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Found the “Merrimac,” “ Germantown,” and “ Plymouth” already scuttled, and sinking. Whole force ordered ashore, and endeavored to save the vessels, but found it impossible, they were so far sunken. Had we been five hours earlier, the Merrimac would now have been in our Navy. All hands engaged in burning and destroying! Companies "A" and "B" held as a reserve under arnis, to repel any attack. Twenty men detailed from Co. B to mine Dry-Dock.

Arrived back at the Fort at 6, s. M., Sunday, 21st, very tired and hungry, having been without food 18 hours. Shoit rations, bard fare, and hard work for the first three weeks.

May 6th, a terrific tempest and gale. No shelter for the men who were on guard, and so dark the sentries could not walk their beat. Not a murmur from a man.

May 9th, two companies of three years men, one under Captain J. K. Tyler, of Boston, and the other under Captain W. D. Chamberlain, of Lynn, left Boston for Fortress Monroe; also, May 18th, a three years company from Sandwich, under Capt. Charles Chipman, and another from Plymouth, under Captain Samuel H. Doien, were sent forward, and all four were temporarily attached to this regiment.

May 13th, picket at the bridge, one-fourth mile from the Fort, driven in. Bridge held to-day by two companies and a field piece. Secession picket guard ordered off from Hampton end of bridge, and withdrawn from our sight for the first time since occupying the Fort.

May 24th, Companies "B," of Plymouth, and “M,” Captain Tyler, of Boston, sent out under command of Captain C. C. Doten, to protect General Butler in reconnoissance. Two rebels, in running away from us, taken by a small party on the other road.

May 27th, Massachusetts 4th, Vermont 1st, and a New York (German) regiment left Fortress, and commenced an entrenched camp at " Newport News,(this was the first occupation of that point). Regiment left off

' their ragged clothing to day, for a light flannel uniform provided by the State of Massachusetts.

June 8th, Conipany B, of Plymouth, and C, of Cambridge, under command of Capt. C.C. Doten, were detailed for guard over the New York Naval Brigade," which was in a disorganized condition; had quite a serious difficulty with “ Brigade.” Had to call out the entire guard with loaded muskets, and came very near firing upon them before the disturbance was quieted.

June 17th, Companies B and C were relieved from guard over “Brigade” by Company “E,” of Plymouth.

July 1st, Regiment ordered to occupy Hampton village. Reached Hampton about 12, M., some of the troops taking Dr. G. Temple's house as quarters. An alarm from the advance guard during the afternoon ; Company B sent out on Fox Hill road to meet the enemy. None to be found. Companies "A," “B," and "C" detailed for the main and picket guard this night; an attack hourly expected, but all remained quiet.

July 5th, whole garrison at Hampton marched to Camp Hamilton for review by Sec'y Cameron and Gen. Butler. Companies " L,” “B,” and “E,” stationed at the picket, with Howitzer Battery, all night. Attack momentarily expected.

July 7, Company B went out about four miles, scouting. Thermometer 116° — an exhausting day.

July 8th, party at work in the trenches. Thermometer 114o.
July 9th, Companies “L,” “B,” and “C” out scouting all night.

July 14th, private Simeon Barrows, of Company E, of Plymouth, shot and beaten, but not killed, a few hundred yards outside No. I picket, while berrying.

July 16th, marched to Fortress Monroe, and started for Boston, on board steamer “Cambridge." A fine, pleasant passage.

July 19th, arrived and anchored off Long Wharf, Boston. Sent to Long Island, in Boston Harbor, to encamp.

July 22d, regiment mustered out of U. S. service to-day.

July 23d, regiment landed in the city, and, after a handsome reception by the citizens, were dismissed at noon on the Common.

At the Big Bethel fight, the 3d regiment was sent for as a reinforcement, but as the Fortress would have been left with but a small garrison, it was deemed prudent not to let them go.

Every soldier and officer of the three months companies of the 3d regiment returned – none having even been wounded, excepting two or three slightly by accident.

Field and Staff, 3d Reg.
Colonel ...... DAVID W. WARDROP,

New Bedford.
Afterwards commissioned as Colonel in the U.S. Coast Guard.
Lieut. Colonel CHARLES RAYMOND),.

