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Destruction of the Yankee Gunboat "Underwriter."-The Bri...ant Exploit of Ca'n mander Wood.--Results of the Expedition.--THE AFFAIR OF JOHN'S ISLAND.---General Wise's Fight. -THE BATTLE OF OCEAN POND.-History of the Yankee Expeditions into Florida.-Lincoln's Designs upon Florida.-Their Utter Defeat.-Political Jugglery of Seymour's Expedition.--Price of "Three Electoral Votes."--SHERMAN'S EXPEDI TION IN THE SOUTHWEST.-What it Contemplated.--Grant's Extensive Designs.--Th Strategic Triangle.--Grant's Proposed Removal of the Mississippi River.-Polk's Re treat into Alabama.-Forrest's Heroic Enterprise.-His Defeat of Smith's and Grier son's Columns.-Sherman's Retreat to Vicksburg.-His Disgraceful Failure.-The Yankee Campaign in the West Disconcerted.--The Lines in North Georgia.-Repulse of the Yankees.... ..PAGE 218


Auspicious Signs of the Spring of 1864.-Military Successes of the Confederates.— Improvements in the Internal Polity of the Confederacy-Two Important Measures of Legislation.-Revolution of our Finances.--Enlargement of the Conscription.Theory of the New Military Law.-A Blot on the Political Record of the Confederacy.-Qualified Suspension of the Habeas Corpus.-An Infamous Edict, but a "Deadletter."-An Official Libel upon the Confederacy.-The Real Condition of Civil Liberty in the South.-The Conscription not properly a Measure of Force.-Impressments but a System of Patriotic Contribution.--Development of the Yankee Government into Despotism.-An Explanation of this.-The Essence of Despotism in One Yankee Statute.-MILITARY RESOURCES OF THE CONFEDERACY.-Its Military System, the Best and Most Elastic in the World.-The War Conducted on A Volun tary Basis.-Supplies.--Scarcity of Meat.-The Grain Product.-Two Centres of Sup plies.-A Dream of Yankee Hate.--Great Natural Resources of the North.-Summary of the Yankee Military Drafts.-Tonnage of the Yankee Navy.-The Yankee Wat Debt.--Economic Effects of the War.-Its Effects on European Industry.-Yanke Conquest of the South an Impossibility.-A Remarkable Incident of the War.DAHLGREN'S RAID AROUND RICHMOND.-Kilpatrick's and Custar's Parts of the Expe dition.-Dahlgren and his Negro Guide.-His "Braves" Whipped by the Richmond Clerks and Artisans.-Death of the Marauder.-Revelation of his Infamous Designs. -Copy and History of "the Dahlgren Papers."-A Characteristic Yankee Apotheosis. Ridiculous and Infamous Behavior of the Confederate Authorities.--A Brutal and Savage Threat.-President Davis in Melodrama.... .PAGE 234


The Current of Confederate Victories.-THE RED RIVER EXPEDITION.-Banks' Am bitious Designs.-Condition of the Confederates West of the Mississippi.-Banks Extensive Preparations.-A Gala Day at Vicksburg.-Yankee Capture of Fort De Russy.--Occupation of Alexandria.-Porter's Warfare and Pillage.-Banks' Continued Advance.-Shreveport, the Grand Objective Point.-Kirby Smith's Designs.— General Green's Cavalry Fight.-BATTLE OF MANSFIELD.-Success of the Confederates.-BATTLE OF PLEASANT HILL.-The Heroic and Devoted Charge of the Confeder ates.-The Scene on the Hill.-Banks Fatally Defeated.-Price's Capture of Yankee Trains.--Grand Results of Kirby Smith's Campaign.-Banks in Disgrace.-Yankee Tenure of Louisiana.—FORREST'S EXPEDITION INTO KENTUCKY.-His Gallant Assault on Fort Pillow.-The Yankee Story of Massacre."-Capture of Union City.-Con federate Occupation of Paducah. -Chastisement of the Yankees on their own Theatre

of Outrages-CAPTURE OF PLYMOUTH, N. C.--General Hoke's Expedition.-Capture of "Fort Wessel."-Exploit of the "Albemarle."-The Assaults upon the Town.-Fruits of its Capture.-The Yankees in North Carolina.....

