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sued from the press, calculated to elucidate certain phases of the Rebellion and the War, but we have observed no one designed to meet the demand which this volume is intended to supply, or which at all occupies the ground which several of its chapters cover.

We are indebted to many writers for the facts we present, and as far as possible have endeavored to give them credit in the body of the work, though omissions may have occurred.

With this statement of the object of this volume, we lay it before the public, in the confident hope that the Church and the Nation may soon come out of this strife, purified and invigorated, restored to those principles which were the glory of the earlier and better days of the Republic, and prepared for that great mission to which we have always fondly believed they were destined by the Ruler of the whole earth.

NEW YORK, August, 1864.


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.Page 152-206 of leading Divines, 155; Dr. Thornwell aids the Rebellion, 155; His

Fast-Day Discourse, Nov. 21, 1860, 157; He vindicates the Secession of South

Carolina, 158; Open resistance counselled, 159; Charge of Treason established,

169; Drs. Thornwell, Leland, Adger, and others, upon the stump, 161; Early aid

of Dr. Palmer, 163; Dr. Palmer and the mission of Senator Toombs, 163 ; Speci-

men of his Thanksgiving Discourse, 165; Resistance counselled-—" the last

ditch," 167; War welcomed the Union denounced, 167; Prophecy fulfilled un-

expectedly, 168; His Sermon steeped in sin, yuilt, and crime, 169; He further

vindicates Secession, 170; Dr. Smyth strikes the same chord, 171; Judginent

and blessing, 172; Resistance universally instilled, 172; The Clergy of all De.

nominations aid the Rebellion, 173; Leading Clergymen in the Rebel army, 174;

Many Ministers go South and aid the Rebellion, 175; Other Rebel Clergymen at

the South, 176; Southern Churches organized in aid of the Rebellion, 177; Ad-

dresses of Southern Churches sustaining the Rebellion, 179; The Presbyterian

Church, 179; The Protestant Episcopal Church, 180; Christian Association, 181;

The Baptist Church, 182; Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians,

Lutherans, German Reformed, and other Churches, Ninety-six Ministers, 183;

Southern Religious press on the Rebellion, 184; At New Orleans, 184; At Co-

lumbia, S. C., 185; At Richmond, Va., 186; At Fayetteville, N. C., 187; Educa-

tion in aid of the Rebellion, 188; Great Southern University, 189; Disunion-

Fighting me to be educated, 189; Endowment, five or ten millions, 191; Pro-

fessorsbip on Patriotism, 191; Episcopal University of the South, 192; Rebel

Major-General Hill as an Educator, 193; His hatrod of the North, 194; He

teaches Secession by algebra, 194; Specimen of algebraic problems, 195; Aid

of the Church indispensable to the Rebellion, 196; This aid acknowledged by

Rebel Statesmen, 197; A Statesman's view indorsed, 198; The Church led the

Politicians, 199; The proof conclusive, 200; Loyal Clergymen in the Border

States, 201; Loyalty of Northern Churches-their duty, 202: Duty of the South-

ern Church the same, 204,

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