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demand for their accommodation one of the largest public buildings in the world.

We may justly point with pride to our educational, religious, charitable, and humane institutions. It is not the design of this article to enter into details, and while we recapitulate some of these great triumphs in the past, we are not content much of the time to look backward. America is still one of the youngest nations of the world. We have no fellowship with those countries whose chief glory is exhumed from the ruins of centuries and milleniums that are past. Our motto is Onward! We welcome other nations that are rapidly adopting our principles of popular liberty, public education and political equality. We bid them welcome to the peaceful contest for the highest honors of the centuries to


The past is secure. What shall be the future? In 1976 the custom of hereditary office holding will be obsolete, and all civilized nations will be practically republics. All will be confederated, and wars will be infrequent. Temptations to crime will be lessened, but criminals will be more surely if less severely punished. The English language will prevail over all North America, as well as in other large portions of the world. Many new editions of this book, or of others of the same kind, will have been published; and there will even then, as now, be

croakers complaining that the present days are not as good as the former, and also men of faith and hope and enthusiasm, looking for better days to come. Read, then, and be happy, for intelligence is an essential element of genuine American citizenship.

E. O. H.


Our National Emblem.-The American, or Bald Eagle, a symbol of strength and courage. The Coat of Arms of the U. S. is composed of the Eagle, with outspread wings, guarding a shield of Stars and Stripes, holding arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other, and in its beak the motto, "E Pluribus Unum,"




860 Iceland discovered by Noddod, an adventurous Northman, by accident, and called it Snowland. 864 Flokko attempts to plant a colony on the island (Iceland): he returns to Norway, after spending the winter and spring, and pronounces it unfit for habitation. 874 Iceland settled by a colony from Norway under Earl Ingloff, who sought refuge from tyranny at home. 985 Greenland discovered by Bjarni Herjulf of Norway. 1000 Newfoundland and Nova Scotia discovered by Leif. 1002 The Northman, Thorvald, sails for America. 1170 The Welsh claim the discovery of America by Madog. 1380 Nicolo Zeno, a Venetian, sails for America. 1492 Oct. 12. Christopher Columbus discovered America. 1497 July 3. Labrador discovered by John and Sebastian Cabot.

1498 Coast of North America explored by Sebastian Cabot.

1499 Amerigo Vespucci visited South America.

1504 Amerigo Vespucci's narration of discovery published. 1507 The Western Continent first named America.

1512 April 6. Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida. 1519 The Gulf of Mexico explored by Francis de Garay. 1521 Fernando Cortez conquered Mexico.

1522 Magellen makes the first voyage round the world. 1534 June. Jaques Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence


1541 De Soto discovered the Mississippi River. 1565 Sept. 18. The Spaniards settled St. Augustine, Florida.

1602 May 24. Bartholomew Gosnold discovered Cape Cod.

1605 The French settled Port Royal, Nova Scotia. 1607 May 23. The English settled Jamestown, Virginia. 1608 July 3. The French under Champlain settled Quebec. 1609 Sept. 21. Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River.

1614 The Dutch settled New York.

1616 Tobacco first cultivated in Virginia.

1620 Aug. Negro slavery commenced in the Engish Colonies, at Jamestown, Va.

Dec. 21. Massachusetts settled at Plymouth. 1622 April 1. First Indian massacre in Virginia. 1623 New Hampshire settled at Dover.

1633 Oct. Connecticut settled at Windsor.

1634 April 6. Maryland settled at St. Mary's. 1636 Rhode Island settled at Providence by Roger Williams.

Harvard College founded.

1637 The Pequot War.-Caused by the murderous depredations of this tribe against the Colonists of Connecticut. They were totally defeated, and those not slain were sold into captivity or joined other tribes.


1638 April. Delaware settled near Wilmington by Swedes. 1664 Sept. 8. New York became an English Province. New Jersey settled at Elizabethtown. 1675 July 4. King Phillip's War commenced.-Caused by a combination of the New England tribes of Indians, with a view to exterminate the Whites. The most shocking barbarities were perpetrated until the death of their leaderPhilip by one of his own tribe in 1676. 1676 Bacon's Rebellion.-Caused by the tyranny of Governor Berkeley, of Va., and his refusal to protect the lives and property of the Colonists

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