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Wm. H. Harrison, 9th President.....

John Tyler, Vice-President, and 10tr President...
James K. Polk, 11th President....

Geo. M. Dallas, Vice-President.
Zachary Taylor, 12th President
Millard Fillimore, Vice-President, and 13th President..
Franklin Pierce, 14th President...
Wm. R. King, Vice-President. .
James Buchanan, 15th President.
John C. Breckenridge, Vice-President.
Abraham Lincoln, 16th President....
Hannibal Hamlin, Vice-President.


Andrew Johnson, Vice-President, and 17th President.
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President...
Schuyler Colfax, Vice-President..
Henry Wilson, Vice-President..
Rutherford B. Hayes. 19th President..
Wm. A. Wheeler, Vice-President..

The Monroe Doctrine....

The Neutrality Law of the U. S.

Hon. S. A. Douglas' great Union Speech..
Alien and Sedition Laws of the U. S..

Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address....

Lincoln's First Call for Troops.

War Resolution of N. Y. Chamber of Commerce.

The Blockade Proclamation.....

The Emancipation Proclamation....

The Confiscation Act of the Rebellion...

Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address..
The Amnesty Proclamation.

President Johnson's Amnesty Proclamation.
The Peace Proclamation.

The Civil Rights Bill....

The Amnesty Proclamation.
The Homestead Law...

Electoral Commission Act of Congress...

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Table of Battles of the Revolution, giving the dates and places of
engagement, the commanding officer on each side, numbers en-
gaged, and loss...

Our Navy during the Revolutionary War.

Slave Population of the Colonies, 1715.
Slave Population of the U. S. in 1860..
War of 1812; list of battles, with date and place of engagement,
commanding officers on each side, number engaged, and loss.... 165
Naval Battles of the War of 1812, with date, where fought, com-
manding officers, loss, etc.....

List of Battles of the Mexican War, with dates and places, con

manding officers, los ta


Statistics of Emigrants arriving in U. S..

Number of Patents issued each year since 1791, with the number of
Patents granted to each mechanical device, for example: 2,295
patents have been granted for Sewing Machines and Attach-
ments, etc....

Post Offices and miles of Post Roads at each decade..
Table of Popular and Electoral Vote for each President...
A Ready Reference Perpetual Calendar

List of 600 Battles of the Rebellion, with dates and place of engage-
ment, commanding officers, and loss on each side....
List of 1.400 vessels captured in violation of the Blockade
List of 300 vessels destroyed by Confederate Privateers during the
Civil War..


The Expenses of the Government for each year, from 1791 to the
present time....





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15th (Grant's) Administration.....

13th (Buchanan's) Administration..

14th (Lincoln and Johnson's) Administration....

16th (Hayes) Administration...

Appendix giving Political matter pertaining to the Campaign of 1880.


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On the 22d of February, 1732, or, as it was then designated, the 11th of February, in a small, Birth of Wash-but comfortable farm-house on the shore ington. of the Potomac, in the county of Westmoreland, Virginia, was born the oldest child of Mary and Augustine Washington.

Little did the parents imagine that the name which they should select for this boy would become celebrated in history, oratory, and poetry, and be a household word in many lands and in many languages. There was nothing in the outward appearance to indicate such a glory. The Washingtons were, indeed, a respectable family of the English aristocracy. The great-grandfather of the little boy was an English knight, who, however, made no use of his title after coming to the wilds of Virginia. They possessed large estates and a plenty of servants, and commanded all the comforts that could well be secured the new province so far away from the


centres of civilized life. But there was no prospect that this little American infant would inherit a title of nobility, and the prophecy of his achieving a distinction that should leap over national boundaries, and command the eulogies of the best minds in all countries, would have been regarded as the foolish fancying of a necromancer unworthy of a moment's hearing.

But at this time there was a notable American who was soon to be regarded as the foremost philosopher of his generation, Benjamin Franklin. Already he had struggled up through great difficulties and made himself an accomplished scholar. His "Poor Richard's Almanac" was in thousands of homes. He was improving the fire department and the government of Philadelphia. He was planning for the foundation of a university. He was just about to enter upon some investigations of that mysterious force which attracts light bodies to amber and glass when rubbed, then repels them, and was soon to succeed in quietly drawing down Jove's thunderbolt from heaven, and thus write his name in the sky, to be read of all men. But the little infant, whom we have left, as yet unnamed, knew nothing of all that. Like other babies, he was passing through the first of the Seven Ages of man:

Mewling and puking in his nurse's arms."


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