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bill to create office of lieutenant.

general for Grant, 232.
Washington, George, opposed slavery,

Watkins, Thomas, I:189.
Wayland, John W., 1:27.
Weber, Mrs. Jessie Palmer, I:143.
Webster's Speller, 1:86, 120.
Webster, Daniel, helped defeat Lin-

coln for land office, 1:294; death,

328; on national unity, II:56.
Weed, Thurlow, at River and Harbor

Convention, 1:279; at Chicago
Convention of 1860, 429; Critten-
den Compromise, 455 seq.; on Lin-
coln's mood in winter of 1860, 462;
request for pardon for a spy,
II:268; Lincoln's proposal to Gov-

ernor Seymour, 305.
Weems' Life of Washington and

of Franklin, 1:121, 472.
Weik, Jesse W., 1:259, 264, 327;

Weldon, Lawrence, 1:343, 445, 446.
Welles, Hon. Gideon, II:19, 22; ap-

pointed secretary of the navy, 37;
on emancipation, 144 seq.;
cerning Lincoln at last Cabinet
meeting, 338; on Lincoln's dream,
339; at death of Lincoln, 348;
Johnson's first Cabinet meeting,
Whitney, Henry C., 1:141, 358.
Whitesides, General, I:177.
“Whole-hog" Democrats, 1:202.
"Wide-Awakes," 1:411.
Wigwam at Chicago convention,

Union League Clubs, II:272.
United States Sanitary Commission

Fair, II:205.
Upton, General Emory, 1:163.
Usher, J. P., at Gettysburg, II:192;

story of Grant receiving his com-
mission, 234; on Grant receiving
his commission, 235; at death of

Lincoln, 348.
Vallandigham, Clement G., II:276

Van Bergen, Peter, 1:188-189.
Van Buren, Martin, visit to Illinois,

1:245; succeeded Jackson, 272;

Free-soil candidate, 339.
Vandalia, state capital of Illinois,

Van Tyne, Prof. C. H., II:469.
Varioloid, Lincoln suffers, "has
something he can give to every

one," II:51.
Vestiges of Creation, II:460.
Vicksburg, capture of, II:186, 232.
Vincent, General Thomas M., II:346,

Vineyard, Mrs. Jesse. See Owens,

Virginia, Confederate ram, see Mer-

"Virginia John" Lincoln, 1:26.
Virgin's Grove camp meeting, 1:310.
Volk, Leonard, sculptor, 1:310;

II :425.
Voltaire's definition of history, I:84.

Welton, Louis A., II :268.
West Point graduates, depised by

volunteer soldiers, but won the war,

West Virginia, admission to Union,
Whig, why did Lincoln become?,

Whisky Rebellion, II:55.
White, Alexander, 1:177.
White, Charles T., II:450.
White, Horace, on Lincoln's speech

in 1854, 1:342; on "Lost Speech,'
360; reported Lincoln-Douglas de-

bates, 389.
White, Hugh L., 1:272.
White, Richard, 1:40.
White, Richard Grant, II:24, 442.
White, Sarah. See Hanks, Sarah

Whitewater, Wisconsin, 1:178.
Whitman, Walt, II:365.
Whitney, Eli, and the cotton gin,



Wade, Benjamin F., II:83, 155, 167,

Walch, Hadley H., II:469.
Wallace, General Lew, II:353.
Wallace, Dr. William S., 1:466;

Walton, Matthew, 1:29.
Ward, Artemus, (Charles Brockden

Brown), II:391, 407.
Warnick, Major John, 1:141, 142,

143, 144, 145.
Warnick, Mary or Polly, I:141-145.
Warren, Rev. Louis A., 1:13, 28, 30,

32, 76, 92.
Washburne, Elihu B., on Lincoln in

Congress, 1:283; Lincoln's letter in
December, 1860, 460; met Lincoln
on arrival in Washington, 475; cor-
respondence with Lincoln, II :60;

Wilkes, Captain Charles, II:115 seq.
Willard Hotel, Washington, II :5.
William the Conqueror, I:157 ; II :4.
Wills, Judge, of Gettysburg, II :192.
Wilmot, David, and his proviso,

1:285, 287; temporary chairman

National Convention of 1860, 427.
Wilson, David Alec, quoted, I:8.
Wilson, Henry, with Free-soil move-

ment, 1:288, 299; on Thirteenth
Amendment, 323.

Wilson, R. L., 1:205.
Wilson, Mrs. Woodrow, II:409.
Winter of the Deep Snow, 1:143.
Winthrop, Robert C., 1:280, 289, 298.
Wise, D. W., II:156.
Wood, Fernando, 1:471.
Wood, William, 1:136.
Wood, W. S., 1:466.
World, New York, published Howard

forgery, II:286.
Wycliffe's Bible, II:208.

Yankee Doodle, official musical end-

ing of state receptions, II:42.
Yates, Richard, on Lincoln as a law-

student, I:194, 466; II:272.
Young, Mary, 1:57.

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