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Fulton Alexander W., No. Adams Portell Patrick, No. Adams
Blais N. P. A., North Adams
Fuller Hiland H, No. Adams

Perry John, No. Adams Shaftoe William, South Adams Gage Frederic W., No. Adams, pro- Perry Alexander, No. Adams Simion Elbridge N., Aorth Adams moted corporal

Rouse Asb bell W., No. Adams Jewett Chas, E., South Adams Gailigan Peter, No. Adams

Roberts Alber, No. Adams
Mailery John W., North Adams Green Levi, No. Adams

Riley John, No. Adams
Gaffeny John, No. Adams

Robinson John, No. Adams
Hubbard Geo. s., North Adams, Hannigan George

Rice Wilson, No. Adams deserted Herman John, No. Adams

Savage Richard, No. Adams Wells David W., North Adams Harrington William, No. Adams Sanford Merritt s., No. Adams Briggs W.E., North Adams Hill S.

Sheldon Warren, No. Adams Hofti naster Henry, North Adams Holdridge G.

Smith Warren, No. Adams Blinn Nathan 0., North Adams Hanson George

Slatery William, No. Adums Hanson George, North Adams Heoffmaster H.

Sinnot John, No. Adams
Hubbard Chas. H., North Adams Hunt Russell F., No. Adams

Sherman George, No. Adams
Hunt Elisha, No. Adams

Sherman Edward, North Adams,
Joy Edward, Pittstield
Hazelett William, No. Adams

Hazelett Jolin, No. Adams

Silkworth Melvin, Pittstown, N.Y. Knapp Chas.J., North Adams Harris Henry K., No. Adams

Stillings Newton S., No. Adama, Pike Chas. N., North Adams

Hall Alfred, No. Adams, promoted promoted corporal
to corporal

Towle John, No. Adams
Amidon Lewis, No. Adams

Harwood Orrin S., No. Adams Van Valkenburg Chas. H. A., No. Atwood John, No. Adams

Haskins Adelbert A., No. Adams Adams Burnap Edward C., No. Adams Hecox Stephen, No. Adams

Wilbur Jerry, No. Adams, disch'd Blossom James W., No. Adams Kimball Stephen, No. Adams Wilsey B., Xo. Adams Blossom Henry G., No. Adams Jones Charles, No. Adams

Wiley Silas, No. Adams Bolester George, No. Adams, dis- Jeffers Charles, No. Adams

Wiley C. C., No. Adams
Knapp C. I.

Walker John, No. Adams
Briggs George, No. Adams
Long George, No. Adams

Walker Francis, No. Adams
Brooks Levi W., No. Adams
Laraby John, No. Adams

Walker Ephraim, No. Adams, de-
Brown William H, No. Adams Lamphair Rodolphus, No. Adams, serted
Canada Philo, No. Adams


Wells S., No. Adams Clegg J., No. Adams, deserted Moon John, No. Adams, promoted Joined since Regiment left Mars. Coinmesky James, No. Adams corporal

Boyle John, Washington, D. C. Cotton Simon B., No. Adams Millis Charles H., No. Adams Carpenter George, Savoy Cole Joseph, No. Adams Mainard E. E., No. Adams

Cooper F. A., No. Adams, corporal Cousens William H., No. Adams Maginly Thomas, No. Adams Ester S., Coleraine Charles John, No. Adams Nichols Charles, No. Adams

Hasmer J. B., Springfield Cavanaugh James, No. Adams O'Leary Jerry, No. Adams

Houghtaling C.G., Coleraine Dwyer James, North Adams, de- Pike John W., No. Adams

Perry Peter, Boston
Pike C. N.

Sherman J., Savoy
Dion Major, No. Adams
Pettit Robert C., No. Adams

Williams Samuel, Springfield Darly Frank W., No. Adams Perkins William, No. Adams Yan Wallace, No. Adams

Company O (Northampton Light Infantry), Northampton.—10th Reg. Organized as an artillery company in 1800, and re-organized in 1854. There are eleven graduates from this company in the present war, who have commissions. Uniforms were furnished by the town. The men were paid $5 each for their time occupied in drill, and those from the neighboring towns had their board paid by their respective towns. The company were presented with Testaments by the Sunday-school children of the town. speeches being made, on the occasion, by Rev. Y. Eddy, of the 1st church, and Rev. E. Hall, of the Edwards church.

Captain, JOSEPH B. PARSONS, Northampton.

1st Lieut., JAMES H. WETHERELL, Northampton.

FLAVEL SHURTLEFF, Northampton, promoted 1st lieut. Co. A, Dec. 5, 1861. 2d Lieut., Chas. H. BREWSTER, Northampton, promoted from 1st sergt. Dec. 5, 1861.