....PAGE 252


Close of the Third Year of the War.-Sketch of the Subsequent Operations in Virginia and Georgia.-GRANT's "ON-TO-RICHMOND."-The Combination Against the Confederate Capital.-THE BATTLES OF THE WILDERNESS.-A Thrilling Crisis.-Grant on the Verge of Rout.-His First Design Baffled.-THE BATTLES OF SPOTTSYLVANIA COURT-HOUSE.-Death of General Sedgwick.-THE CARNAGE OF MAY THE 12TH.-Five Battles in Six Days.-Grant's Obstinacy." The Butcher."--Sheridan's Expedition. -Death of General "Jeb" Stuart.-Butler's Operations on the South Side of the James." The Beast" at the Back-Door of Richmond.-He is Driven to Bermuda Hundred by Beauregard.-Defeat of Sigel in the Valley.-Grant's Movement Down the Valley of the Rappahannock.-His Passage of the Pamunkey.-Re-organization of General Lee's Lines.-Grant's Favorite Tactics.-Yankee Exultation at his Approach to Richmond--Caricatures of the Confederacy.-A Hasty Apotheosis.-A True Theory of Grant's "Flank Movements."-His Occupation of McClellan's Old Lines.-THE BATTLE OF THE CHICKAHOMINY OR COLD HARBOR.-A Confederate Victory in Ten Minutes. What Had Become of Yankee Exultation.-Review of the Rival Routes to Richmond.-Grant Crosses the James River.-His Second Grand Combination Against Richmond.-Hunter's Capture of Staunton.-THE BATTLES OF PETERSRURG.- General Wise's Heroic Address.-Engagement of 16th June.-Grand Assault of 19th June.-on "the Cockade City."-A Decisive defeat of the Yankees.-Engagement at Port Walthal Junction-Sheridan's Defeat Near Gordonsville. Hunter's Repulse at Lynchburg.--Two Affairs on the Weldon Railroad.-Grant's Second Combination a Complete Failure.-Discouragement of the North.-The Gold Barometer.-Secretary Chase's Declaration.-SHERMAN'S "ON-TO-ATLANTA."-His Flanking Movement.-Engagement in Resaca Valley.--Johnston's Retreat -Engagement at New Hope.— Johnston's Telegram to Richmond.-Defeat of Sturgis's Expedition in Mississippi.— BATTLE OF KENESAW MOUNTAIN.-Sherman's Successful Strategy.-The Confederates Fall Back to Atlanta.-THE BATTLES OF ATLANTA.-Hood's Gallant Defence.- . . The Military Situation in July, 1864.--Grant's Failure.-His Consumption of Troops. -Review of Yankee Atrocities in the Summer Campaign of 1864.--Sherman's Character. His Letter on "Wild Beasts."-His War on Factory Girls.-Sufferings of Confederate Women and Children.-Ravages in Georgia.-Hunter's Vandalisia in Virginia." The Avengers of Fort Pillow."-Sturgis and his Demons.-The Spirit of the Confederates.- ... Some Words on "Peace Negotiations."—A Piratical Proposition and an Infamous Bribe.-The Heroic Choice of the Confederates....PAGE 267



Sentimental Regrets concerning American History.-The European Opinion of "State" Institutions.-Calhoun, the Great Political Scholar of America.-His Doctrines.- Conservatism of "Nullification."-Its " Union" Sentiment.-Brilliant Vision of the South Carolina Statesman.-Webster, the Representative of the Imperfect and Insolent "Education" of New England.-Yankee Libels in the shape of Party Nomenclature.-Influence of State Institutions.--How they were Auxiliary to the

Union. The Moral Veneration of the Union Peculiarly a Seniment of the South.What the South had done for the Union.-Senator Hammond's Speech.-Tl:0 States not Schools of Provincialism and Estrangement.-The Development of America, a North and South, not Hostile States.-Peculiar Ideas of Yankee Civilzation.-Ideas Nursed in "Free Schools."-Yankee Materialism.-How it has Developed in the War.-Yankee Falsehoods and Yankee Cruelties.-His Commercial Politics.-Price of his Liberties.-Ideas of the Confederates in the War.-How the Washington Routine was introduced.-The Richmond Government, Weak and Negative. No Political Novelty in the Confederacy.-The Future of Confederate Ideas. Intellectual Barrenness of the War.-Material of the Confederate Army. -The Birth of Great Ideas.-The Old Political Idolators.-The Recompense of Suffering.... .PAGE 293


