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Sherman's campaign in Georgia. -How parallel with that ir V rginin.- The tasks

of Grant and Sherman compared.-Numerical inferiority of General Johnston's forces.-Elis proposition to the Richmond authorities. —Pragmatism of President Davis and his secretary.- Engagement in Resaca Valley.-General Johnston's designs. Why he retreated.--His disappointment of a battle at Cassville.--ExGAGEMENT AT New Hope Church.—True theory of the retrograde movement of Johnston.-BATTLE OF KENESAW MOUNTAIN.--Sherman's confession.-Shermana master of the Chattahoochee.-Johnston falls back to Atlanta.-The vexed quer. tion of Johnston's retreat.-What it surrendered.-What it secured. Its strategie advantages. The enemy's movements in Virginia and Georgia both in check. Disappointment of the enemy.--Statistics of Yankee recrniting.–Another Confederate success.- Defeat of Stnrgis.—“The Avengers of Fort Pillow."— Barbarities of the enemy's summer campaign.--Auginentation of Yankee ferocity.--Iis effect on the Confederates.-Offensive operation of the Confederates.-Three projects of invasion.-Early's INVASION OF MARYLAND, &c.—Sigel's retreat.BATTLE OF MONOCACY BRIDGE.—Early loses the great opportunity of 1864.- Results of his expedition.--Engagement at Kernstown.—Morgan's Invasion of KexTUCKY.-IIis failure.-PRICE's INVASION or MISSOURI.-Pilot Knob.-General Ewing's retreat.--Price retires.....

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Great revulsion in the public mind of the North in the summer of 1864.- A general

outcry for peace.-Spirit of Yankee newspapers.—The Niagara Falls “Commiasion.”—The Jacques-Gilmore Affair.-Sorry figure of the Confederacy in these negotiations. The question of peace negotiations in the Confederuey.- True method of peace.- Manifesto of the Confederate Congress.-Position of President Davis-His letter to Governor Vanco, of North Carolina - The Cucago COXTurTION, etc.—Speeches, etc. The real programme of the Democratic Party:-Wly it broko down.—No virtue in public opinion in the North. The true peace men of the North.--Their Convention at Cincinnati.-A reaffirmation of Jettersonian Democracy.-A masterpiece of statesinanship.-The Presidential campaign of 1864.–The RIVAL ADMINISTRATIONs at RICHMOND AND WASHINGTON.-A COMPARATIVE VIEW OF NORTHERN DESPOTISM.—The conscription and impressment laws of the Confederacy. The offerings of Southern patriotism.—The Yankce record in the matter of slavery." Military necessity.”—The Yankee record in the matter of civil liberty.-An outrage upon history......

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The business of blockade-running.-Its risks.-Interesting statistics.- Value of the

port of Mobile.- Naval Font AND CAPTURE or the Forts in Mobile BAY. - A frightful dispurity of force.- Heroic fight of the ram Tennessee.--Absurd boasts of the Yankees.-Snrrender of Fort Gaines.-Fall of Fort Morgan.-Tnx GEORGIA CAMPAIGN.-Its importance.-Johnston's situation at Atlanta.—His removal by President Davis.- A fatal error.--Lieutenant-General Hood.---The BATTLES OY ATLANTA.–Tue Fall or “THE Gate City.”—Reckless and desperate figlitine

Yankee rail on the Macon road.—Hood's “magnificent advance.”—Bor ibard. ment of Avanta.-Hood's fatal mistake.-Sherman's new movement.-He "cuts the Confederates in two."--The Yankees in Atlanta.-Sherman's cruelties.-His depopulation of Atlanta.-Enormity of the order.--Sherman as a pacificator.--Governor Brown's letter.—Position of Vice-President Stephens.- Effects of the fall of Atlanta.--President Davis' Macon speech.-Its swollen tone.---CAPTURE OP THE CONFEDERATE PRIVATEER FLORIDA. Its cowardice and outrage.--Yankee idea of glory.—THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONFEDERATE RAM ALBEMARLE.--Yankee estimation of the exploit.—The North Carolina Sounds.-The St. Albans Raid.Stories of the savage vengeance of the Confederates.—How much truth there was in them....