. Plymouth.
Arrived at Fortress Monroe, May 5, 1861, with recruits.

Nov. 23, 1001, commissioned as Lieut. Colonel 7th Regiment.

. New Bedford.
Arrived at Fortress Monroe, May 7, 1861.

New Bedford.
Quartermaster EDWARD D. ALLEN,


New Bedford.
Detached for duty at New York, to examine troops, June, 1861.
Assistant Surgeon, JOHNSON CLARK,

New Bedford.
Left at Fortress Monroe, as Surgeon, with 8 years' men.

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Sergt. Major. ::: ALBERTI C. MAGGI, .

New Bedford.
June 13, 1861, detailed for special duty at Brigade Hlead Quarters, at Camp

Hamilton. Sept. 2, 1861, commissioned as Lieut. Colonel 21st Regiment.
Quartermaster Sergt. . FREDERIC S. GIFFORD,. ... New Bedford.

Company A (Halifax Light Infantry), Halifax. – 3d Reg. Organized 1792. One of its past commanders, Captain Asa Thompson, of Halifax (now living), joined the company when it was first formed; he then being sixteen years of age. He commanded the company in the war of 1812, and was in service in Boston at that time with his company, and went by the name of the “tall captain,” being six feet seven inches in height. Their response to the call for their services in 1861 proved that the spirit of 1812 was not extinct. Orders were received by the captain at 2 o'clock on the morning of April 16th, and, though the members were scattered in eight different towns, yet, by great exertion, and the free use of horses, they were notified, and, in a few hours, assembled at the depot, where they took the cars for Boston that morning, being among the first to arrive.


Middleboro'. 1st Lieut., CEPHAS WASHBURN, Kingston ; 2d Lieut., CHARLES P. Lyon, Halifax. Sergeants, Arthur Harris, East Bridgewater ; 0. F. Mitchell, Middleboro'; *Erastus W.

Everson, Dedham ; *Theodore L. Bonney, Hanson. Corporals, Alfred Josselyn, Pembroke ; Charles L. Bryant, Bridgewater; Frederic 0. Ever

son, Hanson; James W. Bryant, Middleboro'.

PRIVATES. •Alexander John F., East Bridge-, Hill Jacob, Hanson

Mitchell Ophir D., Middleboro' Howard Willard, lanson

Morton Nathaniel, Ilalitax Booney Morton V., Hanson

Harden Benjamin, Bridgewater •Pratt Selden, Halifax Boure George H., Hanson

Holmes Lewis J., Bridgewater Poole Isaac, Halifax •Boume Josiah, Hanson

Holmes Freeman, Bridgewater Poole Horace W., Halifax
Bourne Sylvanus, Halifax
Hood Wm. W., Hanson

Rice George, Charlestown
Bryant Oliver E., Halifax
*Hayward Lewis B., Halifax

Raymond Isaac E., Halifax
*Bryant Francis E., Halifax
Ilurley Patrick, Hanover

Smith Reuben, jr., Hanson
Capen Alonzo, Ranson
Jordan Chas, S., Boston

Smith Jason, Hanson
Corser Charles W., Boston
Lyon Wm. A., Halifax

Tinkham Wm. 11., Middleboro' •Goddard Wm. D., Brookline Lee Geo. II., Bridgewater, arrived Thayer Edwin S., Halifax Godfrey Merritt R., Halifax

at Fortress Monroe, May 6, 1861. Young Edward C., Boston Gurney Eben II., Hanson

Marston Wm., Halifax, sent home •White Chas. A., Boston Hill Francis C., Hanson

sick, July 24, 1861.

