Every-day Precedents in Conveyancing: a Collection of Practical Forms Designed for Professional Use and Suited to the Emergencies of Actual Practice: With Notes and a Table of Stamp Duties

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of a Contract for Sale of Freeholds in Considera tion of an Annuity
of a Deposit of Deeds
of an Auction Sale of Leaseholds by Executors
of a Disclaimer
of a Lease being Partnership Property
of the Dissolution of a Partnership
of an assignment for Benefit of Creditors
of an Enfranchisement under the Copyhold Acts
of a Conveyance to Uses to bar Dower subject to Reservations and Restrictions
Release by Creditors of an Intestate on Payment of a Com position by Administrator
by Creditors to Attorney of their Debts against his Principal on Payment of a Composition
from a Debt owing by a Firm
between a Purchaser and a Vendor
to a Mortgagee of the Equity of Redemption in Freeholds by the Parties entitled under the Will of a deceased Mortgagor
of an Annuity charged on Land
STATUTORY DECLARATIONS 210 Declaration by an Attesting Witness to a Notice of Disso lution of Partnership
Declaration by an Attesting Witness to the Execution of
as to a Death
of an Existing Right of Way in Exchange
Testimonium to an Indenture executed by an Attorney
by Members of a Land Society on their Direc
of Real and Personal Estate Furniture and House
Will of a Married Woman under a Power contained in
of Widow exercising a Power contained in
Codicil reviving a Will revoked by Marriage and revoking
bequeathing lapsed Legacies and reducing and
Certificate on Attested Copy of a Document
Indenture of Apprenticeship
Second further Charge by a Mortgagor to Mortgagees
Table of Stamp Duties

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Page 257 - An Act to repeal an Act of the present session of Parliament, intituled ' An Act for the more effectual Abolition of Oaths and Affirmations taken and made in various Departments of the State, and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire Suppression of voluntary and extra-judicial Oaths and Affidavits;' and to make other Provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths.
Page 207 - ... giving and granting unto my said attorney full power and authority to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever requisite and necessary to be done in and about the premises, as fully, to all intents and purposes, as I might or could do if personally present...
Page 150 - ... it shall be lawful for the lessor at any time thereafter, into and upon the said demised premises, or any part thereof, in the name of the whole, to re-enter, and the same to have again, re-possess and enjoy, as of his or their former estate ; anything hereinafter contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
Page 347 - IN TRUST for all the children or any the child of the said intended marriage whe being sons or a son shall attain the age of twenty-one years or being daughters or a daughter shall attain that age or marry under that age and if more than one in equal shares...
Page 275 - ... and assigns, make, do, and execute, or cause to be made, done, and executed, all and every such further and other lawful and reasonable acts, conveyances...
Page 360 - No lease made for any consideration or considerations in respect whereof it is chargeable with. ad valorem duty, and in further consideration either of a covenant by the lessee to make, or of his having previously made, any substantial improvement of or addition to the property demised to him, or of any covenant relating to the matter of the lease, is to be charged with any duty in respect of such further consideration.
Page 355 - Agreement, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, made in England or Ireland under hand only, or made in Scotland without any clause of registration, and not otherwise specifically charged with any duty, whether the same be only evidence of a contract, or obligatory upon the parties from its being a written instrument, 6d.
Page 354 - ... adhesive stamp cancels the same by writing on or across the stamp his name or initials, or the name or initials of his firm, together with the true date of his so writing, so that the stamp may be effectually cancelled, and rendered incapable of being used for any other instrument, or unless it is otherwise proved that the stamp appearing on the instrument was affixed thereto at the proper time.
Page 319 - ... person or no such person able and willing to act, then the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee for the time being, or the personal representatives of the last surviving or continuing trustee, may, by writing appoint another person or other persons to be a trustee or trustees in the place of the trustee dead, remaining out of the United Kingdom, desiring to be discharged, refusing, or being unfit or being incapable, as aforesaid.
Page 357 - Where any property is conveyed to any person in consideration, wholly or in part, of any debt due to him, or subject either certainly or contingently to the payment or transfer of any money or stock, whether being or constituting a charge or incumbrance upon the property or not, the debt, money, or stock, is to be deemed the whole or part, as the case may be, of the consideration in respect whereof the conveyance is chargeable with ad valorem duty (). 68.

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