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Fall of the Russell administration-Lord Derhy Prime Minister-

His Cabinet-Appointment of Napier as Attorney-General for
Ireland—His satisfaction-Weakness of the Derby Government

— The General Election-Napier introduces his Land Bills-
Nature o! the scheme_Speech upon the subject—The measure
opposed-Aid of Lord Derby solicited—Napier writes to the
Duke of Newcastle—The Land Bills are not passed.—Subsequent
testimony of Mr. Disraeli and Mr. Gladstone to value of these
Bills-Resignation of Lord Derby-Napier quits office-Ilis
delicate health-Relations between Lord Eglinton and Napier

- Irish policy of Lord Eglinton--The Aberdeen Cabinet-Dis-

gust of Napier with politics—The position of an Irish Con-

servative–The Canadian Reserves Bill—Opposed by Napier-

The Six Mile Bridge affair-Letter to Lord Derby on the

subject—The honorary degree of D.C.L. conferred upon Napier

-Letter of thanks to Lord Derby



Resignation of Lord Derby-Offer of seat on Judicial Committee of

Privy Council to Napier-Proposal falls through-Letter from
Lord Campbell on the subject- Testimony from Lord Justice
Blackburne and Lord Eglinton—The Judgments of Lord Chan-
cellor Napier edited by Drury--Presentation of copies of the
work—Acknowledged by various persons of distinction-Visit
of Napier to Italy—Disapproval of the Russell foreign policy-
Meets Charles Lever-Opinion upon the state of Italy-Criticism
upon sight-seeing-Portrait of the Cenci–Visits Mrs. Elizabeth
Barrett Browning-Value of political consistency--Comment
of Mr. Disraeli upon it-Napier changes opinion upon the
Education question-Follows the lead of the Archbishop of
Armagh – Thoughts of Napier upon Education question
Attacks upon

him — Course pursued by him judicious
Addresses Social Science meeting at Dublin-Famous speech at
meeting of Church Missionary Society-Advocates admission
of the Bible in Government schools of India-Lectures on

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