Company B (Standish Guards), Plymouth. -30 Reg. A company bearing this name, and commanded by Capt. Coomer Weston, was organized in 1818, and made its first parade December 22d of that year. In 1851 it was re-organized under the same name and charter. At 3, A. M., April 16, 1861, Capt. Doten received bis orders by a special courier from New Bedford, the superintendent of Fairhaven Branch R. R., Horace Scott, Esq., having run a special train from New Bedford to Tremont during the darkness and storm, solely for the purpose of affording him speedy transportation. At 9f o'clock that morning, after an address by the Hon. Robert B. Iall, the company left Plymouth, being escorted to the depot by throngs of citizens. They arrived in Boston at noon, and were quartered at the old Colony Depot, where other members joined them in the afternoon. A fund of nearly $600 was contributed by Judge Thos. Russell, Hon. Geo. A. Shaw, D. N. Spooner, and other Old Colony residents in Boston, and Hon. Wm. T. Davis and others of Plymouth, and appropriated for the benefit of the Company previous to their departure from Boston. July 23, the Company returned to Plymouth, and were warmly received by their fellow-citizens. August 10, they were paid off by Major R. G. Usher, U. s. paymaster; and a massive gold medal, in richly chased silver setting, was presented to the Company by Hon. R. B. Hall, on which was inscribed, "In commemoration of the patriotic services of the Standish Guards, Company B, 3d Regiment M. V. M." On the reverse —-“Navy Yard, Gosport, Fortress Monroe, 1861."


Captain, CHARLES C. DOTEN, Plymouth. 1st Lieut., *Oris ROGERS, Plymouth; 2d Lieut., *WM. B. ALEXANDER, Boston. Sergeants, *Charles H. Drew, Plymouth; *Leander L. Sherman, Plymouth ; *Frank C.

Goodrich, Boston ; *Jacob W. Southworth, Plymouth. Corporals, Job B. Oldham, Plymouth; Augustus H. Fuller, Plymouth; Jas. II. Robbins,

Plymouth; *Thomas B. Atwood, Abington.

• Atwood Tiinothy S., Abington Faunce Lemuel B., Plymouth Newhall Alfred P., Lynn
•Allen Sherman Plymouth

Faunce Solomon E., Plymouth Pierce Chus. W., Plymouth
Barnes Chas, E., Plymouth
Fish Geo. H., Plymouth

Perry Chas. M., Plymouth
Barnes Geo. R., Plymouth

Fuller Theodore S., Plymonth Perkins Hen.. Plymouth. deceased *Barnes levonso D., Plymouth +Gilmore Alexander, Natick Pope Rufus H., Plymouth Barnes Nathaniel F., Plymouth llaley Thomas, Plyinpton

Prior Erastus O., Abington Barne. Wm. E., Plymouth *Hartín John F., Kingston

t*Raymond Harvey . A., North Bartlett Amasa M., Plymouth Handy Ansel W., Plymouth

Bramhall Ellis B.. Plymouth Harlow Sylvanus R, Plymouth Ripley Geo, W., Boston
Brown Caleb N., Plymouth

Holbrook Eliphalet. Plymouth Ripley Henry, Plymouth •Burbank David W., Plymouth Holmes Chas. H., Plymouth

Robbins Francis I., Plymouth •Burbank Wm. S., Plymouth Holmes Isaac T., Plymouth

Roberts James I., Boston Chase Geo. R., Plymouth

Holmes Frederic, Plymouth Sherman Winslow B., Plymouth Churchill Robert B.. Plymouth Howard Daniel D., Plymouth

*Smith Edward, Plymouth •Crosby Chas. C., Waltham

+*Jones Charles, New Bedford Soule William, Kingston Davis Albert E., Plymouth Jordan Chas. N., Plymouth

Standish James C., Plymouth **Drew Josiah R.. Plymouth *Leach Frank S., Plymouth

Swift John, Plymouth •Drew Stephen C., Plymouth **Lucas Daniel, Abington

Tribble James, Plymouth
Dixon Lyman, Plymouth
•Lucas John S., Roxbury

• Williams John B., Boston
Mason Charles, Abington
Thore marked thus were in the 2d detachment that reached Fortress Monroe May 5, 1861.

• Re-enlisted.

Company O (Cambridge City Guards), Cambridge.-30 Reg. Co. C was the first company raised for the war in Massachusetts. It was composed principally of members of the Company of Wide Awakes in Cambridgeport. At a meeting in Cambridge, in November, 1860, immediately after the Presidential election, Capt. Richardson made a speech in which he predicted war with the South as the result of the election, and pledged himself to volunteer; and called upon the Wide Awakes to back their ballots with their bayonets when the time came to do so. For this purpose the company was formed in January, 1861, and tendered to the Governor, who promised and gave them the earliest opportunity to go to the war.

