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duration of such benefit year. The depend- discretion may rely solely upon a doctor's individual, shall, for each such offense, be ent's allowance is not to be taken into con-, certificate.*

fined not more than $100 or imprisoned not sideration in calculating the claimant's total Section 13 (c) is amended to read as fol- more than 60 days, or both." amount of benefits in subsection (d) of this lows:

Section 19 is amended by adding at the section."

"(c) The Board shall each year, not later end thereof the following subsection: Section 10 (a) is amended to read as fol- than May 1, submit to Congress a report cov- “(e) Any person who the Board finds has lows:

ering the administration and operation of made a false statement or representation “(a) An individual who has left his most

this act during the preceding calendar year, knowing it to be false, or who knowingly fails recent work voluntarily without good cause, and containing such recommendations as to disclose a material fact, to obtain or inas determined by the Board under regula- the Board wishes to make.”

crease any benefit or any other payment tions prescribed by it, shall not be eligible for Section 14 is amended to read as follows: under this act may be required by the Board benefits with respect to the week in which “SEC. 14. All moneys received by the Board to repay to it for the fund a sum equal to such leaving occurred and with respect to from the United States under title III of the amount of all benefits received by him 6 consecutive weeks of unemployment the Social Security Act or from other sources for weeks subsequent to the date of the which immediately follow such week, as de- for administering this act shall, immedi- offense and falling within the benefit year termined by the Board in such case accord- ately upon such receipt, be deposited in the current at the time of the offense. Such ing to the seriousness of the case."

Treasury of the United States as a special claimant may also be disqualified for benefits Section 10 (b) is amended to read as deposit to be used solely to pay such admin- for all or part of the remainder of such follows:

istrative expenses (including expenditures benefit year and for a period of not more (b) An individual who has been dis- for rent, for suitable office space in the Dis- than 1 year commencing with the end of charged for misconduct occurring in the trict of Columbia, and for lawbooks, books such benefit year and thereafter while any course of his most recent work proved to the of reference, and periodicals), traveling ex- sum payable to the Board for the fund under satisfaction of the Board shall not be eligible penses when authorized by the Board, pre- this subsection is still due and unpaid, unless for benefits with respect to the week in miums on the bonds of its employees, and the Board in its discretion shall decide, after which such discharge occurred and for 6 allowances to investigators for furnishing the disqualification imposed has been served, weeks of consecutive unemployment im- privately owned motor vehicles in the per- to allow the claimant to file a claim for benemediately following such week, as deter- formance of official duties at rates not to fits and recoup from such benefits the mined by the Board in such case according exceed $40 per month. All such payments amount still payable to the Board. to the seriousness of the misconduct.”

of expenses shall be made by checks drawn “All findings under this subsection shall Section 10 (c) is amended to read as by the Board and shall be subject to audit be made by an appeals tribunal of the Board follows:

by the Commissioners of the District of which shall afford the claimant a reasonable "(c) If an individual otherwise eligible for Columbia in the same manner as are pay- opportunity for a fair hearing in accordance benefits fails, without good cause as deter- ments of other expenses of the District. with the provisions of section 11 of this act mined by the Board under regulations pre- Notwithstanding the provisions of this sec- and such findings shall be subject to review scribed by it, either to apply for new work tion and the provisions of sections 2 and 8 in the same manner as all other disqualificafound by the Board to be suitable when of this act, the Board is authorized to requi- tions decided by an appeals tribunal of the notified by any employment office or to sition and receive from its account in the Board.” accept any suitable work when offered to Unemployment Trust Fund in the Treasury There shall be added after section 26 the him by any employment office, his union of the United States of America, in the man- following: hiring hall, or any employer direct, he shall

ner permitted by Federal law, such moneys "Section 27. (a) Wherever this act prenot be eligible for benefits with respect to the standing to the District's credit in such fund, scribes the performance of a duty by any week in which such failure occurred and

as are permitted by Federal law to be used official or agency of the District of Columbia, with respect to 6 consecutive weeks of un- for expenses incurred by the Board for the

such duty shall be performed by the Comemployment which immediately follow such administration of this act and to expend missioners of the District of Columbia or week, as determined by the Board in such such moneys for such purposes. Moneys so such officer, employee, or agency as the Comcase according to the seriousness of the received shall, immediately upon such re- missioners may delegate to perform the duty refusal. In determining whether or not ceipt, be deposited in the Treasury of the

for them. work is suitable within the meaning of this United States in the same special account "(b) Where any provision of this act, or subsection the Board shall consider (1) the as are all other moneys received for the ad-. any amendment made by this act, refers to physical fitness and prior training, experience ministration of this act. All moneys received

an office or agency abolished by or under and earnings of the individual, (2) the dis- by the Board pursuant to section 302 of the

the authority of Reorganization Plan No. 5 tance of the place of work from the individ- Social Security Act shall be expended solely of 1952, such reference shall be deemed to ual's place of residence, and (3) the risk for the purposes and in the amounts found

