Memoirs of the Right Honourable Henry Lord Langdale, Volume 2

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R. Bentley, 1852 - Great Britain
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Page 71 - The doctrines of this Court ought to be as well settled, and made as uniform, almost, as those of the common law, laying down fixed principles, but taking care that they are to be applied according to the circumstances of each case.
Page 305 - Christian men are discerned from others that be not christened ; but it is also a sign of regeneration, or new birth, whereby, as by an instrument, they that receive baptism rightly are grafted into the Church ; the promises of the forgiveness of sin, and of our adoption to be. the sons of God by the Holy Ghost, are visibly signed and sealed; faith is confirmed and grace increased by virtue of prayer unto God.
Page 304 - The Sacraments were not ordained of Christ to be gazed. upon, or to be carried about, but that we should duly use them. And in such only as worthily receive the same, they have a wholesome effect or operation ; but they that receive them unworthily, purchase to themselves damnation, as St. Paul saith.
Page 305 - Christened : but it is also a Sign of Regeneration or New Birth, whereby, as by an instrument, they that receive Baptism rightly, are grafted into the Church : the promises of the forgiveness of sin, and of our adoption to be the Sons of God by the Holy Ghost are visibly Signed and Sealed : faith is confirmed, and grace increased by virtue of Prayer unto God.
Page 294 - Item, That infants must needs be christened, because they be born in original sin ; which sin must needs be remitted, which cannot be done but by the sacrament of baptism, whereby they receive the Holy Ghost, which exerciseth his grace and efficacy in them, and cleanseth and purifieth them from sin by his most secret virtue and operation. "Item, That children or men, once baptized, can nor ought ever to be baptized again. " Item, That they ought to repute and take all the anabaptists...
Page 390 - ... in requests for justice, which might be made without any suit at all; that even the failure of justice, in some particular cases, would be less prejudicial than attempts to obtain it by violating immunities thought necessary to the independence of Princes and nations, I think that, on the whole, it ought to be considered as a general rule, in accordance with the law of nations, that a Sovereign Prince resident in the dominions of another, is exempt from the jurisdiction of the Courts there.
Page 304 - Sacraments ordained of Christ be not only badges or tokens of Christian men's profession, but rather they be certain sure witnesses, and effectual signs of grace, and God's good will towards us, by the which he doth work invisibly in us, and doth not only quicken, but also strengthen and confirm our Faith in him.
Page 316 - February the motion was denied, and an application was then made to this court for a rule to show cause why a writ of prohibition should not issue to the...
Page 275 - That the doctrine held by Mr. Gorham is not contrary or repugnant to the declared doctrine of the Church of England as by law established, and that Mr.
Page 311 - epistles," and read as such. XV. That whereas throughout the several offices, the 15 phrase is such as presumes all persons (within the communion of the church) to be regenerated, converted, and in an actual state of grace, (which, had ecclesiastical discipline been truly and vigorously executed...

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