They received their orders at 101 o'clock in the evening of the 16th April, and reported themselves at the State House early next morn, - where the officers were chosen and commissioned ; they received their arms and equipments, joined the Third Regiment on the same day, and left for Fortress Monroe, where they arrived on the 20th April.

Although, during the three months service there, they had no opportunity to distinguish themselves in battle, they received high encomiums from the Commander of the Fortress, Col. Dimick, for the zeal, activity and cheerfulness with which they performed all their duties : duties which are particularly irksome to soldiers, such as mounting guns and putting the Fortress in a state of defence. They also, during the last month of their service, occupied the town of Hampton in Virginia - the outposts of our army, and the nearest to the enemy. Here, also, they performed their duty, not only to the satisfaction of their officers, but so as to secure the respect of the inhabitants.

Returning to Cambridge, July 23, they met with a hearty welcome. Members of the city government, military, firemen, and citizens escorted them to the City Hall, where they were addressed by Mayor Green and others, and a collation furnished them. Nearly all of them soon after re-enlisted in different companies.

OFFICERS. Captain, JAMES P. RICHARDSON, Cambridgeport. 1st Lieut., *SAMUEL E. CHAMBERLIN, Cambridgeport ; 2d Lieut., *EDWIN F. RICHARDBOX,

Cambridgeport. Sergeants, *John Kinnear, Cambridgeport ; *Francis M. Doble, Boston ; *George W. Smith,

Cambridgeport; *Timothy McCarty, promoted from ranks, May 17, 1861.
Corporals, Augustus A. Thurston, Cambridgeport ; *Benj. F. Dexter, Cambridgeport;

*John E. Howe, Cambridgeport ; *Richard T. Marvin, Cam-
bridgeport, promoted from ranks, May 17, 1861.

Musician, *John C. Copp.

Arkerson Leonard, jr., Cambridge

port Berry Edward, East Boston *Berry Albert C., Cambridge Bushmuck Solomon M., Cambridge

port •Bate Andrew J., Cambridge •Brown Chas. B., Cambridgeport .Baxter Jos. H., Cambridge Bourne Robt. T. Cambridgeport Black Isaac H., Cambridge *Brown Daniel F., Cambridgeport Cartwright Joseph P., Cambridge

"Cronin Jere. C., jr., Cambridge-

Costello Thomas, Cambridgeport
Cate James H., Cambridge
Crabbie Robt. D., Cambridgeport
• Chandler Wm., Cambridgeport
Chandler Edwin F., Lexington
Chandler Fred., Cambridgeport
Clark Wm. H., Cambridgeport

Cunningham Hugh, Boston
Colly Wm. A., Cambridgeport
*Davis Lewis P..jr., Cambridgeport
Dakin Charles R., Cambridgeport
Ellison Lowell, Cambridgeport
Fairbanks Edwin E., Stafford

Springs, Ct.
Frederickson Thomas W., East

Green John, Abington

Griffinz Abner A., East Cambridge: | McQuillen Michael, Cambridgeport

Adjutant's Clerk, May 15, 1861 *McDonald Thos. Dorchester
Gay Joseph, Cambridgeport

Mayers Jogeph, Cambridgeport
Gainble Roht. J., Cambridgeport *Martin Thos., Cambridge
Gamble Thomas, Carnbridgeport Nickels Geo. T., Cambridge
*Gatney John C., Cambridge Norris Thomas A. B., jr., E. Cam-
Harty Samuel L., Cambridge

Hayward Wm. A., Cambridgeport *Pierce Calvin D., Cambridgeport
Hill Frederic A., Boston

Preston Thomas, Roxbury
Haley Jas. W., Cambridgeport Penniman Jas. W., Cambridgeport
*Ilolt Alfred F., Cambridgeport ; -Russell William R., Boston
Hospital Steward

