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corrected within the Union, in a peaceful Stewart, Tappan, Theaker, Tompkins, Train. Trimble. Tar and Constitutional way; that we believe that Washburn, Ellinu B. Washburne, Israel Washburn, Welle, it has sufficient power to redress every wrong Wilson, Wood— 8. and enforce every right growing out of its

NAYA-Messrs. Green Adams, Adrain, Thomas L. Ander

son, Ashley, Barksdale, Barrett, Bocock, Boteler, Boyre, organization or pertaining to its proper Briggs, Brown, Burnett, Horace P. Clark, John B. Clark, functions; and that it is a patriotic duty to Clemens, Cloptom, Cobb, John Cochrane, Cox, James Craig stand by it, as our hope in peace and our de Edmundson, English, Florence, Pouke, Gariroll, Gilmer, fence in war."

Hardeman, J. Morrison Harris, John T. Harris, Ilatton, Hill, Which was agreed to-yeas 115, nays 44, Mindman, Holman, Hughes, Jackson, Jmes, Kunkel, Land

rum, Larrabee, Jas. M. Leach, Leake, Logan, Verlag, as follows:

Mallory, Elbert S. Martin, McClernand, Mckenty, yonYEAS—Messrs. Adams of Kentucky, Adrain, Aldrich, gomery, Laban T. Moore, Sydenham Moore, iseac Merris, Allen, Alley, Anderson of Kentucky, Ashley, Babbitt, black, Nal, Pendleton, Prutom, Pryor, Pugh, Quarles

, Beale, Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brayton, Briggs, Duffinton, Reagan, Riggs, Scott, Sickles, Simms, Singleton, W'm. Smith, Burlingame, Burnham, Butterfield, Campbell, Carey, Car

Wm. X. H. Smith, Sallworth, Staranson, James A. Sitar, ter, Case, Colfax, Conkling, Covode, 'Cor, Daris' of Indiana, Stoker, Thomas, Underwood, Vance, Webster, Woolicii, Dawes, Delano, Duell, Dunn, Edgerton, Edwards, Eliot, Wright81. Ely, English, Etheridge, Farnsworth, Fenton, Foster, Frank, APPROVAL OF MAJOR ANDERSON'S COURSE. French, Gooch, Graham, Grow, Hale, Hall, Harris of Md. Helmick, Hickman, Hoard, Holman, Howard of Ohio, In the House of Representatives, January Humphrey, Hutchins, Irvine Junkin, Kellogg of Mich., Ken 7th, 1861, this resolution was offered by er, Loonis, Lovejoy, Martin of Ohio, McC'lernand, Mc Kean, Mr. A DRAIN, of New Jersey, and adopted-Mc Kenty, McKnight, McPherson, Montgomery, Moorhead, Morris of Pa., Morris of Illinois, Niblack, Nixon, Olin,

yeas 125, nays 56. Palmer, Perry, Pettit, Porter, Potter, Pottle, E. R. Reynolds,

Resolved, That we fully approve the bold J.H. Reynolds, Rice, Riggs, Rotrin som of 11., Royce, Scranton, and patriotic act of Major Anderson in with. of Pa., Stokes, Tappan, Thayer, Tompkins, Train, Trimble, drawing from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter

, Vandever, Verree, Wade, Waldron, Walton, Washburne of and of the determination of the President to III., Washburn of Maine, Wells, Wilson, Wood-115.

Nays-Messrs. Anderson of Missouri, Avery, Barksdale, maintain that fearless officer in his present Bouligny, Branch, Burnett, Ciark of Missouri, Clapton, position; and that we will support the PresiCobb, Crawford, Curry, De Jarnette, Edmundson, Florence, dent in all constitutional measures to enforce Garnett, Gartrell, Hardeman, Hill, Hindman, Hughes, Jackson, Jenkins, Jomes, Landrum, Leach of N.C., Leake, Martin the laws and preserve the Union.” of Virginia, Moore of Alabama, Noell, Pryor, Quarles, Reagan, Rutlin, Scott, Sickles, Singleton, Smith of Va., Sallworth, Stevenson, Thomas, Underwood, Vance, Webster, Aldricb, Allen, Alley, W.C. Andersoni, Ashley. Babbitt. Beale,

YEAS—Messrs. Charles F. Adams, Green Adams, Adrain, Wright41.

Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brayton, Briggs, Buffinto, BurlinTHE CONSTITUTION AND SLAVERY.

game, Campbell, Carey, Carter, Clemens, Coburn, J.Chehrane, Mr. CRAWFORD, of Georgia, offered the fol- Colfax, Corwin, Covode, Cur, Curtis, H.w. Daris. J.G. Liris

Dawes, Delano, Dimmick, Duell, Dunn, Edgerton. Edwards, lowing:

Eliot, Ely, Etheridge, Farnsworth, Fenton, Ferry, Foster, "Resolved, That the. Constitution of the Fouke, Frank, French, Gooch, Grow, Gurley, Hale, Hail, United States recognizes property in slaves. ad, William A. Howard Humphrey, Hutchins, Irvine, That the Congress of the United States has Junkin, Francis W. Kellogg, William Kellogg, Kenyetu, passed laws to aid slaveholders in recaptur- Loomis, Lovejoy; Macluy, Marston, Charles D. Martin, ing their slaves whenever they escape and McClernand, McKean, Mc Kenty, McKnight, McPherson

, make their way into the free States. That Morris, Morse, Nixon, Olin, Palmer, Perry, Petrit, Porter

, the Supreme Court of the United States Pottle, Edwin R. Reynolds, Rice, Riggs, Christupher Robin have decided that negroes were not included son, James C. Robinson, Royce, Sedgwick, Sherznan, Sickles


Spaulding, Spinner, Stanton, Stevens, William Stewart, either in the Declaration of Independence or Stratton, Tappan, Thayer, Theaker, Tompkins, Train, in the Constitution of the United States ex- Trimble, Vandever, Wade, Waldron, Walton, Calwalader C.

Washburn, Ellihu B. Washburne, Wells, Wilson, Windon, cept as slaves; and that they cannot become Wood--125. citizens of the United States. And we, the NAYS-Messrs. Thomas L. Anderson, Avery, Barksdals members of this House, hereby sustain and Barrett, Bocock, Bouligny, Branch, Brown, Burch, Burmet will support this construction of the Con- Jarnette, Florence, Garnett, Gartrell, Gilmer, Hamulion, Vir stitution, the laws, and said decisions of the deman, John T. Harris, Hatton, Hawkins, Hill

, 17indman,

Houston, Hughes, Jones, Kunke, Landrum, James M.Leach, Supreme Court.”

Love, Mallory, Elbert S. Martin, Maynard, Mc Rae, Laban Dec. 18th. Mr. SHERMAN moved to lay the T. Moore, Sydenham Moore, Peyton, Phelps, Pryor, Quarles, resolution on the table, which was rejected Reagan, Rust, Scott, Simms Singleton, William N. H. Smith

Stevenson, Stokes, Vallandigham, Vauce, Webster, Wright -yeas 89, nays 92. Subsequently a motion -56. was made to reconsider this vote, and the

COERCION. House refusing-yeas 87, nays 91-to lay December 31st. Mr. PRYOR offered the the motion to reconsider on the table, the following resolution: motion of Mr. Sherman to lay the resolution

Resolved, That any attempt to preserve on the table was agreed to-yeas 88, nays 81, the Union between the States of this Conas follows:

federacy by force would be impracticable YEA8—Messrs. Aldrich, Allen, Alley, Babbitt, Beale, and destructive to republican liberty. Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brayton, Buffinton, Burlingame, Butterfield, Carey, Carter, Case, Colfax, Conkling, Covode,

Mr. Stanton moved to lay this upon the Curtis, Dawes, Delano, Duell, Edgerton, Edwards, Eliot, Ely, table, which was agreed to-yeas 98, naye Farnsworth, Fenton, Foster, Frank, Gooch, Graham, Grow, 55, as follows: Gurley, Hale, Hall, Helmick, Hickman, Hoard, Hutchins, Irvine, Junkin, Francis W. Kellogg, Kenyon, Kilgore, YEAS_Messrs. Adams of Mass., Adams of Ky., Adraith Killinger, De Witt C. Leach, Lee, Longnecker, Loomis, Aldrich, Allen, Babbitt, Beale, Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brat Lovejoy, McK yan, McKnight, McPherson, Millward, Moor- ton, Briggs, Buffinton, Burlingame, Burnham, Campbell

head. Edward Joy Morris Morse. Perry Pettit. Porter.