be to the office, agency, or officer exercising involved as to health, safety, or morals." necessary by the Department of Labor for

the functions of the office or agency so Section 10 (f) is amended to read as the proper and efficient administration of

abolished.” follows:

this act. In lieu of incorporation in this SEC. 2. (a) As used in this section, unless "(f) An individual shall not be eligible for act of the provision described in section 303

the context clearly requires otherwisebenefits with respect to any week if it has (a) (9) of the Social Security Act, the Board (1) "old law” means the unemployment been found by the Board that such individ- shall include in its annual report to Con

compensation law prior to its amendment by ual is unemployed in such week as a direct. gress, provided in section 13 (2) of this act,

this act; result of a labor dispute, such as a strike a report of any moneys received after July 1,

(2) "new law" means the unemployment or jurisdictional labor dispute still in active 1941, from the Department of Labor under

compensation law as amended by this act; progress in the establishment where he is title III of the Social Security Act, and any

and or was last employed: Provided, That this unencumbered balances in the unemploy

(3) "effective date” means the date upon subsection shall not apply if it is shown ment compensation administration fund as

which the new law becomes effective. to the satisfaction of the Board that, of that date, which the Department of Labor

(b) The benefit rights of any individual “(1) he is not participating in or directly finds have, because of any action or contin

having a benefit year current on or after the interested in the labor dispute which caused gency, been lost or have been expended for

effective date shall be redetermined and his, unemployment; and

purposes other than, or in amounts in excess. “(2) he does not belong to a grade or

benefits for calendar weeks ending subseof, those found necessary by the Department class of workers of which, immediately before

quent to the effective date shall be paid in of Labor for the proper administration of the conimencement of the dispute, there this Act.”

accordance with the new law: Provided, That were members employed at the premises at

no claimant shall have his benefits reduced

Section 15 (c) is amended to read as folwhich the dispute occurs, any of whom are lows:

or denied by redetermination resulting from participating in or directly interested in the "(c) The Commissioners of the District

the application of this provision. All initial dispute: Provided, That if in any case sepa- shall serve on the Board without additional

and continued claims for benefits for weeks rate branches of work which are commonly compensation, but the representatives of

occurring within a benefit year which comconducted as separate businesses in sepa

mences on or after the effective date shall employees and employers, respectively, shall rate premises are conducted in separate be paid $25 for each day of active service.

be computed and paid in accordance with departments of the same premises, each such

the new law. For the purposes of this subsection, a part department shall, for the purposes of this of a day shall be construed as an entire day.”

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect on the first subsection, be deemed to be a separate fac- Section 19 (a) is amended to read as fol

day of the next succeeding calendar quarter tory, establishment, or other premises." lows:

following the enactment of this act. Section 10 is amended by adding at the “(a) Whoever makes a false statement or end thereof the following subsection:

representation knowing it to be false, or “(h) An individual shall not be eligible for knowingly fails to disclose a material fact, PAYMENT OF CERTAIN TRUST benefits for any week within the 6 weeks to obtain or increase any benefit or other

ACCOUNTS prior to the expected date of such individual's payment provided for in this act or under childbirth and within the 6 weeks after the an employment security law of any other

The bill (H. R. 8692) to permit the date of such childbirth. In determining the State, of the Federal Government, or a for- payment of certain trust accounts to the expected date of childbirth the Board in its eign government for himself or any other beneficiary on the death of the trustee


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by saving and loan and similar associa- the States of Louisiana and Texas and The bill (S. 3699) was ordered to be tions in the District of Columbia was relating to the waters of the Sabine engrossed for a third reading, read the considered, ordered to a third reading, River.

third time, and passed, as follows: read the third time, and passed.

Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presi- Be it enacted, etc., That the consent of dent, I introduced the proposed legisla- the Congress is hereby given to the inter

tion for myself and my able colleague, state compact relating to the waters of the AMENDMENT OF DISTRICT OF CO

the junior Senator from Texas, Mr. Sabine River and its tributaries authorized LUMBIA APPROPRIATIONS ACT DANIEL, at the request of Congressman

by the act of November 1, 1951 (Public Law

No. 252, 82d Cong., 1st sess.), which was The bill (H. R. 8973) to amend the JACK BROOKS from the Second Texas

signed by the representatives for the States act entitled "An act making appropria- Congressional District. Congressman

of Louisiana and Texas and approved by the tions for the District of Columbia,” apBROOKS is the author of the legislation

representative of the United States, at proved July 1, 1902, was considered, creating the Sabine River Authority. He

creating the Sabine River Authority. He Logansport, La., on January 26, 1953, and ordered to a third reading, read the third has already obtained favorable action thereafter ratified and approved by the Legtime, and passed.

on this identical legislation in the House islatures of the States of Louisiana and Subcommittee on Interior and Insular Texas, which compact reads as follows: Affairs.


