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Secretaries of State -John M. Clayton, Del.; Daniel Webster, Mass. ; Edward Everett. Mass.

Secretaries of the Treasury-William M. Meredith, Pa.; Thomas Corwin, Ohio.

Secretaries of War-George W. Crawford, Ga. ; Charles M. Conrad, La.

Secretaries of the Navy-William B. Preston, Va.; William A. Graham, N. C. ; John P. Kennedy, Md.

Secretaries of the Interior-Thomas Ewing, Ohio; Alex H. H. Stuart, Va.

Postmasters-General Jacob Collmer, Va.; Nathan K. Hall, N. Y. Samuel D. Hubbard.

Attorneys- GeneralReverdy Johnson, Md.; John J. Crittenden, Ky.

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Imports. Exports. 1849

$147,857,439 $145,755,820 1850

178,138,318 151,898,790 1851

. 216,224,932 218,388,011 1852

212,945,442 209,658,366

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FRANKLIN PIERCE, Fourteenth President of the United States, was born at Hillsborough, New Hampshire, November 23d, 1804. His father, Benjamin Pierce, was a General in the Revolutionary War. After a thorough preparatory course he entered Bowdoin College at Brunswick, Maine, where he graduated in 1824. He entered the law office of Levi Woodbury, and was admitted to the bar in 1827. His success in the practice of law was not brilliant at the outset, but by unwearied industry he rose at length to the highest rank as a counsellor and advocate. When a young man he entered the political arena, and supported General Jackson.

In 1829, he became a member of the State Legislature, where he remained four years, during two of which he dis. charged the duties of Speaker with great ability. In 1833, he was elected to Congress, and remained a member of it until 1837, when he was transferred to the Senate.

In 1834, he was married to the daughter of Dr. Appleton ex-President of Bowdoin College, and established his resi dence at Concord, which he never changed. President Polk tendered him the office of Attorney-General in 1846, which he declined, in favor of his own legal practice, which had grown large and lucrative. The war with Mexico, however, drew him from his office. He raised a regiment of New England volunteers, and receiving the commission of Briga dier General, he departed to the Mexican frontier. At the head of a small division he marched to Pueblo and reinforced General Scott, who immediately prepared for his attack on the City of Mexico. Pierce had his leg broken at the battle of Contreras, but refused to leave the field. On the following day he was on duty in the fierce engagement at Churubusco, where, overcome with pain and exhaustion, he fainted on the field. His


life was of the most exciting nature. In 1852 he was nominated by the Democrats for the Presidency, and was elected over General Scott, by an overwhelming majority. He died at Concord, N. H., October 8th, 1869.

W. R. KING, Vice-President, was born in N. C. in 1785. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1819 and served 21 years. At the death of Pres. Harrison he was elected Pres. of the Senate. Died in Ala. April 18th, 1853, shortly after the inauguration, and never took his seat as Vice-President. CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRES., 12th Adm.

For President. From. For Vice-President. From. Politics. Franklin Pierce, N. H. Wm. R. King, Ala. Democrat. Winfield Scott, N. J. Wm. A. Graham, N. Ca. Whig. John P. Hale, N. H.



Thirty-one States voting --California having been admitted during previous term. Whole number of Electors, 296. For President.

Franklin Pierce 1,590,490 votes. Electoral votes 254. Winfield Scott 1,378,589

42. John P. Hale 157,296


For Vice-President.

Wm. R. King 254 Electoral votes.
Wm. A. Graham 42

Important Events of the 12th Administration.

1853 March 4. Franklin Pierce inaugurated President.

July 13. Greytown, Central America, bombarder

by U. S. man-of-war for Spanish insult to Amer

ican Consul. July 14. World's Fair, or “Crystal Palace," open

ed in New York.

Dr. Kane sails for the Arctic Seas. 1854 June. “ Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed. 1855 Anti-Slavery excitement in Kansas. 1856 Slavery question excites the political parties.

1856 June 24, President Pierce recognizes the Fili

buster, Gen. Wm. Walker, as President of Nica-
raugua, who six months after was driven from the

country by the natives.
July 28. Panama R. R. to Aspinwall opened.


Secretary of State—William M. Marcy, N. Y.
Secretary of the Treasury_James Guthrie, Ky,
Secretary of War-Jefferson Davis, Miss.
Secretary of the Navy-James C. Dobbin, N. C.
Secretary of the Interior-Robert McClernand, Mich.
Post master-General-James Campbell, Pa.
Attorney-General—Caleb Cushing, Mass.

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Imports. Exports. 1853

$267,978,647 $230,976,157 1854

304,562,381 278,341,064 1855

. 261,468,520 275,156,846 1856 .

. 314,639,943 326,964,908

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