Carey. Case. Clemens. Colfax. Conkling one of that

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o Md. Rattoo, Helmick, Hill, Holman, Howard of Ohio, Burnham, Butterfield, Camphell, Carey, Case, Coburn, Col. Howard of Michigan, Humphrey, Hutchins, Junkin, Kel. fax, Conkling, Covode, Curtis, H. Winter Davis, John G. long, Mich., Kenyon, Kilgore, Larrabee, Leach of Mich., Davis, DAWEX, Delano, Duell, Edgerton, Eliut, Etheridge, Lee Longnecker, Loomis, lovejoy, Marston, Martin of Ohio, Fenton, Foster, Frank, French, Gilmer, Gooch, Grow, Gurley, Mahmuari, McKean, Mekenty, McKnight, McPherson, Mont- Ilale, J Morrison Harris, Helmick, Hoard, Holmın, wil farty, Moore of Ky., Morris of Pa., Morris of 111., Morse, liam Hindarı!, William A. Howard, Humphrey, Hutchins, Null. Olin, Palmer, Padleton, Perry, Pettit, Porter, Irvine, Junkin, Francis W. Kellogg, William Kellogg, Ken. Qurles, Reynolds, Robinson of Rhode Island, Robinson of yon, Killinger, De Witt C. Leach, Lee, Longnecker, Loomis, III., Ropee, Sberman, Spaulding, Stanton, Stevens, Stokes, Lovejoy, Mallory, Marston, Charles D. Mirtin, M (lernand, Tappan, Thayer, Theaker, Vance, Vandever, Verree, Wade, McKean, Mcknight, McPherson, Montgomery, Laban T. Walton, Washburn of Wisconsin, Washburne of Illinois, Moore, Murheu, Morrill, Edward Joy Morria, Isane V. Webster, Wilson, Windon–98.

Morris, Mrse, Nelson, Nihlack, Nixon, Olin, Palmer, Perry, NATS-Yesgrs. Alley, Anderson of Mo., Ashley, Avery, Potter, Pottle, Edwin R. Reynolds, John H. Reynolds, Rice, Birkulale, Barrett, Bronck, Branch, Burch, Clark of Mo., | Riggs, Christopher Robinson, Royce, Scranton, Seslgwick, Ceptor. Obb, Jolina Cochrane, Cruig of Mo., Crawford, Curry, Sherinan, Somes, Spanking, Spinner, Stanton, Stevens, Wm. Ca tis, De Jarrette, Dunn, Edmundson, Plorence, Garnett, Stewart, Stokes, Stratton, 'Tappan, Thayer, Theaker, TompGartrell Hardem:in, Harris of Va., Hindm-in,' Hmesto, kins, Train, Trimble, Vandover, Van Wyck, Wade, Waldron, Nazars, Jack, Jenkins, Jones, Leach of N. C., Logan, Lore, Walton, Cadwaluer C. Washburn, Ellihu B. Washburne, Martin of Fa., M Ciernand, McRae, Voore of Ala., Viblack, Webster, Wells, Wilson, Windom, Woo, Woodruff -119. Pyton, Pryr, Pugh, Rios, Rust, Sott, Sickles, Siv gletm, NAYS-Messrs. Arery, Bocock, Boteler, Branch, Brown, Spioner, Tomas, Vallandigham, Wells, Whiteley, Winslow, Burnett, Horuce F. Clurk, John B. Clark, James Craig, Warrison, Wright_55.

Burton Craige, De Jarnette, Edmundson, Florence, Phuke, NON-INTERFERENCE WITH SLAVERY IN THE

Garnett, John T. Harris, Hatton, Ilindman, Hughes, Kun.

kel, James M. Leach, Leake, Logan, Maclay, Elurt S. Mar STATES.

tin, Maynard, Mc Kenty, Millsom, Pendleto, Prytim, Pryor, February 11th, 1861. Mr. Sherman of Quarles, James C. Robinson, Scott, Simms, William N. H.

Smith, Stevenson, Thomas, Vance, Whiteley, Winslow, Ohio, offered the following:

Wright42. Resolved, That neither the Congress of

The bill was debated in the Senate, re. the United States, nor the people or gov- committed, re-reported, but objected to by ernments of the non-slaveholding States Mr. Mason, Mr. Green, and others, and not have the constitutional right to legislate finally disposed of. upon or interfere with slavery in any of the slaveholding States in the Union.