Cook John H., Northampton

Nally Edward P., Shelburne Brewster Chas. Fl., Northampton, Crow Andrew, North Chester Noble Linus P., Northampton

promoted to 2d lieut. Dec. 5, 1061 Daniels Charles H., Northampton Phillips George C., Fitchburg Bishop Willard I., Northampton Davis Charles II., Albany, disch'd Polly George F., Williamsburgh Braman James H., Northampton Draper Lorenzo, Buckland

Parsons Henry W., Northampton, Day Lewis, Northampton, disch'd Dunaken Charles, So. Amherst

dead Nims John A., Northampton

Dunaken Henry A., Hadley Prouty Edward F., Northampton , Corporals.

Edwards Charles S., Northampton discharged Brown Henry A., Northampton Ely Williom A., Northampton Putman George L., So. Amherst Munyan Alanson E., Northampton, Endicott Lewis F., Northampton Parks Frank C., Monson promoted to sergeant

Felton Samuel, jr., Belchertown, Rust Alvin, Northampton Coburn Joseph P., Williamsburgh promoted to corporal

Robbins Reuben N., Belchertown Prentiss Hiram B., Northampton Guyer llenry, Williamsburgh Rogers Charles A., Northampton Whitney Edwin, Haydensville, Goodrich Fred. M.. Williamsburgh Shumway David K., Belchertown promoted to sergeant Gordon Thomas, discharged

Stanley Edward H., Northampton Blins Geo. S.. Northampton

Graves E. H., Brooklyn, N. Y., Strong William L., Northampton Williams Sydney S., Northampton promoted

Sheehey Robert, Shelburne Falls Hillian Fred. O., Williamsburgh Graves Samuel, Sunderland

Smith Lathrop, Northampton, dead
Himes Ezra, Northampton

Strong George, Belehertown, die Walker Myron P., Belchertown Howe Charles F., Readsboro', Vt. charged

(charged Wagoner Howe George W.

Smith Frank B., Belchertown, disThayer George L., Northampton Howe James R., Ashfield

Thayer Josiah, Amherst
Hyde Oliver, Belchertown

Van Horn Alfred, Hadley
Abbott James H., Hatfield

Howard Henry I., North Chester Warner Jonathan D., Hatfield Atwood Charles H., Belchertown Harris Judson w.. Hatfield

White Francis M., Hadley Ball Nelson B., Amherst

Ives Henry A., Williamsburgh Wells George C., Northampton Barrows William R., Belchertown, Jillson Manley, Petham

Wright Frederic C., Northampton, discharged Jewett J. Howard, Hadley

promoted Brew Michael, Belchertown

Johnson Eben M., So. Amherst Wiley N. 0., Belchertown Barrett Benton, Helchertown James Frank M., Holyoke

Wiley E, F., Belchertown Benson Charles, Belchertown Kingsley Wm. M. Northampton Willsey Bera M., No. Adams Bigelow Charles H., Northampton Kingsley P. W., Williamsburgh Warner Horace A., llolyoke Bois Frank, Northampton

Kingsley Calvin B.. Northampton Joined since Regimrni left Vask
Bullard Wm. H., Northampton Kellogg George W. Northampton Cornwell Norman S., Northampton
Bardwell Charles L., Hatfield, dis- Loomis Joshua A., Williamsburgh Dodge Chos. S., Brimfield
Lee Frank M., Buckland

Elmer Levi, Ashfield
Bannerot C. E., Northampton
Leach FornceBelchertown

Foster Wm. A. P., Boston
Burby H. C., Ballston Spa, N. Y. Manning Augustus A., Goshen Hartwell Francis E., Conway
Clark John P., Conway
Moody Marcus T., Northampton,

Hoxie David E., Northampton Coope Henry W., No. Adams promoted to corporal

McMillen Michael, Scotland Clark John C., Hadley

Moody Edward F., Northampton Pease Edwin S. Northampton Clark Frederic W., Northampton Morton Dwight, Hatfield

Reynolde George, Hadiey Coleman Perry M., Southampton Mather William, Northampton Taylor Russell B., Boston

Company D (Pollock Guards), Pittsfield. – 10th Reg. Wm. Pollock, Esq., of Pittsfield, subscribed $1,000 to start the company. The town furnished shoes, board, and barracks, and the ladies of Pittsfield made all the necessary underclothing. They were presented with an American flag by the Pittsfield Woolen Company for rescuing their mill from total loss by tire, in May, 1861. The flag was the one that waved from the belfry of the factory, and was somewhat scorched by the flames.

Captain, THOMAS W. CLAPP, Pittsfield.
1st Lieut., CHARLES WHEELER, Dalton.

2d Lieut., GEORGE E. HAGAR, Pittsfield.

Callahan Patrick, Cheshire

Martin John, Pittsfield
Corthell Mark II., Lenox
Campbell John, Dalton

Mason Frank, Windsor
Hubbard Dwight, Pittsfield
Carey John, Pittsfield

Mullett Daniel A., Pittsfield
Hemenway Haskell S., Pittsfield Cassidy James, Pittsfield

Mungan Daniel, New Lebanon, deShaw Charles, Cummington Clark Stephen, Ashford

Hand Sherman P., Humboldt
Collamore E.