Smith Henry A., Cainbridgeport
*Hawkes Levi, Cambridgeport Richards Wm. W., Dorchester
Hastings Geo. H., Cambridgeport Smith John, Cambridgeport
Howlett Chas. M., Cambridgeport Stetson Chas, E., Boston
•Howard Patrick, Cambridgeport Slate Chas. S.,

Cambridgeport Hitchcock Simon D., Cambridge- Slocomb Samuel F., Cambridgeport

port Kavannaugh Wm., East Abington *Stone Warren F., Cambridgeport Kelley Frank E., Boston

*Sheedy James, Boston Kennedy Paul, Cambridgeport Shannon Wm.. Canıbridgeport King John W., Stoneham

Sullivan Timothy, Fall River *Kinnear Conrad D., Cambridge Sullivan Michael, Boston port

Titus Chas. II., Walpole. N. H.
Lucy Thos, H., Cambridge

Tibbetts Wm., Cainbridgeport
Lucy Samuel C., Cambridge Trulan Edwin 11., Cambridgeport
*Libby Samuel H., W. Cainbridge Vose John, Somerville
Lamson Geo. W., Cambridgeport White Henry, East Cambridge
Melcher Daniel R., Cambridgeport | White John A., Cambridgeport
Mason Alfred J., East Cambridge *Wilson Andrew, Dorchester
Moore Horatio C., Claremont, N.H. *Waters Geo. W. Cambridge
McQuillen Eugene H., Cambridge- Wheelock Geo. W., Cambridge


Company G (Assonet Light Infantry), Freetown.-3d Reg. Organized in 1850. Gen. E. W. Peirce (who had previously held the commissions of Quartermaster, Major, and Lieut. Col. of 4th Regiment of Artillery) was elected Captain ; A. C. Barrows, Giles L. Leach, J. W. Marble, and D. H. Cudworth, Lieutenants. Less than three months from their organization, they received the honors in the prize drill at & brigade muster in East Bridgewater. The company promptly responded to the call in April, and served three months with the 3d Regiment, in Fortress Monroe and at the Rip Raps. Upon their return to Freetown, a public reception and ball were given them at their armory

Captain, JOHN W. MARBLE, Freetown. 1st Lieut., HUMPHREY A. FRANCIS, Freetown ; 2d Lieut., Jonn M. DEAN, Freetown.

Sergeants, James H. Hathaway, Freetown; *Geo. D. Williams, Freetown.

Corporals, Frederic Thayer, Freetown; Chester W. Briggs, Freetown.

• Re-enlisted.

Clark Jas. C., Freetown
Haskell Jas. H., Freetown
Haskins Charles R. (Mirickville),

Taunton. While on picket duty. took the first contrabands, three in number, that applied for pro

tection within Fortres, Monroe Haskins Ephraim H. (Mirickville),


Hasking Geo. H., Freetown
Haskins Russell (Mirickville),

Ilaskius Uriel M., Mirickville
Ilill David B., Freetown
Hathaway Russell H., Freetown
Malcolm John (Mirickville), Taun-


Peirce Columbus (Mirickville),

Pickens Luther, Freetown
Putnam Geo. F., Nashua, N. H.
Reed Edward E., Freetown
Richmond Welcome H., Freetown
Whittaker Jas. H., East Tawnton
Winslow Benedict A., Freetown

Company H (Samoset Guards), Plympton.-30 Reg. Organized 1835. The company was first organized as a rifle company, under the name of “ Pilgrim Rifle Rangers." Subsequently, the charter was changed, making it an infantry company. Besides this change in arms, the name of the company was changed to that which it now bears. Like the other companies of the regiment, they had but a short notice; but were ready to start with the others, on the 17th of April, for Fortress Monroe.


Captain, LUCIAN L. PERKINS, Plympton. 1st Lieut., OSCAR E. WASHBURN, Plympton; 2d Lieut., SOUTHWORTH LORING, Middle

boro'. Sergeants, Ira S. Holmes, Plympton; Jonathan C. Blanchard, Plympton; John B.