Mr. President, this measure is of such “The State of Texas and the State of LouPANIES IN INTERNATIONAL BANK urgency that a distinguished group of

isiana, parties signatory to this compact FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DE- Texans spent a part of last week in (hereinafter referred to as “Texas' and 'LouVELOPMENT Washington urging its immediate pas

isiana,' respectively, or individually as a

'State,' or collectively as the 'States'), hayThe bill (H. R. 8974) to permit investsage. Mr. Byron Tinsley, attorney for

ing resolved to conclude a compact with rement of funds of insurance companies the Sabine River Authority; Mr. John

spect to the waters of the Sabine River, and Simmons, the Sabine Compact Commis- having appointed representatives as follows: within the District of Columbia in obli- Simmons, the Sabine Compact Commis

"For Texas: Henry L. Woodworth, intergations of the International Bank for sioner for Texas, and head of the Orange

Industrial Development Committee; and state compact commissioner for Texas; and Reconstruction and Development was

John W. Simmons, president of the Sabine considered, ordered to a third reading, Mr. John Lowe, leader of waterway and

River Authority of Texas; read the third time, and passed. navigation development in southeast

For Louisiana: Roy T. Sessums, director Texas for the past 25 years, all discussed

of the Department of Public Works of the with Congressman BROOKS and the Sena

State of Louisiana; AMENDMENT OF LICENSE LAW OF tors from Texas the importance and

and consent to negotiate and enter into the THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA- urgency of the bill.

said compact having been granted by act of BILL PASSED OVER

Congressman BROOKS is present in the Congress of the United States approved No

Senate Chamber at this time, and has vember 1, 1951 (Public Law No. 252; 82d The bill (S. 880) to amend the license impressed upon the Senators from Texas

Cong., 1st sess.), and pursuant thereto the law of the District of Columbia was the necessity of obtaining action on the

President having designated Louis W. Prenannounced as next in order. legislation he has proposed at the ear

tiss as the representative of the United States, The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. BAR- liest possible date.

the said representatives for Texas and LouRETT in the chair). Is there objection

isiana, after negotiations participated in by Mr. President, this is basically a bill

the representative the United States, have to the present consideration of the bill?

designed to promote the proper con- for such compact agreed upon articles as Mr. SCHOEPPEL. Mr. President, re

servation and utilization of the waters hereinafter set forth. The major purposes of serving the right to object, I wish to

of a river important to my own State this compact are to provide for an equitable inquire whether I correctly understand

apportionment between the States of Louthat this is one of the bills to which of Texas and the neighboring State of

isiana and Texas of the waters of the Sabine Louisiana. there was some objection, or regarding

River and its tributaries, thereby removing which there was lack of unanimous con

The bill proposes that the consent of

the causes of present and future controversy sent on the part of the committee. Congress be given to an interstate com- between the States over the conservation

and utilization of said waters; to encourage Mr. CASE. Mr. President, there was pact relating to the Sabine River and its tributaries.

the development, conservation, and utilizasome question about the bill. I think one vote was cast against it.

It should be noted that this compact

tion of the water resources of the Sabine

River and its tributaries; and to establish However, I should like to yield at this has been signed by representatives of the

a basis for cooperative planning and action time to the Senator from Maine (Mr. States of Texas and Louisiana, has been

by the States for the construction, operaPAYNE).

approved by a representative of the tion, and maintenance of projects for water Mr. PAYNE. Mr. President, it is true United States, and has been ratified by conservation and utilization purposes on that that the Senator from North Carolina the legislatures of both States.

reach of the Sabine River touching both [Mr. ERVIN] voted "no" in the committee The major purposes of this compact States, and for apportionment of the bene

fits therefrom. when the committee voted on this parmay be simply stated. They are as

"It is recognized that pollution abatement ticular measure. follows:

and salt water intrusion are problems which Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, will First. To provide for an equitable di- are of concern to the States of Louisiana and the Senator from Maine yield to me?

vision between the States of Texas and Texas, but inasmuch as this compact is limMr. PAYNE. I very gladly yield. Louisiana of the waters of the Sabine

ited to the equitable apportionment of the

waters of the Sabine River and its tribuMr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, by River and its tributaries.

taries between the States of Louisiana and request, I ask that this bill go over.

Second. To encourage the develop

Texas, this compact does not undertake the The PRESIDING OFFICER. Objec- ment, conservation, and use of these solution of those problems. tion being heard, the bill will be passed water resources.

"Article 1 over.

