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gress, 1+0.

PROCLAMATION OF PRESIDENT LINCOLN, for troops, 141, 604; | RANDALL, SAMUEL J., Representative in Thirty-Eighth dome

amnesty, 147, 48; blockade, 149, 605; commercial inter-
course, 149, 150; declaring the boundaries of the insur- RANDALL, WILLIAM H., Representative in Thirty-Eighth
rection, 150; suspending the privilege of the writ of Congress, 140.
habeas corpus, 177, 178; under confiscation act, 208; RANDOLPA, GEORGE W., rote on secevien ordinance, 7, note;
rescinding General Ilunter's proclamation, 251; rospect- delegate from Virginia to Presi4rt Lincoln, 112; de
ing reconstruction bill, 318, 319; of emancipation, 227, clined to receive Creoles into the wo'litary service, and
228 ; pardon to duserters, 60+; on equality of rights reason for, 282; Provisional Secretary of War, 401; ro
with all maritime nations, 605.

signed and appointed brigulier, 401.
PROCLAMATIONS of General McClellan in Western Virginia, RANDOLPH, JOSEPJI F., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

24; General Patterson, 244; General Fremont on Ransom, M. W., Commissioner from North Carolina to
emancipation, 245, 246; of General Thomas W. Sher- Rebel Provisional Congress, 12.
man, 248; of General John A. Dix, 248; General Buro- RATIFICATION OF THE ANTI-SLAVERY AMENDMENT, Mr. Sum-
side in North Carolina, 249; General Halleck, 250; ner's resolution concerning, 591; votes of Legislatures,
General Hunter on emancipation, 250; of Governor

Bradford, 309, 310; of Governor Cannon of Delaware, RAYMOND, LIENRY J., report of, in Baltimore Convention,
312; of Goveruor J. F. Robinson, of Kentucky, 313;

Governor Andrew Johnson for election in Tenuensee, READ, HENRY E., Representative in First Rebel Congresti,
436_13S; of Major General Palmer, note, 564.

401; Second, 102.
PROCLAMATIONS, REBEL, Davis's of banishment, 121 ; on con. READ, JOAN M., Justice, opinion on enrollment, 273.

scription, 118; martial law, 121; outlawry of General REAGAN, Joux II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
Butler, note, 283; Governor J. E. Brown on northern 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 400;
debis, 3; General M. Jeff. Thompson, note, 245, 246.

Postmaster General in Provisional and Permanent adt
PROPERTY, rebel regulations for destroying, 117.

ministration, 400, 401.
PROPOSED censure of officials, proceedings of Congress on, REBEL, ADMINISTRATION, names of persons composing, 400

PROPOSITIONS of adjustment-see “ Adjustment.”.

REBEL ARMY, strength of, 121, 399, 612.
PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCI, action of General Conven- REBEL COMMISSIONERS, appeal of certain, to Earl Russell,

tion of the United States, 183–194; pastoral letter of and reply of latter, 27; correspondence of certain,
Bishops, 486489; their censure of Bishop Polk, 486, with President Buchanan, 29-34; intercourse of cer
487; protest of Bishop Hopkins and his rejected ad. tain, with Secretary Seward, 108-110.
dress, 489-493; President Lincoln's response to the pas- REBEL CONGRESSES, names of members and officers, 400-502
toral Address, 493; protest of Pennsylvania Episcopa- REBEL DEBT, 368; resolutiou respecting, 575, 576.
lians against Bishop Hopkins's defence of slavery, 493, REBEL ENROLLMENT ORDERS, of persons between 17 and 50,
494; action of Pennsylvania Diocesan Convention, 493. 427; of negroes, 428.
IN INSURRECTIONARY STATES : Alabama Diocesan Con. REBEL FINANCIAL legislation, 368-373, 6:3, 614.
vention, 515; General Convention of 1861, 515; of 1862, REBEL INDEPENDENCE, demands and terms, 303-307, 32
and pastoral letter of Bishops, 515, 616; Bishop Polk's 332.
pastoral letters, assumption of military duties, and REBEL LEGISLATION, military, 117-120, 611-613; letters of

death, 515; loyalty of New Orleans churches, 543, 544. marque, 117; conscription laws, 118, 119; on habeas
PROTEST8, of 36 members of Ilouse of Representatives against corpus, 187; sequestration, 203, 613; military employ.

the indompity bill, 184, 185; of nine Senators against the meut of colored persons, 281-2-3, 611; on peace, 305-11,
bill to punista conspiracies, 377; of Tennesseeans 614–617; reconstruction, 329-332; taxation, 368-373,
against Governor Johnson's proclamation, 438-441; re-

613, 614.
ply of President Lincoln, 425; of Pennsylvania Episco- REBEL STATES, electoral vote of, 318, 319, 577, 578; resolu-
palians against Bishop Hopkins's defence of slavery, 493, tions on their relations to the Gov«rnment, 33%;
491; of members of Baltimore Methodist Episcopal Con- reconstructiou of, 317-322, 435–437, 576-588.
ference of 1861, 496.

