Interview Between the United States Senate Committee on Finance and the Hon. John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury, on Refunding, Resumption, Legal-tenders for Customs Dues, Sinking Fund, and Kindred Subjects

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Page 69 - That any owner of silver bullion may deposit the same at any mint, to be formed into bars, or into dollars of the weight of 420 grains, troy, designated in this act as tradedollars, and no deposit of silver for other coinage shall be received...
Page 68 - That the trade dollar shall not hereafter be a legal tender, and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to limit from time to time, the coinage thereof to such an amount as he may deem sufficient to meet the export demand for the same.
Page 12 - Domini eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, the Secretary of the Treasury shall redeem, in coin, the United States legal tender notes then outstanding, on their presentation for redemption at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of the United States in the city of New York, in sums of not less than fifty dollars.
Page 40 - ... shall be exempt from all taxes or duties of the United States, as well as from taxation in any form by or under State, municipal, or local authority...
Page 68 - Sec. 14. That the gold coins of the United States shall be a one-dollar piece, which, at the standard weight of 25.8 grains, shall be the unit of value.
Page 10 - First — To the payment in coin of the interest on the bonds and notes of the United States...
Page 26 - SEC. 23. And be it further enacted, That after any such association shall have caused its promise to pay such notes on demand to be signed by the president or vice-president and cashier thereof, in such manner as to make them obligatory promissory notes, payable on demand, at its place of business, such association is hereby authorized to issue and circulate the same as money...
Page 26 - ... shall be received at par in all parts of the United States in payment of taxes, excises, public lands, and all other dues to the United States, except for duties on imports ; and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by the United States to individuals, corporations, and associations within the United States, except interest on the public debt, and in redemption of the national currency.
Page 10 - July, 1862, which is to be set apart as a sinking fund, and the interest of which shall in like manner be applied to the purchase or payment of the public debt as the Secretary of the Treasury shall from time to time direct.
Page 25 - ... lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States, except duties on imports and interest as aforesaid.

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