Murphy Patrick, Greenfield
Collis Richard, Boston

Newton Edwin, Framingham Hibbard Gardner B., Pittsfield, dis- Cook Samuel B., Chicopee

Newton Henry D., Pittsfield charged Colt Thomas G., Pittsfield

Noble Henry, Pittsfield Roth Clifton L., Hinsdale

Couzens George W., So. Adams Packard Charles, Pittsfield Murphy Timothy, Pittstield Crossett Frederic, So. Adams, dis- Palmer Charles G., P.Imer Davis flenry R., Pittsfield


Pierce Orlando W., Windsor
Bailey George, Pittsfield
Curry James, Hinsdale

Perry Charles W., Lenox
Smith John W., Pittsfield
Dalton James D., Springfield

Potter Charles, Green tield
Vickary Myom, Steven town, N.Y. Donovan lohn, Cummington

Randall James M., So. Adams Grifhn Nelson H., Steventown, Dudley Charles, Pittsfield

Reardon Daniel, Pittsfield
X. Y.
Duffy Thomas, Pittsfield

Riley Thomas, So. Adams
Dunbar Charles, Springtield

Ross John H., Pittsfield
Walker Andrew, linsdale
Emmons Munroe, Hinsdale

Ryan Richard, Pittsfield
Fairchild c., North Lee

Sawyer I.orenzo L., Lakefield, dir Collomore Eldridge, Lenor

Ferris Frederic L., Dalton, disch'd charged
Finencan James, Pittsfield

Shafto William, jr., So. Adams Adams Charles, Worthington Gardner Edward, Conway

Shaw James M., Hinsdale
Allen George W. Brookfield, dis- Goodale Charles T., New Ashford Solan James, Chicopee
Green Jerry, Pittsfield

Stockbridge Lyman. Pittsfield
Allen Sylvester, Hinsdale
Hamill David, Springfield

Sullivan Johan O., Becket Arbuckle Frederic. Chicopee

Heffron Levi, Brattleboro', Vt. Timothy Michael, Northampton Babcoe William F., Dalton, dis- Hemenway Alfred E., Pittsfield Tyler Daniel W., Dalton charged

Howard Henry, Northampton Videtto William H., Pittsfield Babcock William, Dalton Hines Henry P., Lenox

Ward John B., N. Shettied, Conn., Blanchard Thos. jr., Palmer, dis- Hogan Michael S., Hinodale

Irving William, Pittsfield

Warner John, Holyoke
Bolter Peter C., Pittsfield
Jennie William L., Lenox

Wetherbe James, Pittsfield
Boyste Henry, Providence, R. I. Jones John, Pittsfield

Wheeler James W., No. Ashford Bradley Owen S., Cummington Lane William T., Pittsfield

Wright Jasper, Rocky Hill, Conn., Breyer Frank L., Pittstield Larkin Thomas D., Pittstield

deserted Brewer Alonzo, Springtield

Leicutel Joseph, Springtield, de- Joined since Regiment left Mass. Brown Timothy, Northampton


Bacon Johh W., Pittsfield
Bulgo-rd Abram, Dalton
Loomis Daniel, Pittsfield

Morley Edward, Greenfield
Burbank Samuel, Pittsfield
Mullett John S., Pittsteld

Randall Levi, South Adams
Burnes John, Becket

Company E, Springfield. – 10th Rog. Recruited at Springfield in April, 1861, uniforms, board and barracks being furnished by the city of Springfield.

Captain, FREDERIC BARTON, Springfield.
1st Lieut., BYRON PORTER, Springfield.

2d Lieut., WALLACE A. PUTNAM, Danvers.

Cadwell Francis E., Monson

Pelton Albert E., Williamsburgh Knight Edwin L., Springfield Day Charles H., Springfield

Porter Peter, Springfield
Metarlane Charles, Ludlow
Day John, Springtield

Richards Reuben A., Huntington,
Squires John E.. South Hadley Daniels George H., Northampton deserted
Gassner Jaines C., Springtield Dumphy Edward, Northampton Potvin Charles, Springfield
Philips Alva C., Springtield

Donahue James, Saratoga, N. Y. Potter Edward T., Monson
Evans George, Palmer

Porter George W., Enfield
Lontscher Christian, Springfield Ellis George, Monson

Ramsdell Henry L., Springfield, Wallace Gideon S., Russell Foster Frank A., Springfield

Priekett Jesse, Wilbraham
Fowle John, Newbury port

Rice Newell s., Springfield
Thompson Chag. W., Chicopee Frain Hugh, Springtield, deserted Smith Henry, Monson
Dobyns Thomas, Chicopee
Frary Joseph, Springtield

Skidmore William J., Monson Tinklam Alfred H., So. Hadley French Henry, Northampton

Shehan Timothy, Springfield
Clough Edgar, Chicopee
Green Isaac N., Springticid

Shene James, Springfield
Clark Loring II., Monson
Gibson Thomas, Springtield

Spellman Chas. E., Lewisburg, Ct.

