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PART IV.-SERVICE, SUPPLY AND PROCUREMENT 931. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and Devel

opment. 933. Procurement. 935. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed Forces. 937. Utilities and Services. 939. Sale of Serviceable Material. 941. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. 943. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 945. Inquests; Disposition of Effects of Deceased

Persons. 947. Transportation. 949. Real Property. 951. Military Claims. 953. Accountability and Responsibility.

PART IV. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 631. Secretary of the Navy: Miscellaneous Powers

and Duties. 633. Naval Vessels. 635. Naval Aircraft. 637. Salvage Facilities. 639. United States Naval Oceanographic Office and

Naval Observatory. 641. Naval Petroleum Reserves. 643. Civilian Employees. 645. Procurement of Supplies and Services. 647. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 649. Quarters, Utilities, and Related Services. 651. Ships' Stores and Commissary Stores. 653. Claims. 655. Prize. 657. Stay of Judicial Proceedings. 659. Naval Militia.

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831. 833. 835. 837. 839. 841. 843.

TITLE 11.-BANKRUPTCY 1. Definitions. 2. Courts of Bankruptcy. 3. Bankrupts. 4. Courts and Procedure Therein. 5. Officers, Their Duties and Compensation. 6. Creditors. 7. Estates. 8. Provisions for the Relief of Debtors. 9. Composition of Indebtedness of Local Taxing

Agencies. 10. Corporate Reorganizations. 11. Arrangements. 12. Real Property Arrangements by Persons Other

Than Corporations. 13. Wage Earners' Plans. 14. Maritime Commission Liens. 15. Railroad Adjustments. TITLE 12.-BANKS AND BANKING 1. The Comptroller of the Currency. 2. National Banks. 3. Federal Reserve System. 4. Taxation. 5. Crimes and Offenses. 6. Foreign Banking. 6A. Export-Import Bank of the United States. 7. Farm Credit Administration. 8. Adjustment and Cancellation of Farm Loans. 9. National Agricultural Credit Corporations. 10. Local Agricultural-Credit Corporations, Live

stock-Loan Companies and Like Organizations; Loans to Individuals to Aid in

Formation or to Increase Capital Stock. 11. Federal Home Loan Banks. 11A. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. 12. Federal Savings and Loan Associations. 13. National Housing. 14. Federal Credit Unions. 15. Federal Loan Agency. 16. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 17. Bank Holding Companies.

PART II. - PERSONNEL Strength. Enlistments. Appointments in the Regular Air Force. Appointments as Reserve Officers. Temporary Appointments. Active Duty. Special Appointments, Assignments, Details,

and Duties. Rank and Command. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. Hospitalization. Decorations and Awards. Separation From Regular Air Force for Sub

standard Performance of Duty. Separation from Regular Air Force for Moral

or Professional Dereliction or in Interests of

National Security. Separation for Various Reasons. Separation or Transfer to Retired Reserve. Retirement for Age. Retirement for Length of Service. Retired Grade.

845. 849. 853. 855. 857. 859.


861. 863. 865. 867. 869.



14B. Small Business Investment Program.

15. Economic Recovery.
18. Bank Service Corporations.
19. Security Measures for Banks and Savings 15A. Interstate Transportation of Petroleum Prod-
and Loan Associations.

Credit Control.

15B. Natural Gas.
21. Financial Recordkeeping.

16. Emergency Relief. 22.

17. Tying Arrangements.

Production, Marketing, and Use of Bituminous



Transportation of Firearms. 1. Administration,

19. Miscellaneous. 3. Collection and Publication of Statistics.

20. Regulation of Insurance. 5. Censuses.

21. National Policy on Employment. 7. Offenses and Penalties.

22. Trade-Marks. 9. Collection and Publication of Foreign Trade

23. Dissemination of Technical, Scientific, and Statistics.

Engineering Information.

24. Transportation of Gambling Devices.

25. Flammable Fabrics. PART I.--REGULAR COAST GUARD


Household Refrigerators. 1. Establishment and Duties.

27. Automobile Dealer Suits Against Manufac3. Composition and Organization.

turers. 5. Functions and Powers.

28. Disclosure of Automobile Information. 7. Cooperation with Other Agencies.

29. Manufacture, Transportation, or Distribution 9. Coast Guard Academy.

of Switchblade Knives. 11. Personnel.