Third. To establish a basis for co- "As used in this compact:

operative planning and action by the two “(a) The word 'Stateline' means the point TAX EXEMPTION ON PROPERTY OF States for the construction, operation,

of the Sabine River where its waters in downVETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS IN and maintenance of water conservation

stream flow first touch the States of both DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Louisiana and Texas. and utilization projects on the part of

(b) The term 'waters of the Sabine River' The bill (H. R. 7132) to exempt from the Sabine River touching both States.

means the waters either originating in the taxation certain property of the Veter

Passage of this bill will enable the natural drainage basin of the Sabine River, ans of Foreign Wars in the District of States of Louisiana and Texas to pro

or appearing as streamflow in said river and Columbia was considered, ordered to a ceed to carry out these purposes of the

its tributaries, from its headwater source third reading, read the third time, and compact upon which they have agreed.

down to the mouth of the river where it

enters into Sabine Lake. passed.

I earnestly urge passage of the bill by "(c) The term 'Stateline flow' means the the Senate.

flow of waters of the Sabine River as deterSABINE RIVER COMPACT The PRESIDING OFFICER. If there

mined by the Logansport gage located on

the U. S. Highway 84, approximately 4 river The Senate proceeded to consider the be no amendment to be proposed, the

miles downstream from the Stateline. This bill (S. 3699) granting the consent of question is on the engrossment and third

flow, or the flow as determined by such subCongress to a compact entered into by reading of the bill.

stitute gaging station as may be established

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by the administration, as hereinafter defined, pursuant to the provisions of article VII of this compact, shall be deemed the actual Stateline flow.

(d) The term “Stateline reach' means that portion of the Sabine River lying between the Stateline and Sabine Lake.

(e) The term 'the administration' means the Sabine River Compact Administration established under article VII.

"(f) The term 'domestic use' means the use of water by an individual, or by a family unit or household for drinking, cooking, laundering, sanitation, and other personal comforts and necessities; and for the irrigation of an area not to exceed 1 acre, obtained directly from the Sabine River or its tributaries by an individual or family unit, not supplied by a water company, water district or municipality.

“(g) The term 'stock water use' means the use of water for any and all livestock and poultry.

"(n) The term 'consumptive use' means use of water resulting in its permanent removal from the stream.

"(i) The terms ""domestic" and "stock water” reservoir' mean any reservoir for either or both of such uses having a storage capacity of 50 acre-feet or less.

“(j) 'Stored water' means water stored in reservoirs (exclusive of domestic or stock water reservoirs) or water withdrawn or released from reservoirs for specific uses and the identifiable return flow from such uses.

"(k) The term 'free water' means all waters other than 'stored waters' in the Stateline reach including, but not limited to, that appearing as natural stream flow and not withdrawn or released from a reservoir for specific uses. Waters released from reservoirs for the purpose of maintaining stream flows as provided in article V shall be 'free water. All reservoir spills or releases of stored waters made in anticipation of spills shall be free water.

(1) Where the name of the State or the term 'State' is used in this compact it shall be construed to include any person or entity of any nature whatsoever of the States of Louisiana or Texas using, claiming, or in any manner asserting any right to the use of the waters of the Sabine River under the authority of that State.

(m) Wherever any State or Federal official or agency is referred to in this compact, such reference shall apply equally to the comparable official or agency succeeding to their duties and functions.

Article II "Subject to the provisions of article x, nothing in this compact shall be construed as applying to, or interfering with, the right or power of either signatory State to regulate within its boundaries the appropriation, use, and control of water not inconsistent with its obligations under this compact.

Article III "Subject to the provisions of article X, all rights to any of the waters of the Sabine River which have been obtained in accordance with the laws of the States are hereby recognized and affirmed; provided, however, that withdrawals, from time to time, for the satisfaction of such rights, shall be subject to the availability of supply in accordance with the apportionment of water provided under the terms of this compact.

"Article IV “Texas shall have free and unrestricted use of all waters of the Sabine River and its tributaries above the Stateline subject, however, to the provisions of article V and X.

Article V “Texas and Louisiana hereby agree upon the following apportionment of the waters of the Sabine River:

“(a) All free water in the Stateline reach shall be divided equally between the two

States, this division to be made without than its pro-rata share in any 1 year (a reference to the origin.

year' meaning a water year, October 1 to “(b) The necessity of maintaining a min- September 30) except by authority of the imum flow at the Stateline for the benefit Administration. All jointly stored water reof water users below the Stateline in both maining at the end of a water year shall be States is recognized, and to this end it is reapportioned between the States in the same hereby agreed that:

proportion as their contribution to the cost (1) Reservoirs and permits above the of the storage. Stateline existing as of January 1, 1953, "(i) Except for jointly stored water, as shall not be liable for maintenance of the provided in (h) above, each State must use flow at the Stateline.

its apportionment of the natural stream “(2) After January 1, 1953, neither State flows as they occur and there shall be no shall permit or authorize any additional allowance of accumulation of credits or users which would have the effect of reduc- debits for or against either State. The failing the flow at the Stateline to less than 36 ure of either State to use the stream flow cubic feet per second.