Gassner George, jri, Springfield Scott James L., Springfield
Gaffney John L., Chicopee
Hall Charles M., Springfield

Squires J. C., Souih Hadley
Buell Chas, E., Wilbraham

Hammill John J., Springfield Thompson William, Springfield Wagoner.

Hazelton Andrew J., Wextfield Thompson Chas. H., Northampton, Graves Horace W., Conway

Hebert Eugene, Springtield, de- discharged

Turner Wm. J., Chester Factories
Adams Charles E., Williamsburgh Hebert Constantine, Springfield Talbot George W., Springfield
Aiken William X.,
Springtield Hickey Charles, Northampton

Templeman John W., Wilbraham Anderson George W., Springfield Hitchcock Luther, South Hadley Warrillow William, Chicopee Armstrong James, Washington, N. Hayden Elbridge F., Conway, dis- Warriner Stephen C., Monson, proYork charged

moted Barton Henry, Springfield

Jamieson Quintain, Springfield Welch James, Northampton
Barton Daniel M., Springfield, dis-
Jones Ira L., Entield

Wiggins Henry A., Springtield charged Jones Horace L., Springfield

Wiggins Francis H. B. Springfield Bassett Dwight E., Lewisburg, Ct. Kilroy James, Holyoke

Williston John R., Russell, deBlack Lewis T., Williamsburgh Lewis William, Springfield

serted Black Livi, Williamsburgh Merriam John, Entield

Witherell Albert, South Hadley Bowles Roslin W., Springfield Miller Edmund, Enfield

Williams Preserve W., Springfield Bodman Samuel C., Williamsburgh McIntire Chus. C., Northampton, Woodman Henry N., Springfield Billings George, Monson

Winslow Shubel M. jr., Springfield Ball John D., Amherst MeNeil John, Springfield


Joined since the Ruyt leit Mass, Cahill Thomas, Northampton Nichols Henry L., Northampton Crawford Samuel, Springfield Carpenter Andrew W., Ludlow O'Hara H.J., New York

Dunn John, Springfield Chase Jonas B., Milford, N. H. Otis Charles M., Huntington

Harris Seneca J., Wilbraham Crawford Elmer, Springfield Paddock Ichabod S., Springfield Hastings Henry A., Greenfield

Company F (City Guard), Springfield. - 10th Reg. Old organization formed in 1851. It was first organized by the now Gen. Wyman, of Illinois. He was succeeded by H. C. Lee, now colonel of the z7th Massachusetts volunteers. They volunteered for three months, and were accepted. Enlisted for three years under the present captain, Hosea C. Lombard, of Springfield. The city furnished the jackets shoes, and under-clothing, Chester W. Chapin, the pants. They attended the Prince of Wales reception in Boston, in Sept. 1860, and attracted much attention for their soldierly carriage. They also guarded the United States Armory, at Springfield, in April. This company has sent twenty-two commissioned officers to the war.

Captain, HOSEA C. LOMBARD, Springfield.

1st Lieut., HIRAM A. KEITI, Springfield.
2d Lieut.. '

Geo. W. BIGELOW, Springfiell.
Coomes Elias, Longmeadow

Lathrop Edwin W., Longmeadow Gilmore Homer G., Springfield, Cutler Joseph w., West Brookfield, Matthews Wm., Springfield, dispromoted to 21 lieut. Co. I promoted to corporal

charged Crane llevry E., Springfield Clark John W., Springfield, dis- Mead George B., Chicopee Allen Eugene A., Springticla


Morse James G., Springfield Hale Geo. D. S. Y., Springfield Dresser George N., Springfield Mottatt M. H., Chicopee Currier John W., jr., Springfield Duncan George H.. Springtield McAllester Daniel, Chicopee Corporal Day Williain H., Chicopee

McGrath L., Chicopee, promoted Eaton L. O., Springfield, promoted Daily Lewis L., East Cambridge to corporal to sergeant Damon S. C., Springfield

Noble Wilbur W., Springfield Cooley Orin B., Longmeadow Ellis Chester S., Springfield

Newell William S., Springfield Green Geo. S., Springfield Earle William W., Wales

Preston Robert, Dorchester Whitney Geo. A., Chicopee, dis- Ennis Dennis, Chicopee

Porter Alden, Chicopee, dead charged Goff John B., Chicopee

Phillips Frank H., Springfield Ross Levi, Springfield

Gray L. E., North Wilbraham Putnam Silas L., Springhield Pierce Edwin C., Springfield, pro- Gray Henry W., North Wilbraham Presbrey Charles H., Chicopee

moted 24 lieut. in 3d Maine Regt. Gorman Hugh L., Springfield, pro- Regan Willian O., Chicopee Bartlett Edwin B., Springtield, pro- moted to corporal

Robertson Lucian, Chicopee moted sergeant

Ganeard Thomas H., Chicopee Rigers Henry H., Chicopee
Babcock Lucian F., Springfield Grout Austin 0., Chicopee

