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No. 55.

New Orleans, August 4, 1862.

It appears that the need of relief to the destitute poor of the city requires more extended measures and greater outlay than have yet been made.

It becomes a question in justice upon whom should this burden fall.

Clearly upon those who have brought this great calamity upon their fellowcitizens.

It should not be borne by taxation of the whole municipality, because the middling and working men have never been heard at the ballot-box unawed by threats and unmenaced by “ Thugs” and paid assassins of conspirators against peace and good order. Besides, more than the vote that was claimed for secession have taken the oath of allegiance to the United States.

The United States Government does its share when it protects, defends and preserves the people in the enjoyment of law, order and calm quiet.

Those who have brought upon the city this stagnation of business, this desolation of the hearth-stone, this starvation of the poor and helpless, should, as far as they may be able, relieve these distresses.

There are two classes whom it would seem peculiarly fit should at first contribute to this end. First, those individuals and corporations who have aided the rebellion with their means; and second, those who have endeavored to destroy the commercial prosperity of the city, upon which the welfare of its inhabitants depend.

It is brought to the knowledge of the Commanding General that a subscription of twelve hundred and fifty thousand dollars was made by the corporate bodies, business firms and persons whose names are set forth in schedule "A" annexed to this order, and that sum placed in the hands of an illegal body known as the “Committee of Public Safety,” for the treasonable purpose of defending the city against the Government of the United States, under whose humane rule the city of New Orleans had enjoyed such unexampled prosperity, that her warehouses were filled with trade of all nations who came to share her freedom, to take part in the bene

fits of her commercial superiority, and thus she was made the representative mart of the world.

The stupidity and wastefulness with which this immense sum was spent was only equaled by the folly which led to its being raised at all. The subscribers to this fund, by this very act, betray their treasonable designs and their ability to pay at leasi a much smaller tax for the relief of their destitute and starving neighbors.

Schedule “B” is a list of L'otton Brokers, who, claiming to control that great interest in New Orleans, to which she is so much indebted for her wealth, published in the newspapers, in October, 1861, a manifesto deliberately advising the planters not to bring their produce to the city, a measure which brought ruin at the same time upon the producer and the city.

This act sufficiently testifies the malignity of these traitors, as well to the Government as their neighbors, and it is to be regretted that their ability to relieve their fellow-citizens is not equal to their facilities for in juring them.

In taxing both these classes to relieve the suffering poor of New Orleans, yea, even though the needy be the starving wives and children of those in arms at Richmond and elsewhere against the United States, it will be impossible to make a mistake, save in having the assessment too easy and the burden too light.

It is therefore ORDERED

Ist. That the sums in schedules annexed, marked “A” and “B,” set against the names of the several persons, business firms and corporations herein described, be, and hereby are, assessed upon each respectively.

2d. That said sums be paid to Lieut. David C. G. Field, Financial Clerk, at his office, in the Customhouse, on or before Monday, the 11th inst., or that the property of the deliquent be forthwith seized and sold at public auction, to pay the amount, with all necessary charges and expenses, or the party imprisoned till paid.

3d. The money raised by this assessment to be a fund for the purpose of providing employment and food for the deserving poor people of New Orleans.


Captain and Acting Assistant Adjutant Generać.

[Lieut. Field may be found in the room formerly occupied by the Navy Agent.)

SCHEDULE A. List of Subscribers to the Million and a Quarter Loan, placed in the hands of the Committee of

Public Safety, for the defense of New Orleans against the United States, and expended by them some $38,000.

Sums subseribed Sums assessed

to aid trea on to relieve the against the U.

poor by the States.

U. States. Abat, Generes & Co....


$52,500 00 Jonathan Montgomery

40,000 10,000 00 Thos. Sloo, Prosident Sun Insurance Company.

50,000 12,500 00 C. C. Gaines


500 00 C. C. Gaines & Co.......


750 00 Trustees McDonogh School Fund.

340,000 85,000 00 J. B. Slawson......

10,000 2,500 00 S. H. Wood....


1,250 00 Mrs. S. H. Wood..


500 00 Jacques Lange..

7,000 1,750 00 Widow W.P. Welham

10,000 2,500 00 Robert G ddes

10,000 2,500 00 Widow Vogel.....

20,000 5,000 00 J. Levois & Co

10,000 2,500 00 Samuel Harby..

14,800 3,700 00 Citizens' Bank of Louisiana..


76,600 00 Giquel & Jamison

7,500 1,875 00 E. Booth.......


100 00 Edward Chapman..

8,000 2,000 00 Thomas Layton


250 00 D. J. Beagnot.


500 00 B. Dryer & Co.......


250 00 W. H. Pierson


750 00 Samuel Locke...

10,000 2,500 00 Hartz & Wintz..

5,000 Southern Bank..

10,000 2,500 00 Richard & Co.....


2,500 00 Dr. B, Moss..


750 03 J. & J. C. Davidson.


5,000 00 Duque Lanata

9,000 H Samorny..


250 00 R. Turney..


375 00 R, D. Maclin

2 500

625 00 J. H. Cohen..


750 00 Mrs. C A. Slocomb.....


1,375 0? Committee of Public Safety.


216 25 II, Lee ......


37.50 Geo, Zickendrath...


50 CO Hyde & Goodrich


250 00 Magee, Horten & George.


125 .00

1,250 00

2,250 00

[blocks in formation]

Samuel Loeb......... Valentine Heerman. 8. 8. Bickler .......... John M. Demarest... Thomas O. Donnell Mrs. B. V. B. McMahon............... W. H. Letchford 0. F. Thiesman Frederick Bauer Jno. Rickerson McStea, Value & Co.......... Jacob Zoelly T. Lafon. E. Cresswell.... H. H. O, Meallie.............. Joseph Field................... Jules Donc D. Amanon... John Farrell.......... D. H. Holmes....... 8. P. Lamon..... Fanny Hollander J. W. Stanton & Co......... John H. Randolph.... Harriet Morgan. Rachel Morgan............... Sarah Morgan Elizabeth Morgan.... Mary M. Morgan Margaret Harrod.. Davis Brothers Trustees Fink Asylum Fund William Massey F. Lagay Jno. J. Adams A. W. Bosworth.............. Chas. Briggs............ J, A. Lum & Co Chas. Loeffler Geo. O. Brower.......... Patrick Howard Geo. Clamman H. H. Hedden .......... James Goran Biscoe & Simms............... B, C. Young

[blocks in formation]
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