RECOGNITION, of Hayti and Liberia, recommendation of
PROVISIONAL Cabinet of Jeff. Davis, 12, 400.

President Lincoln, 130; bill for, 239; of rebel independe
PROVISIONAL Constitution, Rebel, adopted, 12; particulars ence demanded by Legislature of Maryland, 397, 393;
of, 12.

of independence, the sine qua non of rebels, 303-307,
PROVISIONAL Congress, Rebel, names of deputies and officers, 3:29-332, 566-573.
11, 400; proceedings of, 12.

RECONSTRUCTION, proceedings respecting, 317–331 ; rebel
PBUYx, JOAN V. L., Representativo in Thirty-Eighth Cop- press and politicans on, 330, 331; George N. Sanders

gress, 110; resolution relative to the seized newspa- on terms of, 330; General Graut's letter on, nate, 671;
per ofhces in New York, 194.

reports, proceedings, and votes in Congress upon, 576,
PRYOR, ROGER A., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 577, 581-588.

49; address to the people of Virginia, 40; adjustment RECONSTRUCTION, views of various rebel leaders, Legisla
proposition of, 73; resolution on coercion, 76; on bom- tures, Congress, and press upon, 329-332.
Lardment of Sumter, 112 ; Deputy in Rebel Provisional RECTOR, Governor, of Arkansas, reply to President's fins
Congress, 400; Representative in First Congress, 402; call for trups, 115.
retired, 402.

PUBLIC CREDIT under Buchanan, 365, 366.

REID, DAVID S, Member of Peace Conierepce, 68.
PUBLIC Deut-statements of amount at different periods, REID, JOHN W., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Coa

365-368, 601, 602; Secretary Chuse's letter respecting Report to the South Carolina Convention of Mr. Rhett, 12.

the redemption of in gold, note, 367 ; of rebels, 386.
“ PUBLIC SAFETY” bill in Legislature of Maryland, 398.

15; of Mr. Memminger, ló, 16; of Mr. Withers, 19;
PUGA, GEORGE E., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; ad- of Major Anderson to the Secretary of War, 114; of
justment proposition, 63, 64.

committee and Secretary Holt on secret organization



gress, 48.

order, 253; slavery,:59; enrollment act, 270, 271, 664 ; | ROMAN, J. Dixon, Member of Peace Conference, 68.
the objects of the war, 28-290; the prosecution of the Rose, D. G., Proxy of Governor Mortou at Altoona meeting,
war, 290-294; "peace," 294–296, 297-300.574, 675; mil-

itary orders concerning elections, 315; the relations of ROSECRANS, WILLIAM S., Major General, exclusion of Metro
the rebellious States to the Government, 322–329; ar- politan Record from his department, 192; orders re-
rest of Mason and Slidell, 343; monarchical intrigues specting the election in Missouri, 445; and religious
in Central and South America, 313; foreign mediation, convocations, and explanatory letter upon, 538; modi-
346, 347; the French in Mexico, 348, 349; the Arguelles fication of said order by General Pope, 554.
case, 351, 355; taxativn, 359; incompatibility of civil Ross, LEWIS W., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
and military office, 375; declaring certain persons in- 140; resolution to give pay and mileage to civilians ar-
eligible to office, 376; proposed censure of President rested and released without trial, 183.
Lincoln, 386, of ex-President Buchanan, 387, 388, Rap- Ross, ROBERT J., Commissioner to the President from the
resentatives Long and flarris, 387,389; on furlougliing Legislature of Maryland, 9; report of, 9.
drafted clergymen, 564; on confiscating property of Rost, P. A., Commissioner to England, letter of, to Earl
deserters, 564; on constitutional powers, 573 ; on addi- Russell, 27; reported conversation with Earl Russell, 27.
tional guaranties for the liberties of the people, 573; RoUssEAU, LOVELL II., vote for Vice President in Union Nam
on the ratification of a constitutional amendment, 591; tional Convention, 407.
on oath of allegiance for lawyers, 602.

Roycr, HOMER E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
RESOLUTIONS, robel, of Congress on independence, 329, 456, 48.

614616; Legislature of Virginia on guerrillas, 119; Royston, GRANDISON D., Representative in First Rebel Con-
Legislature of Georgia, 329, 399, 621, 622; of North Car-

gress, 401.
olina, 330, 619, 6:0; of Louisiana 332; of Mississippi, RUFFIN, THOMAS, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
393; of Alabama, 456; of Virginia, 620, 621; of Texas, 49; telegram sent South, 37; member of Peace Con-

ference, 68; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400;
REYNOLDS, EDWIN R., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con- death, 401.

