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No. 8.

Ship Island, March 29, 1862.

The following named regiments and corps will embark to morrow, commencing at 8 A. M., and in the following order, viz:

1. On board steamer Mississippi—

The Commanding General and Staff;

4th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers:

Durivage Cavalry (dismounted) and Manning's Battery;
Weitzel Pioneers.

2. On board steamer Matanzas

Brig. Gen. Williams and Staff;

21st Regiment Indiana Volunteers.

3. On board steamer Lewis-

9th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers.

4. On board ship North America-
26th Massachusetts Volunteers;
Everett's Battery.

5. On board ship Wild Gazelle--
9th Michigan Volunteers.

6. On board ship E. W. Farley

12th Connecticut Volunteers.

Each regiment will take three (3) tents, and the detached companies of cavalry, artillery and pioneers one (1) tent each. The remaining tents will be left standing. The troops will carry their camp kettles, mess pans, cups, plates, knives and forks, and each soldier his knapsack, overcoat, blanket, one extra shirt, one extra pair of drawers, one extra pair of shoes, canteen, and in his haversack four days cooked rations. They will also take all the axes, hatchets, picks, shovels and spades they may have in possession.

Officers' baggage will be limited to bedding and one valise, bag or knapsack; no trunks in any case to be taken. The remaining baggage of officers and men will be properly secured, as compactly as possible, marked and turned over to the Division Quartermaster.

Captains of companies will be held responsible that every soldier has in his cartridge box forty (40) rounds of ammunition.

The troops will be inspected at 6 P. M. to-day, to see that this order has been complied with as far as may be necessary at that hour to insure promptness in the embarkation to-morrow. One non-commissioned officer for each regiment will be left behind to turn over the baggage, tents, etc., to the Chief Quartermaster.



Assistant Adjutant General.

Ship Island, April 10, 1862.

No. 9.

The following named regiments and corps will embark, commencing at M., and in the following order.

On board ship Great Republic-

21st Regiment Indiana Volunteers;

4th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers ;
6th Regiment Michigan Volunteers.

On board steamer Mississippi-

26th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers;
31st Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers;
Brown's Sappers and Miners;
Everett's Battery,

On board steamer Matanzas

9th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers ;
2d Vermont Battery.

On board ship North America-

30th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers ;
Read's Cavalry;

Durivage's Cavalry :

Manning's Battery.

On board ship E. Wilder Farley-

12th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers.

III. The amount of provisions, baggage, etc., to be carried by the troops will be the same as heretofore designated in General Orders No. 8, current series. No knapsack will be unslung during embarkation or disembarkation, or on board a lighter in going to or from any transport.



Assistant Adjutant General,

No. 10.

Ship Island, April 12, 1862.

The Major General Commanding desires publicly to testify his appreciation of the gallant courage and good conduct of the 9th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Col. Cahill commanding, and a section of the 6th Massachusetts Battery, under Capt. Everett, in the recent expedition to Biloxi and Pass Christian, as exhibited by the report of the Staff officers in command of that expedition.

Of their bravery in the field he felt assured; but another quality, more trying to the soldier, claims his admiration.

After having been for months subjected to the privations necessarily incident to camp life upon this island, these well disciplined soldiers, although for many hours in full possession of two rebel villages, filled with what to them were most desirable luxuries, abstaining from the least unauthorized interference with private property, and all molestation of peaceable citizens.

This behavior is worthy of all praise. It robs war of half its horrors-it teaches our enemies how much they have been misinformed, by their designing leaders, as to the character of our soldiers and the intention of our Government-it gives them a lesson and an example in humanity and civilized warfare much needed, however little it may be followed.

The General Commanding commends the action of the men of this expedition to every soldier in this Department. Let it be imitated by all in the towns and cities we occupy, a living witness that the United States soldier fights only for the Union, the Constitution and the enforcement of the laws.



Assistant Adjutant General.

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