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left Springfield the same evening on a special train for Chicago, and their respective homes. Preparations had been made in the counties where the regiment was raised, to give the various companies appropriate receptions on their arrival, and delegations were sent to meet the regiment at Chicago. Hon. Allen C. Fuller was present, and escorted the Boone county companies to Belvidere, where a large concourse of people greeted the returning veterans, and with fitting and patriotic ceremonies welcomed them back to their homes from the war. The several companies from McHenry county were received with similar demonstrations, in the various localities to which they returned.

Here closes the military career of the regiment. While the surviving members point with pride to its record during the war, and rejoice in its instrumentality in crushing the rebellion and securing the triumph of the National cause, yet it is to be remembered with sadness, that all these grand results were accomplished only at the expense and sacrifice of valuable life and limb.

Out of the aggregate nine hundred and eighty-three officers and enlisted men, who originally accompanied the regiment to the field, only about half of them re

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turned and mustered out with the organization. One hundred and ninety men were discharged during the service, mostly for disabilities incurred after leaving their homes. Many of these returned to their friends, pale, haggard, and broken down by the sufferings and diseases incident to camp life. But in looking over the record of the regiment, the most sorrowful recollection of all is, that eighty-three of our' noble comrades laid down their lives while filling their places of duty on the battle-field, and died of wounds received in action, while one hundred and seventy-seven became the pitiful victims of disease, and from this cause closed their earthly career while in the service of their country.

Long is the list of our fallen companions, our valorous and patriotic dead; they shine forth in our regimental history as valiant heroes who offered their own lives, willing sacrifices upon the altar of their country, that rebellion might perish, and the nation's life be preserved.

Their deeds and virtues will ever be treasured well in memory by the survivors of the regiment, and the dependent ones whom they may have left behind will be remembered and cared for by a deeply sympathizing, generous and patriotic public.

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Muster-in, Resignations, Deaths and Promotions during Service.


Col. LAWRENCE S. Cuurch; appointed Aug. 22, 1862; mustered into U. S. service Sept. 4, 1862, date of musterin of the regiment; resignation accepted Jan. 24, 1863.

Col. Thos. W. HUMPHREY; appointed Lieut. Colonel Aug. 22, 1862; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862; promoted Cal. onel May 21, 1863, to rank from Jan. 24, 1863; killed in action at Guntown June 10, 1864. Brevetted Brigadier General.

Col. LEANDER BLANDEN; appointed Major Aug. 22, 1862; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862; promoted to Lieut. Col. onel May 21, 1863, to rank from Jan. 24, 1863; promoted to Colonel Oct. 13, 1864, to rank from Sept. 1, 1864.

Lieut. Col. Wm. AVERY; promoted to Major from Captain Co: "A," May 21, 1863; promoted to Lieut. Colonel Nov. 16, 1864.

Major CHARLES B. LOOP; promoted to Major from Cap. tain Co. “B,” Oct. 16, 1864.

Adjt. WALES W. Wood; appointed Aug. 26, 1862; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862.

Quartermaster HENRY D. BATES; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862; resigned March 29, 1863.

Quartermaster GARDNER S. SouthWORTH; promoted from First Lieut. Co. “I,” May 14, 1863.

Surgeon GEORGE N. WOODWARD; appointed Oct. 10, 1862; resigned March 24, 1863.

Surgeon John W. GREEN; appointed April 24, 1863; mustered in May 6, 1863.

Asst. Surgeon WALTER F. SUITER; appointed Oct. 7, 1862; mustered in Oct. 21, 1862.

Asst. Surgeon ANSEL D. MERRITT; appointed Oct. 28, 1862; resigned March 24, 1863.

Asst. Surgeon JOSIAH GIDDINGS; appointed April 30, 1863; mustered in May 13, 1863.

Chaplain Thos. R. SATTERFIELD; appointed Oct. 9, 1862 ; mustered in same date; resigned June 9, 1864.

Chaplain JAS. H. MORE; appointed Sept. 16, 1864; mustered in same date.


Sergt. Major BENNETT T. WAKEMAN; appointed at organization of regiment; discharged from service March 18, 1863, for disability.

Sergt. Major Milo S. BROWN; promoted from the ranks Aug. 7, 1863; died of disease at Memphis, Tenn., July 7, 1864.

Sergt. Major MARK HATHAWAY; promoted from Co. “H,” April 2, 1863; discharged to receive promotion April 26, 1863.

Sergt. Major CHARLEY CURTIS; promoted from Co. “B," July 7, 1863.

Q. M. Sergt. WM. H. EARLEY; appointed and mustered in at organization of regiment.

Com. Sergt. John H. HURLBUT; appointed and mustered in with regiment; returned to Co. "F" for duty, June 1, 1863.

Com. Sergt. FRANKLIN H. BOSWORTH; promoted from the ranks June 1, 1863.

Hosp. Steward WILBUR P. Buck; appointed at organi. zation of regiment; discharged for promotion as Asst. Sur. geon in 17th Illinois Infantry, Jan. 18, 1864.

Hosp. Steward John W. GROESBECK; promoted from

the ranks Jan. 18, 1864; discharged for promotion as Asst. Surgeon in 81st Illinois Infantry, Dec. 6, 1864.

Hosp. Steward FRANCIS P. Dickinson; promoted from the ranks Dec. 6, 1864.

Drum Major THEODORE INGHAM, and Fife Major JUSTUS M. SHEFFIELD; appointed and mustered in at organization of regiment; discharged (being in excess of organization,) March 2, 1863.

Principal Musicians ALMIRON T. VANLEUVEN and PETER WHITE; promoted from the ranks, May 1st, 1863.


COMPANY "A." Captain Alex. S. STEWART, mustered in as First Lieut. Sept. 4, 1862; promoted to Captain May 21, 1863.

First Lieut. Jas. E. SPONABLE; mustered in as Second Lieut. Sept. 4, 1862; promoted to First Lieutenancy May 21, 1863; died of wounds received at Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863.

First Lieut. John B. BABCOCK; promoted from Sergt. to Second Lieut. May 21, 1863; promoted to First Lieut; resigned

First Lieut. Amos J. BOYINGTON; promoted from Sergt. to Second Lieut. ; promoted to First Lieut. June 23, 1863.

Second Lieut. BENJAMIN F. PARKER; promoted from Sergt. to Second Lieut. June 23, 1863.


Captain James M. TISDEL; promoted from Sergt. to Second Lieut. Jan. 1, 1864; from Second Lieut. to First Lieut. April, 1864; from First Lieut. to Captain Oct. 10, 1864.

First Lieut. Milton E. KEELER; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862; resigned.

First Lieut. Wm. H. H. CURTIS; promoted to Second Lieut. from Sergt. ; promoted to First Lieut. Oct. 16, 1864.

Second Lieut. AARON F. RANDALL; mustered in Sept. 4, 1862; resigned Jan. 16, 1863.

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