RUGER, Lieutenant Colonel, instructions of General Banks
REYNOLDS, John H., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con- to, 153, 154.

gress, 48; member of Select Committee on Military and RUSSELL, CAARLES W., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con-
Naval Affuirs, 80; report of, 85.

gress, 400; Representative in First Congress, 402;
RHETT, ROBERT BARNWELL, Sr., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Second, 402; proposition of peace, 456.

Congress, 2, 11, 400; report in South Carolina conven- RUSSELL, (EARL.) rebel Commissioners' letter to, 27; reply
tion, 12-15; remarks on, 18; views on fugitive slave of, 27; letter of Lord Lyons to, on Foreign Mediation,
law, 18; vote on secession ordinance, 39).

347–349; letter of, to Lord Lyons, on the Trent Affair,
RBODE ISLAND, vote for President in 1800, 1; in 1864, 623; 338; same to same, on same, 342.

members of Peace Conference, C7; Thirty-Sixth Con- Rust, ALBERT, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress,
gre83, 18; Thirty-Seventh, 12:2; Thirty-Eighth, 140; 49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report
“personal liberty" law, 46, 47 ; vote of Legislature on of, 58; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400.

ratifying the anti slavery amendment, 596.
BICE, ALEXANDER H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

grees, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; Thirty-Eightu, 110.
RICE, HENRY M., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; SABBATH, THE, President Lincoln's order on observance of,

Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Committee of Thir- 605.
teen, 70; proposition of adjustment, 72.

SALMOX, B. 8., arrest of, 153.
RICE, JOAN II., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, SALOMON, EDWARD, Governor of Wisconsin, signer of Al-

122; Thirty-Eiglith, 140; resolution on the war, 294; toona address, 233.
proposed militia bill, 279.

San Francisco Bee, upon a Pacific republic, 42.
RICHARDSON, WILLIAN A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh SANDERS, GEORGE N., Letter to Governor Seymour and

Congress, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 122; Senator in Thirty- others, on reconstruction, &c., 330; Niagara Falls Con-
Eighth, 123; resolution respecting imprisonment of ference, 301-303.
citizens of Illinois, 181; amendment to bill to increase SANGSTON, LATRENCE, arrest of, 152.
pay of soldiers, 272.

SARGENT, AARON A., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
Richmond Enquirer, 5, 114, 305, 428, 429-goe “ Enquirer.”
Richmond Examiner, 114, 305, 330, 393—see " Examiner." SAUERWEIN, PETER G., emancipation resolutions offered by,
RICHMOND MEETING, resolutions of, after the llampton and adopted in Baltimore City Union Convention in
Roads Conterence, 572.

1862, 226.
Richmond Sentinel, 331, 399_see " Sentinel.

SAULSBURY, WILLARD, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congresa, 48;
Richmond Whig, on anti-substitute bill, 121.

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eigbth, 140; member of
RIDDLE, ALBERT G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- Border-States Committee, 73; resolutions on arrests in

Delaware, 181, and release of prisoners, 182; amend-
RIDDLE, GEORGE R., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, 140. ments to bill repealing the fugitive slave laws, 236,
RIDGELY, HENRY, Member of Peace Conference, 68.

237 ; to the bill creating a new article of war, 238; to
RIGGS, JETUR R., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, freedme 's bill, 260 ; tv army appropriation bill, 283;

'to tax bill, 375; and to resolution of censure of Ex-
RILEY, E. S., arrest of, 153.

President Buchanan, 387; joint resolution for peace
RIVES, William C., member of Peace Conference, 68; Dep- commissioners, 296; proposed coustitutional amend-

uty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; Representative ment, 257; amendments to bill to secure the freedom
in second Congress, 402.

of colored soldiers' families, 563, and to resolution of

S., Brigadier General, order concerning inquiry for Hampton Roads Correspondence, 569.
contrabands, 253.

Savannah News, December 24, 1860, publication of Senator
ROBERTSON, Judge, Commissioner from Virginia to South Toombs's address to Georgia, 37.
Carolina, 2.

SCIENCE, RUBERT C., Major General, orders, &c., concerning
ROBINSON, CHRISTOPHER, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- elections, 309,311; reply to Governor Bradford, 011;

gress, 122,

gress, 122,

gress, 43; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53. orders respecting churches in Baltimore, 524, 626, and
ROBINSON JAMES C. Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

letters respectiny. 6:25.

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gress, 48.

Soort, ROBERT E., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400. SHERMAN, JOAN, Senator in Thirty-Seventh Congress, 122;
Scott, T. PARKIN, arrest of. 152; votes and motions in Thirty-Eighth, 110; amendment to confiscation bill,
Maryland Legislature, 396–398.

