The Vassar Miscellany, Volume 11

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Vassar College., 1881 - Universities and colleges
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Page 19 - That teaches me that all things whatsoever I would that men should do to me, I should do even so to them. It teaches me, further, "to remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them.
Page 9 - We are now far into the fifth year since a policy was initiated with the avowed object and confident promise of putting an end to slavery agitation. Under the operation of that policy, that agitation has not only not ceased but has constantly augmented. In my opinion, it will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed. "A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Page 19 - I endeavored to act up to that instruction. I say I am yet too young to understand that God is any respecter of persons. I believe that to have interfered as I have done...
Page 9 - It is an irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forces, and it means that the United States must and will, sooner or later, become either entirely a slave-holding nation or entirely a free-labor nation.
Page 19 - I believe that to have interfered as I have done, as I have always freely admitted I have done, in behalf of His despised poor, was not wrong, but right. Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children, and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments — I submit: so let it be done.
Page 48 - And we shall not be far wrong, if we determine its date as about the end of the fourth, or the beginning of the fifth century before Christ. 3. In the critical work on the Four Books, called ' Record of Remarks in the village of Yung1,' it is observed, ' The Analects, in my opinion, were made by the disciples, just like this record of remarks.
Page 382 - When I shall be again free, I will enjoy all things with the fresh simplicity of a child of five years old. I shall grow young again, made all over anew. I will go forth and stand in a summer shower, and all the worldly dust that has collected on me shall be washed away at once, and my heart will be like a bank of fresh flowers for the weary to rest upon.
Page 417 - ... to dream-dowered days apart; From trust to doubt; from doubt to brink of ban; — Thus much of change in one swift cycle ran Till now. Alas, the soul ! — how soon must she Accept her primal immortality, — The flesh resume its dust whence it began ? O Lord of work and peace! O Lord of life! O Lord, the awful Lord of will! though late, Even yet renew this soul with duteous breath : That when the peace is garnered in from strife, The work retrieved, the will regenerate, This soul may see thy...
Page 453 - Propitious sate, wreathing his sidelong trunk. By winding ways of garden and of court The inner gate was reached, of marble wrought, White with pink veins ; the lintel lazuli, The threshold alabaster, and the doors Sandal-wood, cut in pictured panelling ; Whereby to lofty halls and shadowy bowers Passed the delighted foot, on stately stairs, Through latticed galleries, 'neath painted roofs And clustering columns, where cool fountains — fringed i With lotus and nelumbo — danced, and fish Gleamed...
Page 319 - And the counsel of Ahithophel, which he counseled in those days, was as if a man had inquired at the oracle of God: so was all the counsel of Ahithophel both with David and with Absalom.

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