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filled; neither hath the fruit yet appeared; or the leaves of my words, that shall be given to heal the nations. Therefore let them observe, when this promise is fulfilled the Spirit and the Bride say, COME: and this is a promise which stands on record, that my Spirit shall come to warn of the end and the FRUITS are the fruits of my Spirit; and the LEAVES are the words which I shall give, when the fruits of my Spirit are poured out strongly upon men, to make them fruit fit for their Master's use. Then the LEAVES of their WORDS, which will fly abroad amongst all nations, will be the healing of them, when I have brought round thy Writings to compare with the Scriptures, to shew them plainly how things must be compared together, and brought round, in this present age, to lay all before their view, the way I shall make my Bible true; for I tell thee, the Bible will never convince men who are in unbelief, before I have brought round a mystery in this present age, in some likeness of the Scriptures, to make them know that there is a God, and a faithful rewarder of them that diligently seek him: and they shall know that my Gospel is true.

"But now I ask thee and all mankind, how could I come in honour and justice, as a God, to remove the curse from off the earth, and destroy the works of the devil, to establish peace and righteousness upon the earth? Could I come in justice to do this for men, before I have made it the desire of men? And therefore the fruit must be in men, to have a longing desire for my coming; and the leaves is the word that I have already revealed: and greater things will be revealed, to place the fruit in the hearts of men.

"And now I shall call thee to the professors of religion. Do they not say, if they are in Christ, it is all they have to look for, and all they have to


desire, thinking they shall go to glory when they die? Then, by their desire I can neither come in honour, faithfulness, justice, nor truth, to destroy the works of the devil for their sakes; because they do not desire it; and Satan would have room to plead, that my coming was not in love to man, if the hearts of all were like these professors.

"And now come to the profane, who are hardened on by the devi!: do not they cry out and say, they do not want his works to be destroyed, or his power cut off? while others say, there is no devil to destroy? Then I cannot come, according to my Gospel, with justice, or honour, to bring in the redemption of men who have no desire to be redeemed.

"And therefore the fruit must be in the heart, in a different manner than these I have mentioned, for ME to be the desire of nations. And these things stand without conditions, that they shall be fulfilled; and therefore

Earth and hell may rage in vain,
But I shall plant this FRUIT in men ;
As some already doth appear;
Behold the TREE, the fruit is here.
And so I tell thee 'twill abound;
And men may tremble at the sound,
Who now do wish to keep it back,

And say,
"the LEAVES we wish to pluck,
That they may never now appear,
To shew the ending now draws near.”—
I'll tell thee more another day:
The heads of men I mean to try,
The way they place the TREE of LIFE;
For that's the way I'll end the strife.
I'll gain the FRUIT if it be in man;
And then the LEAVES I know will come;
For I shall make them fly abroad,
When deeper mysteries here I've shew'd;
And greater judgments will come on,
As I have warn'd of every land.
And so the truth I shall make clear,
And prove that I have spoken here;

For now the words I'll answer thee;
Because thy heart is known to ME,
To wish to have the fruit abound,
And men rejoice to hear the sound.
But now one thought I'll call thee back-
'Tis not my love that now is slack;
But Satan's arts I know too well,
They every way his rage do swell;
And therefore I must work it round
A way that he cannot be found
To work with power so in man.
Remember, ***

could not stand,

With all the rage that did appear;
For Satan gain'd his footing there;
And therefore I must work a way
His every arts for to betray;
And then I'll shew the fruit in men,
How altogether they may stand,
To have these leaves to fly abroad.
To other nations 'twill be know'd
What wonders do in England burst.
I said this land I'd free it first
From all the sorrows they are in,
Before my kingdom down I bring,
To have the hearts of all the same;
And they shall know my every name-
I died for man, but not in vain.
And here this subject I shall end:
But all my Bible I'll go through,
And bring the likeness to their view.

"Here I have shewn thee a few scriptures, that stand without conditions to be fulfilled; and now I ask thee, how mankind can come forward and plead their scriptures, who boast of their knowledge and belief in them? how will they pretend to prove them true, who began so soon to mock that thy writings could not be true, if thou wast baffled in one thing; as they boasted so much of *******'s death. But I now tell thee, their boasting is to destroy the Scriptures, that all may appear as a dead letter to man, that never was fulfilled; and therefore they judge it never will, without discerning the Six Days in the Creation, before the day of rest came in-that one day is a


thousand years; which meaneth, from the beginning of the Six Days' labour; but know, I said in my Gospel, that those days should be shortened; and ye know not how near they are to an end; and therefore I shall bring my Bible forward with strange events that are hastening on, that the blind may begin to see how the fruit begins to appear with the leaves."

A Communication given in answer to a Dream in 1796. First Book of Sealed Prophecies,

page 24.

"Another day I'll tell thee more,

And deeper things explain;

But for the present I'll end here.

And think upon thy dream.

For down thou'st fall'n, to man thou'st call'd;

Assistance he refused;

Then thou jump'dst off, 'tis known to all,

And stood upon thy shoes:

On thy own feet, the mystery's great;
And there thou'lt surely stand.
Wilt thou go back, (am I now slack ?)
And trust to men's weak hands?
They'll surely come, as he hath done;
Thy Jury cannot stay:

When to the purpose all do come,
Thou'lt surely go that way.

Thy journey through I bid thee go;
Thou canst not tarry here:

The rest not come, it shall be known
I'll make the mystery clear."

"Here let men discern at what time this was to

be fulfilled: not at the time that ******* gave thee assistance, but to be at a time that thou calledst to him in vain, that he refused to give thee any assistance, either by word, or returning thy writings, that thou hadst put in his hands, to prove the truth of the warning; and to be at a time when others came forward to search out the truth, that I said would surely come, as he had done; which I called as a Jury that could not

stay. But know I said, when they came, thou wouldest go the way that they came; that thou must go through the journey, and couldest not stay at Exeter. Let them discern at what place the words were written, and how thy friends came from London, when I ordered thee to put all in their hands; and thou shouldest follow them, to have the cause tried there. Discern how it was spoken, that thou shouldest stand alone, by thyself, with strangers; and how assistance would be refused by *******; for there the mystery stood great to all. But had he stood stedfast with thee to the end, there could be no mystery concerning him; neither could the words have been fulfilled, that I answered thee, from the dream of thy falling down, and calling to a man to assist thee, and raise thee up; which ******* refused to do. When thou sawest thyself in danger, then spirits and strength arose in thee to go from him, and stand upon thy own faith, and thy own belief.

"And now let men discern how ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ began to cause thy fall, by his letters and advertisement; and know how many said then that thou hadst acknowledged thyself thy that writings were from the devil; and in the eyes of many thou wast fallen; and thy own spirits sunk within thee. Thus let men deeply discern what happened at that time, when he fell back, and others came forward, and thou left Exeter to join with them. This, if men clearly discerned, they would see thy calling clear, by the manner it was foretold, and the way I ordered thee to go."

Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 109, given in 1797:

"But deeper things are still behind,

I'll shew another day:

The pilgrims that are in the wind

Are all unknown to thee:

And still my ways are all unknown."

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