Wright, Plympton; Oliver H. Bryant, Kingston.
Corporals, Edwin A. Wright, Plympton ; *John Jordan, Plympton ; *Henry K. Ellis,
Plympton ; Alexauder L. Churchill, Plympton.

Atwood Josiah E., Plympton
Fay Wm., Abington

Phinney Edward F., Plympton Atwood Benj. S., Plympton *Foley Danici, Plympton

Rayinond Lucian M., Middleboro' Alden Wm. C., Middleboro French Francis M., Abington

Reed Seth D., Abington Bryant George B., Kingston

•Hammond Josiah P., Plympton *Rickard Warren, Plympton •Blakeman Daniel, Pembroke

Haynes Frederic, New Bedford *Sheppard Frank 11., Boston Denson Calvin, Abington

llartwell Seth E., Middleboro' Shear Michael, Abington *Brown Lorenzo L., Middleboro -Herrin Philander, Abington

Tirrell Major, Abington
Beaton Henry F., Plympton
Jones Chas. II, Plympton

• Towle John A., Abington
Baldwin Geo. w., Abington
Keen Briggs 0., Kingston

Thomas Francis S., Middleboro Churchill Ezra S., Plympton

*Leach Melvin G., Plympton Turner Alonzo, Abington "Churchill Fred. S., Plympton Loud Lemuel J., Abington

Thompson Samuel G, Abington Chandler Marshall M, Pembroke Morton Thos., jr., Middleboro' Vaughan Alvin P., Carver Dwyer Daniel, Abington

Messerve Solomon, North Abington Wule Lewis T., Halifax • Darling Albert A., Plympton Parris Robert, Middleboro'

Willis James F., Abington Eldridge Wm. P., Plympion *Phinney Israel B., Plympton *Wright Rufus F., Plympton

Company K (Bay State Light Infantry), Carver.-30 Reg. Organized 1852. Its first commander was the Hon. Matthias Ellis, through whose energy and influence, mainly, it was formed. At the time of its organization, this corps numbered seventy-five men, rank and file ; was the largest volunteer militia company in the State, and was very proficient in the “manual exercise." Capt. Ellis resigned, upon receiving an appointment upon the Governor's staff, and S. R. Thomas was elected to fill the vacancy. Lieut. Wm. s. McFarlin was chosen captain, and was acting in that capacity at the time the regiment was ordered into active service in April, 1861. A part of the company were unable to leave at this time, but soon after joined their comrades at Fortress Monroe.

OFFICERS. Captain, *WILLIAM S. MCFARLIN, South Carver. 1st Lieut., JOHN DUNHAM, North Carver ; 2d Lieut., *FRANCIS L. Porter, New Bedford. Sergeants, Asa Shaw, Middleboro'; *Hiram 0. Tillson, South Carver; Robert P. Morse,

North Carver, appointed May 6; *Linus A. Shaw, Carver, appointed May 6, 1861. Corporals, *Elbridge A. Maxhim, Middleboro’; Charles M. Packard, Sandwich ; Eben A. Shaw, Middleboro'; **Henry White, North Carver. All appointed May 6, 1861.

PRIVATES. *Atwood John S., Middleboro Cobb John M., North Carver +Phinney William W., Sandwich *Atwood Eli.jr., Middleboro' Davenport John M., New Bedford *+Rounseville Wm. H, Wareham + Borth Charles R., New Bedford Dunham Joseph W. Wareham *+Raymond William B., Wareham *Benson Jeremiah, Wareham

+French George II., Wareham *Ryan James, Wareham + Bumipus Hosea C., Wareham Gould Loring P., Boston

•1Sanborn John D., North Carver *Besse James W., Wareham

**Gammons Geo. N., Middleboro' • Sherman Joseph S., Wareham +Bates George E. Carver

Gifford Henry M., New Bedford; Shurtleff Seth II., Warehamn *Burgess Howard, Sandwich

sent home, but not discharged; **Seaver Joseph N., Wareham *Besse Elisha G., Wareham

sick from May 6 to July 19.