Snow Henry B., Spencer

Gilmore William S.Springfield Shaw Alvin D., Springtield
Hunt J. C., Longmeadow

Gates Emery B., Longmeadow Sackett Alonzo F., Springfield Huntington Andrew T., Springfield Hillman Erastus, Springfield

Strickland George G., Springfield Roy Augustus, Chicopec

Hendrick Orrin A., Longmeadow, Skinner John F., Springfield Privates. promoted to corporal

Stowe James M., Chicopee Adams J. C., Chicopee

Horr Charles H., Springfield, dis- Sawin William J., Chicopee, proAdams Henry S., Chicopee charged

moted to assistant surgeon in 3d Averill L., Springfield

Hunt ilenry M., Springfield, dead Vermont regiment Boyden Charles O., Chicopee Hogan Edwin T., Chicopee

Shumway Rufus R., Belchertown Bliss Charles, Springtield

Hawe Frank B., Springfield Tourtellotte James E., Springtield Burke Thomas, Springtield Hendrick J. H., Chicopee

Titcomb William P., Springtieid Burbank Jerius II., siringfield Jones Henry M., Spencer

Ufford Charles D., Holyoke Brady Benjamin F., Belchertown Jackson Stephen K., Chicopee Wright George E., Springfield Blake Joseph W., Chicopee Falls Justin George D., Chicopee

Wilson Edwin C., Springfield Bartlett Aboer T., Springfield Keyes William D., Springfield Wheeler Norman F., Springfield, Bernard Mark C., Springhield, dead Knapp Horace II., Chicopee

discharged Clark William H., Springfield Kenney Morgan W., Springfield Winter William F., Suffield, Coon. Colton Nathaniel W., Springfield Knight John L., Springtield

Watson Thomas J., Springtield Coomes Edwin P., Longmeadow Looinis Victor 0., Springfield

Company G ( Greenfield Guards), Greenfield.- 10th Reg. Organized in August, 1853. When they enlisted for three years, the town furnished a full uniform throughout for the officers and men. They were presented with $100 by private individuals, before leaving for camp at Springfield.

Captain, EDWIN E. DAY, Greenfield.
1st Lieut., GEO. PIERCE, Jr., Greenfield.
2d Lieut., LORENZO L. REMMINGTON, Greenfield.


Bennett George S., Greenfield Longley Zadariah, Chester, dis-
Pierce Chas. P., Greenfield
Briggs Andrew J., Erving

charged Moore Edwin E., Greentield Burnes Robert, Middlefield

Megruth Christopher, Greenfield Kaulbach Geo. C., Montague Burnes James, North Becket

Meachum William L., Chester Pooley John, Chicopee Busquet Philias, Becket

Messenger Edwin, Chester, disPotter Geo. W., jr., Greenfield Cheeseman Uriah F., Middlefield charged Corporals. Churchill W. M., Middletield

Maynard George A., Orange Dewy Franklin W., Chester Coolidge Edward, Erving

Miller Robert, Spencer, discharged
Dewy Edwurd S., Montague
Cheney George F., Spencer

Nixon Fred M., Greenfield
Mather Pliny F., Greentield
Cook Benjainın 0., Amherst

Nichols Wilbur, Spencer
Gardnier Robert S., Greeptield Cannon Henry B., Blandford

Oakes Orange S, Orange Atherton Ralph L., Gill

Dodge Henderson N, Deertield Purker A. B., Coleraine Clapp Christopher A., Montague Dickinson Ilenry, Montague

Packard Lucian N., Erving
Whitmore Charles M., Sunderland French Moses C., Montague

Perry Smith, Greenfield
Atherton Win. B., Gill
Field Albert A., Irving

Potter Marshall A , Northfield Farms
Gilligan Oscar J., Wilbraham

Potter Edward F., Erving
Nutting William, Greenfield Green Charles E., Mendon

Powers X. J., Greenfield
Gilman Frank, Greenfield

Puffer Abrahain 0., Sunderland,
Trask Chas. A., Erving
Cowdy Chanery, Greenfield

Garland George, Springtield

Rockwood Elisha R., Montague Amidon Solomon II., Greenfield llale Oscar, Gill

Ryther Charles W., Greenfield Adams William H., Conway Hemenway John, Sunderland

Ryther William E., Greenfield Arnold William, Greenfield, dis- Ilall James, Greenfield

Ripley Frank, Montugue charged Hastings John N., Greenfield

Simonds Nathan H., Northfield Armstrong Dwight E., Montague Jewett Alvered A., South Deerfield Sucith William R., Gill Alexander Louis P.. Shelburne Kellogg Alvo S., Greenfield

Sawyer Eiustus ()., Montague Brooks Ilerbert F. Mendon

Keves Oliver M., South Hailey Scott Lewis H., Grrenticid Burnham Elisha D., Montague Lakeman David, Greenfield, dis- Smith Daniel, Southbridge Blutgett Chas, G., South Deerfield charged