or any part thereof, the use of which is “(3) Reservoirs on which construction is apportioned to it under the terms of this commenced after January 1, 1953, above the compact, shall not constitute a relinquishStateline shall be liable for their share of ment of the right to such use in the future; water necessary to provide a minimum flow conversely, the failure of either State to use at the Stateline of 36 cubic feet per second; the water at the time it is available does provided, that no reservoir shall be liable not give it the right to the flow in excess for a greater percentage of this minimum of its share of the flow at any other time. flow than the percentage of the drainage

“(j) From the apportionment of waters area above the Stateline contributing to

of the Sabine River as defined in this article, that reservoir, exclusive of the watershed of

there shall be excluded from such apportionany reservoir on which construction was ment all waters consumed in either State for started prior to January 1, 1953. Water re

domestic and stock water uses. Domestic leased from Texas' reservoirs to establish

and stock water reservoirs shall be so exthe minimum flow of 36 cubic feet per sec

cluded. ond, shall be classed as free water at the

“(k) Each State may use its share of the Stateline and divided equally between the water apportioned to it in any manner that two States.

may be deemed beneficial by that State. "(c) The ht of each State to construct

Article VI impoundment reservoirs and other works of

"(a) The States through their respective improvement on the Sabine River or its

appropriate agencies or subdivisions may tributaries located wholly within its bound

construct jointly, or cooperate with any aries is hereby recognized. “(d) In the event that either State con

agency or instrumentality of the United

States in the construction of works on the structs reservoir storage on the tributaries

Stateline reach for the development, conserbelow Stateline after January 1, 1953, there

vation, and utilization for all beneficial purshall be deducted from that State's share of

poses of the waters of the Sabine River. the flow in the Sabine River all reductions

"(b) All monetary revenues growing out in flow resulting from the operation of the

of any joint State ownership, title, and intributary storage and conversely such State

terest in works constructed under section (a) shall be entitled to the increased flow re

above, and accruing to the States in respect sulting from the regulation provided by such

thereof, shall be divided between the States storage.

in proportion to their respective contribu(e) Each State shall have the right to

tions to the cost of construction: Provided, use the main channel of the Sabine River

however, that each State shall retain unto convey water stored on the Sabine River

divided all its revenues from recreational faor its tributaries located wholly within its

cilities within its boundaries incidental to boundaries, downstream to a desired point the use of the waters of the Sabine River, of removal without loss of ownership of such

and from its severally State-owned recreastored waters. In the event that such water

tional facilities constructed appurtenant is released by a State through the natural

thereto. channel of a tributary and the channel

"(c) All operation and maintenance costs of the Sabine River to a downstream point chargeable against any joint State owner, of removal, a reduction shall be made in

ship, title, and interest in works constructed the amount of water which can be with

under section (a) above, shall be assessed in drawn at the point of removal equal to the

proportion to the contribution of each State transmission losses.

to the original cost of construction. “(f) Each State shall have the right to withdraw its share of the water from the

Article VII channel of the Sabine River in the Stateline “(a) There is hereby created an interstate reach in accordance with article VII. Neither administrative agency to be designated as State shall withdraw at any point more than the 'Sabine River Compact Administration' its share of the flow at that point except, herein referred to as 'the Administration.' that pursuant to findings and determination “(b) The Administration shall consist of 2 of the Administration as provided under members from each State and of 1 member article VII of this compact, either State may as representative of the United States, withdraw more or less of its share of the chosen by the President of the United States, water at any point providing that its aggre- who is hereby requested to appoint such a gate withdrawal shall not exceed its total representative. The United States member share. Withdrawals made pursuant to this shall be ex-officio chairman of the Adminisparagraph shall not prejudice or impair the tration without vote and shall not be a existing rights of users of Sabine River domiciliary of or reside in either State. The waters.

appointed members for Texas and Louisiana "(g) Waters stored in reservoirs con. shall be designated within 30 days after the structed by the States in the Stateline reach

effective date of this compact. shall be shared by each State in proportion "(c) The Texas members shall be apto its contribution to the cost of storage, pointed by the Governor for a term of 2 Neither State shall have the right to con- years; provided, that one of the original struct a dam on the Sta line reach without Texas members shall be appointed for a the consent of the other State.

term to establish a half-term interval be"(h) Each State may vary the rate and tween the expiration dates of the terms of manner of withdrawal of its share of such such members, and thereafter one such jointly stored waters on the Stateline reach, member shall be appointed annually for the subject to meeting the obligations for amor- regular term. One of the Louisiana memtization of the cost of the joint storage. In bers shall be ex-officio the Director of the any event, neither State shall withdraw more Louisiana Department of Public Works; the other Louisiana member shall be a resident "(4) To make findings as to the quan- adopt and transmit to the governor of such of the Sabine watershed and shall be ap- tities of reservoir storage (including joint State for his approval, its budget covering pointed by the Governor of Louisiana for a storage) and releases therefrom, diversions, anticipated expenses for the forthcoming biterm of 4 years; provided, that the first transmission losses and as to incident ennium and the amount thereof payable by member so appointed shall serve until June stream-flow changes, and as to the share such State. Upon approval by its governor, 30, 1958. Each State member shall hold of- of such quantities chargeable against or each State shall appropriate and pay the fice subject to the laws of his State or until allocable to the respective States;

amount due by it to the Administration. his successor has been duly appointed and “(5) To record and approve all points of The Administration shall keep an accurate qualified.