122; amendments to enrollment bill, 202, 265 ; amend-
Scott, WINFIELD, Lieutenant General, President Lincoln's ment to bill repealing fugitive slave law, 256; explan

allusion to retirement of, 136; letter relative to quotas tory remark of vote, note, 243; amendment to bill to
of arms, 35, 36; order to Col. Martin Burke, relative employ colored persons in the United States service,
to military prisoners, 152; President's orders to, re- 275; amendment to legal tender bill, 358.
specting suspension of habeas corpus, 177.

SHERM * N, SOCRATES N., Representative in Thirty-Seventh
SCEANTON, GEORGE W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- Congress, 122.

SHERMAN, Thomas W., Brigadier General, proclamation to
SEBASTIAN, WILLIAM K., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, the peoplenf South Carolina, 216.
48; member of Border-States Committee, 73.

SHERMAN, WILLIAX T., Major General, on the draft of 1864,
BECESSION movement developed, 2-47.

BECession Ordinances, voto on, in South

Carolina, 398, 399; SHEW MAKE, J. T., Representative in Second Rebel Con-
Florida, 33); Virginia, notr, 7; Tennessee military

gress, 402.
league, 5; Arkansas, 399; Louisiana, 588-590.

SHIEL, GEORGE K., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
SECESSIOX, right of, Mr. Dolittle's amendment respecting,

gress, 123.
63; Thomas E. Franklin's, in Peace Conference, and SHORTER, JOHN GILL, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
David Dudley Field's, 69; President Buchanan's opin- 11, 400; elected Governor of Alabama, 400.
ion, 49.

SICELES, DANIEL E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con
SECRET ASSOCIATIONS, J. IIolt's report on, 445454.

gress, 48; aljustment proposition, 51; report in fugi-
SEDDON, JAMES A., Member of Peace Conference, 68; report tive slave case, 250.

on its proposition, 6; ndjustment proposition, 69; Dep- SIMMONS, JAMES F., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
uty in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; rebel Secretary Thirty-Seventh, 122 ; resigned, 123; remarks on "per-
of War, 401; declined to receive creoles into the mili- sonul liberty" laws, 47.
tary service, and the reason given, 282.

SIMMB, WILLIAN E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
SEDGWICK, CHARLES B , Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- gress, 49; Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401 ; Second,
greas, 48; Thirty-seventh, 1:22; substituto for emanci-

pation will, 200.

SIXPsox, William D., Representative in First Rebel Core
SEGAR, JOSEPH, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Congress, gress, 402; Second, 402.

123; claimant in Thirty Eighth, and refused, 141; cre- SINGLETON, OTHO R., Ropresentative in Thirty-Sixth Coor
dentials as Senator from Virginia, 587.

gress, 49; telegram south, 37; withdrew, 3; declara
SEIZURES of Government property in insurrectionary States, tion respecting secession, 52; Representative in First

28; Governor Letcher's proposed attempt on Fortress Rebel Congress, 401; Second, 402.
Monroe, 28.

SLAUGHTER, THOMAS C., Member of Peace Conferenze, 68.
SEXMES, THOM 18 J., Senator in First Rebel Congress, 401; SLAVERY, TESTIMONY OF CHURCHES ON, Old Scbool Presbyter
Second, 402; on Declaration of Independenco, 614.

ian, 463, 465, 466, and attempted censure of in New
SENATE Committee of Thirteen, 70; proceedings of, 70–72. York Synod, 466, 467 ; New School Presbyterian, 46mm
SENATE, UNITED STATES, resolution respecting the Presi- 471; Reformed Presbyterian, (Old School.) 472, 473;

dent's approval of the anti-slavery amendment, 591; Reformed Presbyterian, 473; Cumberland Presbyte
oath from members, 603.

rian, 473, 474; United Presbyterian, 474, 507; Baptist
Sentinel, Richmond, on reconstruction and on northern tem- Meeting at Brooklyn, the West New Jersey Associa
per, 331.

tion, and the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
SEQUESTRATION Act, rebel, 203, 204, 613; Judge Magrath's New York, and Ohio, and American Baptist Missionary
decision on constitutionality of, 206.

Union, 474-78; Lutheran General Synod, 480; COD
SEWARD, WILLIAM II., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; gregational, 480-482; Congregational Welsh of Penn-

on Committee of Thirteen, 70; proposition therein, 71, sylvania, 481, 482; Reformed Protestant Dutch, 483;
also respecting armed invasion, 71.