30. Hazardous Substances. 13. Pay, Allowances, Awards, and Other Rights

31. Destruction of Property Moving in Commerce. and Benefits.

32. Telecasting of Professional Sports Contests. 15. Discipline and Related Matters.

33. Brake Fluid Regulation. 17. Administration.


Seat Belt Regulation. 21. Coast Guard Reserve.

36. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising. 23. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

37. State Technical Services. 25. General Provisions for Coast Guard Reserve 38. Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety. and Auxiliary.

39. Fair Packaging and Labeling Program. TITLE 15.-COMMERCE AND TRADE

39A. Special Packaging of Household Substances

for Protection of Children. 1. Monopolies and Combinations in Restraint of

40. Department of Commerce. Trade.

41. Consumer Credit Protection. 2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of

42. Interstate Land Sales. Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair

43. Newspaper Preservation. Methods of Competition.

44. Protection of Horses. 2A. Securities and Trust Indentures. 2B. Securities Exchanges:

TITLE 16.--CONSERVATION 2B-1, Securities Investor Protection.

1. The National Parks, Military Parks, Monu20. Public Utility Holding Companies.

ments, and Seashores. 2D. Investment Companies and Advisors.

1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and Antiq3. Trade-Marks.

uities. 4. China Trade.

2. The National Forests. 5. The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com

3. Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation; Man. merce.

agement. 6. Weights and Measures and Standard Time.

3A. Unemployment Relief Through Performance 7. The Bureau of Standards.

of Useful Public Work. 7A. Standard Reference Data Program.

3B. Soil Conservation. 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods

3C. Water Conservation. Manufactured Therefrom.

4. Protection of Timber, and Depredations. 9. The Weather Bureau.

5. Protection of Fur Seals and Other Fur-Bear10. War Finance Corporation.

ing Animals. 10A. Collection of State Cigarette Taxes.

5A. Protection and Conservation of Wildlife. 10B. State Taxation of Income from Interstate

53. Wildlife Restoration. Commerce.

5C. Conservation Programs on Military Reserva11. Caustic Poisons.

tions. 12,

6. Discrimination Against Farmers' Cooperative

Game and Bird Preserves; Protection.

7. Protection of Migratory Game and InsectivoAssociations by Boards of Trade. 13. Textile Foundations.

rous Birds.

8. 13A. Fishing Industry.

Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish

Refuge. Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

9. 14A. Aid to Small Business.

Fish and Wildlife Service.
9A. Preservation of Fishery Resources.


Chap. 17. 18.

19. 21. 23. 25. 27. 29. 31. 33. 35. 37. 39. 40.

17. 18.


TITLE 16.-CONSERVATION_Continued Chap. 10. Northern Pacific Halibut Fishing. 10A. Sockeye or Pink Salmon Fishing. 10B. Fish Restoration and Management Projects. 10C. Fish Research and Experimentation Program. 10D. State Commercial Fisheries Research and De

velopment Projects. 11. Regulation of Landing, Curing, and Sale of

Sponges Taken from Gulf of Mexico and

Straits of Florida. 12. Federal Regulation and Development of

Power. 12A. Tennessee Valley Authority. 12B. Bonneville Project. 12C. Fort Peck Project. 12D. Columbia Basin Project. 12E. Niagara Power Project. 12F. Pacific Northwest Consumer Power Prefer

ence; Reciprocal Priority in other Regions. 13. Regulation of Transportation in Interstate or

Foreign Commerce of Black Bass and Other

Fish. 14. Regulation of Whaling. 15. Predatory Sea Lampreys in the Great Lakes. 15A. Great Lakes Fisheries. 16. Tuna Conventions.

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries.

Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention. 19. North Pacific Fisheries.

National Fisheries Center and Aquarium. 21. Prohibition of Foreign Fishing Vessels in the

Territorial Waters of the United States. 21A. Fisheries Zone Contiguous to Territorial Sea

of the United States. 22. International Parks. 23. National Wilderness Preservation System. 24. Conservation and Protection of Fur Seals,

Other Wildlife, and Sea Otters. 25. Jellyfish or Sea Nettles, Other Such Pests,

and Seaweed in Coastal Waters: Control

or Elimination. 25A. Crown of Thorns Starfish. 26. Estuarine Areas. 27. National Trails System. 28. Wild and Scenic Rivers. 29. Water Bank Program for Wetlands Preserva

tion. TITLE 17.-COPYRIGHTS 1. Registration of Copyright. 2. Infringement Proceedings. 3. Copyright Office. TITLE 18.-CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE

PART I-CRIMES 1. General Provisions. 2. Aircraft and Motor Vehicles. 3. Animals, Birds, Fish, and Plants. 5. Arson. 7. Assault. 9. Bankruptcy. 11. Bribery and Graft. 12. Civil Disorders. 13. Civil Rights. 15. Claims and Services in Matters Affecting



Coins and Currency.
Congressional Assassination, Kidnaping, and

Counterfeiting and Forgery.
Elections and Political Activities.
Embezzlement and Theft.
Emblems, Insignia, and Names.
Escape and Rescue.
Espionage and Censorship.
Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles.
Importation, Manufacture, Distribution and

Storage of Explosive Materials.
Extortion and Threats.
Extortionate Credit Transactions.
False Personation.
Foreign Relations,
Fraud and False Statements.
Fugitives from Justice.
Liquor Traffic.
Mail Fraud.
Malicious Mischief.
Military and Navy.
Nationality and Citizenship.
Obstruction of Justice.
Passports and Visas.
Peonage and Slavery.
Piracy and Privateering,
Postal Service.
Presidential Assassination, Kidnaping, and

Assault. Prison-made Goods. Prisons. Professions and Occupations. Public Lands. Public Officers and Employees. Racketeering. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organiza

tions. Railroads. Rape. Records and Reports. Riots. Robbery and Burglary. Sabotage. Seamen and Stowaways. Searches and Seizures. Shipping. Stolen Property. Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities. White Slave Traffic. Wire Interception and Interception of Oral


85. 87. 89. 91. 93. 95. 96.

97. 99. 101. 102. 103. 105. 107. 109. 111. 113. 115. 117. 119.


201. General Provisions.
203. Arrest and Commitment.
205. Searches and Seizures.
207. Release.
209. Extradition.
211. Jurisdiction and Venue.
213. Limitations.
215. Grand Jury.
216. Special Grand Jury.
217. Indictment and Information.
219. Trial by United States Magistrates.
221. Arraignment, Pleas and Trial.
223. Witnesses and Evidence.
225. Verdict.
227. Sentence, Judgment, and Execution.
229. Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures.
231. Probation.
233. Contempts.
235. Appeal.
237. Rules of Criminal Procedure.

PART III.- PRISONS AND PRISONERS 301. General Provisions. 303. Bureau of Prisons. 305. Commitment and Transfer. 307. Employment. 309. Good Time Allowances. 311. Parole. 313. Mental Defectives. 314. Narcotic Addicts. 315. Discharge and Release Payments. 317. Institutions for Women.

PART IV.-CORRECTION OF YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS 401. General Provisions. 402. Federal Youth Corrections Act. 403. Juvenile Delinquency.

Chap. 6. American Printing House for the Blind. 6A. Vending Stands for Blind in Federal Build

ings. 7. Instruction as to Nature and Effect of Alco

holic Drinks and Narcotics. 8. Howard University. 9. National Training School for Boys. 10. National Training School for Girls. 11. National Arboretum. 12. Foreign and Exchange Students. 13. Financial Assistance to Local Educational

Agencies. 14. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 15. Studies and Research on Problems in Edu

cation. 16. Public Library Services and Construction. 17. National Defense Education Program. 18. Grants for Teaching in the Education of

Handicapped Children. 18A. Early Education Programs for Handicapped

Children. 19. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 20. Grants for Teaching in the Education of the

Deaf. 20A. National Technical Institute for the Deaf. 21. Higher Educational Facilities. 22. National Council on the Arts. 23.

Training and Fellowship Programs for Com

munity Development. 24.

Grants for Educational Materials, Facilities

and Services, and strengthening of Educa.

tional Agencies. 25. Pay and Personnel Program for Overseas

Teachers. 26. National Foundation on the Arts and the

Humanities. 27. National Vocational Student Loan Insurance. 28. Higher Education Resources and Student

Assistance. 29. International Studies and Research. 30. Basic Education for Adults. 31. Leadtime and Planning and Evaluation in Ele

mentary and Secondary Education Pro

grams. 32. Vocational Education. 33. Education of the Handicapped. 34. National Commission on Libraries and Infor

mation Science. 35. Environmental Education.



Collection Districts, Ports, and Officers. IA. Foreign Trade Zones. 2.

