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ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President 1861-65. Born in Hardin County, Kentucky, February 12, 1809; died at Washington, April 15, 1865.

WILLIAM HENRY SEWARD, Secretary of State 1861-69. Born at Florida, New York, May 16, 1801; died at Auburn, New York, October 10, 1872.

SALMON PORTLAND CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury 1861-64. Born at Cornish, New Hampshire, January 13, 1808; died at New York, May 7, 1873.

WILLIAM PITT FESSENDEN, Secretary of the Treasury 1864-65. Born at Boscawen, New Hampshire, October 16, 1806; died at Portland, Maine, September 8, 1869.

SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War 186162. Born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1799; died there June 26, 1889.

EDWIN MCMASTERS STANTON, Secretary of War 1862–68. Born at Steubenville, Ohio, December 19, 1814; died at Washington, December 24, 1869.

GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the Navy

1861-69. Born at Glastonbury, Connecticut, July 1, 1802; died at Hartford, Connecticut, February 11, 1878.

CALEB BLOOD SMITH, Secretary of the Interior 1861-62. Born at Boston, Massachusetts, April 16, 1808; died at Indianapolis, Indiana, January 7, 1864.

JOHN PALMER USHER, Secretary of the In

terior 1863-65. Born at Brookfield, New York, January 9, 1816; died at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 13, 1889.

EDWARD BATES, Attorney-General 1861-64. Born at Belmont, Virginia, September 4, 1793; died at St. Louis, March 25, 1869.

JAMES SPEED, Attorney-General 1864-66. Born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, March 11, 1812; died there June 25, 1887.

MONTGOMERY BLAIR, Postmaster-General 1861-64. Born in Franklin County, Kentucky, May 10, 1813; died at Silver Spring, Maryland, July 27, 1883.


DENNISON, Postmaster-General 1864-66. Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, November 23, 1815; died at Columbus, Ohio, June 15, 1882.

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HAVE been invited to tell you some recollections of impressions that were made upon me during the period when I was serving at Washington and in the field under President Lincoln and Edwin M. Stanton. I felt no special anxiety to perform this duty, but it seemed to me as though I ought not to decline it. The number of those who knew those

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