Moravian, 483; Protestant Episcopal Convention of
SEWARD, WILLIAM 11., Secretary of State, 108; letters to com- Pennsylvania, 493; Methodist Episcopal General Con

missioners of the Southern Confederacy, 108-111; to ference of 1860 and 1864, 494 499, and Baltimore Coo
Daniel Lord and Governor Washburn respecting arrests, ference of 1861, 496; Methodist Protestant Conference,
154; to Mr. Adams on the Trent affair, 338; to Lord 499, 500; Free Methodist Conference of New York, 501;
Lyons, 338; on foreign enlistments, 343, 344; to Gov. Wesleyan Methodists, 646-548; Evangelical Associa
Hicks on foreign mediation, 315; to Mr. Dayton in re- tion, General Conference, 501, 502; Quaker Yearly
sponse to letter of M. Drouyn de l'Iluys on mediation, Meeting, 503; Unitarian Associations, 504, 548; East
315, 346; letters of, and Mr. Dayton respecting the Pennsylvania Conference of United Brethren, 504;
French in Mexico, 319, 350; to the President on the General Conventions of Universalists, 505, 506; Young
Arguelles case, 355; declining to receive peace address Men's Christian Association, 506; American Board of
from Great Britain, 460; to Mr. Adams on the Ilampton Foreign Missions, 507; Menonites, 603, 604. IN INSUE-
Roads Conference, 570. Letters of: in response to reso RECTIONARY STATES : 01d School Presbyterian, 508-513;
lutions of the Synod of New York and New Jersey, Baptists, 513-515; Protestant Episcopal, 615, 616; Ad
468; New School Presbyterian Assembly of 1862, 470; dress of the "Confederate" Clergy, 517-521.
West New Jersey Baptist Association, 476; Philadelphia SLAVERY, the arowed cause of secession, 17 ; Crawford's res
Baptists of 1862, 476; Vermont Congregationalists of olution respecting the Constitution and, 76; Sherman's
1862, 481; Congregational Welsh of Pennsylvania of resolution on non-interference with, in the States, 77;
1862, 481; Pastoral Letter of Bishops of Protestant proposed constitutional amendment to protect, in
Episcopal Church, 493.

States, 59, 60; other propositions, 63-75; Davis's prop
SEXTON, FRANK B., Representative in First Rebel Congress, osition respecting, in Senate Committee of Thirteen,
402; Second, 402.

71; proceedings to prohibit in the Territories, 254, 255;
SEYMOUR, HORATIO, Governor of New York, lotters to Dis- Isaac N. Arnold's bill and substitute, 254; proceeding

trict Attorney Hall respecting the suspension of the to so amend the Constitution as to prohibit, 256-259,

gress, 48.

gress, 122



dent Buchanan, 327 ; correspondence respecting sur SPAULDING, ELBRIDGE G., Representative in Thirty-Sixth
render of to Great Britain, 338, 342; comments of the Congress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.
London Times, 342, 843; votes in Congress on arrest of, SPEED, JAMES, Attorney General, 108.
343; allusion to by Mr. Dayton, 350; member of com- SPENCER, WILLIAM A., Letter for Convention in Maryland, 9.
mittee of secret disunion cancus, 392.

SPINNER, FRANCIS E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
SLOAN, A. Scott, Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-

SPRAGUE, WILLIAM, Governor of Rhode Island and signer of
SLOAN, ITHAMAR O., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- Altoona address, 233; Senator in Thirty-Eighth Con-
gress, 140; propositions for constitutional amendments,

gress, 140.

SPRATT, L. W., Commissioner from South Carolina to
8100PS-OF-WAR, construction of, authorized, 89.

Florida, 11; received by Convention, 3; vote for seces-
SHALL NOTEs, proposed legislation, 363–365; President Lin- sion ordinance, 399.
coln's veto of bill for, 359.

SPRINGFIELD Mass Convention, President Lincoln's letter
SMALL, ROBERT, bill for relief of, 239.

to, 335, 336.
SMITH, CALEB B., Member of Peace Conference, 68; Secre- STALLO, Judge, Letter of Wendell Phillips to, 411.
tary of the Interior, 108, and resigned, 108.

STALLWORTH, JAMES A., Representative in Thirty-sixth Con-
BMITH, CHARLES, elected Free State Senator from Louisiana, gress, 49; sent telegram South, 37 ; withdrew, 4.

436; vote in Louisiana Convention on abolishing STANLEY, EDWARD, Military Governor of North Carolina,
slavery, 332.