Stratton Samuel W., Spencer Bodinun Artemas, Erving

Lawrence Marallas, Greenfield Sibley Truman A., Grendeld Buruhan Thomas W., Montague Lewis Miles, Montague

Tan Henry F., Greenfield

Todd A. Emerson, South Deerfield
Tanner Edgar W., Greenfield
Tavlor Francis W., Springtield
Webster Joseph F., Montague
Wood Edwin E., Roxbury
Whitmore George A, Sunderland
Wilber James W., Wendell

Wait Marshall w.. Erving
Whipple Sheldon R., Greenfield
Wright Gayous T., Montague
Wheelock George A., Montague
Willians Tyler F., Springfield
Wilcox Darbie M., Pittsfield

Joined since the Regt. lert Mess.
Marocott Frank, Greenfield
McDonald James, Springfield
Scott Dwight, Bernardston
Scott Wm. II., Bernardston
Williams Amos L., Wendell
Wright George, Montague

Company H, Shelburne Falls. - 10th Reg. Organized January, 1856. Uniforms furnished by the town. Paid for six days' drill, previous to going into camp at Springfield. The towns of Shelburne and Buckland voted $500 each for the benefit of the company. The ladies furnished blankets, &c., and various expenses were paid by private individuals in those places.

Captain, OZRO MILLER, Shelburne.
18t Lieut., CHANDLER J. WOODWARD, Buckland.
2d Lieut., BENJ. F. LELAND, Buckland.


Chandler Amariah, Shelburne Merrill James L., Athol
Cutler Chas. D., Buckland
Clark Albert B., Hawley

Nelson James, Buckland
Nims Silus, Shelburne
Carter Nelson, Leeds

Parsons llenry, Ashfield
Streeter William, Shelburne
Dole Chas. B., Shelburne

Putney Nahum s., Shelburne Field Geo. W., Northfield, disch'd Doherty Mich'i D., Buckland, dead Prouty Lucias M., er Langstroth James T., Coleraine Drake Clement F., Holland

Power Lawson S., Spencer, trans-

Edwards Lewis R., Churlemont ferred to regimental band
Carpenter Walter W., Shelburne, Eason Timothy W., Coleraine Riedell Jacob, Buckland
pron,oted to sergeant
Fav Elisha W., Shelburne

Russell Charles, Springtield
Vibar Geo. A., Charlemont, pro- Fogg Lucian, Spencer

Severance Henry C., Shelburne, moted to sergeant Griebel John, Shelburne

promoted to corporal Brigham Elijah. jr., Buckland Gragg William, Shelburne

Suwer Andrew, Buckland Woodward Eliphay. Buckland Grover Henry, Guilford, Vt., dis- Stevens Elliott (., Shelburne Daufen Henry, Shelburne


Spooner Herman A., Heath
Taylor Horace V., Ashtield
Gorman Michael, Holyoke

Stratton Geo. F., Coleraine
Coleman Josiah, Shelburne Hotchkiss C. Douglass, Shelburne Stempel Adolph, Shelburne
Biglow John W., Spencer
Hill Leander V., Ashfield

Snow Leander A., Coleraine
Herman John, Buckland

Upton Geo. E., Charlemont, disMorton Frederic O., Shelburne llenry David, Rowe

charged Curtis John H., Coleraine, disch'd Harrington Thoinas F., Heath Utley Henry C., Shelburne Wagoners.

Hastings John G., Spencer, disch'd Vincent David M., Ashfield, disMurphy John, Shelburne Howard Geo. H., Spencer

Morton Emory C., Buckland
Ilaigis Jacob, Shelburne

Wood Otis D.; Ilawley

Hindiey Solomon K., Spencer Williams James M., Shelburne
Avery John. Charlemont
Jamts Chas, G., Buckland

Wilson Geo. W., Shelburne
Austin John E., Shelburne

Johnson Sylvester D., Spencer Warren Alonzo, Conway
Allis John D., Conway
Knapp Wm. H., Spencer

Woodward Marcus M., Buckland
Anger Valentine J., Buckland Lilly Rufus, Ashfield, discharged Wilson James E., Shelburne
Bladget Joseph L., Charlemont Lanıb Willard, North Gilford, Vt. Willis Wm. E., Buckland
Blackwell Lot M., Shelburne Livermore Lorenzo D., Spencer Joined since the prg.left Mass.
Bringolf John, Buckland
Luther Waldo, Spencer

Budington Birney, musician, ShelBringolf Jacob, Buckland

Lyon Henry P., Spencer, disch'd burne Falls Briggs Elijah M., Shelburne

Mehan Wm.. Buckland, dead. Duncan E. W., Shelburne Falls Briggs Philney H., Shelburne Murphy Michael, Buckland Guilford Murray, Ashfield Bard Peter, Coleraine Morrisey John, Green tield