BILL TO SUPPRESS INSURRECTION. Which were agreed to-yeas 162, nays none,

February 18th. Mr. STANTON of Ohio, re. ilmas Messrs. Charles F. Adams, Green Adams, Aldrich, ported from the Committee on Military Aila, Thomas L. Anderson, William C. Anderson, Avery,

affairs a bill enacting : Babbitt, Barr, Barrett, Bingham, Blair, Blake, Bocock, Boteler, Brabeon, Brayton, Briggs, Bristow, Proun, Butlin

That the provisions of an act approved the Can Burch, Burlingume, Burnett, Butterfield, Campbell, 28th day of February, in the year 1795, entitled Cares, Carter, Case, Horace F.Clark, John B. Clark, Cobura "An act to provide for calling forth the Craig, Curtis, Dawes, Delano, Dimmick, Dnell, Duon, Ed: militia to execute the laws of the Union, manis, Eiwards, Eliot, Ely, English, Etheridge, Farns- suppress insurrections, and repel invasions, , Ferry, Florener, Poster, Frank, French,


, and to repeal the act now in force for those Morrison Harris, John 7. Harris, Haskín, Hatton, Helmick, purposes," and of the act approved the 3d day Hoard, Holman, Wiliam Howard, William A. Howard, of March, in the year 1807, entitled "An act Francis W. Kellogg, Kenyon, Killinger, Larrabec, Lcake, authorizing the employment of the land and Lee, Loreny, Maclay, Mallory, Marston, Elbert S. Martin naval forces of the United States in cases of Maynard, MeCtornead, McKean, f!c Kenty, McKnight, Mo insurrections,” are hereby extended to the Voorhead, Mortill, Edward Joy Morris, Issac No Morris

, case of insurrections against the authority Marsa, Nelson, Niblack, Nixon, Noell, Palmer, Perry, Pettit, of the United States. Porcon, Phips, Porter, Potter, Pottle, Pryor, Quarles, Jobn !!. Reynolds Rice, Riggs, Christopher Robinson, Royce,

That the President in any case in which Scranton, Sedgwick, Sherman, Sickles, William N.H. Smith; it may be lawful to use either the militia or Stokes, stout. Stratton, Tappan, Thayer, Theaker, Thomas, the military and naval force of the United Tompkins, Train, Trimble, Vallandigham, Vance, Vand States for the purpose aforesaid, may accept dere. Washburn, Elihu B. Wushburne, Webster, Wells, the services of such volunteers as may offer Whitery. Wilson, Windom, Winslow, Woodson-102. their services, as cavalry, infantry, or artilNATS Nope. RE-ORGANIZE THE MILITIA OF

lery, organized in companies of the maxi


mum standard, squadrons and regiments, January 28th 1860. Mr Stor of Ohio

respectively, according to the mode pre



YEAS—Messrs. Thomas L. Anderson, William C. Ander- | BILL TO PROVIDE FOR THE son, Avery, Barr, Barrett, Bocock, Bouligny, Brabson, Branch, Bristow, Brown, Burch, Burnett, Horace F. Clark,

DUTIES ON IMPORTS. John B. Clark, John Cochrane, Cox, James Craig, Burton Craige, John G. Davis, De Jarnette, Edmundson, English, January 30, 1860. Mr. BINGHAM of Ohio, Etheridge, Florence, Garnett, Cilmer, J. Morrison luuria reported from the Committee on the JudiHughes, Kunkel, 'Larrabee, James M. Leach, Leake, Logan, ciary a bill providingMaclay, Mallory, Maynard, McKenty, Milson, Laban T. Moorr, Isuac N. Morris, Nelson, Niblack, Noell, Peyton,

That whenever by reason of unlawful obPhelps, Pryor, Quarles, James č. Robinson, Rufin, Rust

, structions, combinations or assemblages of Phomas, Vallandigham, Vance, Webster, Winslow,' Wood-persons, it shall become impracticable, in

the judgment of the President, to executo NAY-Messrs. Charles F. Adams, Adrain, Aldrich, Allen, the revenue laws and collect the duties on Alley, Ashley, Babbitt, Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brayton, Briggs, Buffinton, Burlingame, Burnham, Butterfield, imports in the ordinary way in any collecCampbell, Carey, Carter, Case, Colfax, Conkling, Conway tion district, it shall be lawful for the Presi. Corwin, Covode, H. Winter Davis, Dawes, Delano, Duell, dent to direct that the custom-house for Dunn, Edgerton, Edwards, Eliot, Ely, Farnsworth, Fenton, Frank, French, Graham, Grow, Gurley, Hale, Hall, such district be established and kept in any Helmick, Hickman, Hoard, William A. Howard, Hutchins secure place within some port or harbor of Kenyon, Kilgore, Killinger, De Witt C. Leach, Lee, Long" such district, either upon land or on board necker, Loomis, Lovejoy, Marston, McKean, McKnight, any vessel; and that, in that case, it shall Olin, Palmer, Perry, Pettit, Porter, Potter, Pottle, Edwin R. be the duty of the collector to reside at such Reynolds, John H. Reynolds, Rice, Riggs, Christopher