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The Richmond lines.--The Fall OF FORT HARRISON, ETO.—The attempt to retake it.

-Why it failed.-ENGAGEMENT ON THE CHARLES City Road.--Death of General Gregg.-ENGAGEMENT ON THE WILLIAMSBURG AND BOYdton Roads.--ANOTHER GRAND ATTEMPT ON Ricavond.—A shameful failure.—The “electoral necessity” at Washington.—THE CAMPAIGN IN THE VALLEY OF VIRGINIA.-Early's mission in the Valley.-How a part of the combination to protect Richmond.--Sheridan's command.-His strategy.-BATTLE YEAR WINCHESTER.--A critical moment.--The enemy's centre broken.--He recovers. -Misconduct of the Confederate cavalry.Early retreats to Fisher's Hill.—THE BATTLE OF FISHER's Hill.-A most unexpected reverse to the Confederates.- Misgivings and aların in Richmond.--The capture of Staunton.-Sheridau's devastations of the Valley.--"Barn-burning.”An affair of Rosser's cavalry.--" Thel Savior of the Valley."-BATTLE OF CEDAR CREEK.Two-thirds of Sheridan's army completely routed. Early's awkward pausc. - Plunder of the Yankee camp.--The enemy regains the day.--Shameful rout of the Confederates. The Valley campaign virtually ended.-SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA.-Breckinridge's campaign.--The Yankees capture the salt-works at Saltville --Destruction of the works....

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Mr. Lincoln's extraordinary triumph.—Reassembling of the Richmond Congrese. President Davis' review of the situation.--A memorable boast.--New demands of the Confederate conscription.- Military resources of the North and South com pared.—Plethoric wealth of the North.—“Twenty against one.”—Two advantages the South had in the war.-Its conditions of success.-The value of endurance on the part of the South.–Tue HooD-SHERMAN CAMPAIGN.--Speeches at headquarters. -Hood commences his march.-Capture of Dalton.-Sherman follows as far as Gaylesville.- He turns back.-Georgia and South Carolina “at his mercy."-An extraordinary campaign.- Hood and Sherman marching away from each other. Hood crosses into Tennessee.-The Yankee retreat to Franklin.--THE Battle or FRANKLIN.-Great loss in Confederate officers.—The enemy retreats to Nashville.BATTLE OF NASHVILLE.—The giving way of Bates' division.- A shameful stampede. -Hood's losses.-The whole scheme of Confederate defence west of the Alleghanies broken down.-The errors of Hood's campaign....... PAGE 412 CHAPTER XXI.

Sherman's march from the mountains to the sea.—Yankeo boasts.- Easy [ature :

Sherman's enterprise._"Grand" mistake of the Confederates.—The burning o Atlanta.–Five thousand houses in ruins.-Sherman's route to Milledgeville. Second stage of the march to Millen.-Last stage of the march.-Wheeler's cavalry -THE FALL OF SAVANNAH.—Capture of Fort McAllister.-Probable surprise of Hardee.—The Confederates evacuate Savannah. Sherman's Christmas gift to Mr. Lincoln.-The true value of Sherman's exploit.-His own estimation of it.-Despondency in the South.–Depletion of the Confederate armies.—The EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS, etc.-Bad faith of the Yankees.—Their misrepresentations. The question of recaptured slaves.-A Yankee calculation. The Washington Government responsible for the sufferings of Yankee prisoners.—How capital was made out of their sufferings.-A game with “sick" prisoners.—How “rebel barbarities” were manufactured.-Noble conduct of General Grant.-Its commentary on the Washington cabinet.-His “victory" over that body..

