The Antananarvio Annual and Madagascar Magazine, Volume 1, Issues 1-3

Front Cover
London Missionary Society Press, 1875 - Madagascar

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Page 25 - Cape Corrientes, there is a rubric inscribed with the following remarkable story : "About the year of Our Lord 1420 a ship or junk of India in crossing the Indian Sea was driven by way of the Islands of Men and Women beyond the Cape of Diab, and carried between the Green Islands and the Darkness in a westerly and south-westerly direction for 40 days, without seeing anything but sky and sea, during which time they made to the best of their judgment 2000 miles. The gale then ceasing they turned back,...
Page 119 - Including a Journey to the Capital, with Notices of the Natural History of the Country and of the Present Civilization of the People.
Page 95 - Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing herself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks : methinks I see her as an eagle, mewing her mighty youth, and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full mid-day beam...
Page 22 - ... paces long, and thick in proportion. And it is so strong that it will seize an elephant in its talons and carry him high into the air, and drop him so that he is smashed to pieces; having so killed him the bird gryphon swoops down on him and eats him at leisure.
Page 13 - Sea, conjectures may be formed with respect to the peopling those countries, which cannot easily be referred to Madagascar. The inhabitants of Java and Madagascar appear to be a different race ; the Javanese is of an olive complexion, and has long hair; the native of Madagascar is black, and his head is not covered with hair, but wool ; and yet perhaps this will not conclude against their having common ancestors so strongly as at first appears.
Page 95 - ... sacred Bible sought out of the dusty corners where profane falsehood and neglect had thrown it, the schools opened, divine and human learning raked out of the embers of forgotten tongues, the princes and cities trooping apace to the new-erected banner of salvation ; the martyrs, with the unresistible might of weakness, shaking the powers of darkness, and scorning the fiery rage of the old red dragon.
Page 22 - This is because the seacurrent runs so strong towards the south that the ships which should attempt it never would get back again. Indeed, the ships of Maabar which visit this island of Madeigascar, and that other of Zanghibar, arrive thither with marvellous speed, for great as the distance is they accomplish it in 20 days, whilst the return voyage takes them more than 3 months.
Page 97 - The whole history of Christianity shows, that she is in far greater danger of being corrupted by the alliance of power, than of being crushed by its opposition. Those who thrust temporal sovereignty upon her treat her as their prototypes treated her author. They bow the knee, and spit upon her; they cry "Hail!
Page 51 - Island in the World. Wherein The Temperature of the Clymate, the Nature of the Inhabitants, the Commodities of the Countrie, and the facility and benefit of a Plantation by our people there, are compendiously and truely described. Dedicated To the...

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