickary Ch., Lowell
Blake W. F., Bradford
Kingsbury G. E., Medway

Williams J. S., Lowell
Briggs W. E., Boston
Lajoy J.

Willey James, Haverhill
Badger F. S., Lowell
Lyon J., Weymouth

Williams J. A., Lowell
Cowdrey C., Bedford

Company F, North Bridgewater. – 12th Reg.

Captain, ALEXANDER HICHBORN, North Bridgewater.

ALPHEUS K. HARMOX, North Bridgewater, discharged Dec. 18, 1861. 1st Lieut., { SAML APPLETON, Boston, promoted from 20 licut. Co. E, Dec. 19, 1861. 2d Lieut.,

HIRAM W. COPELAND, Boston, discharged Jan. 8, 1862.
ARTHUR DEHON, Boston, commissioned Jan. 16, 1802.

Edson Galen, No. Bridgewater

Stoddard John S., No. Bridgewater Reinhardt Charles H., No. Bridge- Lynch Joseph H., E. Stoughton
Crosby Nathan H., N. Bridgewater

Prirales, Sproul Charles I..., No. Bridgewater Packard Frederic C., No. Bridge

Allen James A., No. Bridgewater Holines Francis P., North Bridge- water, transferred to Co. D.

Alden Luther E., No. Bridgewater water, discharged

Packard Walter D., No. Bridge- Andrews Jas. F., Xo. Bridgewater Sampson James B., No. Bridge- water Leander B., No. Bridgewater

Cowell Edwin T., No. Bridgewater, water
deluched for signal service

Burke Lawrence, Boston
Tannatt James S., No. Bridge-


Birtwhistle Jas, F., Brooklyn, N.Y. water, promoted to sergeant Parker Giman P., Boxford

Parry John, No. Andover Macoy Uriah, No. Bridgewater Frost Aaron B, Lowell

Blanchard Isaac W., No. BridgeAmsden Roswell C., No. Bridge- Sullivau James, Boston

water water

Burns Henry, No. Bridgewater


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