Howes D. G., Ashfirld Bernis Wm. H., Williamsburg Merrill John F., Athol

Merrill A. C., Shelburne Falls Bates Alonzo, Conway Monroe Dwight F., Spencer

Putney A. L., Shelburne Falls
Bartlett Joseph F., Pelham
Midgley Alfred, Spencer

Veber Elias, Charlemont
Bowning Chas. D., Spencer
Murphy Thomas, Spencer

Vincent M. H., Ashfield
Cone W. F., Conway
Markham Wm., Spencer

Vincent William, Ashfield

Oompany I, Holyoke.- 10th Reg. Recruited in April, 1861, in the towns of Holyoke and West Springfield. The two towns paid each member of the company $10 per month, till June 14, when they went into cainp at Springfield. The towns furnished a complete set of uniforms for officers and men. In June the company attended church in West Springfield, and were addressed by the Rev. Mr. Powers, of that church, and, at the same time and place, they were presented with Testaments.



| JOHN H. CLIFFORD, Holyoke, discharged Nov. 5, 1861.

JOSEPH K. NEWELL, Springfield, promoted from 1st lieut. Nov. 6, 1861. 1st Lieut., Joseph H. BENNETT, West Springfield, promoted from 2d lieut. Nov. 6, 1861.

2d Lieut., Homer G. GILMORE, Springtield, commissioned Nov. 6, 1861.



Baldwin James, IIolyoke
Burnham Geor Holyoke

Brick Maurice, So. Hadley Fallo Ward Ansel H., West Springfield Burnhamn Frederick, Ilolyoke Brick Edward, So. Hadley Falls Ashley William A., W. Springfield Lamb Wilbur F., Holyoke

Best Robert, jr., West Springtield Pettis Amos, Jr., Holyoke


Bagg Chas. Ii., West Springtield, Brooks James P., Holyoke, disch'd Wolcott James N., Springfield, dis- discharged Holsted John H., South Hadley charged

Bovington 11. J., Holyoke

Kneeland Edward S., Springfield, Bradford A. F.

Brudy S. H., Holyoke, discharged

Cochrane Charles, Holyoke Hayward Jerome, West Springfield Allen Chas. E., West Springfield Connor George, Holyoke Henry Albert F., Holyoke

Bugbee Smith A., West Springfield Cain Anthony, Holyoke Knox James, West Springfield Burr James W., Holyoke, dead Converse Henry M., Holyoke Knapp Chas. H., Holyoke Barry John B., Holyoke

Cromwell Luther T., Holyoke Smith Alexander C., W. Springfield Bean Hibbard K., Holyoke, pro- Cahill Francis, West Springtield Page Henry A., Holyoke

moted to corporal

Card Martin, Haydenville Smith Algernon s., W. Springfield Barnes Albert, West Springfield, Corkery Michael, West Springfield Smith Hanniel P., Holyoke


Cook Austin, Springtield

Casey John E., Springfield

Jones Wm. S., West Springfield
Clark Enoch, West Springfield Kelley John H., Holyoke
Decie Chas. Ú., Holyoke

Kelley Joseph, Holyoke
Dory Geo. W., West Springfield Knights llenry, West Springfield
Daily James N., Holyoke

Loomis George, West Springtield Decker John A., West Springfield, Livingston James, Springfield discharged

Newson Wm. M., Boston Desmond Richmond, West Spring- | Nye David B., Holyoke field

Otis Abner D., Holyoke Estes Wm. H., Holyoke

Page Henry A., Holyoke Euton Wm. II., Holyoke, disch'd Paull Osman B., Holyoke Faivey John, Holyoke

Peabody Gustavus W., Holyoke Frisbee Castander, w. Springfield Reed Stephen W., Holyoke Flanagan Patrick, W. Springfield, Russell Patrick, folyoke deserted

Riley David, North Springfield Ferry Henry, Easthampton

Sietert Augustine, North Holyoke,
Hovey Chas. E., Holyoke

Hyde Philip. West Springfield Snow John E., South Hadley
Henley Michael F.. W. Springfield Stewart Robert J., Holyoke
Huyes Janies, So. Hadley Falls Sullivan John, Holyoke
Hargar Geo. S., West Granville Smith Simeon P., Holyoke
Hartwell Charles L.

Smith Edward P., Agawam, pro-
Hyde James H., West Springfield, moted to corporal
promoted to corporal

Smith Win. H., West Springfield Judd Dwight 0., Liolyoke

Smith Wm. E., West Springfield, Justin Jas. M., West Springfield discharged

Smith Wm. S., Springfield, de

Shay Peter, Springfield
Sullivan Jeriy. Springfield
Sullivan Michael, Springfield, dis

Shea Daniel D., Holyoke
Squires John C., Springtield, dead
Scott Geo. M., Agawam
Tower Chas. F., Holyoke
Trudeau Napoleon. Springfield
Unger Joseph, West Springfield
Vaille Virgil L., West Springfield
Winn Albert, Chicopee
Walker John R, Holyoke
Willey Leander F., Springfield
Joined since the Regiment leji Nars.
Ash Patrick, Holsoke
Atkinson Wm, Holyoke
Atkins Wm., Granville
Edwards Wm. B., W. Springfield
Killroy James, Leverett
Powers R. M., jr., Heath
Stone Charles, Shelburne Falls
Smith Luther, Shelburne Falls
Tobin John, Northampton

Company K, Westfield. - 10th Reg.
Recruited at Westfield, May 1, 1861. The town fitted out the company, and paid them
$20 per month till they went into camp with the regiment. They were not encamped at
Westfield, but boarded themselves, and had regular daily drill.

