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or however contrary to my own feelings, they are witnesses of my readiness to obey. After every thing was done as directed that evening, they were ordered to meet again at the same time on the Monday following.

The next day I was answered, that it was but for the trial of my faith that the directions were given in that manner; but as I had obeyed in heart, it was all that was required of me; but the Lord would work a different way.

Soon after my visitation began in this powerful manner, I was answered, that I should have all new clothing, for the sake of my female friends; and was ordered to have twelve new gowns, which I immediately gave orders for; and for other new clothing likewise, and I was answered "The time of thy departure draweth near; for thy sands are nearly run." This I greatly rejoiced in; as I am as weary of the world, as the world is of me. I cannot enter into particulars of what was revealed to me; as it was ordered to be sealed up, in the presence of the seven friends, and put into a box, that is not to be opened till my trial; and then will be seen what was revealed to me every day. On Monday, the 27th of September, in the morn ing, it was revealed to me, that my new clothing was for my Wedding Garments: for I must enter into a marriage union with man, but it was the wisdom of the Lord to conceal from me, and to conceal from all, that such a union should take place; and therefore I was ordered to pen my own choice, which was to have a heavenly inheritance, when my work was done, instead of an earthly one; but in my writings, which are sealed up, I know it is said, that I should have an earthly husband, whom the Lord would resign the whole to; but what was printed, was topre


vent any man's making an offer to me, that I might be kept for the man whom the Lord had designed for me. When this was revealed, all my nerves shook, my head was like the rivers of water, and I really could say with Paul, "Whether in the body, or out of the body, he could not tell:" and I may say likewise, whether in my senses, or out of my senses, I could not tell; for my spirits were so confused, that I could scarcely speak to the friends when they came. They all seemed to feel for me; and all were astonished, when they heard the Communication read. In answer to my trembling, and dreading the thoughts of a marriage union at this time of day, considering my age, and the happy life I now lived single; I was agitated with sorrow, I thought greater than I could bear; but I was answered "If I refused to give my hand in wedlock to the man the Lord had designed it for, when the Lord's appointed time was come; then my writings would be of no use to mankind : all was but labour lost, if I refused a marriage union with man, which was pointed out to me from my writings, which no one understood the sense and meaning of, before they were explained to me; and then all my friends saw it clear, that an earthly union must take place, to fulfil them.

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Strange Effects of Faith, page 108.


"But ne'er no judges in your land
Had e'er so weighty Trial in hand,
Since I was judg'd at Pilate's bar.
The Holy Ghost must be judg'd here
But I do tell them 'tis not thee;
It is the writings they must see;
I am the Spirit did indite,
That did induce thee first to write;

And all mankind shall know I am,
And Jah, Jehovah is mỹ name;
'The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
In these three I's the sentence past,
And every mystery I'll explain,
And echo back the lines to men.
I am the Maker of you all;
Eden was found, when man did fall,
A Tree of Life within to stand.-
Hear now my voice, ye sons of men :
O people simple and unwise!
Vain are your thoughts, for to despiso
A God that gave the woman first;
I am, I am, to "give her last;
By her obedience free the score;
Her faith is just, if men see clear;
And she hath err'd the safest side:
The path is straight, the field is wide.
So if you judge her senses lost,
It is where man can never boast,
So far beyond the learned's skill,
And you may judge it as you will."

"I shall answer thee from this Communication, and shew thee plainly, that, without a Marriage Union with man, this could not be fulfilled; for if I gave the woman to Adam at first, when paradise was lost by disobedience, I must bring the woman in perfect obedience to God and man; and so I must give her to man; but had these things been understood, thou wouldest have been wearied out with offers of lovers in men, knowing this was the first woman that ever wrote or acted like thee, to spend thy life from thy youth up to this day in perfect obedience to thy Lord; and therefore thy age men would not despise, but my command must be made known, that no man is to make an offer of marriage to thee; nor any proposals of love must be made by any, before him unto whom I have told thee I resign thy hand, as a father resigns his daughter in mar


riage, so I have told thee I will resign thee in marriage to one who shall be to thee a likeness of Noah; and if he accepts thy hand, there is no one else whom thou canst give it to. it to. But if he refuses, then thou art at liberty to chuse for thyself; but that must not be, till thou hast seen the end; as I have told thee, when all is tried and proved, granted by the bishops as judges, the clergy as grand jury, and twentyfour of thy friends; when they allow thy visitation to be from the Lord, they must know, that the name I gave thee is spiritual; but the marriage is temporal; and the name is but a mark for men to know that the end is at hand. And therefore it must be granted by all, that it is a visitation from the Lord to bring in an earthly marriage, different from what hath taken place before; because it is brought round by the wisdom and direction of the Lord, in perfect obedience to my command, through the prophecies that are given already. I have told thee, it is granted by God; but it must be granted by men; and when this is done, let thy judge inquire, if thou art the Bride, who is the Bridegroom? Then thou must make known who the Bridegroom is; and whether he accepts thy hand, as a blessing from the Lord, with his heart united with his hand, and thy answer must be the same; because I have told thee, before I have united your hearts I will never unite your hands. Now come to the Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 39.

"For now to all I mean to call,
And bid you both be free;
"Tis by the MOTHER and the BRIDE
That Isaacs ye must be.

So Jews and Gentiles now give up,

And say the woMAN's clear;

Then sure for Canaan you may hope,
Your full Redemption's near.
For if the WOMAN I make free,
Ye must be free indeed;
Though this appears a mystery,
But all from her proceed.
For every man from her was born,
Ever since Adam's fall;

And as that Sin did taint her blood,
You say you're tainted all.
But if that taint I take away,

And made her perfect free,
And pour the Holy Ghost on man,

Then perfect heirs you be:
Made heirs of God, it must be know'd,

And joint heirs with the Son.

Now let the learned men appear,

I'll answer thee again."

First Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 107.


"So you may call her what will:
A BRIDE, or MOTHER: but stand still;
I said a Bridegroom I'd appear,
When I bring in my every heir;
And, by her name, you all shall see
That Mary doth with her agree,
To cast all on the serpent's head:
And like Joanna is her plead.
But if you will not cast it there,
Then of her blood let all take care;
For I'll avenge her every foe.

Now look to Calvary, you may know
What fatal sword went through her soul,
To see her Son to die for all.

I knew her grief was more than mine,
And I'll avenge thee every crime
That caus'd my Mother's heart to bleed;
So now take care how you proceed.
But now I ask how't could be done,
Had not my Spirit to her come,
To have the Woman to appear,
That in my Mother's room is here?
And if her offers you refuse,
I say more fatal than the Jews
You'll find the every weight to turn,
Till ruin is on every man."

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