The Mikado: Institution and Person

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Princeton University Press, 1915 - Japan - 346 pages

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Page 23 - The rights of sovereignty of the State, We have inherited from Our Ancestors, and We shall bequeath them to Our descendants. Neither We nor they shall in future fail to wield them, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution hereby granted.
Page 22 - Having, by virtue of the glories of Our Ancestors, ascended the Throne of a lineal succession unbroken for ages eternal; desiring to promote the welfare of, and to give development to the moral and intellectual faculties of Our beloved subjects, the very same that have been favoured with the benevolent care and affectionate vigilance of Our Ancestors; and hoping to maintain the prosperity of the State, in concert with Our people and with their support, We hereby promulgate...
Page 14 - The Empire of Japan shall be reigned over and governed by a line of Emperors unbroken for ages eternal.
Page 21 - Our other Imperial Ancestors. That we have been so fortunate in Our reign, in keeping with the tendency of the times, as to accomplish this work, We owe to the glorious Spirits of the Imperial Founder of Our House and of Our other Imperial Ancestors.
Page 51 - A thousand years of happy life be thine! Live on, my lord, till what are pebbles now, By age united, to great rocks shall grow, Whose venerable sides the moss doth line!
Page 95 - The water placed in goblet, bowl or cup Changes its form to its receptacle ; And so our plastic souls take various shapes And characters of good or ill, to fit The good or evil in the friends we choose. Therefore be ever careful in your choice of friends, And let your special love be given to those Whose strength of character may prove the whip That drives you ever to fair Wisdom's goal.
Page 123 - Empire's ears and eyes to be turned in two different directions. The march of events has brought about a revolution, and the old system can no longer be obstinately persevered in. You should restore the governing power into the hands of the sovereign and so lay a foundation on which Japan may take its stand as the equal of all other countries. This is the most imperative duty of the present moment, and is the heartfelt prayer of Yodo. Your Highness is wise enough to take this advice into consideration...
Page 332 - Between the two stories there will be this curious difference, however, for in Japan there was little if any sentiment against dishonesty in public life. . . . With such a public sentiment, the result both of feudal tradition and Chinese philosophy, there is nothing remarkable in the all but unbroken uniformity of the practice of starting life in comparative poverty and dying millionaires.
Page 65 - The immediate effect of the arrival of the American Embassy was to reconsolidate the fasf-wanTng power of the Tokugawa government. Putting in abeyance all minor matters of dispute, the entire nation looked to the Shogun, as the representative of all existing authority, to lead the forces of Japan against what was regarded as a Western invasion. Thus the Tokugawa government was given a new lease of life and its final overthrow postponed for fifteen years, during which time ultra-reformists were kept...
Page 51 - May our Lord's dominion last Till a thousand years have passed, Twice four thousand times o'ertold! Firm as changeless rock, earth-rooted, Moss of ages imcomputed Grow upon it, green and old!

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