Roh- place, and there to detain all vessels and ing, Spinner, Stevens, William Stewart, Stratton, Tappan, cargoes arriving within the district until the Thayer, Theaker, Tompkins, Train, Trimble, Vandever, Van duties imposed on the cargoes by law are Wyck, Wade, Waldron, Walton, Cadwalader C. Washburn, paid in cash, any thing in the laws of the Ellihu B. Washburne, Wells, Wilson, Windom, Wood, United States to the contrary notwithstand. Woodruff-109. 19th. A motion to lay it on the table was fui to take the vessel or cargo from the cus

ing; and that, in such cases, it shall be unlaw. negatived-yeas 68, nays 105. The yeas

tody of the proper officer of the customs unwere : YEA8—Messrs. Adrain, Allen, Thomas L. Anderson, Wm. United States; and that, in case of any

less by process from some court of the C. Anderson, Avery, Barr, Bocock, Boteler, Bouligny, Brabson, Branch, Bristow, Burch, Burnett, Horace P. Clark, | attempt otherwise to take such vessel or John B. Clark, John Cochrane, Cox, James Craig, Burton cargo by any force, or combination, or asCraige, John G. Davis, De Jarnette, Edmundson, English. semblage of persons, too great to be overcome Morrison Harris, John 7. Harris, Hatton, İlindman, Wm. by the officers of the customs, it shall be Howard, Hughes, Kunkel, Larrabee, James M. Leach, lawful for the President of the United States Leake, Maclay, Mallory, Charles D. Martin, Elbert S. Martin, Maynard, Me Kenty, Millsom, Laban T. Moore, Nelson, Nilor such person or persons as he shall have lack, Noell, Peyton, Pryor, Quarles, Riggs, James C. Robin- empowered for that purpose, to employ such son, Rufin, Rust, Scott, Simms, Stokes, Slot, L'homas, Val part of the land or naval forces, or militia of landighum, Vance, Winslow, Woodson, Wright68. 26th. On motion of Mr. Corwin of Ohio,

the United States, as may be deemed neces. the bill was postponed till the 28th, to take sary for the purpose of preventing the re

moval of such vessel or cargo, and protectup the report of the Committee of Thirty-ing the officers of the customs in retaining three, which was agreed to-yeas 100, nays the custody thereof. 74, as follows:

March 28. On a motion to take up the bill, YEAgMessrs. Green Adams, Adrain, Thos. L. Anderson, by a suspension of the rules, the yeas were Bouligny, Brabson, Branch, Briggs, Bristow, Brown, Burch; 103, the nays 62, as follows: Burnett, Campbell, Horace P. Clark, John B. Clark, John (hchrane, Corwin, Cox, Jas. Craig, Burton Craige, H. Winter