Lendition of the Confederacy in the early summer of 1864.-The expectations and hopes of the South.-GRANT's "ON TO RICHMOND."-Ulysses S. Grant and his command. His services and character.-THE BATTLES OF THE WILDERNESS.-A heroic stand. Heth's and Wilcox's divisions.-A critical conjuncture.-Grant's whole army on the threshold of ruin.-Grant's change of front and General Lee's new line. The Northern newspapers go into ecstasies.-THE BATTLES OF SPOTTSYLVANIA COURTHOUSE.-A crisis.-A thrilling scene.-"General Lee to the rear!"Six days of battle.-Grant's obstinacy.-Sheridan's expedition.-A fight at Yellow Tavern.-Death of General "Jeb" Stuart.-Butler's movement up the James.Beauregard drives him to Bermuda Hundred.-"The Buzzard and the Falcon."THE ENEMY'S OPERATIONS IN WESTERN VIRGINIA.-The combination there.-Three movements.-Sigel's defeat at Newmarket.--McCausland checks Crook at Dublin Depot.-Morgan defeats Averill at Wytheville.-Grant moves down the Valley of the Rappahannock.-Engagements near Hanover Junction.-Grant crosses the Pamunkey. He is within a few miles of Richmond.-The true theory of his movenents, defeat, not victory.--His immense losses.--Lee's admirable movements and positive successes.-Nonsense of the newspapers.. PAGE 809


Grant essays the passage of the Chickahominy.-BATTLE OF COLD HARBOR.-A brilliant and extraordinary victory for the Confederates.-Grant's stock of expedients. -He decides to move to the south side of the James.-OPERATIONS IN WESTERN VIRGINIA. Shocking improvidence of the Richmond authorities.-Hunter captures Staunton.-Death of General Jones.-Grant's new combination.-Hunter's part. Sheridan's part.-TuE BATTLES OF PETERSBURG.-Butler attempts to steal a march upon "the Cockade City."-Engagements of the 16th, 17th, and 18th of Junc.-Port Walthal Junction.-Defeat of Sheridan at Trevillian Station.-Defeat of Hunter near Lynchburg.-Morgan draws Burbridge into Kentucky.-Two atfairs on the Petersburg and Weldon Railroad.-THE GREAT MINE EXPLOSION.-A scene of infernal horror.-Yankee comments on Grant's failures.-Great depression in the North.-Mr. Chase's declarations.-General Lee's sense of success. -His singular behavior.-THE SINKING OF THE PRIVATEER ALABAMA.-A Yan kee trick of concealed armor.-The privateer service of the Confederates.-Interesting statistics...

PAGE 325


Sherman's campaign in Georgia.-How parallel with that in V rginia. The tasks of Grant and Sherman compared.-Numerical inferiority of General Johnston's forces. His proposition to the Richmond authorities.-Pragmatism of President Davis and his secretary.-Engagement in Resaca Valley.-General Johnston's designs. Why he retreated.-His disappointment of a battle at Cassville.-ENGAGEMENT AT NEW HOPE CHURCH.-True theory of the retrograde movement of Johnston.-BATTLE OF KENESAW MOUNTAIN.-Sherman's confession.-Sherman master of the Chattahoochee.-Johnston falls back to Atlanta.-The vexed question of Johnston's retreat.-What it surrendered.-What it secured.-Its strategie advantages.-The enemy's movements in Virginia and Georgia both in check.— Disappointment of the enemy.-Statistics of Yankee recruiting.-Another Confederate success.-Defeat of Sturgis.-"The Avengers of Fort Pillow."-Barbarities of the enemy's summer campaign.-Augmentation of Yankee ferocity.--Its effect on the Confederates.-Offensive operation of the Confederates.-Three projects of invasion.-EARLY'S INVASION OF MARYLAND, &c.-Sigel's retreat.BATTLE OF MONOCACY BRIDGE.-Early loses the great opportunity of 1864.-Results of his expedition.-Engagement at Kernstown. -MORGAN'S INVASION OF KENTUCKY.-His failure.-PRICE'S INVASION OF MISSOURI.-Pilot Knob.-General Ewing's retreat.--Price retires..... PAGE 842


Great revulsion in the public mind of the North in the summer of 1864.-A general outery for peace.-Spirit of Yankee newspapers.-The Niagara Falls "Commission."-The Jacques-Gilmore Affair.-Sorry figure of the Confederacy in these negotiations. The question of peace negotiations in the Confederacy.-True method of peace.-Manifesto of the Confederate Congress.-Position of President Davis-His letter to Governor Vance, of North Carolina.-The CHICAGO CONVENTION, etc.-Speeches, etc.-The real programme of the Democratic party.-Why it broke down.-No virtue in public opinion in the North.-The true peace men of the North.-Their Convention at Cincinnati.-A reaffirmation of Jeffersonian Democracy.-A masterpiece of statesinanship.-The Presidential campaign of 1864. The RIVAL ADMINISTRATIONS AT RICHMOND AND WASHINGTON.-A COMPARATIVE VIEW OF NORTHERN DESPOTISM.-The conscription and impressment laws of the Confederacy. The offerings of Southern patriotism.-The Yankee record in the matter of slavery." Military necessity."-The Yankee record in the matter of civil liberty.-An outrage upon history..... PAGE 359