Shaw Jonathan W., Carver Bumpus David P., East Wareham leath George M., Wareham Shaw George H., Carver *Bent Joseph F., Carver

Howland Geo. W..3d, N. Bedford *Stringer James H., South Carver *Battles Otis L, Wareham

Jefferson Martin F., Middleboro' *Stringer Joseph, South Carver *Coppshall Josiah w., No. Carver Luscoinb Gco. G., New Bedford Sampson Thomas W., Middleboro' *Clipman George E. Wareham Murdoch Charles C., Wareham Tillson Hiram B., South Carver

Chubbnek Benj. C., Wareham Morse Leven S., Middleboro' Carsley William w., Fairhaven

Tripp. Stephen :. Wareham McFarlin Henry L., Middleboro Tinkham Joseph W., Wareham **Crittenden John F., Wareham Packard Charles M., Sandwich Vail Isaac B., North Carver *Caswell Leander W., Wareham Phinney Sylvester O., Sandwich Winsby Henry W., Wareham

Company L (New Bedford Guards), New Bedford.-30 Reg. This company received orders to muster late on the evening of April 15, 1861, and were on the way to Boston early the next morning. Prior to their departure, thousands assembled to greet them, and 'Ex-Gov. Clifford, the mayor of the city, and others, addressed them. They arrived in Boston about noon, and, at the invitation of citizens of New Bed

• Re-enlisted. + In second detachment that reached Fortress Monroe May 5, 1861.

ford who accompanied them, dined at the U. S. Hotel. Upon their return to New Bedford in July, a salvo of artillery was fired upon the common, and they were escorted to the City Hall by several military companies, and again addressed by the mayor and Hon. John H. Clifford. Upon the conclusion of Gov. Clifford's remarks, the band played “Sweet Home," many of the ladies accompanying it with their voices. The reception was one which must have afforded peculiar gratification to the gallant men, in whose honor almost the entire population turned out.

OFFICERS. Captain, †TIMOTHY INGRAHAM, New Bedford. July 26, 1861, commissioned Lieut.

Col. 18th Regiment. 18t Lieut., JAMES BARTON, New Bedford ; 2d Licut., Austin S. CUSHMAN, New Bedford,

appointed Adjutant, April 29, 1861.
Sergeants, *Samuel C. Hart, New Bedford; *Wm. M. Bates, New Bedford ; †Elisha Doane,
New Bedford, appointed May 0,'01 ; fThos. S. Sargent, New Bedford, appointed May 6, '61.
Corporals, Nathan B. Mayhew, New Bedford ; *Walter D. Keith, New Bedford; Timothy
D. Cook, Jr., New Bedford; *fAnthony Lang, appointed May 6, 1801.
Musician, George H. Chase, New Bedford.

Andand Augustus, Boston
Endicott Ingersoll B., Boston

Robinson Sanford M., New Bedford Allen Thomas C., jr., New Bedford, Freeman George H., Sandwich Richards Edward R., New Bedford orderly to Gen. Butler from May Ferris Anson E., New Bedford, as- Robbins Eliphalet H., New Bedford 25th to end of service

sistant to provost marshal June Rix Jonathan M., New Bedford Allen William H., New Bedford, 5 to July 2

**Russell Andrew W., New Bedford assistant to provost marshal June Grant Charles, New Bedford

Staples Frank, New York, assist8 to July 2

Henshaw John E., New Bedford ant to provost marshal July 2 to •Avery Charles N., Boston, assist- *Hathaway James H., New Bedford 16 ant to provost marshal July 2 to Hood John P., New Bedford

Sears George T., New Bedford July 16 Hicks Edward, New Bedford

Sisson William H., New Bedford, Butler Daniel, New Bedford, assist- Herley Francis, New Bedford

assistant to provost marshal July ant to provost marshal July 2 to Hart Isaac C., New Bedford

2 to 16 July 16

Tillman Roland L., New Bedford Sisson George P., New Bedford Babcock John H., New Bedford Ilamblin Josiah B., New Bedford Skinner James, New Bedford •Bly Ezra K., New Bedford Hall Daniel W., New Bedford

Salisbury Wm. II., New Bedford Blake Peleg W., New Bedford Hunt George W., New Bedford, Taylor William H., New Bedford Barrows Isaac H., New Bedford assistant to provost marshal July Tobey Charles H., New Bedford Barrow. George, New Bedford