The Tariff Commission. 3. The Tariff and Related Provisions. 4. Tariff Act of 1930. 5. Smuggling. 6. Trade Fair Program. 7. Trade Expansion Program. 8. Automotive Products. 9. Visual and Auditory Materials of Educational,

Scientific, and Cultural Character. 10. Bureau of Customs. TITLE 20.-EDUCATION 1. Office of Education. 2. Teaching of Agricultural, Trade, Home Eco

nomics, and Industrial Subjects. 3. Smithsonian Institution; National Museums

and Art Galleries. 4. National Zoological Park. 5. Government Collections and Institutions for

Research, and Material for Educational

TITLE 21.-FOOD AND DRUGS 1. Adulterated or Misbranded Foods or Drugs. 2. Teas. 3. Filled Milk. 4. Animals, Meats, and Meat and Dairy Prod

ucts. 5. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, and

Analogous Products. 5A. Bureau of Narcotics. 6. Narcotic Drugs. 7. Practice of Pharmacy and sale of Poisons in

Consular Districts in China.

[blocks in formation]

8. Narcotic Farms.
9. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
10. Poultry and Poultry Products Inspection.
11. Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs.

Meat Inspection. 13. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control. 14. Drug Abuse Educational Programs and

Activities. 15. Egg Products Inspection.

TITLE 23.—HIGHWAYS Chap. 1. Federal Aid Highways. 2. Other Highways. 3. General Provisions. 4. Highway Safety. 5. Highway Relocation Assistance.



1. Diplomatic and Consular Service Generally. 2. Consular Courts. 3. United States Court for China. 4. Passports. 5. Preservation of Friendly Foreign Relations

Generally. 6. Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Officers. 7. International Bureaus, Congresses, etc. 8. Foreign Service Buildings. 9. Foreign Wars, War Materials, and Neutrality. 10. Hemispheral Relations. 11. Foreign Agents and Propaganda. 12. Claims Commissions. 13. Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces. 14. Foreign Service. 14A. Foreign Service Information Officers Corps. 15. The Republic of the Philippines. 16. Greek and Turkish Assistance. 17. Relief Aid to War-Devastated Countries. 18. United States Information and Educational

Exchange Programs. 19. Foreign Assistance Program. 20. Mutual Defense Assistance Program. 20A. Mutual Defense Assistance Control Program. 21. Settlement of International Claims. 21A. Settlement of Investment Disputes. 22. Mutual Security Assistance. 23. Protection of Citizens Abroad.

Mutual Security Program. 24A. Middle East Peace and Stability. 25. Protection of Vessels on the High Seas and

in Territorial Waters of Foreign countries. 26. Armed Forces Participation in International

Amateur Sports Competitions. 27. International Cultural Exchange and Trade

Fair Participation. 28. International Atomic Energy Agency Partici

pation. 29. Cultural and Technical Interchange Centers. 29A. Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center. 30. International Cooperation in Health and

Medical Research. 31. International Travel. 32. Foreign Assistance. 33. Mutual Educational and cultural Exchange

Program. 34. The Peace Corps. 35. Arms Control and Disarmament. 36. Migration and Refugee Assistance. 37. Foreign Gifts and Decorations. 38. Department of State. 39. Foreign Military Sales. 40. International Expositions.


TERIES 1. Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and Navy

Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen

and Others. 2. The Soldiers' Home. 3. The National Home for Disabled Volunteer

Soldiers. 4. Saint Elizabeths Hospital. 5. The Columbia Institution for the Deal. 6. The Freedmen's Hospital. 7. National Cemeteries. 7A. Private and Commercial Cemeteries. 8. Gorgas Hospital. 9. Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Re

turned from Foreign countries. TITLE 25.—INDIANS 1. Bureau of Indian Affairs. 2. Officers of Indian Affairs. 2A. Indian Claims Commission. 3. Agreements with Indians. 4. Performance by United States of Obligations

to Indians. 5. Protection of Indians. 6. Government of Indian Country and Reserva

tions. 7. Education of Indians. 7A. Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare. 8. Rights-of-Way Through Indian Lands. 9. Allotment of Indian Lands. 10. Descent and Distribution; Heirs of Allottee. 11. Irrigation of Allotted Lands. 12. Lease, Sale, or Surrender of Allotted or Un

allotted Lands. 13. Ceded Indian Lands. 14. Miscellaneous. 15. Constitutional Rights of Indians.


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