SMITH, EDWARD H., Representative in Thirty-Soventh Con- STANTUN, BENJAMIN, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
gress, 122.

gress, 19; bill to ro-organize the militia of the District
SMITH, E. KIRBY, General, order for enrollment of negros, of Columbia, 77; to suppress iusurrection, 77; report

on transfer of United States arms South, in 1852-60, 36.
SMITH, GREEN CLAY, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- STANTON, EDWIN M., Attorney General, 28; Secretary of
gress, 140; resolutions relating to the war, 292, 293, War, 108; orders on military arrests, 156; form of ap-

pointment of military governor, 179; instructions to
SMITH, JAMES (., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

General Saxton, 251, 252; letter to General Butler on
SMITA, JAMES M., Representative in Second Rebel Congress, the latter's controversy with General Phelps, 252; or-

ders, &c., enforcing the draft, 272; letter on commuta-
SMITH, ROBERT H., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, tion clause of enrollment act, 263; to Governor Au-
11, 400.

drew respecting colored enlistments, 279; reply on
SMITH, WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, alleged foreign enlistments, 343; on release of prison-

19; adjustment propsition, 54; Representative in ers, 509, 560; on furloughing drafted clergymen, 364;
First Rebel Congress, 402; resigned to accept military despatches touching Ilampton Roads Conference, 567-
commission, 402; elected Governor of Virginia, 402; 569; order in case of Robert Taylor, of Tennessee,
views on reconstruction, 331.

charged with the murder of his slave, 519, 550.
SMITHI, WILLIAM E., Representative in Second Rebel Con- STANTON, Mrs. E. Cany, Letter to Fremont Club, 411.
gress, 402.

STAPLES, WALLER R., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Con.
SMITH, WILLIAM N. H., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- gress, 400; Representative in First Congress, 402; Se.

gress, 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 400; coud, 402.
Representative in First Congress, 402; Second, 402; STAR OF THE WEST, fired upon by the rebels, 27.

statement of strength of rebel army, 121, 399. Star, Wushingum, publication of vote on Virginia secession
SMITH, WILLIAM R., Representative in First Rebel Con- ordinance, note, 7.
gress, 401; Second, 402.

STARR, JOHN F., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress,
SMITHERS, NATHANIEL B., Representative in Thirty-Eighth 140.

Congress. 140; amendment to enrollment act, 268; re- STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, bill to erect, 377, 378.
port on Louisiana case, 582-586.

STATE TAXATIOx, on United States bonds and national
SNEAD, Thomas L., Representative in Second Rebel Con- banks, 358, 359, 360–361.
gress, 40.

STATES, militia of, part of the army of the United States,
Snow, WŃ. D., credentials of as Senator in Thirty-Eighth Jefferson Davis's opinion, 37.
Congress, 588.

STEBBINS, HENRY G., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con
SOLDIERS, bills to increase pay, 116, 271, 272; homesteads gress, 140; resigned, 559.
for, 281.

STEELE, FREDERICK, Major General, President Lincoln's let-
SOLDIERS, COLORED, legislation concerning, 274-279, 564, 565; ter to, 3.22.

proposed probibition of payment to, 283, 284; rebel STEELE, JOAN B., Representative in Thirty.Suventh Cop
fucts concerning, 281-283, 611, 612see " Colored Sol- gress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

STEELE, William G., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con-
Soxes, DANIEL E., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, gress, 1:22; Thirty-Eighth, 140.
48; inember of Peace Conference, 67.

STEPHENS, Alex. H., Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress,
SOUTH, overtures of, to the Northwest, 42.

11, 400; commissiouer for Confederate States in making
SOUTH CAROLINA, voto for President in 1860, 1; members of the league with Virginia, 8; elected rebel Provisional

Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48, 49; deputies in Rebel Pro Vice President, 12; permanent, 401; speech before the
visional Congress, 11, 400; members of First Congress, Georgia Legislature in 1860, 20-25; fishing bounties
401, 402; Second, 402; secession movement in, 2; rati- discussed by, 21; prediction of universal emancipation,
fied Confederate Constitution, 3; Convention rejects 25; extract from speech in Georgia State Convention,
co-operative action, proffered by Virginia, 2; resolu- 25; extract from address in 1859, 25, 26; “ Confederate"
tions relative to, 2; inter-State commissioners of, 11; Constitution expounded by, 103, 104; correspondenoo
declaration of independence, 12; seizures and sur- with Secretary Welles, respecting pass to Washington,
rendere in, 27 ; letter of commissioners of, to Mr. note, 307; views of, on reconstruction, 331; Letters on
Buchanan, 29; Gov. Pickens of, demands the surrender Peace, 430, 431, 457-459; at Ilampton Roails Conference,
of Fort Sumter, 32; Fort Sumter surrendered, 27; 80- 567, 568, 569, 571.
cession of, not the work of a day, but maturing for STEPHENS, Linton, peace resolutions of, in Georgia Legisla-
thirty years, 18; Convention of, sends despatch to ture, 621, 6:22.
Mayor of Macon, 38; also to Mayor of New Orleans, STEVENS, R. F., reply to J. Holt's report, note, 416.
39; personal liberty laws, subject of complaint in con- STEVENS, THADDEUS, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-
vention of, 16, 17; report of Judge Withers to Conven- gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 110; in-
tion of, 19; vote on secession ordinance of, 398, 399; demnity bill of, 184; propositions to amend the Consti-
men in the army, 399.

tutivii, 258; substitute for the eurollmeüt vill, 266,
SOUTHERN Congress, Rebel Provisional, officers, and pro- 267; amendment to, 268; bill for enlistment of 250,000

12. 100: tariff act passed. 12: commissioners colored soldiers, and modification, 276; joint resolution

of, 58.