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The blockade at Wilmington.-llow ineffective.-FIRST EXPEDITION AGAIN

INST PORT FISHER.—Butler's powder-ship. The two days' bombardment.-Landing of Butler's troops.-Butler decides not to attack.-His sudden departure.--Ile is removed from command.-SECUND EXPEDITION AGAINST Fort FISHER.–Faz WILMINGTON.–Landing of Terry's command.-Movements of General Hoke.-Tie assault on the fort.-A feu d'enfer.- Desperate tighting.–The Confederates overpowered.-Surrender of Fort Fisher.- Evacuation of Fort Anderson.-Yankee occupation of Wilmington.—How a part of General Sherman's campaign in : Carolinas.-SHERMAN'S SIXTY DAYS IN THE CAROLINAS.-Direction of his march, Crossing the Savannah River.—Mismanagement of the Confederate troops. -Sierman at Branch ville.—THE FALL OF CHARLESTON. -Hardee joins Keanregard. Conflagration in Charleston.— Explosion at the railroad depot.-A scarred city.Charleston as seen through Yankee eyes.—CAPTURE AND BURNING OF COLUMBIA. – Wild and savage scenes of pillage. The city on fire.-Four thousand citizens homeless.-Sherman's march north ward. His organization of "bummers."The column of smoke.—The Yankees at Winnsboro'. More of the enemy's atra cities.-Sherman's feint upon Charlotte.-His occupation of Fayetteville.- Hampton attacks Kilpatriek.-Sherman's appointment of a rendezvous with Schofield. -Hardee's fight near Averysboro':- What he did with half a corps of Confederates.-THE BATTLE OF BENTONVILLE.-Success of the Confederates.- No decisive results.-Sherman's move towards Goldsboro'.-Schofield's movement. Sherman's success.-His congratulatory order.-A military conference at City Point, Virginia ......

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The date of distrust in the Southern mind.- Observation of General Lee.--A pecu

liar moral condition of the Confederacy.-Want of confidence in President Davis' administration. Impatience of the prolongation of the war.--Davis' unpopularity. -- Weak attempts in Congress at a counter-revolution.-General Lee made come mander-in chief.—The title a nominal one. The Virginia delegation and the Pres. ident.--Mr. Seddon's resignation.--President Davis' defance to Congress.- To

Davis-Johnston imbroglio.-Sewator Wigfall's speeches.--Johnston's reste ration, --President Davis' opinion of homeopathy:-Sullen and indifferent disposition os the Southern people.—How they might have accomplished their independence.-Review of the military situation..--Analysis of the peace feeling in the North.-How it was likely to be developed by a long war.--The Union not the enemy's sing qua non.- Two contingencies that limited the war.—The worthless title of Yankee invasion.—“Cob-web" occupation of the Confederacy.--Note : an address in. tho Richmond newspapers. The two fatal facts in the condition of the Confederacy.-. The Fortress MONROE Commission.—How it was brought about.--The Yankee uitimatum.--Official narrative of the Confederate commissioners.--A new attempt to rally the spirit of the South.--The meeting at the African church in Richmond. --President Davis' boasts.- His noble allusion to history.--How the cause of the Confederacy was in danger.—PROPOSITION TO ARM THE SLAVES OF THE SOUTH.Indicative of a desperate condition of the public mind.-General Lee's opinion.The slaveholding interest.-Its selfishness and insolence.- A weak conclusion of the matter.—"Catching at straws” in the Confederate Congress.-Character of this body ....

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The last address and appeal of the Confederate Congress.--The war in a geographical

poini of view.-The CONFEDERATE CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT Davis.—THE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS.--A sharp recrimination.-- A committee of the Senate reply to President Davis.-Maladministration in the War Department.--Two-thirds of the Confederate Army absentees.-Lee loses nearly half his army by desertions.--The other half threatened with starvation.--Ample supply of food in the country.The fault in the Commissary Department.--Commissary Northrop a "pepper-doctor" as the favorite of Davis.-Analysis of President Davis' character for firmness, --How Northrop starved Richmond.-HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE COMMISSARIAT.-Secret testimony in Congress.-President Davis' refusal to trade cotton for meat.--Persistent delusion about “king cotton."--Venality of the enemy.-Davis takes no ndvantage of it.--Record of the rations in Lee's army.-Startling statistics.-Attempts to get meat from Europe.-General Lee's army withont meat.-His telegram to President Davis.-The necessities of the Commissary Department summed up in secret session of Congress.--But little done to meet them.--How tho cause of the Confederacy would have failed without a catastrophe of arms.--The military narrative resumed.-MILITARY EVENTS IN VIRGINIA IN THE WINTER OF 1864-5.-SHERIDAN'S RAID.—Thirteen counties traversed.--Amount of destruction accomplished by the enemy.—THE RICHMOND LINES.-HATCHER's Run.-Extension of Grant's line.--BATTLE OF Hares Hill.--Gallantry of Gordon's command.–Vigor and brilliancy of the fighting of the Confederates.--No decisive results.. Page 474