diversion at which water is to be removed account of all receipts and disbursements "(d) Interim vacancy, for whatever cause, from the Sabine River or its tributaries and shall include a statement thereof, toin the office of any member of the Adminis- below the Stateline; provided that, in any gether with a certificate of audit by a certration shall be filled for the unexpired term case, the State agency charged with the tified public accountant, in its annual rein the same manner as hereinabove provided administration of the water laws for the port. Each State shall have the right to for regular appointment.

State in which such point of diversion is make an examination and audit of the ac"(e) Within 60 days after the effective located shall first have approved such point counts of the Administration at any time. date of this compact, the Administration for removal or diversion; provided further (1) The Administration shall, whenever shall meet and organize. A quorum for any that any such point of removal or diver- requested, provide access to its records by meeting shall consist of three voting mem- sion once jointly approved by the appro- the governor of either State or by the chief bers of the Administration. Each State priate State agency and the Administration, official of either State charged therein with member shall have one vote, and every deci- shall not thereafter be changed without the the administration of water rights. The Adsion, authorization, determination, order, or joint amendatory approval of such State ministration shall annually on or before other action shall require the concurring agency and the Administration;

January 15 of each year make and transmit votes of at least three members.

(6) To require water users at their ex- to the governors of the signatory States, and (f) The Administration shall have power pense to install and maintain measuring

to the President of the United States, a to:

devices of approved type in any ditch, pump- report of the Administration's activities and "(1) Adopt, amend, and revoke bylaws,

ing station or other water diversion works deliberations for the preceding year. rules, and regulations, and prescribe proceon the Sabine River or its tributaries below

Article VIII dures for administration of and consistent

the Stateline, as the Administration may

determine necessary or proper for the purwith the provisions of this compact.

"(a) This compact shall become effective “(2) Fix and determine from time to time poses of this compact; provided that the

when ratified by the legislature and apthe location of the Administration's princi

chief official of each State charged with the proved by the governors of both States and administration of water rights therein shall

when approved by the Congress of the United pal office; supervise the execution and enforcement of

States. “(3) Employ such engineering, legal, clerthe Administration's requirements for such

(b) The provisions of this compact shall ical, and other personnel, without regard to measuring devices;

remain in full force and effect until modithe civil-service laws of either State, as the

"(7) To investigate any violations of this

fied, altered, or amended in the same manner Administration may determine necessary or compact and to report findings and recom

as hereinabove required for ratification thereproper to supplement State-furnished assistance as hereinafter provided, for the permendations thereon to the chief official of

of. The right so to modify, alter, or amend the affected State charged with the admin

this compact is expressly reserved. This formance of its functions under this comistration of water rights, or to the governor

compact may be terminated at any time by pact: Provided, That such employee shall be of such State as the Administration may

mutual consent of the signatory States. In paid by and be responsible to the Adminisdeem proper;

the event this compact is terminated as tration and shall not be considered to be

“(8) To acquire, hold, occupy, and utilize

herein provided, all rights then vested hereemployees of either State; “(4) Procure such equipment, supplies, such personal and real property as may be

under shall continue unimpaired. necessary or proper for the performance of

“(c) Should a court of competent jurisand technical assistance as the Administraits duties and functions under this compact;

diction hold any part of this compact to be tion may determine to be necessary or proper

(9) To perform all functions required of

contrary to the constitution of any signatory to supplement State-furnished assistance as hereinafter provided, for the performance of the Administration by this compact, and to

State or of the United States of America, all its functions under this compact; do all things necessary, proper, or convenient

other severable provisions of this compact in the performance of its duties hereunder.

shall continue in full force and effect. “(5) Adopt a seal which shall be judicially recognized. “(h) Each State shall provide such avail

"Article IX "(g) In cooperation with the chief official able facilities, supplies, equipment, technical

"This compact is made and entered into information, and other assistance as the Adadministering water rights in each State and

for the sole purpose of effecting an equitable ministration may require to carry out its with appropriate Federal agencies, the Ad

apportionment and providing beneficial uses ministration shall have and perform powers duties and function, and the execution and

of the waters of the Sabine River, its tribuenforcement of the Administration's orders and duties as follows:

taries and its watershed, without regard to shall be the responsibility of the agents and “(1) To collect, analyze, correlate, com

the boundary between Louisiana and Texas, officials of the respective States charged with pile, and report on data as to water supplies,

and nothing herein contained shall be conthe administration of water rights therein. stream flows, storage, diversions, salvage, and

strued as an admission on the part of either State officials shall furnish pertinent factual use of the waters of the Sabine River and its