The business of blockade-running.-Its risks.-Interesting statistics.-Value of the port of Mobile.-NAVAL FIGHT AND CAPTURE OF THE FORTS IN MOBILE BAY.-A frightful disparity of force.-Heroic fight of the ram Tennessee.-Absurd boasts of the Yankees.-Surrender of Fort Gaines.-Fall of Fort Morgan.-THE GEORGIA CAMPAIGN.-Its importance.-Johnston's situation at Atlanta.-His removal by President Davis.-A fatal error.-Lieutenant-General Hood.-THE BATTLES OF ATLANTA. THE FALL OF THE GATE CITY."-Reckless and desperate fighting

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Yankee rail on the Macon road.-Hood's "magnificent advance."—Bor bardment of Atlanta.-Hood's fatal mistake.-Sherman's new movement.-He "cuts the Confederates in two."-The Yankees in Atlanta.-Sherman's cruelties.-His depopulation of Atlanta.-Enormity of the order.-Sherman as a pacificator.- Governor Brown's letter.-Position of Vice-President Stephens.-Effects of the fall of Atlanta.--President Davis' Macon speech.-Its swollen tone.--CAPTURE OF THE CONFEDERAte Privateer FLORIDA.-Its cowardice and outrage.-Yankee idea of glory.-THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONFEDERATE RAM ALBEMARLE.-Yankee estimation of the exploit.-The North Carolina Sounds.-THE ST. ALBANS RAID.Stories of the savage vengeance of the Confederates.-How much truth there was in them...... PAGE 877


The Richmond lines.--THE FALL OF FORT HARRISON, ETC.-The attempt to retake it. -Why it failed.-ENGAGEMENT ON THE CHARLES CITY ROAD.-Death of General Gregg.-ENGAGEMENT ON THE WILLIAMSBURG AND BOYDTON ROADS.-ANOTHER GRAND ATTEMPT ON RICHMOND.--A shameful failure.-The "electoral necessity" at Washington.-THE CAMPAIGN IN THE VALLEY OF VIRGINIA.-Early's mission in the Valley. How a part of the combination to protect Richmond.--Sheridan's command. His strategy.-BATTLE NEAR WINCHESTER.--A critical moment.-The enemy's centre broken.--He recovers. -Misconduct of the Confederate cavalry.Early retreats to Fisher's Hill.-THE BATTLE OF FISHER'S HILL.-A most unexpected reverse to the Confederates.-Misgivings and alarm in Richmond.-The capture of Staunton.-Sheridan's devastations of the Valley." Barn-burning.”— An affair of Rosser's cavalry." Thel Savior of the Valley."-BATTLE OF CEDAR CREEK.-Two-thirds of Sheridan's army completely routed.-Early's awkward pause.-Plunder of the Yankee camp.-The enemy regains the day.-Shameful rout of the Confederates.-The Valley campaign virtually ended.-SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA.-Breckinridge's campaign.-The Yankees capture the salt-works at Saltville.-Destruction of the works... .. PAGE 394


Mr. Lincoln's extraordinary triumph.-Reassembling of the Richmond Congress.— President Davis' review of the situation.-A memorable boast.-New demands of the Confederate conscription.- Military resources of the North and South com pared.-Plethoric wealth of the North.-"Twenty against one."-Two advantages the South had in the war.-Its conditions of success.-The value of endurance on the part of the South.-THE HOOD-SHERMAN CAMPAIGN.--Speeches at headquarters. -Hood commences his march.-Capture of Dalton.-Sherman follows as far as Gaylesville. He turns back.-Georgia and South Carolina "at his mercy."-An extraordinary campaign.- Hood and Sherman marching away from each other.Hood crosses into Tennessee.-The Yankee retreat to Franklin.-THE BATTLE OF FRANKLIN.-Great loss in Confederate officers.-The enemy retreats to Nashville.-BATTLE OF NASHVILLE.-The giving way of Bates' division.-A shameful stampede. -Hood's losses.-The whole scheme of Confederate defence west of the Alleghanies broken down.-The errors of Hood's campaign...... PAGE 412

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