SAE BATTLES AROUND PETERSBURG.--The movement of Sheridan's cavalry.-The Five

Forks.-General Lee's counter-movement.-Repulse of Sheridan.-Re-enforced by Grant.--The Confederates flanked at the Five Forks.-The situation in front o. Petersburg. -Lee's lines broken in three places.--Capture of Fort Mahone by the enemy.--General Lee loses his entire line of defence, and the Southside Railroad. -Tux EvACUATION OF RICHMOND.-Great surprise in the Confederate capital.—The news in the churches.--Dr. Hoge's address.-Consternation and uproar in the streets. The city on fire. · A reckless military order.-Scenes of horror.-Mobs of plunderers.--The scene at the commissary depot.--Weitzel's entry into Richmond. -Suffering of the people.-Scene on Capitol Square. -Devastations of the fire.The burut district.-Weitzel's and Shepley's general orders.—Yankee rejoicings over the fall of Richmond.-Bell-ringings, hymns, and dancing in the streets of New York.--A grand illumination in Washington.-Yankee mottoes.--A memorable speech....

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What the Confederates anticipated on the fall of Richmond.-Two opinions.-Pro

phetic words of the Richmond Examiner.-Disintegration of Lee's army.--The line of his retreat.--Grant's pursuit.-Sheridan captures prisoners, guns, and wagons.--Sheridan's dispatch.-Change in the movements of both armies. The sitnation at Appomattox Court-house.-How Lee was surrounded.-SURRENDER OF THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA.—A frightful demoralization of the army.- More than two-thirds of the men deserted.---Pickett's division.-Reasons to suppose that General Lee had predetermined a surrender on moving from Richmond and Petersburg.-Straggling of his soldiers.—Official correspondence concerning the surrender.-Interview between General Lee and General Grant at McLean's house.-How General Lee looked.--Grant's generous conduct.--Scenes between the lines of tho two armies.--An informal conference of officers.--How the news of surrender was received in the Yankee army.-How received at Washington.--Secretary Stanton's dispatch.-President Lincoln's speech.--" Dixie" in Washington.-General Lee's farewell address to his army.-His return to Richmond.- Effect of Lee's surrender. --General Johnston's department.--MOVEMENTS IN THE SOUTH WEST.--FALL OF MoBILE.-Wilson's cavalry expedition through Alabama and Georgia. -SURRENDER OF JOHNSTON'S ARMY.--Sherman's “ basis of negotiutions" repudiated at Washington.-The policy of the Northern Government unmasked.—Sherman's reply.SURRENDER OF TAYLOR'S ARMY.-SURRENDER OF KIRBY's Smith'S ARMY.-" War meetings' in Texas.- Want of public resolution. The last act of the war.-A sudden peace, and what it iroplied...

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'olitical Iconoclasm in America.—The two idols of "the Constitution” and “the Union.”—Extravagant praises of the Constitution.-Its true value.-It contained a noble principle and glaring defects.-Character of the founders of the Constitution. -Hamilton.-Franklin.-His cookery-book philosophy.--His absurdities in the Convention.-The cull for the Convention that formed the Constitution.-Three parties in the Convention.-The idea of a “national" government.-Conflict between the small and large States. The result of this, the distinguishing feature of the Constitution. That feature au accident, and not an a priori discovery.- Enu. meration of defects in the Constitution.—The weakness and ignorance of its framers. -Its one conspicuous virtlie and original priociple.-Combination of State-rights

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