2 to 16

Toby Franklin, jr., New Bedford, Brady Owen, New Bedford Kelley Franklin S., Boston

assistant to provost marshal from Collins Charles M., New Bedford, Lee George P., New Bedford

June 5 to July 2 assistant to provost marshal June Manchester Wm. E., New Bedford *Terry Timothy w., New Bedford, 5 to July 2 Moore Warren, New Bedford

orderly to Gen. Butler from June Clay llosen C., South Boston Morris Charles H., Boston

9 Carnes Rollins, South Boston

Martin Thomas, New Bedford Thomas Harrison 0., West WareConley Owen P., South Boston Negus Ira S., New Bedford

ham, orderly to Gen. Butler from Davis Jonathan W., New Bedford, Nye Albert H., New Bedford, as- June 9

assistant to provost marshal June sistant to provost marshal from *Upjohn Aaron, jr., New Bedford 3 to July 2

June 5 to July 21

Walker Charles B., New Bedford Delano Wm., New Bedford, ward Nye Joseph E., New Bedford

West Charles, New Bedford muster in hospital

*Palmer George S., New Bedford *Wilcox llenry A., New Bedford • Davis William G., New Bedford Peirce Edward L., Milton, after- Wilcox Seth A., New Bedford Davis Pardon A., New Bedford wards special commissioner of ne- Young Angus W., New Bedford

groes at Port Royal.

THREE YEARS' VOLUNTEERS. The four following companies of three years' men arriving at Fortress Monroe in May, and temporarily attached to the Third Regiment, were left at Fortress Monroe when the term of service of the three months' companies expired, and were afterwards incorporated in the Twenty-ninth Regiment as Companies B, D, E, ); and the rolls of these companies are given in connection with that regiment. COMPANY ), Sandwich. Captain, CHARLES CHIPMAN, promoted Major Twenty-ninth Regiment Dec. 18,

INil; 1st Lieut., CHARLES BRADY, Sandwich; 2d Lieut. HENRY A. K¥rx, Sandwich. COMPANY E, Plymouth. Captain, SAMUEL. H. Doten, Plymouth; 1st Lieut., John B. COLLINGWOOD,

Plymouth; 2d Licul., Thomas A. MAYO, Plymouth. COMPANY I. Lynn. Captain, W. D. CHAMBERLAIN, Lynn; lst Lieut., ABRAM A. OLIVER, Lynn; 2d Licul.,

John E. Smirn, Lynn. COMPANY M, Boston. Captain, J. K. TYLER, resigned July 18, 1861; 1st Lieut., SAMUEL A. BENT, resigned

July 18, 1861; 2d Lieut., THOUAS H. ADAMS, Boston.

Fourth Regiment. Infantry.

(Three Months' Volunteers.) The sketch prepared by the Adjutant of the regiment, Henry Walker, Esq., of Quincy. Hardly had the echoes of the guns of Sumter died away, when the proclamation of the President, calling for volunteers, sounded through the North, and met a cordial, earnest response from the governments of the loyal States. Among the first regiments called into the field was the Fourth Massachusetts, composed of companies belonging to various towns along the Old Colony shore. The order for its appearance on Boston Common, at noon of Tuesday, April 16th, reached the hands of Col. Abner B. Packard late on the afternoon of the 15th. He immediately issued his orders, and dispatched them by a special messenger to the several companies under his command. The farthest point to be reached by the messenger was Taunton, where he arrived at iwo o'clock, Tuesday morning, amid a driving storm of rain. Within twelve hours every company had reported itself at Faneuil Hall, which had been made the place of ren lezvous instead of the Common, on account of the storm. Later in the afternoon, in accord. ance with a telegram from Washington, the Sixth Regiment was ordered to proceed forth with to Fortress Monroe, while it was understood that the remaining regiments the Third, Fourth, and Eighth - would remain a day or two longer. On Wednesday, the 17th, however, the order of the preceding day was changed, and the Fourth Reginsent • Re-enlisted.

In second detachment that reached Fortress Monroe May 5, 1061.

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