YEA8—Messrs. Charles F. Adams, Adrain, Aldrich, Alley, Davis, John G. Davis, De Jarnette, Edmundson, Etheridge, Ashley, Babbitt, Beale, Bingham, Blake, Brayton, Briga Florence, Fruke, Garnett, Gilmer, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, J. Buffinton, Burlingame, Butterfield, Carey, Carter, Coburn, Morrison Harris, Jno. T. Harris, Natton, Holman, Wm. How- Colfax, Conkling, Conway, Covode, Dawes, Delano, Duell, ard, Hughes, Jenkins, Junkin, W. Kellogg, Kilgore, Kunkel, Dunn, Edgerton, Eliot, Ely, Farnsworth, Fenton, Ferty, Larrabee, James M. Leach, Leake, Logan, Maclay, Mallory, Foster, Frank, French, Gooch, Grabam, Grow, Gurley, Hale, Charles D. Martin, Elbert S. Martin, Maynard, McClernand, Hall, Haskin, Helmick, Hickman, Hoard, Holman, HumphMc Kenty, McKnight, McPherson, Milson, Millward, Mont- rey, Hutchins, Irvine, Junkin, Francis W. Kellogg, William gomery, Laban T. Moore, Moorhead, Edward Joy Morris, Kellogg, Kenyon, Kilgore, Killinger, De Witt C. Lench, Lee, Isaac N. Morris, Nelson, Niblack, Nixon, Noell, Peyton, Longnecker, Loomis, Lovejoy, Marston, McKean, McKnight, Phelps, Pryor, Quarles, John H. Reynolds, Riggs, James C. McPherson, Millward, Edward Joy Morris, Nixon, Olin, Robinson, Ruffin, Scranton, Sickles, Simms, William N. H. Palmer, Pettit, Porter, Potter, Pottle, Rice, Christopher Smith, Stevenson, James A. Stewart, Wm. Stewart, Stokes, Robinson, Royce, Sedgwick, Sherman, Somes, Spaulding, Stout, Stratton, Thayer, Thomas, Vallandigham, Vance, Spinner, Stanton, Stevens, William Stewart, Stration, Ta

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pan. Thayer. Thenker. Tompkins. Train. Trimble Vander

Two-thirds not having voted in the affirm- | which it must perform. It holds valuable atire, the bill was not taken up, nor was it property in every part of the territory over again reached.

which its jurisdiction has been, by the solemn January 30th, 1861. Mr. John Cochrane mandate of the people of all the States, exfrom the Select Committee on the Presi- , tended; and it holds every article of this dent's message reported a bill for the “Col- property as the common trustee of all the lection of Duties on Imports," which was people of all the States for their common ordered to be printed and re-committed to use and benefit; and to them, and to all of the committee. It was not again heard from. them, it is directly responsible for the safe His views of the subject were expressed as keeping and protection of such property. follows:

By constitutional legislation, supreme in its While fully concurring with the President character and irrepealable except by the in the opinion that no State possesses, under authority which created it, the Federal Govand by virtue of the Federal Constitution, ernment has established a system of revenue any right or authority to secede, or with- laws which it is bound to maintain, and draw, or separate itself from the Federal against all obstructions to the execution of Union

, I am equally convinced that, not hav- which it is equally bound adequately to proing been prohibited, the justification of the vide. No extra constitutional action of any exercise of snch right is referable to the na- State can possibly release the Federal Gov. ture and extent of those rights reserved to ernment in any of its departments from this the States or the people thereof. Therefore imperative obligation. all the acts and ordinances of secession which It is to this aspect of the duty of Congress have been or may be enacted by any State in the unfortunate and unexampled state of or States, acting separately, in my opinion, facts presented for its consideration by the are, in as far as the same may be carried President, in his late message, that the atinto effect, to be considered as revolutionary tention of the committee has been specially infractions of the supreme law of the land, directed, and they report herewith a bisi however they may be regarded as the pro- designed, as is believed, peaceably and in a per exercise of an indefeasible right of spirit of moderation and forbearance fully to * resisting acts which are plainly un- protect the entire revenue system of the constitutional and too oppressive to be United States from all the unconstitutional endared."

and unlawlul obstructions and disturbances I also concur with the President that the with which it is now or may be hereafter Federal Constitution has abstained from con- threatened. ferring upon the Federal Government, or In framing this measure there has been any department thereof, authority to declare kept steadily in view, first, the obstacles of and wage oppressive war against a seceding every character which oppose any attempt State

, in order to coerce the repeal of any by the Federal Government to coerce a act or ordinance of secession which she may State; and, secondly, the principle upon have passed, or the renunciation of any pur- which, as is conceived, the whole coercive pose of secession which she may entertain, action of our revenue system has, from its or to compel her to remain nominally, as inception, been founded, well as in fact, a member of the Federal The just and rightful coercion exercised Union. On the contrary, the plenary power under the Constitution by the Federal Govof offensive war and reprisals, conferred by ernment in the collection of its revenue from the Constitution upon Congress, is, in my foreign commerce is a coercion, not directed judgment, designed exclusively to authorize against State authority, nor even against and empower such war by the Federal Gov- unlawful action by assemblages of persons ernment, in its discretion, against such gov- within any State. That coercion on the ernments and communities as may be right- contrary, applies itself directly to the bulk fully considered foreign to the United States. and body of the foreign importations upon States which profess to have se ded from which the revenue is chargeable, and to the the Federal Union, by their