STEWART, JAMES A, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- TARIN, robel, 12.
gress, 49; adjustment proposition, 55.

TAX, INCOME, special war, 357.

WILLIAM, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, Tax on SLAVES, proposed, and votes, 361, 362; rebel, laid ha
48; Thirty-Seventh, 122.

1861, 370.
STEWART, WILLIAX M., Senator in Thirty-Eighth Congress, TAXATIOŃ, our, 357, 361-368.

Taxation, rebel, 368-373, 613, 614, 619.
STILES, JOHN D., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Con- Taxation, State, proceedings in Congress respecting, 359,
gress, 123; Thirty-Eighth, 140.

360, 364,
STOCKTON, ROBERT F., Member of Peace Conference. 67. TAYLOR, BAYARD, chargé d'affaires, intercepts Confederate
STOKES, WILLIAN B., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con- despatch, 151.
gress, 49.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH W., adjustment proposition of, 74, 75.
STONE, CHARLES P., Brigadier General, resolution respecting TAYLOR, Miles, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 19;
arrest of, 179; President Lincoln's raply, 180.

withdrew, 4; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53;
STORY, JOSEP, Justice, upon freedom of the press, 188.

report of, 58.
STOUT, LANSING, Representative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, TAYLOR, ROBERT, of Tennessee, court-martial of, 548, 549.
49; member of Committee of Thirty-three, 53; report TELEGRAPH, low it aided secession, 37.

TEN EYCK, JOHN C., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48;
STOVELL, B. L., Speaker of Tennessee rebel Senate, 281.

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolation
STRATTON, JOHN L. N., Representativo in Thirty-Sixth Con- relating to the war, 288; proposition in Louisiana case,
gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Committee

of Thirty-three, 63.

TENNESSEE, vote for President in 1860, 1; members of Peace
STRICKLAND, HARDY, Representative in First Rebel Con- Conference, 68; Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Thirty-
gress, 401.

Seventh, 122; a mission to the " Confederacy,” 401;
STRONG, WILLIAM, Justice, opinion on enrollment act, 273. Deputies in Robel Provisional Congress, 11, 400; Mem-
STROUSE, MYER, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Congress, bers of First Congress, 401, 402; Second, 402; secession

movement in Legislature of, 5; vote on adopting the
STRYKER, TAOMAS J., Member of Peace Conference, 67.

league w the Confedera States, 5; reconstruction
STUART, ALEXANDER I. II., vote on secession ordinance, in, and abolition of slavery, 332.

note, 7; adjustment proposition, 74; delegate from Vir TENNESSEE, act of rebel Legislature of, for enrollment of
ginia to President Lincoln, 112.

free persons of color into the military service of the
STUART, John T., Representative in Thirty-Eighth Con- State, 281; men in the armv, 399.
gress, 1.10.

TENNESSEANS, Protest of, against Governor Jobnson's eles
SUBSTITUTION, votes on abolishing, 264, 266, 563; rebel tion Proclamation of 1861, 438-441; reply of President
abolition of, 119.

Lincoln, 4:25.
SULLIVAN, ALGERNON S., Letter of Socretary Seward op ar- TERRITORIES, bill passed settling disputed questions or
rest of, 154.

cerning, 89, 90; to prohibit slavery in, 251, 255; to pro-
SUMMERS, GEORGE W., vote on secession ordinance, note, 7; bibit polygamy in Utah, 376; enabling act tor Nebraska
member of Peace Conference, 68.

SOMNER, CHARLES, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48; Tevis, Lieut. Col., order of, respecting Maryland electron,

Thirty-Seventh, 122; Thirty-Eighth, 140; resolution his arrest and release, 311.
respecting arrests, 180; proposition in Thirty-Second Texas, vote for President, in 1860, 1; members of Thirty
Congress to ripeal the fugitive slave law, 234, 235; prop- Sixth Congress, 48, 49; admission to the Confederacy."
ositions on suffrago to colored persons, 241, on exclu-