Captain, LUCIUS B. WALKLEY, Westfield.

1st Lieut., DAVID M. CHASE, Westfield.

2d Lieut., EDWIN T. JOHNSON, Westfield.


Copley Henry L., Westfield, detail- Marsell Andrew, Spencer
Gardner Nelson H., Westfield

ed to Western gun bouts

McClusky Thomas, Spencer, deEvans Moses W., Cambridgeport Copley lliram H., Westfield

serted Solomon Henry, New York Clark George E., Spencer

Neff John, Wilbraham Plaisted Mark II., Westfield

Chamberlain Silas T., Spencer Newhouse Albert N. C., Westfield
Prouty Horace E., No. Spencer Carney Thomas, Spencer, died Noble James M., Westfield
Conway Wm.. Leicester

Perkins Henry E., Westfield
Noble Terry S., Westfield
Crosby Isaiah, Spencer

Peeblee Joseph, Westfield
Barden Murshall, Southwick
Collier Anson I., Spencer

Pronty H. E., Spencer
Freed Hiram, Westfield
Day Lawrence, Westfield

Rabron James, Albany, N. Y. Loomis Wm.II., New Haven, Conn. Deinnen James, Westfield

Reed Edward P., Westfield Swan Adam, Westfield

Fowler J. Sherman, Westfield, de- Rochen Alphons, Westheld Jones Henry G., Westfield

tached as brigade teamster

Rowell David M., Spencer
Lewis Edward T., Westfield
Furrow llenry H., Westfield

Robinson George, Wilbraham
Moore David M., Spencer
Furrow Geo. F., Westfield

Sackett Cornelius, Westfield
Gaylord James H., Westfield

Smith George D., Westfield
Whittaker John W., Troy, N. Y. Gaddes Joseph, Westfield

Snow Albert, Westfield, died
Clark Willis M., Westfield
Gorham Horace H., Westfield

Solomon John, New York
Gonzalez Manual, Westfield

Sprague Samuel, Westfield
Tyler Merrick M., Bernardston Gaynor Thomas H., Ware

Stiles Charles H., Westfield
Boynes Levi D., Spencer

Graham John, Ware, detached on Sargent Theodore, Spencer
signal service

Tinkham Joseph. Westfield, pro Auforte George F., Westfield Griffin Edwin M., Chicopee

moted to corporal Atkins George A., Westfield Hoch Curl, Westfield

Trainer John, Westfield Anthony Henry, Westfield, disch'd Hubbard John, Westfield

Tyroll Alonzo, Spencer, discharged Abrahams Thomas, Spencer

Hunter Alexander W., Westfield Toomey Edmund, Spencer
Bates Henry C., Westfield
Jerrold Thomas, Westfield

Woods Rufus, Westreld
Brooks George, Westfield, disch'd Kuliner Carl, Westfield

Wheeler Homer S., Westfield
Beamont John J., Spencer
Knight Charles, Westfield

Wedge Joseph. Spencer
Bercume Silas. Spencer
Kelley Patrick, Spencer

Worthington John M., Spencer
Bacon James E., Leicester
Lay Wm. G., Westfield

Young Juhn B. Westfield, promo Bemis Oscar R., Spencer, disch'd Littlefield John, Westfield, died ted to corporal Bullard Amasa B., Spencer Lovett Murray, Amherst

Joined since the Regiment left Vast. Barden Henry M., Southwick Lyons Thomas, Spencer

Bates Stephen
Boyns L. D.
Luther Chas H., Troy, N. Y.

Jones J. W.
Cooney John, Spencer
Moore Ephraim F., Westfield

Lay J. B.
Caswell Hiram K., Westfield
Morse Wm. J., Westfield

Smith C. A.
Carter Lewis C., Westfield

Mason Wm., Spencer
Clemence Joseph, Westheld

Thompson George W.
Moore Thomas, Spencer
Cook Albert H., Westtield

Eleventh Regiment.

The booming of the last cannon directed against our gallant little garrison, starving in Fort Sumter, had hardly died away, and the sad intelligence that our glorious flag had been trailed in the dust before an overwhelming horde of traitors flashed over the telegraphic wires, when a little band of patriotic Bostonians, fired with indignation at the fra'ric dal blow our country — our moiher - had received from her disloyal sons, were assembled together to take counsel and devise measures to assist in vindicating our pa'i inal honor in its hour of peril. They resolved to organize a military force without delay, and tender their services to the President for immediate duly. The following

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