State vessels and the agents hy

which therore

penalties upon the agents by whom the I when, where, and with whom it was made, merchandise is transported, the vessels in , and on what consideration. which it is carried, and finally in the form 3d. What demand for reinforcements of of seizure and forfeiture upon the merchan- the said forts has been made, and for what dise itself. All this is a chercion of law reason such reinforcements have not been upon foreign commerce, and not a coercion furnished. of force upon any State to which it may be 4th. Where the ships of the United States bound. No State can rightfully expect that are now stationed, with what commands, and the United States shall permit foreign com- with what orders. merce to be carried on in ports and places 5th. Whether the custom-house, post-office, open to it only under their authority, with arsenal, and other public buildings of the out compliance with the constitutional con- United States at Charleston have been seized ditions under which those ports or places and are held in possession by any person or have been thus opened. It is in this view persons, and the particulars of such seizure that the bill proposes that vessels from a and possession. foreign port bound to a port within the 6th. Whether any revenue cutter of the scope of its provisions shall, with its foreign United States has been seized and is now cargo, be liable to seizure and condez na- held in possession by any person or persons, tion, and in the same view of applying its re- and the particulars thereof; and whether strictions only to foreign commerce on which any efforts have been made by the head of revenue is by law collected, all vessels law- the Treasury Department to recapture or fully engaged in the coastwise trade are ex- recover possession of said' vessel. empted from the operation of its purely That the committee have power to send for remedial and defensive provisions.

persons and papers, to take testimony, and REPORTS RELATIVE TO MILITARY AND NAVAL report from time to time, as facts material

to the national safety and national honor MATTERS.

may be disclosed by the evidence. January 8th, 1861. The President sent a Which was adopted-yeas 133, nays 62, message relative to the condition of the as follows: country, urging upon Congress to devote

YEAS—Messrs. Charles F. Adams, Green Adams, Adrain, itself exclusively to the question how the Aldrich, Allen, Alley, William C. Anderson, Ashley, Bab Union can be preserved in peace, and re- bitt, Beale, Bingham, Blair, Blake, Brayton, Briggs, Briocommending the establishment of a line and Campbell, Carey, Carter, Cleniens, Coburn, Jolin Cochrane, " letting the North have exclusive control Colfies, Covode, Cor, Curtis, John G. Davis, Dawes, Delan, of the Territory above it, and giving Southern Duell, Dunn, Edgerton, Edwards, Eliot, Ely, Etheridge institutions protection below it.” He trans- Gilmer, Gooch, Grow, Gurley, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Haskin, mits copies of the correspondence between Helmick, Hickman, lloard, Holman, Wm. Howard, Wm. A himself and the “commissioners” of South Kellogg, Wm. Kellogg, Kenyon, Kilgore, Larrabee, De Witt Carolina, pledges himself to preserve the C. Leach, Lee, Logan, Lungnecker, Loomis, Lovejoy, Maclay, public peace in the District of Columbia, Marston, Mc Ciernand, McKean, McKnight, McPhers warns his countrymen of the dangers which Morris, Morse, Nelson, Nixon, Noell, Olin, Palmer, Perry now surround us, and says that he shall Pettit, Porter, Pottle, Edwin R. Reynolds, John 11. Reynolds carry to his grave the consciousness that he | Royce, Scranton, Sedgwick, Sherman, Somes, spaulding at least meant well for his country.

Spinner, Stanton, Stevens, Wm. Stewart, Stokes, Strattoo, 9th. Mr. HOWARD of Michigan, offered the Tappan, Thayer, Theaker, Tompkins, Train, Trimble, Van

dever, Wade, Waldron, Cadwalader C. Washburn, Ellihu B. following resolution:

Washburne, Webster, Wells, Wilson, Windom, Wood, WoodResolved, That the message be referred to ruff-133.

NAY8-Messrs. Thomas L. Andersm, Avery, Barksdale, a special committee of five members of this Birrett

, Bocock, Botoler, Bouligny, Branch, Brnun, Barnett, House, and that they be instructed to report John B. Clark, Cloptom, Cobb, Crawford, De Jarnette, Dim on the same as early as possible; and that Tardeman, John 7. Harris, Hatton, Hawkins, Hill, Heart said committee make immediate inquiry, tm, Hughes, James, Kunkel, Landrum, James M. Leacla,

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