State or any agency, commission, departand technical data to the Administration tributaries, and as to all factual data neces

ment, or subdivision thereof, respecting the upon request. sary or proper for the administration of this

location of said boundary; and neither this

“(i) Findings of fact made by the Admincompact;

compact nor any data compiled for the prepistration shall not be conclusive in any court (2) To designate as official stations for

aration or administration thereof shall be or before any agency or tribunal, but shall the administration of this compact such ex

offered, admitted, or considered in evidence, constitute prima facie evidence of such facts. isting water-gaging stations (and to operate,

in any dispute, controversy, or litigation

"(j) In the case of a tie vote on any of the maintain, repair, and abandon the same),

bearing upon the matter of the location of Administration's determinations, orders, or said boundary. and to locate, establish, construct, operate,

other actions subject to arbitration, then maintain, repair, and abandon additional

“The term 'Stateline' as defined in this arbitration shall be a condition precedent to such stations, as the Administration may

compact shall not be construed to define the any right of legal action. Either side of a tie from time to time find and determine neces

actual boundary between the State of Texas vote may, upon request, submit the question and the State of Louisiana. sary or appropriate; “(3) To make findings as to the deliveries

to arbitration. If there shall be arbitration,
there shall be three arbitrators: one named

Article X of water at Stateline, as hereinabove pro

in writing by each side, and the third chosen "Nothing in this compact shall be convided, from the stream-flow records of the

by the two arbitrators so elected. If the arbi- strued as affecting, in any manner, any presStateline gage which shall be operated and

trators fail to select a third within 10 days, ent or future rights or powers of the United maintained by the Administration or in co

then he shall be chosen by the representa- States, its agencies, or instrumentalities in, operation with the appropriate Federal tive of the United States.

to, and over the waters of the Sabine agency, for determination of the actual

“(k) The salaries, if any, and the personal River Basin. Stateline flow unless the administration

expenses of each member of the Administra- "In witness whereof, the representatives shall find and determine that, because of

tion, shall be paid by the government which have executed this compact in three counchanged physical conditions or for any other reason, reliable records are not obtainable

he represents. All other expenses incident terparts hereof, each of which shall be and thereat: in which case such existing State

to the Administration of this compact and constitute an original, one of which shall be line station may with the approval of the

which are not paid by the United States shall forwarded to the Administrator, General administration be abandoned and, with such be borne equally by the States. Ninety days Services Administration of the United States approval, a substitute Stateline station es- prior to the regular session of the legisla. of America and one of which shall be fortablished in lieu thereof;

ture of either State, the Administration shall warded to the governor of each State.

[ocr errors]

Done in the city of Logansport, in the There being no objection, the bill become available. The amendment is enState of Louisiana, this 26th day of Jan. (H. R. 9143) to repeal the provisions of tirely permissive. uary 1953.

section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act "Henry L. Woodworth

The purpose of the bill is to modify the "HENRY L. WOODWORTH,

which prohibits a Federal Reserve bank authorization of the Priest Rapids Dam Representative for the State of Texas.

from paying out notes of another Federal as contained in the Flood Control Act of "John W. Simmons Reserve bank was considered, ordered to

1950 to permit development of the Priest “JOHN W. SIMMONS,

a third reading, read the third time, and Rapids site by public utility district No. 2, "Representative for the State of Texas. passed.

Grant County, Wash., or such district or “Roy T. Sessums

Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, I its successor in combination with such "Roy T. SESSUMS,

understood the Senator to say that the other utilities as it may legally be affili"Representative for the State of Louisiana.

Senate bill and the House bill were "Approved :

ated with or by any division, subdivision, “Louis W. Prentiss identical.

agency, or commission of the State of "LOUIS W. PRENTISS,

Mr. BENNETT. That is correct. Washington, under and in accordance "Representative of the United The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without with the terms and conditions of a license States."

objection, Senate bill 3268 is indefinitely issued pursuant to the Federal Power Act SEC. 2. The right to alter, amend, or repeal postponed.

and subject to conditions specified in the this act is expressly reserved. This reserva

bill. The bill provides that the Priest tion shall not be construed to prevent the vesting of rights to the use of water pursuant

DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRIEST RAP- Rapids Reservoir site shall be developed to applicable law, and no alteration, amend

to utilize the optimum capabilities of the

IDS SITE ON ment, or repeal of this act shall be held to

THE COLUMBIA site and provision is made for determinaffect rights so vested.


ing such development prior to the grantThe Senate resumed the consideration ing of a license.

of the bill (H. R. 7664) to provide for the Navigation and flood-control facilities FEDERAL ASSISTANCE IN SCHOOL development of the Priest Rapids site on

would be included either as a part of the CONSTRUCTION TO STATES AND

the Columbia River, Wash., under a initial construction or at a later date. TERRITORIES

license issued pursuant to the Federal The Priest Rapids Dam and Reservoir The bill (S. 2601) to provide for Fed- Power Act.

was approved by the Flood Control Act eral financial assistance to States and Mr. PAYNE. Mr. President, I suggest of 1950 as an integral unit in the comTerritories in the construction of public the absence of a quorum.

prehensive plan for flood control and elementary and secondary school facili- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The other purposes in the Columbia River ties was announced as next in order. clerk will call the roll.