401; Deputies in Rebel Provisional Congress, 11, 100;
ding them from the cars, 241, 242, on making them Members of First Congress, 402; Second, 102; secession
witnesses, 242, 213, 442, and on repealing the laws movement in Convention and Legislature of, 4; ratified
regulating the coastwise slave trade, 213; proposed confederate constitution, 4; seizures and surrenders in,
constitutional amendment, 255; freedmen's bill, 260; 28; men in the army, 399.
on equalizing the pay of soldiers, 277 ; amendments to THAYER, ANDREW J., Representative in Thirty-Seventh Cor-
the reconstruction bill, 318, the Missouri bill, 225, 226, gress, 122; unseated, 1:23.
to the national currency bill, 365, to letters of marque, THAYER, ELI, Represeutative in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 18;
377, and West Virginia bill, 377; resolutions on Foreign proposition of adjustment, 53.
Mediation, 346, 317, on the prosecution of the war, 2:1, THaver, M. RUSSELL, Representative in Thirty-Eighth Cot-
and the relations of the insurrectionary States, 322,

gress, 140.
323, 320, 327 ; letter respecting the President and eman- Thomas, BENJAMIN F., Representative in Thirty-Seventb
cipation, 233; resolutions relative to tbe insurrectionary Congress, 122.
States, 320, to the Rebel debt, 575, to representation in THOMAS, FRANCIS, Representative in Thirty Seventh Cod-
the Senate, 588, of inquiry for the Hampton Roads gress, 122; Thirty-Eighth 140; on compensate i eman
Conference, note, 569 ; proposition in the Louisiana cipation, 213-217; amendment to the enrollment bill,
case, 680; resolution relative to the ratification of a 209; on disunion caucus of 1835, 390.
constitutional amendmont, 591; proposed constitutional Thomas, J. A., Assistant Secretary of State, letter on citi.
amendment respecting represeutation, 592; now rule zenship of colored persone, note, 382.
of the Senate, note, 602.

Tuomas, JAMES II., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Coo-
SUMTER, Fort, surrendered, 27 ; corrospondence pending gress, 49; Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congress, 100.

bombardment, 113, 114; spirit of the rebel press, 114; Thomas, J. Hanson, arrest of, 152.
Jeremiah Clemens's statement respecting, 112.

THOMAS, John, Deputy in Rebel Provisional Congres, 400.
SUPREME Court of the United States, President Lincoln's Thomas, Philip F., Secretary of the Treasury, and resigua-

recommendation concerning, 131 ; Vallandigham's caso tion, 28; bids for public loan under, 363.
in, 175.

Thomason, HUGH F., votes in Secession Convention of Ar
SURRENDERS of Government property in the insurrectionary kansas, 399; Deputy in Rebel. Provisional Congress, 100.
States, 28.

THOMPSON, JACOB, Secretary of the Interior, and resig de
SWAIN, DAVID L., Commissioner from North Carolina to tion, 28; commissioner from Mississippi to North Caro
Provisional Congress, 12.

lina, 11; received by letter, 5; in Canada, 301.
SWAN, WILLIAM G., Representative in First Rebel Congress, Toompson, JAMES, Justice, decision on enrollment act, 273,
402; Second, 402.

SWEAT, LORENZO D. M., Representative in Thirty-Eighth THOMPSON, PAILIP B., Member of bogus Legislative Council
Congress, 140.

of Kentucky, 8.
SWIFT, W.C. N , purchase of Goverument arms, in 1860, 35. THOMSON, JONN R., Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 18;
Srxon, PRESBYTERIAN, proposed action of New York, in Thirty-Seventh, 1:22; dea h, 123.

1861, 466, 467 ; action of, in 1861, and reply of Secretary TIBDS, WILLIAM G., Representative in First Rebel Congress,
Seward, 467, 468; of Missouri in 1861 and 1864, 468; of

Kentucky in 1864, 468; action of South Carolina Tobacco, rebel regulations for destroying, 117.
Synod, in 1860, 508.

TOD, DAVID, Governor of Ohio,

and signer of Altonna A

dress, 233; vote for Vice President in Union National

Convention, 407.

TODD, J. B. S., Delegate from Dacotah, declaration of, rate,
TANEY, ROGER B., Chief Justice, opinion of, in Merryman 590.

case, 155-158; remarks on General Cadwalader's refusal TOLEX, John, Major, report of, in fugitive slave case, 250.
to obey bis writ, 155.

TOMPKINS, CypnoR B., Representative in Thirty-sixth Con-
TAPPAN, Mason W., Representative in Thirty-Sixth Con-

gress, 48; Thirty-Seventh, 122; member of Committee Toombs, ROBERT, Senator in Thirty-Sixth Congress, 48: on
of Thirty-three, 53; report of, 57.

Senate Committee of Thirteen, 70; propositions in, 71;
TARIFF acts of 1861, 1862, and 1864, enactment of, 361, 362. despatch to L. M. Keitt, 37; telegraphic manifesto and
TARIFF laws of the United States alluded to as a cause of sensational despatch of, 37.35; Deputy in Rebel Prori-
Becossion, 17.

sional Congress, 11, 400; provisional Secretary of State

gress, 49.

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