Basin. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without The legislative clerk proceeded to call The proposed dam site is at mile 397 objectionthe roll.

on the Columbia River, 73 miles above Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, I Mr. PAYNE. Mr. President, I ask the mouth of Snake River. The dam think both calendar committees will unanimous consent that the order for would be about 195 feet high and 13,500 agree that this particular bill should not the quorum call be rescinded.

feet long, consisting of a concrete gravibe passed on the Consent Calendar, even The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without ty channel section with earth-fill emthough the bill is a very meritorious one. objection, it is so ordered.

bankments on each abutment. The resMr. SCHOEPPEL. I heartily agree Mr. BUSH. Mr. President, this bill ervoir would extend upstream about 56 with the statement of the Senator from provides for the development of the miles to the existing Rock Island Dam, Florida.

Priest Rapids site on the Columbia River, and would inundate about 52,800 acres The PRESIDING OFFICER. Objec- in the State of Washington, under a at maximum pool and 36,500 acres at tion is heard, and the bill will be passed license issued pursuant to the Federal normal pool elevation. The total caover.

Power Act. The Committee on Public pacity of the reservoir would be 3,300,000 That concludes the calendar.

Works, to whom the bill providing for acre-feet, of which 2,100,000 acre-feet this development was referred, reported between elevations 540 feet and 590 feet

the bill favorably, with an amendment, would be available for flood-control REPEAL OF SECTION 16 OF THE

and recommended its passage. The storage. FEDERAL RESERVE ACT

amendment is, on page 4, line 12, at the The proposed power installation conMr. BENNETT. Mr. President, last end of the paragraph, to add the follow- sists of 23 53,000 kilowatt generators night the Senate passed Senate bill 3268, ing:

initially, a total of 1,219,000 kilowatts, a bill to repeal the provisions of section

with an ultimate installation of 30 such

Power surplus to the requirements of the 16 of the Federal Reserve Act which pro- licensee and other non-Federal marketing units, a total of 1,590,000 kilowatts. hibits a Federal Reserve bank from pay, agencies within the economic marketing area,

The power project would be essentially ing out notes of another Federal Reserve as may be economically usable to the Federal a run-of-river plant, developing an avbank. An identical bill, House bill 9143, system, may be made available to and may be erage head of about 145 feet, utilizing had previously passed the House and was

purchased by the Bonneville Power Admin- the flows as regulated by upstream stor

istrator at rates not higher than the rates referred to the Senate Committee on

age. The total power produced would charged such non-Federal marketing agenBanking and Currency.

be about 8 billion kilowatt-hours ancies, and under such terms and conditions as I ask unanimous consent that the vote

nually. shall be mutually agreeable to the licensee by which Senate bill 3268 was passed yes- and the Secretary of the Interior. The Ad

The total estimated cost of the projterday be reconsidered.

ministrator may use funds in the continuing ect, based on July 1953 price levels, was The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr.

fund, established under the provisions of sec- about $364 million, with the intial power REYNOLDS in the chair). Is there objec

tion 11 of the Bonneville Project Act of Au- installation of 1,219,000 kilowatts, pro

gust 27, 1937 (50 Stat. 731), as amended, to tion? The Chair hears none, and it is

visions for future navigation facilities, purchase such power. Such power may be so ordered.

and with the 2,100,000 acre-feet of commingled with power from Federal dams Mr. BENNETT. I now ask that the in the Columbia River system for which the

flood-control storage. The cost of the Committee on Banking and Currency be Bonneville Power Administrator has been

flood-control storage is about $65 mildischarged from further consideration designated marketing agent and shall be sold lion, and the provision for navigation of House bill 9143.

by the Administrator in accordance with the facilities is about $10 million. The The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there provisions of the Bonneville Project Act at benefits are estimated to be $22,774,000 objection? The Chair hears none, and established rate schedules.

for power, and $3,345,000 for flood conit is so ordered.

As will be seen, the amendment is per

trol and recreation. The economic ratio Mr. BENNETT. I now ask unanimous missive. It would permit surplus power

is 1.43. consent for the present consideration of to be sold by the public utility district H. R. 7664 would modify the authoriHouse bill 9143.

operating the property to the Bonneville zation of Priest Rapids Dam to permit The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there

Is there Power Administrator, and he would be the development of the site by public objection?

permitted to take such power if it should utility district No. 2 of Grant County,

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